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Mini Marvel School Roleplay

Roseatta replied...
Feb. 9, 2014 at 10:14 pm

((Sera's feelings just tug at my heart, too. I can't even begin to imagine how Zeke would react should he find out.))
James's eyes tracked the coffees until they disappeared, blinking hard at the display, his pointed nose wrinkling slightly. Fascinating. James knew he would have to try that himself, although not when Reve was there. He did, however, give Reve a long and penetrating look at his response. No, James certainly did not like the amount of control Reve had in this dream. Even though out of all the people, it was the most harmless in his hands. 
James snorted slightly, looking away. "I think I'll stick to 'the Dream Realm'. A little less fanciful than 'Narnia'." The more time he spent talking with Reve, the more James seemed to learn about him. He began to deduce that there was probably no harm in Reve's powers, not when that guy was the one handling them. James finally began to look a little more involved at the mention of meeting with everyone else.
Not that he was really looking forward to it. He hated having to deal with everyone while he was awake, let alone in his sleep now. But he reminded himself, he had opened up to De. He was supposed to be friendly, he was supposed to play the part of a team player. Although his nightmare had been so unsettling, he didn't know if he could pull anything off... He closed his eyes and shuddered, that fleeting feeling of fear passing through him for a heartbeat.
"Plans," he said to bring himself back to the matter at hand, "Yes. This means we have a secure place to talk, right? I wasn't in the same cell block as you all, so you're going to have to catch me up," James said as earnestly as possible. "And that's a relief, I suppose," he added with Reve's promise. James followed Reve's advice, and grabbed a hold of his arm.
Before they could go, however, James had one more point to get across. He gave Reve an intense look, his blue eyes fierce. "Just one more thing. Don't breath a word of what you saw in here, not to anyone. Okay?" James reminded himself that he had to act the victim, he couldn't go around like this all the time anymore, so he willed his shoulders to slump, and it wasn't too hard to get a look of desperation on his face.

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 9, 2014 at 10:42 pm

(( You know how Zeke usually had something to say for everything? Well, if Sera confessed, he'd be speechless. And that's really saying something lol ))
Reve gave James an odd sort of look. Glancing down at him, he seemed to fully realize how small James was. Usually he carried himself with such  large aura, Reve assumed he was older. But now, he seemed distictively young. Too young, Reve thought. Especailly to endure what he had just witnessed, and slowly, Reve nodded, his green eyes a serious shade of emerald.
"I see a lot with my powers, James." He explained simply. "Of coarse I won't tell." Reve added, his promise genuine before he straightened. They seemed to be encosed in a glass bubble, for right underneath them, was the floor of the room. It rippled in front of them uncertaintly, and Reve was faintly reminded of visiting an aquarium. He then clutched James's arm very tightly, his gaze flickering over to him cautiously.
"Carefuly, now. Just follow my lead, and I promise, you'll be fine." When most people made promises in succession, the previous ones seemed to loose their meaning. But, not with Reve. He seemed to hold this...truthfullness about him that was hard to deny. Kind of like asking a small child what they honestly thought about something, and having them answer. Reve never really lost that trait. With a deep breath, he stepped out of James's dream, feeling his body lurch forward as he held onto James's arm tightly.
The rush and coldenss engulfed him briefly before he was suddenly floating in midair, a ghost of himself. Reve shuddered the feeling away, struggling to maintain balance as floated. It was the ost difficult for him, and he looked over at James, somewhat concerned as he held onto his arm. At least they didn't loose physical contact.
"Are you alright?" Reve asked, willing himself to land on solid ground. He felt like a clumsy Peter Pan whenever he was elevated in the air, and he determinedly landed on the ground, where his physical form was still sleeping. He kenw James was was well. Reve firmly pulled James down on the floor with him, his green eyes taking him in. "Not hurt or anytihing, right?"

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 9, 2014 at 11:10 pm

((Aw man, that's just making my heart hurt thinking about it. Well, only something super drastic would make Sera willingly reveal that, like a life or death situation.))


James made relief color his face, made the taught lines of his body relax slightly. Let Reve think that he was truly grateful. "Thank you," he said somewhat weakly, although his grip on Reve tightened as the room became visible around them. He got an annoying sense of vertigo, and was unable to do anything but give Reve a slightly alarmed look, despite his tone, right before they were pulled out of his dream.

James felt an icy coldness swallow him, as if he had just walked outside in the middle of winter without proper clothes, and a queasiness roiled around his stomach uncomfortably as they floated in mid air. Feeling the solid ground under his feet, James's knees went weak with relief, although it was difficult to convince himself that none of this was actually happening. That this was just a projection of his mind.

Actually, he didn't know what this was. Just that thinking about it was making his head hurt. "No, I'm fine," he said briskly, if a bit breathlessly, giving Reve an appraising look, "Why- was it expected that some hurt was going to be involved?" James shook his head, with a slightly uplifted mouth, "Nevermind, this is just strange."

