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Book Jumpers: The Book of Realms

guardianofthestars posted this thread...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 8:34 pm

·      This is a lit thread
·      Be detailed – Please! Details really make a story a story and can help the others create a more believable world. 
·      Be dedicated (post at least 2-3 times a week)
·      If you have to leave TI for a period of time/ cannot post for a few days YOU MUST INFORM ME
·      Do NOT just vanish for a week or two and not inform me
·      No Power Playing
·      No profanity (if a cuss word here or there enhances the story plot then I don’t care, but use them sparingly). No “F” words
·      No godmodding
·      No one liners  (If you do one liners every now and again I won’t get mad, but please don’t do it for every single post you make)
·      And lastly HAVE FUN!! J  J 
Info: The Prologue is the library scene.  This is where you'll introduce your person and meet the others and discover the Book of Realms. 

Each Realm will be a Chapter. When we enter a new Realm I will start a new Chapter and introduce the next Story Realm we will be Jumping into. 

In “our world” the teenagers will be normal. They have no special powers.
In the Realms they will be able to have powers if you so choose to.  They will also be able to become any creature from that book.
Example: Harry Potter- Wizard, witch, house elf, werewolf, giant, etc.
We can/don’t have to use the original characters from the books.  If you want to bring one into the plot of OUR story, by all means, do it.
All original characters from the books are playable.  Only one another’s own “person” is not able to be Powerplayed.  (Unless requested by the RPer, of course.)
Romance is allowed, but no mature romance and it can’t be the entire focus of the story.
Instructions: At each new Realm give a brief new skelly about how your character looks.
Power/ special ability (where it is applied) 

There is no need to answer any others because you guys covered that in your original skellies. 

If we are dealing with a series I most likely won't care where in the story line we enter into (sometimes I will specify, but mostly I'll see where we go).
All I ask is that you stick to that story's story line.
Example: Hunger Games has no unicorns or spells in there so don't add any magic to it.
Stick to the original books character's personality if we use them.
Example: Katniss isn't some goo-goo eyed girl who has pink hair.
STORY PLOT: Seven teenagers meet at a local library for various reasons. They stumble upon a book with no title, no words, and no purpose...or so they think. They are sucked into the Book of Realms and are trapped until they find the Key to each Realm (they are all hidden).  It is only then can they escape that Realm and Jump to the next. 

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guardianofthestars replied...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 8:34 pm

guardianofthestars ------
 Name: Carver Wise  

Gender: Male  

Looks: He is extremely handsome.  Jet black hair and baby blue eyes that make most girls melt on sight.  He is muscular and fit and is usually wearing worn-out jeans, sneakers, a plain white T-shirt and a leather jacket.  He is tall , a little over six foot, and in shape.  He has sharp cheek bones and a mischievous smile that makes you wonder what he's up to.  

Personality: Very out going and the life of any party.  He likes to be surrounded by people and is always cracking jokes. Sometimes he is stuck up and puts up an 'i don't care' front, but he actually is a very sweet guy and a  deep  thinker.  

Background: He lives with his mom- his dad left them when he was just a kid. He is the star jock of the school and the boy everyone wants to be friends with/ date.  He secretly loves to read but would never admit that, because his friends think that reading is for nerds.  

Favorite Book: It's a toss up between Narnia and How to Train your Dragon.  

Age: 18
Name: Katy Denton 

Gender: Female 

Looks: Katy is a thin girl with long blond hair. she has hazel eyes and is about 5'4". She has a few freckles across her nose. She wears jeans every day unless someone makes her dress up. She also wears many sweaters. 

Personality: Katy is shy until you get to know her. She can be very blunt, but is dependent and sensible and generally a good friend, though her sensitive side can be hard to see. 

Background: Katy always fades into the background at school and at home she does the same. She lives with her parents and grandma and older sister, who is better at just about everything.

Favorite Book: Narnia
Age: 16
Name: Jesse Andrews 

Gender: Male 

Description: Short for a guy, built like a wrestler. He has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. he normally wears jeans, a tee-shirt and a hoodie. he has a small scar that runs from the corner of his eyebrow to his ear. 

Personality: Jesse keeps to himself and doesn't normally talk with many people. His darkest secret is he loves to sing. Jesse is quick to anger about most anything and has a sort of dark feel about him. 

