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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 6:21 am

Mir nodded at what Tholme said.  She felt sick to her stomach at the idea of always agreeng with, loving, and supporting the king, her father, made her stomach churn.  Mir wound through the streets expertly, she'd been to this town quiet a few times as a scullery maid to pick things up for the kitchen.  They finally got to the back gate, it was a flat road all the way to the castle.  Mir realized she'd probably over estimated the trvael time, when she little it'd taken her forever to walk this road, now it looked like barely an hour of running.
"Race on."  Mir callled as she started to sprint the road towards the castle.

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Tholme raced up the path with Miriam slightly infront of her. This close to the castle the amount of people had thined to next to nothing. The sun was high in the sky, just on it's way to setting, and it was casting a golden glow around the castle, like it ws mocking them, giving the castle a appearence of perfection.
"When we get inside"Tholme said, looking sideways at Miriam "Well have to try and find someone to direct us to the main courtyard. Thats where it said the competitions were being held" Though very familiar with the city surounding the castle, she knew nothing about what lay inside.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm

It took them 45 minutes and theyw ere at teh castle gates.  Miriam reached her hand out and grabbed Tholme's arm forcing her to stop,
"We should find the servants quarters and talk to the guard there or the butler, woever runs the servants, he'll direct us where to go." she siad.  She kenw how to get c astle job, she'd seen enough people apply when she worked in the castle.  She walked around a in a dirty aley instead of through the bueatiful courtyard towards the back,
"My mother worked in the castle for a while, I use dto visit her when I was a littl egirl.  The king kicked her out though after she satrted going nuts."  Mir siad, the whole story was a lie to cover for knowing about the castle, it was a good lie, but a lie all the same.
Mir's mother had never been truely sane and had been kicked out as soon as Mir was born, in fact she'd been banished form the kingdom becuase the king hadn't wanted news of his infidelity to be spread even by an insane yet pretty woman.

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 3:59 pm

Tholme nodded her head, surprised that Miriam was giving her even this small amount of personal information. She followed Miriam down the dark alleyway and they eventualy came to a small dingy courtyeard where woman were washing laundry and boys were making deliveries to the castles kitchens.
She approached one of the girls, gaining her attention by clearing her throat. "I was wondering if you could direct me and my sister to the courtyard where the king is holding his tryouts." The word sister felt stange on her tongue, but she let nothing show in her face or her body language.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Mir kept her face slightly ducked when Tholme talked to the girl, the girl was about Tholme's age, so she might remember Miriam from when she stayed here.  Miriam rememebred the girl's name was Francis.
Francis looked at the two girls nervously.  She ducked her head when the king was mention, washing the clothes for vigorously,
"The-the tr-tryou's are in the mili-ili-'ary train-n-in' grou-oun's." she siad quietly, her voice gruff and fearful.  "You...you have to t-talk to the h-head gua-guard." she stuttered, 
"He's in-in the k-kitchen." Fraancis finished.  She didnt look back at the girls and kept washing the clothes, she'd beens crubbing the same spot on the shirt for the whole conversations, it was obvious Francis was slow when it cmae to mental things.

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 5:22 pm

Tholme shook her head at the girl, pulling a small silver coin from her pocket and dropping it in front of her. "For your touble" she murmered, walking towards the open kitchen door. She crossed the threshold and instantly her senses were bombarded by an arangment of exotic scents. People were bustling about the spacious room completing a number of different tasks from slicing vegatable to beating bread. 
Tholme scanned the room and noticed a larger man with a scar cutting across his face. He was leaning against the wall next to a door on the other side of the room.His arms were crossed and he was regarding the room with a scowl. Tholme aproached him, crossing the room in a few quick strides. 
"Can you show us to the military training grounds?" she asked, holding her head high to meet his eyes, even though he obviously had the height advantage over both her and Miriam. If she was going to get the position, she would need to be able to hold her own, and show the rest of the gaurds she meant buisness.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Miriam eyed the head guard, he ha dn't been teh ehad guard when she was last here, he'd been in charge of teh servats yes, but not head guard.  His name was Reznar.  He wasn't the nicest guy in the world and when ehw as drunk he was  creep, but sober he was just hard and mean.
Reznar looked at the two small girls, he squinted at the youngest, but shook hsi ehad, he'd thought eh recognized her,
"You're ehre for the trials?" he growled.  Reznar stood up,
"Follow me." he said.  He obviously didn't think much of Tholme and Miriam, men weren't passing these trails, two tiny adolescent girls couldn't pass them.
Miriam followed behind, her hand she had gripped into fists to keep them from shaking her head slightly ducked so her face was hidden.