He chanced to let go of Reve, and felt himself stay exactly where he was. James took an experimental step back, and looked up at his sleeping form on the bunk above Reve's. He hated how young he looked while he slept. Like a kid, all tangled up in his blankets, his hands curled near his face. Lord, this is just so weird. James tore his eyes away, to the sleeping forms of everyone else. "Are you going to get everyone else now?"

((Are we just going to do a little time skip with Reve collecting everyone? I feel like it'd be kind of drawn out if we did it otherwise. :))

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 9, 2014 at 11:15 pm

(( Oh yes, I was thinking about that too xD That would make it much easier. So, it's going to be a full house--basically everyone but Abreas and Nissa! And Erin...which is how I'm thinking about opening it up. Like Zeke asking "Well, that means I can see Erin! and everyone looks sort of confused and what not before Zeke explains that she's not the bad guy and she can be trusted and Juliet getting all mad--you get the idea. Would that be okay? :) ))

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 10, 2014 at 6:42 am

((That sounds like a wonderful idea. :))

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 10, 2014 at 10:17 pm

Reve/ Everyone Else :)
Reve was rather proud of himself, for pulling this off. And he normally wasn't the one to be particularly prideful, let alone almost smug. Or rather, he was more giddy that everything seemed to have came together. Seemlessly, too.
James wasn't that bad to travel with, he thought. He did seem curious at his powers, though Reve was hardly bothered by that. He just kept thinking of what he had seen in his nightmare, and although he knew he shouldn't have been, there were just some things that couldn't be helped. In the end, he was distracted at just getting everyone together.
First he got Amedeus, who thankfully, was dreaming about really nothing. De was startled to see James and Reve of all people in his head, though didn't mind so much as Reve explained what was going on. Still, it was unsettling, to have the two inside of his head. Especially James, who he wasn't entirely gung h.o on having him aboard his investment of trust. Despite this, De went along with the whole entire plan, where they proceeded to "dreamwalk" as Reve defined, to collect everyone else.
First it was Tristan, which admittedly, De would have wished to spend more time in. In his dream, if you were to call it that. It was more like a mirage of soft colors with the occasional floating number. A calm serene dream which suited Tristan, before Reve, James, and him finally found Tristan himself. Amedeus gave him a little smile, relieved that at least he could find some semblance of peace in his head. Tristan at least deserved that.
And it continued on like that for a while. It was all rather uncomfortable for Amedeus himself, who would have preferred to be awake and in the real world rather than this made-up realm. It was too wobbly, and ambiguious in Amedeus's opinion. However, when they had finally reached Zeke, the last one, they all seemed to gather in his dorm. There was nothing more strange that seeing yourself sleep, Amedeus thought, and he caught Zeke's mystified trance as he exaimined himself.
First of all, Zeke was very taken aback by it all. He was lucky Reve and the whole gang--literally, everyone but Abreas, Nissa and Erin--the name sent a pang through his chest---didn't walk in on a full on nightmare. That would have not been pleasant, and he couldn't stop staring at himself. He was like a ghost, but outside of himself. Zeke felt like sitting down or something, just to get his bearings, before Reve cleared his throat.
"Alright, it's nice to have everyone gathered in a place where we can safely talk." Reve seemed to be taking the role of leader, because out of everyone, he seemed the most comfortable. Which wasn't surprising, considering this was his gift. "I know all of you don't feel very comfortable in this form, so I will try to make this quick--"
"Wait, wait," Zeke interposed, clearly not in his usual state of nonchalance confidence. Reve glanced over at Zeke curiously, while Juliet scowled besides her brother. "We--or you--need to go get Erin." Suddenly, that was all he could think about. It he remembered correctly, Reve had explained to all of them that this was proabbly the only way they could communicate without being lsitened to or spied on. Which meant--which meant--
"Erin?" Juliet drawled out, crossing her arms. Her dream form did not do her any favors for her pale skin; it shimmered like the uneasy glossomer of a pearl. "Your ex-girlfriend that betrayed you? You want to talk to her?" She questioned, her green eyes stony. Zeke was too full of adreneline to even be mad.
"Yes!" He exclaimed, suddenly smiling and giddy at the possibilities that began to form in his head."This is perfect! You know, she's only pretending to be on the Phantom's side to better our chances for escape, and I've only been pretending to hate her, and now with Reve's power I can see her without acting like I hate her guts--" Zeke paused to take in a deep breath, while everyone seemed to be in a momentary shock. Amedeus was the first once to clear his throat.
"Er...ah...so you're saying that our whole plan is to betray the Phantom. As in, take out this organization from the inside?" His tone was dubious, and for a moment, his gaze flickered over to Sera, by default. If anyone could make sense of this abrupt change of events, it was her, right? His gaze then went over towards Tristan, questioning.
[Sorry, I didn't want to go by too fast! lol I feel like a lot is happening in this post and you should get the chance to reply :) Plus I took some liberties with Tristan's dream, so I hope you don't mind that, but if you do we can disregard it ^^ I just thought that was something he'd dream of :) ]

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 10, 2014 at 10:58 pm

((Oh no, everything's fine. :) And Tristan's dream was much like I would think he would have, so no worries. ^^))


Tristan didn't know what to make of this whole dream world business. A million unanswerable questions had balanced on the tip of his tongue the moment De, Reve, and James had appeared in his quiet dream. Once they had gotten Zeke-- thankfully not interrupting one of Zeke's nightmares, Tristan noted with some amount of relief-- Tristan settled into a role of quiet observation.