Background: Jesse came from a slightly less than supportive family. as the youngest of eight children he is often cast to the side and ignored.
Favorite book: Harry Potter 

Age: 17
Name: Katarina Peirce 

Gender: Female 

Looks: Katarina has long dark hair and dark eyes. She is thin and quite tall (around 5'7''). She normally wears dark clothes, especially black skinny jeans and her favorite black leather jacket. The only makeup she normally wears is mascara and eyeliner, and she wears a sapphire ring she inherited from her great-grandma.
Personality: Katarina is confident but she doesn't talk much. It takes her a while to trust people, and she pretends not to care but she is a good friend when she gets to know people. She is honest (sometimes too honest) and likes to be surrounded by lots of people.
Background: Katarina lives with her auntie and older sister. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she doesn't see her dad very often. She is close to her sister. 

Favorite book: The Hunger Games and Harry Potter
Age: 17
Name:  Illea Groushent
Gender:  Female

Looks:  Tall and lanky.  Pale face, pale freckles all over her body.  A thin, almost fish-like face that suggests low intelligence.  Slightly muscular.  Thin, plain dirty-blonde hair about shoulder length, usually tied back in a rubber band. 

Personality:  An athletic tomboy, close to the other boys on the basketball team but not really friends with any girls.  She usually talks too much and doesn't know exactly what she's saying.  Comes off as kind of stupid, but her secret love for books makes her anything but. 

Background:  Raised in a big, sporty family.  Father was always coaching Little League or some other kid's sport, doesn't pay much attention to her now, which has allowed her to read her books in secret.
Favorite Book:  Eragon 

Age: 16
Name: Antonio (likes to go by Toni) Achello 

Gender: male 

Looks: Toni has average looks: reddish brown hair, thin body from lack of exercise and light brown eyes. His skin is light with a peach tint. His clothing normally consists of hoodies and skinny jeans with either converse or vans. He wears a necklace made of black string and red and green beads. 

Personality: Toni has that type of personality where he honestly thinks he’s better than someone at something and when he finds out he’s not he gets greatly depressed. But a few words of encouragement can easily make him rebound. Loud, sometimes obnoxious, and very stubborn are perfect words to describe him. He has quite an imagination due to all of the fantasy books he reads and he isn’t afraid to share his ideas with others. 

Background: Due to Toni’s obnoxiousness, people tend to ignore him and so he’s normally alone. Sometimes he’s seen talking to himself, pretending to be a character in a story because he’s so alone. He feels like books are his only friends and that stories are his only way to escape reality. 

Favorite Book: Percy Jackson
Age: 17
Name:  Corinthia Longwood (Goes by Cora) 

Gender:  Female 

Looks:  Cora stands about 5'-5" inches in height, and has a slender and slightly muscular build.  Her skin has an obvious bronzed glow, as if she spent a long time tanning over the summer.  However, it's just a part of her Italian heritage.  She has light freckles dotting her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, though they are only really noticeable in broad daylight.  Her hair is long and curly, reaching a couple inches below her shoulders.  Her hair is a dark caramel color, with faint blonde highlights running through it.  Her eyes are a mysterious forest green with gold flecks on the outside. 

Personality:  She's a timid and nervous person.  She doesn't like large crowds, and would prefer to be at home reading a book than going out with her friends.  Sometimes she can come off as a bit ignorant, though it is just lack of socialization skills.  Despite this when she does befriend someone, she remains loyal to them through and through.  Once you become her friend, it is hard to break her friendship.  She is also easy to trust, and extremely gullible and kind.
Background:  Cora grew up as an only child.  Her mother left her when she was only 3, and her dad raised her ever since.  Her dad means well, but he doesn't really know how to raise a child.  Due to this, Cora taught herself a lot of things, and basically raised herself.  Her father was never mean to her, and they did develop a close bond over time.  Cora's dad is the only thing she really has, and she never strays far from his side.  She was bullied a lot in school because she was "too smart" or "nerdy", which caused her to be rather self-conscious. 

Favorite Book:  A Fault in our Stars by John Greene 

Age:  15 (Going on sixteen)

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guardianofthestars replied...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 8:35 pm

The Prologue
The Library

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guardianofthestars replied...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 8:41 pm

