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The Prophecy (1X1)

GreekGoddess replied...
Jan. 29, 2016 at 9:06 pm

((Sounds good. Do we want to add a short paragraph from each of our old characters as well?))
Rachel blushed, and looked down at the floor. Despite having spent so much time together and being closer to him than any other person, she was still ackward when it came to their relationship. She glanced at the menu, and then ordered a soup and salad. 
Thinking aloud, she said, "You know if we want, we never have to use our powers again. We can just become friendly strangers, wander town from town... if that's what you want to do." She didn't meet his eyes, that was what she wanted. What she wanted so badly! She didn't want to force it on him, but she had to know what he thought. Regardless of what he wanted, she knew she would always stay by his side.

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readaholic replied...
Jan. 30, 2016 at 2:30 pm

((if you want to wrap up our old characters, that'd be fine.  Axon and Megan would probably be about the same, but it would be nice to wrap up Wanda and Langely))
Michael's smile faded, and he averted his eyes as well.  He had often thought before the battle of how much easier things would've been if not for his powers.  There was nothing inherently evil about his powers, but after all the pain they had brought him...
"No," he murmured, fiddling with his hands under the table.  "As much as I want to forget about them, about everything, I won't be able to, even if I stop using them."  Even after the battle, he had never really turned his powers off.  It was no longer just a helpful skill, but an extra sense.  He had felt so blind when he was unable to use his powers, he couldn't do that again.
"Besides," he added with a small smile.  "If it wasn't for my powers...I never would've met you."

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GreekGoddess replied...
Feb. 2, 2016 at 6:20 am

((So sorry, my schedual's gotten insane! I'll try to post more often!))
Rachel nodded, not meeting his eyes. Maybe this was for the best but... she still had trouble seeing the usefullness of her powers. It was great defense, but it was designed to kill. Maybe she could find some good use for them. When he said how he wouldn't have met her if not for their powers, she giggled a little bit.
She looked up again and met his eyes, "That is true." She smiled, genuailly this time, "You're proably right." She leaned back and looked up at the ceiling, "Besides, we have the rest of our lives to figure out what we will do. Why rush?" She looked back at him and said softly, "I love you."

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readaholic replied...
Feb. 2, 2016 at 5:49 pm

((It's totally fine!  So did you still want to wrap up the other characters? either way works for me))
Michael reached to take Rachel's hands, clasping them in his own and letting them rest on the table.  He should've guessed Rachel wouldn't feel the same way about her powers--they were completely different.  She was right, though, they didn't need to figure this out now.  For the first time in ages, they had all the time they needed.
Michael blushed fiercely, surprised by her soft statement.  Rachel's unpredictability was one thing he'd never tire of; she was the only person who could catch him off guard.  The thrill of the unknown more than made up for the awkwardness.
"I love you, too," he answered gently, trying to be subtle as he leaned forward slightly.

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GreekGoddess replied...
Feb. 5, 2016 at 1:45 pm

((Yeah I'd still like to, theres not much more anyway :) ))
Her face reddened when she saw him blush, but she didn't take it back or try to lessen her words. She meant every bit of it. When he said it too, her chest filled with hope. They could do this, they had their whole lives ahead of them. Nothing needed to be figured out now, or even done now.
She smiled and stood suddenly, reaching across the table to kiss him. This could be their lives, and she would be happy with that. 
Wanda kept herself out of trouble... mostly. Meeting Michael and Rachel had completly changed her life. Wanda settled down in a large city and before she knew what was happening, she was employed with the police department. She acted under the law and spent her days helping people live their lives well. She wasn't entirely at peace, she had never faced her past. She was okay though, and was dating one of her co-workers. It was never the life she had expected, but she loved it. Despite her past she was very happy.
Megan lived in content with Axon, Neil, and Berine. She lived happily, and made some friends her own age. She went to school, and found out that she loved to learn when her father wasn't hawking her the whole way. She got good grades in school, and started to grow into a lovely young woman. She never forgot Michael, who she still fondly thought of as Rain, and Rachel. She adopted Neil and Berine as her parents, and Axon as her older brother. She lived happily in their little town.

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readaholic replied...
Feb. 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm

((Did you want to continue Michael and Rachel?  I just thought you left it on a really good note))
During the pleasant turmoil brought by the end of the war, Langely found a small town unfamiliar with the name 'Darenx'.  Life as a busboy was much more preferable to being Darenx's right-hand man.  The owners of the restaurant were even nice enough to let him stay during the night, and Langely didn't mind sleeping on the floor one bit.  It would be months before he could sleep peacefully at night, but he could at least rest easy knowing he'd never have to use his powers again.
Axon began training under Neil and Berine, finding that their medical knowledge was infinitely more useful than anything he'd learned from his aristocratic tutors.  He was content to be an apprentice, hoping to one day set out on his own.  For now, he was content to watch Megan grow up, helping to make her childhood the best it could be.

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GreekGoddess replied...
Feb. 5, 2016 at 8:59 pm

((No I thought that was a good place to end for them. Oh gosh... did we just finish this roleplay?))

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readaholic replied...
Feb. 6, 2016 at 12:38 pm

((i hate to say it, but I think we did!  i'm really happy about where it ended up, though.  gosh, and it's been about two and a half years! it's been a pleasure *bows*))

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GreekGoddess replied...
Feb. 6, 2016 at 8:14 pm

((Two and a half years... I am so impressed with us! It has been an absolute dream to roleplay with you, you are an amazing talented writer, and I hope someday we get to meet in person. It's been a pleasure *bows*))

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