Most of his thoughts however were mostly concentrated on the questions of the Dream Realm, as Reve called it. His powers didn't work here, and he assumed no one else's did- except for Reve, naturally. It was all very curious and kind of vague, but that wa sort of how Tristan viewed a lot of the world anyways, so it didn't exactly bother him.

James, he noticed, was surprisingly quiet and reserved, especially for such a unique occasions such as this. He would've expected the boy to be brimming with comments on everything, but instead, he had this wary, slightly haunted cast about his eyes. People. I won't ever catch on, will I?

And then, Zeke wasn't the only one glad that Reve hadn't walked in on a nightmare. Sam looked almost like a different person, in the Dream Realm. For once, surprisingly, he had been having a somewhat normal dream when Reve materialized in his head to bring him to this little... group meeting. At any rate, he didn't feel like himself. It was like having the collar, on, with the weight of his powers gone, leaving him freer and more-- what was the word-? Optimistic, maybe.

Sera, on the other hand, was one of those uneasy with the whole ordeal. Or perhaps that was because Zeke was discussing Erin. Naturally, she had sort of gravitated a little closer to him, but instead, looked slightly confused, and maybe just a bit distasteful. Sera wrinkled her nose, her nut brown skin looking closer to bronze in the Dream Realm. Sera was a more physical person. She wasn't comfortable in this vague dream world.

"For once, I think I actually agree with Juliet," Sera inserted, "That doesn't sound like the wisest of plans." Her face was a mask- easier kept because of the Dream Realm, but on the inside, she was coiled tense. A sick feeling crept up in her stomach as Zeke explained, and she felt as though the ground had been dropped from under her feet.

It had been an act, all an act. The pettiness, the childish retorts. And she has yelled at him. Sera swallowed, and angled her face away from Zeke so he couldn't read her expression. "That- that's wonderful. Now we have someone on our side who knows a lot more than we do- that is, if we can trust her." Sera tried to keep her tone carefully unbiased.

Sera caught De's look, and shrugged a little helplessly. She may have been the oldest there, but she wasn't a leader, and she definitely wasn't in the loop most of the time. Tristan fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. "I don't even need my abilities to estimate that the probabilities of our success are pretty abysmal," he murmered pragmatically. Although, it was Tristan, whose problem solving skills were almost nonexistent.

James however, had grown from uncommittal and wary to gleeful in a few seconds, although he carefully masked it. Now here was what he had been waiting for. Information that the Phantom would truly be interested in, if the time came. Information that would surely secure him a permanent place at the Institution. This whole merging thing was really turning out to be a profitable venture...

"This sounds dangerous," he said cheerfully, "But I don't suppose this little idea will go anywhere far without some manipulation to aid it. And since I've been out of the loop, I think I'll out in that breaking out of here sounds like a fantastic idea."

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 4:02 pm

((Bump. :))