     It was a disgusting weather today, but that wasn’t why Carver had his hood pulled up over his head. It was because he was afraid that his friends would see him.  He was probably safe from them, most avoided the library like the plague, but he still couldn't take any chances. 
     He jogged up the steps and inside.  He took a deep breath and enjoy the fresh smell of books before weaving through the shelves to the back where all of the old books were.  He had seen an old Brothers Grimm story book that he wanted to check out.  He hurried to the spot ,but stop dead. There is a huge space missing in the shelf where it had been. 
     Who on earth would want to read that? 
     He growled in frustration and shook his head. He had been looking forward to that all weekend. 
     "What are you looking for, son?"  He nearly jumped out of his skin. He hadn't seen Mr. Paige standing quietly in a corner shelving some books. 
     Mr. Paige was an old dinosaur. He had been working there for as long as anyone can remember. The guy should’ve be in a museum or something. 
     "Um...just a book that...my mom wanted" he shrugged and took a step back so he could make a quick escape before Mr. Paige started talking about the good ol' days. 
    "Well," he pointed a gnarled finger at an old bookstand sitting in the shadows, "If it's something exciting your looking for I'd take a look at that. I promise you'll never forget it."
     With his bones creaking he pushed his book cart away further into the shelves and disappeared from sight.
((you may post now))

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readaholic replied...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 9:29 pm

The coach's wistle signalled the end of basketball practice, causing Illea's face to light up.  She murmured quick goodbyes to the other people on the team, grabbed her backpack, and hurried to the library.  Her dad wasn't supposed to be home until dinner, giving her plenty of time to seek an hour of solitude in the library.  
Her backpack full of undone homework slumped behind her favorite reading chair in the back of the library.  She had never seen anyone her age come even close to her sweet little nook.  She grabbed a book with a dragon on the spine and snuggled into it, looking up occasionally to make sure no one would see her.

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Shooting.Star replied...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 10:23 pm

Cora couldn't wait for the school day to be over, it had seemed as if they day had been going on for ages.  Now, Cora did enjoy school, but the teachers were always ordering her to stop reading her books in class.  She couldn't help it, she felt like she could relate to these characters, almost as if they were her friends.  Cora didn't have many friends, but she didn't seem to mind. 
As Cora promptly exited class as the last bell rang, she was shoved hard up against a locker.  "Nerd!  Stay in school, that's the only thing you're good at!"  a nearby jock shouted at her, as his friends around him began to laugh and point at her.  Cora wanted to shrink so that no one could see her.  She practically ran out of school.  The only place she felt like going was the library, her father didn't understand her and she hardly ever felt like talking to him.
Cora took the steps of the library two at a time, and burst through the doors.  This was where she belonged, this was where all her friends were.  The library felt like a home to her more than anywhere else.

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Shooting.Star replied...
Oct. 18, 2013 at 10:24 pm

(( Sorry, forgot to add Cora at the top:/))

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holly1999 replied...
Oct. 19, 2013 at 6:10 am

Head down to try and avoid the horrible weather, Katarina practically flew out of her Aunt's house. Thankfully, it was only a five minute walk away from the library, the only thing she had ever liked about living there. Trying to block out the cold, she pulled her black leather jacket closer.
Instantly feeling calmer, Katarina jogged up the library steps. As soon as the fresh smell of books reached her, she forgot about everything that had happened. Weaving through the shelves, she made her way to her ususal seat. Katarina pulled a book off the nearest shelf and began to read, comepletely lost in the world of the book and not payin attention to anything around her.

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holly1999 replied...
Oct. 19, 2013 at 6:10 am

(( paying* ))

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Wingless replied...
Oct. 19, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Toni walked slowly and aimlessly with his nose in a book, whispering the lines as if he were the actual character. Today he was reading Catcher in the Rye; a book his teacher assigned his class to read. The students were only supposed to read up to the first four chapters for the first week but Toni took the liberty to read further, taking in every detail. Now he was almost finished with it. Just a couple more chapters and he'd be done.
The students walking pass him called him names or snorted at the sight of him. He was completely oblivious though because he was so immersed in the book that all he heard were blurry mumbles.
After what felt like a couple more steps, Toni felt the atmosphere change and the mumbles stopped. The silence broke his trance and it made him stop walking and glance up. He found himself standing in front of the steps of a fairly large building.
"The library?" Toni mouthed confused. He looked behind him wondering how he ended up here then looked back at the building. Shrugging, Toni walked up the steps and slipped inside.

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Shooting.Star replied...
Oct. 20, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Cora took off her jacket, as it was quite cozy in the library compared to the outdoors.  Suddenly, another boy entered the library not far behind her.  She jumped to the side, somewhat frazzled by the newcomer's sudden appearance in her realm.  With a quiet squeal, Cora sped off until she was surrounded among numerous shelves of books.  She took a few off the shelves and scurried to find somewhere to sit down where there weren't too many other people around.