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 6:32 pm

They followed him through a number of twisting hallways before they reached a set of double doors thrown open to reveal a large number of men and few women fighting and showing off their skills. Once this court yeard was in view Tholme passed the gaurd, walking straight into the court yard and up to an important looking figure with a sheet of paper. He was talking to a few of the practicers, jotting notes down and watching a number of the fights taking place. 
"I'm here to register for the competition" Tholme said, her voice cold and emotionless. The man glaced at her, before chuckling to himself. "Are ya' sweetheart" he said, smiling "Why don't you go home to ya' mam before ya' get hurt"
Almost before the words were out of his mouth Tholme had grabbed one of his arms and twisted it behind him and placing her other over his neck, her knife in her clenched fist. She held him there for only a moment, not wanting to draw to much negtive attention, mearling wanting to be taken seriously.
She let him out of her grasp, flicking her knife back up her sleeve. "How about you try that again." She glanced around quickly, seeing whether or not any of the gaurds were coming at them.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 6:41 pm

Miriam squatted on the side lines, just watching, her hand was on her knife, ready to fight if Tholme needed it.  There were no other guards coming forward, the other guards just watched.  They'd probably come in if things got worse.  
The man brushed himself off,
"Alright you can do the tests." he said.  "I'll send a message to the king so he can watch your trials." he stated, "Is junoir in for it too?" he asked jerking his head over towards Miriam.
((What type of trials or tests do you want them/Tholme to do?))

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 6:49 pm

((I don't really know. Probably like trials with an asortment of weapons to see which they are good with, a trial with the weapon/weapons of their choice to show off their skills, and maybe like combat with other trainers? Those are the one's i can think of for fighting trials.  Maybe tasks for sneakiness, cleverness and ruthlessness after the main trials too, to narrow down the finalists?))
Tholme nodded slightly. "This is my sister Miriam, she acts as my assistant. She will remain with me.  As for myself my name is Tholme" She raised an eye brow at him, smirking. "Does she need to show you she can handle hersef also? Or will you take my word for it" She glaned at Miriam, giving her a small smile.
Regardless of what exactly she was fighting for, Tholme was lookin forward to showing these cocky castle fools how to fight. That thrill of battle and danger sent her pulse racing with excitment.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:01 pm

((SO what about this:
Round One:  Fighting
       Part One: Weapons, knives, bows, etc, etc.
       Part Two: Hand to hand, karate, boxing, etc
Round Two:  Agility
       Part One:  Speed(running,stomach crawl, etc, etc.)
      Part Two: General Agility (Climbing, obstacle courses.
Round Three:  Sneak
        Part One: Quiet Stealth (sneaking into fake building with various noisey booby traps)
        Part Two:  Breaking in. (Picking locks, etc, etc.)
Round Four:  Mental
        Part One:  Observation. (Various tests, some written, some oral)
       Part Two:  Persuation, disguises. (Being able to lie, convince, decive, seduce, etc, etc.)
       Part Three:  Personality.  (If the person is ruthless, has disicpline, can be ruthless etc, etc.
That sounds good?))))  

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:03 pm

((Sounds great! "Let the games begin!"))

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:06 pm

((I forgot to add Part Three into Agility.
Part Three(Agility):  Strength (Weights, general fitness, what the can adn can't do when it comes to lifting the dead weight of a body.))
The man studied Miriam for a few moments, 

"No I'll take your words.  Prepare yourselves for the first rounds of tests.  You will both be taking them.  The king can accept both, one, or none of you just a warning.  Your baby sister might beat you out."  The man said.  A mesanger had already left to get the king,
"I am your test overseer, my name is Graylith." he said, 
"Follow me." he added leading them to the middle of the room.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:07 pm

((DOes sound slight HUnger Game-ish the way the tests are set up. :-P
Oh do you want some minor character as other peole testing for the position?  It would make sense, after all it wouldn't be 'realistic' for just Mir and Tholme to try out.))

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:17 pm

In the center theyre stood a large table covered in an asortment of weapons ranging from two handed great swords, and long bows to slim dainty trowing daggers daggers and duel short swords. Across the room, set up in a sparatic pattern were a number of straw dummies nailed to posts. Graylith motioned to the table.
"You may each choose two weapons you will use for your first trial. You will use these to show off your best skills in fighting with these weapons without another person. You will go one at a time" He then glaced behind him to a raised platform on a balcony above them. Seated upon a large chair sat the king, a skinny ratlike man with dark black hair and pale skin.  He was sitting straigth his head held high as if showing off. His attention was focussed on the courtyard where Graylith was talking to them.
Tholme scanned the table, picking up a pair of short swords she knew she could handle marginaly well. He daggers were her other weapon choice, but she already had them on her.
"Would you like to go firth Miriam?" Tholme murmured, glancing at her companion.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:23 pm

"No." Miriam said rather sharply, You go first." she said, she kept the mask side of her face towards the king.  You could see the birthmark on the king's face, it was paler than hers from years of some sort of sercret skin treatment to try and get rid of it. 
Miriam kenw she could use a knife well, she already had her dagger though so she lifted a set of Numchucks and a set of brass knuckles with spikes on the knuckles, she ha dto pick the tiniest set of brass knucles ebcuase ehr hand was so small, she hoped they'd fit right though.