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 4:06 pm

[ Okay good :) And sorry I didn't reply sooner--school is beginning to get hectic! ]
Suddenly, Zeke was struck with an abrupt unfairness of it all. Mostly because everyone was denying Erin on being in the loop, which did not favors for his temper. He wasn't usually one to get mad, or upset, but this hit a nerve for him. And without his powers, it was probably good. You could usually tell when Zeke was bothered when he began to emanate a certain warmth from his body, as if he were a walking fireplace.
"I can't believe you guys," He murmured, genuinely appalled as he cast his green eyes over towards Sera. Her of all people seemed to edge away from the topic of Erin more than anyone else, and he couldn't help bu to think about the time when Erin had walked in on him and Sera asleep. He didn't know why that memory surfaced, and he scowled deeply as he began to pace over by his bunk, too angry to sit down.
"Of coarse we can trust her." He insisted, his tone half pleading, half scoffing at the ridiculity of it all. Sure, their hesitancy was not surprising, but they could at least give her a chance. His green gaze fell on James, where his face uncharacteristically soured.
"We're trusting James." Zeke leered, as if that explained it all. "Who we all know is King of the A.s.sh.oles, and was seperated from us, and yet he's still here." He pointed out, more for pointing out the injust regarding Erin's distrust. Zeke raked a hand through his hair, aggravated as he continued to stalk around the room, while Amedeus frowned.
"Zeke, James is on our side." The defense for the boy came out quietly, though steadily. It was enough to make Zeke stop momentarily, looking as if someone had hit him in the forehead with a block of wood. His expression wasn't any better, considering his dream form flickered uncertaintly around the edges, before he barked a humorless laugh.
"Wow. We're to the point where we all trust James now?" Zeke was struck with the shock of it all. How had things become so twisted? So upside down? His eyes had found Tristan fleetingly, and for a moment, he hesitated, internally fighting, before he sighed in frustration, shaking his head. How was it possible for your world to be turned upside down so quickly?
"How would you feel is we all didn't trust Tristan, huh?" Zeke directed the question towards De, who in response, paled, his dream form blanching. Zeke didn't mean to take that route, but it was his only opening, his only hope at getting at least one person to understand his situation. "Not that I ever wouldn't trust him." He added as an afterthought, before crossing his arms unhappily. Reve cleared his throat thoughtfully, appraisingly looking at everyone in a delicate manner.
"Well, perhaps the best way to go about this is vote, hm?" Reve offered, while Zeke only shook his head in response. Juliet glared at him.
"Look, Lover Boy, " She bluntly stated, her tone clipped and short. "We all know that you're head over heels for Erin, but that doesn't mean she can be trusted. And whatever the he.ll James has done, I'm sure it's not as bad as betraying you all to this physcotic Intsittuion." Juliet's words made Zeke flinch slightly, though his stare was sharp. For a while, they held one another's gazes, before Zeke opened his mouth, seemed to think better of it, and closed his lips one more to stormily stare at the floor. Somehow, this betrayal seemed worse than Erin's in the beginning.
"Maybe we should have a trial." Amedeus suggested. His voice was normal, though the pallor of his face hadn't entirely returned. "Have Zeke meet her in a dream of hers?" Zeke glanced up, raising a brow as he took in Reve's response, who merely nodded approvingly, and everyone eles's.

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 4:42 pm

((No problem. :) I understand, this time of year can get especially crazy. ^^))
A little frown was tugging on the corners of Sera's lips. As much as she despised seeing Zeke with Erin, as much as she thought the whole relationship was unhealthy and untrustworthy, Sera hated seeing Zeke upset most of all. It was the one thing that she could never brush off, the one thing that she couldn't disregard. Sera moved slightly closer to Zeke, one hand reaching out to put on his shoulder, or his back, like she usually did, but instead, it curled into a fist and dropped. Zeke wouldn't want her comfort, he wanted Erin.
"Zeke, you've got to put yourself in our places. You're the only one who knew Erin for any amount of time, really. So most of us are kind of going off of common sense here," she said tentatively, crossing her arms tightly. During the conversation, James had maneuvered himself to the edge of one of the top bunks, sitting with his feet dangling. Probably so he felt taller, Sera supposed. 
Sera knew James pretty well, but the boy that had been kidnapped along with them seemed different somehow. More like a human being. At Zeke's accusation, his face grew cloudy, and he tilted his chin up stubbornly, but Sera was shocked to see some degree of hurt etched into his elfish features.
"Uncalled for, man," he said, without any degree of mocking in his voice, for once, "I may have been an a.ss.hole back at the school, but that's pretty messed up if you're comparing that to betraying the entire school to a cult of psychopaths." That was weird. Was James somehow managing to elicit... sympathy? Sera looked away, startled as Amedeus supported the small blonde. The whole world had gone crazy, it seemed...
James gave an indecipherable look to Amedeus, one that was too fleeting for Sera to catch. But it may have been startled gratitude- something else Sera never imagined James to display. A small portion of her was suspicious. James was acting maybe a little too honest. Sam, who had looked uncomfortable almost as soon as the conversation had started, had hunched slightly into himself as if to ward off the disagreements that bounced around him.
Tristan looked not only unhappy that Zeke had dragged him into the discussion, but also radiated disaproval. He knew Zeke was unhappy and riled up over the whole Erin issue, but he was blundering around rather insensitively. Sera then imagined how she would act if it were Zeke in Erin's place, and she had to admit to herself that it wasn't so terribly odd.
"The difference between that analogy being that Amedeus had known me for years, and you've known Erin for a week," Tristan pointed out, his eyes flitting to Amedeus briefly, "And I- I really hate saying this, but how do you know she's not still lying to you? I mean, she had done it pretty effectively for the week she was at the school." Tristan shrugged, his mouth closing up tightly, drawn in a thin line.
Sera sighed with relief as sensible suggestions finally began flowing, rather than this arguing nonsense. She grabbed on to Amedeus's idea of having a trial, eager for a resolution to the issue. Sera nodded sharply, "A traial," she repeated, "That sounds the safest. And if we do decide to trust her, then we might as well keep an eye on her nonetheless."
((Sorry this got cut off a bit at the end, but I have to run. :))