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readaholic replied...
Oct. 20, 2013 at 8:18 pm

Illea heard distinct, though soft, footsteps, sounding like they were getting closer to her.  They weren't loud enough to be her father's, but they could be someone from school.  She quickly gathered her bacbkpack, letting her precious book fall to the floor, and ran down the hall with her head down, only to run into another girl and fall to the floor.  She looked up, terrified, but found that the girl she ran into was someone she only slightly knew.  It was a girl in one of her classes, she forgot which, who always had her nose in a book.  She remembered her name only because of how much she admired how proudly she displayed her love of books.
"C...Cora?" Illea whispered quietly.

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guardianofthestars replied...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 9:20 am

Caver waited until Mr. Paige was gone from his sight.  He walked over toward the old book.  It was really large- it covered the whole stand it was sitting on.  It's cover was made of worn brown leather and had  garnet lines swooping down it spine. 
He had to admit the book was very interesting, but it had no name.  he opened it and flipped through the whole book.  Carver furrowed his brow.  There was not a single word written in the book.  
What is  an empty book doing in the library?  

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monkeymorgan replied...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 9:23 am

By the time he made it through his favorite playlist on his ipod the library around him, became suddenly more crouded than normal. With a shrug Jesse restarted the playlist and returned his attention to his essay. However with all of the new people around him Jesse's ability to focus and he soon found himself staring at two girls nearby. However he did not realisizing he was being creepy, he wasn't used to most people seeing him so he continued to look at them with a deadly serious look on his face. I wonder why they are here.. it's definatly wierd for so many teenagers to be here. He thought as Michael Jackson played from his earbuds.

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Wingless replied...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Toni was startled when the girl in front of him squealed and ran off as soon as she spotted him. It happened so fast that he didn't have time to recognize the girl before she disappeared behind the shelves. Toni glanced behind him, hoping the girl ran away because she saw a creepy man staring at her through the glass door and not because she saw Toni, but no, there was no man. Toni bit the inside of his cheek, thinking the girl ran away from him for the same reasons people at school avoid him for. Normally it wouldn't bother him, but being avoided inside a library was like a double blow and it cause critical damage.
Toni felt his pride shrink a little as he slipped his book into his bag. He wasn't going to leave just yet but he was certainly keeping that option in mind when he saw more and more people from his school in the library. Scared that more of his confidence might falter if someone noticed him, Toni kept himself glued to the walls and the shadows to hide his presence.
As he walked along the walls, he noticed another boy reading a giant old book resting on a podium. Toni wanted to quickly walk pass unnoticed but something about the book was drawing him in. Toni hid behind an old dusty shelf and try to peek at the book as the other boy turned the pages. No use. Toni couldn't see a thing. Frowning, Toni quietly creeped forward, hoping the boy wouldn't notice him.

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holly1999 replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Dragging her eyes away from the book she was reading, Katarina noticed the library was a lot busier than usual. The sound of hurried footsteps caught her attention, and she stood up carefully. Glancing around the corner, she saw two girls she recognised from school, although she didn't know them that well. Deciding not to draw attention to herself, Katarina walked away to find another seat. As she was about to sit down, she noticed two more boys apprently reading an old book, although, as far as she could see, the pages were blank. Wondering why there were so many teenagers around, Katarina moved forwards, hoping to see what was written in the book.

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guardianofthestars replied...
Oct. 23, 2013 at 9:38 pm


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readaholic replied...
Oct. 24, 2013 at 10:17 am

((sry, waiting for Star...))

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Shooting.Star replied...
Oct. 24, 2013 at 2:03 pm

((Sorry guys.... got really sick last night.  That's why I couldn't get on))
Cora shrieked when another girl ran into her.  She quickly covered her mouth with her hand, loud noises weren't permitted in the library.  As she was about to run away, the girl spoke her name.  "I-Illea?"  Cora asked cautiously.  She thought she recognized this girl from a couple of her classes from school.  The only reason she knew her name was because she was always reading a book.  She was also one of the only people who had never joined in in making fun of Cora.  Cora shakily held out a hand to help Illea stand up.  "Sorry about that."  she added quietly in a small whisper.

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readaholic replied...
Oct. 24, 2013 at 2:17 pm

((It's fine!  Probably more of my own fault anyway for writing myself in a corner :S))
"No, it's my fault," Illea whispered back, "I should've looked where I was going...there are quite a few people who wouldn't be happy to see me here."  Illea looked around quickly, seeing a group of teenagers grouped together around a book.  "That doesn't look normal...what do you think is going on?"  she asked Cora.

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