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Tholme chuckled darkly at what she misenterpreted as fear in Miriam's quick, sharp reply. She turned to Graylith, "I will be going first" She turned, nodded her head breifly to the king in fake respect, ignoring the hatred burning in her heart.
Walking towards the open field before the dummies Tholme allowed her anger to fuel her fighting. She began with the duel swords which she had grasped firmly in her callosed hands. They were each about 3 feet long ans weighed close to 3 lbs. She bean by twirling them easily in her hands, gaining rapid speed as she went. 
She began to lung and pary at an imaginary foe, ducking and jumping, the swords flashing in the light like twin stakes of light. Though not her best weapon, they were so similar to her beloved daggers that her movments with them were fluid, almost like a deadly, dangerous dance. 
She ended her fight with the duel swords by executing a forward role from a pivoting lunge, trusting the swords hilt deep in the chest of one of the dummies. She stood, shaking the hair that had escaped from her pony from her face.
She had a ferel smile on her face as she walked back towards the table, the swords glinting in her hands. The fight was intoxicating, and she was looking forward to her next turn when she could let her lovely dagers play.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 7:48 pm

Miriam hated tests, she always had.  She wiped her sweaty hand on her trousers and stepped out onto the field, she slid her brass knuckle donto her left and and gripped the numchucks.  She immiedtly excuted a manuever after manuver which either ended in the punching dumming being struck with the brass knuckles or getting choked with the numchucks at the end.  She showed knowledge of wher eto hit to brink someone down, going for the arteries in the neck or for joints like the knees, she also had a few hits go to the solar pexes and groin.
Miriam ended with a flip over the dummy and her humchuck chain aroun dthe dummy's neck.  She then stepped out of the ring and walked back to the table putting her weapons down.  Miriam had kept her head turned so the king couldn't see her fullf ace the whole time, only fully facing him on her bow.

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IonDea replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 8:07 pm

Tholme watched Miriam fight a proud smile on her face at her younger companions skill. She knew Miriam was more skilled with numerous weapons than Tholme herself, and it was alwasy impressive to see her fight with something new. When Miriam reached the table Tholme turned towards Graylith. "I'll be using a set of dagers for my second choice" She said, flicking them ino her waiting hands.
She began straight away, running at full speed towards the dummies across the field. She executed a front layout, flipping over an unsean enemy and sending her daggers shooting one afer the other to thunk into the dumy. She landed and pulled an illusion, sending one leg flying in a high kick, pulling her next dagger from her boot. 
She then did a number of visious attacks on the dummies, her daggers whirling. She pulled them from the first dummy as she want by and after a few minutes she ended, slicing the straw filled head from one of the dummy's with a back hand slash.
Her heart was beating as she returned her daggers to their sheaths. glancing up at the king she saw him sitting forward, seemingly entranced. She hoped that was a good thing.

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Guardian.Of.Honor replied...
Oct. 22, 2013 at 8:17 pm

Miriam thought hard about her neck choice, she didn't want to show the same skills as Tholem, otherwise it may coem down to one or the other and they wouldn't be selected as a team.  Sh estudied the table while the sparring dummy was replaced.  
Miriam finally chose a set of three throwing stars as a small crooked dagger.  She satrted her attack by running forward and throwing the three stars, one slashed the throata dn jabbed into the jeck.  The other jammed between where teh ribs would be and into the heart and the last landed right between the dummy's eyes.  Miriam took her stars back and showed other combination in volving slashing the hamstring and then finishing off with her dagger, adn few other techniques before putting her weapons away and backing out of teh ring.  She stood nex to Tholme.
The king waslooking intently at her, Miriam hoped it was becuase of her skill and not him trying to figur eout who she was.
"The next faze will be hand to hand, you will use these men as your targets for now..." Graylith said.  Four rather large men walked in.  Theyw ere tall and buff,
"You will satrt with one opponent but will also have to fight many opponents later,s o eb ready." Greylith warned,
"Tholme you are first." he added.

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