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 6:22 pm

(( lol Tristan never fails in cracking me up xD "He knew Zeke was unhappy and riled up over the whole Erin issue, but he was blundering around rather insensitively." Hahahahaha this is Zeke's unsensitive side showing to the max! Oh goodness, I jsut love Tristan! (: ))
Zeke really hated this. He hated feeling as if everyone was against him, and how ineffably alone he felt. Even Tristan was opposing him, which was a whole new different kind of hurt. Tristan, who he never fought with, never had so much as a disagreement practically, was questioning the questions that Zeke had in the back of his mind, but had refused to acknowledge. It made his throat feel dry, and for a moment, all Zeke wanted to do was get away from all these people attacking him.
Maybe this is how James feels all the time. Zeke thought wryly, finally sitting down on his lower bunk in a sign of distressed submission. He held his head in his hands, just trying to think. How in the world could he even beging to explain himself? The worst part of it all was that Erin was somewhere off in dream land, without him. He missed her so much, it hurt.
"That isn't fair. This place," Zeke glanced up at James who was sitting on the top bunk, dangling his feet nonchalantly. Zeke wanted to tug his annoying legs off. "Is all she has ever known. Coming to the school, she...she learned something all new. The good things about life, you know? And to think that you all look at her as if she's happy to be back..." He wrinkled his nose, disgusted as he shook his head. He began to struggle to form English now, rapid Italian overflowing his head as he stared intently at the ground, his tan hands clasped together tightly in front of him. "And besides, you've done plenty of things uncalled for." He add in a snap towards James, which only made Amedeus frown.
In a way, he could sympathize with Zeke. With Erin mostly. Even if his memory was coming back in arbitary spurts, the Institution was no place anyone that was normal wanted to be. And he didn't hate Erin. Zeke was right; a lot of this wasn't fair. He glanced over at Tristan uncertainly, before taking a gentle sigh.
"Well, obviously there is a lot of dissent regarding the whole Erin issue," Reve interjected smoothly, seeming to emanate a strange sort of energy in this realm. One of power, though not overpowering. More like a gentle sunspot on the carpet, glowing and soft. "But, for now, we shall discuss exactly what we're going to do. And afterwards, I can take Zeke for a little visit. Anyways--"
"Hold up, Reve." Juliet's voice was sharp and demanding, though Reve didn't seem annoyed in the least. Merely, just used to it all, and he only crinkled his brows slightly. "How do we know that we can even trust Zeke? What if he goes and runs his mouth to Erin?" She questioned forecefully, which only made Zeke stand up, his green eyes fiery. De shifted in place, not liking where this was going.
"Are you serious right now?" Zeke shot back, almost shaking with rage. "You're--you're unbelievable. You don't even know me!" He yelled, beyond his usual approach with anything at this point. Juliet remained unfazed, crossing her arms stubbornly as Zeke groaned in frustration, beginning to stalk the room again.
"I don't care. Reve, I say you go let Zeke and Erin have a little love reuinion while we all collaborate to get the he.ll out of here." She delcared blantantly, disregarding Zeke's murderous glare. Reve cleared his throat, biting his lower lip.
"Now, Ju, we really should all ah...calm down." He suggested, the air beginning to shimmer around them." And I'd rather not make you two relax by force." Reve added, a stern tint to his voice. It was strange to hear from Reve. Zeke only rolled his eyes, throwing his hands up in the air as he muttered in exsasperated Italian, while Juliet's ferverish French mixed into the foreign blather. De rubbed the side of his head.

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 8:12 pm

((I know it's bad, but I just love it when everyone's yelling and not getting along, it's so much fun XD :))
James was actually kind of enjoying this little hurt facade he had going on. And people were actually starting to back him up now, what a novel idea. James didn't have his powers in this Dream Realm, but he imagined Zeke's peppery anger and frustration clouding the air easily enough. At some point, though, he didn't have to even feign annoyance.
"You sound like a sappy romantic paperback," he pointed out, "I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that's a weak argument." James swallowed his next words and looked away from Zeke slightly, his face stony, for all intensive purposes portraying someone injured and frustrated with Zeke's accusations. "Listen," he said curtly, "I can't very well redeem myself if you insist on bringing up everything that I've done wrong the past few years."
Sera felt a slight glimmer of doubt-  maybe James was truly trying to turn over a new leaf with this whole disasterous episode. She didn't know, and it didn't matter at this moment. Zeke was the priority. Zeke and Erin. Sera took the conversation away from James, lest he act snappish again and further provoke Zeke. "Please, Zeke, don't feel like we're attacking you or anything. It's just, all of our lives are kind of at stake here. And we don't want to endanger everyone here for the sake of one person," she said, a pleading note entering her voice, along with a more severe list that surfaced whenever she was upset or frustrated.
Sera sent Juliet a vicious glare when she spoke up. She may have agreed with Juliet, but the other girl was tactless and abrasive, and Sera knew it would only serve to instigate Zeke further and tear up what semblance of negotiation that was going on. Tristan visibly shrank, moving slightly behind De as if affording himself a smaller target. Zeke almost never ever was seen near this infuriated before.
While Zeke and Juliet's foreign languages clashed together loudly, Sera added her voice to the fray, raising it to be heard over the babble, but to no avail. James had even began speaking as well, still trying to get his point about Erin across. The one who interrupted it all was shockingly the last the person Sera would've ever expected.
The entire time, Sam had been quietly observing with those disconcertingly expressionless dark eyes of his, but he finally decided to interject, his face still impassive. "Everyone, just shut up for a moment," he said, loud enough to carry over the tide of voices, vicious enough to get people to pay heed. ((I'm going to assume Zeke and Juliet grow quiet as well, if that's alright with you. :))
Sera's words died in her throat, as she looked skeptically at the dark haired boy, who hadn't moved, but still commanded attention. "Alright, I feel like I'm the only impartial observer in this entire room right now, so everyone just shut up and listen for a second. It's in our best interests if we decide where Erin's loyalties lay, so it's pretty common sense for Reve to take Zeke to go talk to her, at the very least," Sam held up a finger, to stay any comments, "But Reve should also take someone else with him and Zeke, someone to make absolutely sure that there's no deception going on. If Erin really is on our side, that'll be quite a benefit. Have any of you actually considered what materials we have to work with here in order to get out? If what Zeke says is true, we've got an inside person, which is a h.ell of a lot better than being empty handed." Sam finished, the entire time, his face remainly intensely static.

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 9:42 pm

(( Oh I know, it really shows how characters are when they get mad! Very entertaining...lol I sound like James xD ))
For a moment, Zeke felt an immense surge of gratification towards Sam. It was interesting, the way he was able to demand calm in the midst of chaos. His dark gaze addressed everyone for at least a moment, and his words were enough to temper Zeke's frustation, if slightly. He only raked his eyes over James distastfully.
"You're the one holding Erin's desicions--which were made out of pure panic, mind you--against her." He argued childishly, but argued nevertheless. He really did not like James, no matter how much of a "change of heart" the boy seemed to be having. All he's worried about is his own skin, the da.m.n weasel. Zeke then swallowed, glancing over at Sera, his gaze softly slightly.
He didn't like seeing her concerned. Even more over him, because half the time, he didn't even deserve it. Like now. Admitedly, he was being sort of a jerk, but he couldn't help it. So what if he sounded like a sappy romantic novel. Zeke was beyond caring about his ego, which didn't need as nearly as much attention as James's. He slowly sat back down, noting that Tristan was deliberatly out of his line of sight. Ouch. He must have been pretty heated...
"If any of you guys were in the same situation, I'd do the same for you." Zeke pointed out, before his eyes flickered over James and Juliet. "Well, most of you." He corrected, before he looked heavily up at Sam. "I'm fine with that." He stated, glancing over at Reve appraisingly. In moments of conflict, the boy seemed to develop a nervous habit of tapping his foot on the ground in an off hand beat. Yet looking at his eyes, you could tell if it came to using force, he would have. Yes, Reve was the strangest, by far.
"A very sensible solution, Samue--Sam." Reve corrected himself from saying his full name, if a bit abashed. "Any volunteers to go?" He offered, before De stepped forward.
"I'd like to accompany them." Amedeus claimed, though in a steady, quiet voice. He looked over at Zeke, his brown eyes dark and opaque. "You're not the only one who wants Erin on our side. I want her with us, too." He paused, hesitating. "Anyone desrves better than the Institution." He concluded with a definate nod, to which Zeke replied with a small smile. Oaky, so maybe he was feeling less alone now. He stood up fully, seeming subdued for the moment. More like relieved, and Reve clapped his hands together enthusiastically. Juliet had sat down before, exaiming her nails with a hard expression.
"Alright, it's settled then!" Reve exclaimed, his signature smile on his face. "Now, you guys can ah...stay in here. But I'm afraid you won't be able to wonder. This room only, unless you want to try and leave only to result into a very dreadful headache." He informed, with a pragmatic nod of his head. "Please, do get along when we're gone as well. And would anyone else like to come?" Reve offered, as if it were some kindergarten field trip and he was asking for volunteers.

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 10:08 pm

James gave Zeke a sharp look, but didn't bother pursuing the topic. He felt like Erin's decisions were a lot more than those made from pure panic, regardless of where her loyalties lay. But he knew the workings of human emotion, and he knew that to say anything else would just be inviting more stubborn thick headed arguing. It was useless trying to knock sense into someone's head when they were absolutely smitten.
"I'm just feeling the love, here," he said flatly, in response to Zeke's amendment. Hey, at least he wasn't completely alone in this situation. James chewed on his thumbnail watching the rest of the proceedings with narrowed eyes. He wished he had his powers, then. He so wanted to know what was going on in Reve's funny little head. Sam's too, at that. Both of the guys, from what he was seeing, were constantly surprising him. Sam, more outwardly, and Reve, because James knew that there was more to him than that cheerfully daft persona he displayed.
Sam just nodded silently at Reve's recognition, his head drifting off to the side. He was slightly peeved, yes, because what did they do when they came together in secret to discuss plans? Argue. And Sam was even more relieved to find that his powers didn't work here, so the pent up frustration and irritation that didn't get released by his earlier episode just sort of leaked out. But at least people were listening. As long as they didn't look to him for anything else, he would be fine.
Sera wearily leaned against a bed. "Just, be careful you two," she addressed Zeke and Amedeus, slightly unhappy that two of her boys were going somewhere in this Dream Realm that wasn't within her line of sight. Her protectiveness rose up inside her, but she stifled it. Zeke was technically an adult now, and nothing would happen anyways. She just didn't like the idea of them going.
"You most of all, Zeke," she warned, softer, although she wasn't talking about physically being careful. Erin had wreaked emotional havok inside of Zeke's head. Sera hated to let that possibility happen again. There was silence at Reve's offer for more people to going him, but the others stayed silent. Sera would have spoken up, but there was something just very unappealing about standing by and watching Zeke and Erin reunite.
((Oh, and I thought I might tell you, Erin doesn't really dream, per se. When she sleeps, it's kind of like a computer powering down, so I imagine her 'dream' to be kind of like just this sort of blackness, like a screen. :))

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 10:20 pm

"I'll be fine, Ser." Zeke replied back, a semblance of his easygoing demeanor slightly flickering back. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Juliet roll her eyes. He mentally called her something rather unmentionable in Italian, before he tossed his gaze over towards Tristan.
He hoped the boy wasn't mad at him. He knew it would take more than a slight argument to fracture their relationship, but still. The thought of having Tristan hold anything against him--this far into their friendship--was frightening. Even if Zeke probably deserved it. Because at the moment he was being nothing but selfish. He made sure to push his self loathing back where he could deal with it later. Hopefully with no Reve popping in to just say hi or something.
"We will." Amedeus echoed back with an affirmative nod. Reve also added extra reassurance, though it was hard to take his seriously sometimes with his ruffled hair and wandering green eyes.
"I'm and expert in this Realm, so there will be no need to worry." He confidently reassured, before giving everyone a look over. "We'll see you in a bit everyone. Ju," Reve looked over his younger sister with an older brother look, which she promptly ignored. He then smiled, a gleam of humor in his eyes as his gaze went over to Sera instead. "Actually, Sera is in charge. Since she's the oldest." He chuckled to himself goodnaturedly, before he offered his arm towards De.
"Alright, grab on you two." He instructed, to which De blinked an obliged, if a bit reluctantly. Zeke grabbed on to the other side of Reve, and just like that, they all seemed to vanish in mid-air.
"Weird." Juliet muttered, watching as the trio seemed to vanish under a ripple of wall itself. And that pretty much summed up Reve's power--and personality--in a nu.tshell: weird. Juliet then yawned, laying back on the bed.
"The bad thing about here is that you can't sleep." She stated flatly, staring up at the bunk. "Or you can't use your powers. Can't go anywhere without Reve. I hate it here." Juliet stated, before sighing.

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 13, 2014 at 4:50 pm

"Sure you will," she muttered under her breath, although good naturedly. She wanted to give him a million other warnings, like 'don't think with your heart' and 'be logical'. But she wouldn't. First off, it would probably offend him to think that she was having these concerns in the first place. She sighed. "Be back quickly then," she said as a good bye, not helping but to make a slight face when Reve left her in charge.
Sera just didn't do things like be in charge. She was always a sidelines person. But Reve was right, she was the oldest. And technically the only adult here... Watching Reve, Zeke, and De vanish wasn't nearly as surprising as it should've been. Knowing De so well had pretty much gotten her used to people just up and disappearing. De. Sera felt a concern rise up in her- she hadn't gotten a chance to really talk to De since the kidnapping, and that itself made her slightly guilty.
After they left, Sera gave Juliet a slightly pointed look. She wasn't too happy with their conditions, but Juliet's endless whining was really beginning to grate on her noise. "Och, quit your bellyaching," she groused absentmindedly, as she would to either Tristan or De or Zeke, "Might as well get used to these sorts of things though," she mused out loud, "We're going to have a long road ahead of us."
Erin was disturbed with how comfortable and at home she felt falling asleep at the Institution. Back at the school, she hardly slept, and spent more time roaming more than anything, but here, it was just too easy to close her eyes and drift off. It means nothing. It's just been a long day and I'm tired. That's all. Her mind kept flipping back to the last time she had slept, up on that mattress with Zeke high in the sky with the stars and the city around them.
Erin held on to that feeling of contentment as she lay on her stomach, arms wrapped around her pillow. Yes, those were the things to remember while she was here. At any rate, her mind shut down soon enough, and sleep came, or what qualified as sleep for her. When Erin slept, it was mostly just a period of blankness and nothingness for her. 
But for some odd unknown reason, Erin saw Reve, Zeke, and De in her mind, which was kind of a freaky experience for considering that she had never dreamt up anything before. But, there were definitely worse things to dream about, Erin decided almost immediately, looking at Zeke. "Zeke?" she said outloud, her voice cracking slightly, "Is- is this a dream? Am I dreaming?" It seemed like the only thing to do- Erin didn't realy know what people did anyways in dreams.
((Just so you know, I'm kind of making up the whole dream-thing as I go along, so please correct anything or add anything where it's needed, if something's off. :))

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 14, 2014 at 9:42 pm

((Bump. :))

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iluvnacho replied...
Feb. 14, 2014 at 10:45 pm

(( Thank you for bumping! ^.^ I have a three day weekend so I should be able to get on more :) ))
Juliet wrinkled her nose, glancing up at Sera. She didn't really know what to make of the girl quite yet. Obviously she was used to being more of a "nurturer" of some sort, despite having some self impression of being "tough". Her green gaze was blanant iand she straightened up even more.
"I would suggest getting over him. Surely he's not worth it." Juliet expressed casually, though Juliet knew that Sera would get her reference of Zeke. Perhaps it was a girl thing, though Juliet wasn't trying to be mean. Just warning, and she sighed. resuming her position looking at the top of the bunk bed. She didn't know who to feel more sorry for: Sera, who obviously had feelings for Zeke who didn't even realize it, or Tristan, who was stuck in an uncomfortable position with no seeming solution. At the thought, she glanced over at Tristan, her expression mildly curious.
"Is it nice, not having your powers?" She inquired, genuinely interested. In some ways, she could be like Reve, with his inquisitive nature. Honestly, she just didn't want an awkward silence to settle over them.
Reve didn't know what to exactly make of Erin's dreamscape. It was rather...foreign. Not in a bad way. No, Abreas's dreams--that dreadful black tinged with red--was bed. Erin's mind during sleep, however, held a certain sort of artificiality to it. It wasn't real sleep. It was as if she was merely shut down, and it was only when him, Amedeus and Zeke arrived, when Reve realized that's what Erin's sleep probably was. An interesting mix between humanity and robotic, and something that caught his interest indeed.
Amedeus, though, could tell no difference. It was unnerving to be in the dream realm just in general. Especially as they traveled. He could tell Zeke felt the same way too, becaue once they arrived, his face was noticeably paler. De wondered faintly if he was pale, too. Yet, that all vanished once Zeke saw Erin. It was as if a spark was lit, for Zeke's face filled with sudden color, and elation broke through his face.
"Erin!" It was amazing how one word could hold so much emotion, even in this strange realm. Zeke let go of Reve, and he was taking off at a haste towards Erin. He didn't know how truly trying it was on him to be holding the facade of hate towards her until he was actually allowed to smile at Erin again. He even laughed, pure joy wiping his face and he brought Erin up in an embrace. Zeke easily picked her up, and it turned out, even in dreams you could still smell the faint scent of copper. "Erin." He repeated with another smile, softer as he let her down, his hands finding hers as De and Reve slowly followed after.
"Hm. Perhaps a more fitting setting..."Reve murmured, the undeniable tint of satsifaction in his voice as the background began to shimmer itself. No longer were they floating in the distant blackness of Erin's in-between conciousness, but a warm looking living room, with a gentle fire burning in the hearth.

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 15, 2014 at 2:30 pm

((No problem, just wanted to make sure it was on the first page. ^^))
Sera's fingers curled, and the rest of her stiffened as mortification seeped through every pore. Mortification, along with a kind of jolting shock that made her glance over at Tristan real quick, to make sure he didn't understand what Juliet was referring to. Thank goodness, he looked slightly nonplussed, as per usual. Sera didn't even try to entertain the thought that James didn't already know about her feelings for Zeke.
She scowled at Juliet, and crossed her arms, knowing that she had to act the mature one here, but the other girl had caught her completely off guard. "And you don't think I've been trying for the past five years?", she said, unable to escape the bitter note in her voice. And since Erin came along, it had been even worse. Because that was like a surety that it would never happen. But for some humiliatingly frustrating reason, Sera could not let go. Sera forced herself to just chill though. Juliet was the only girl in this whole mess-- she didn't count Erin, and Nissa was just a no-- so Sera figured she might as well be not so bristling.
Tristan eyed the exchange somewhat curiously, wondering who the 'he' was that they were talking about. He probably would've been able to figure it out had he use of his powers at the moment, but that would've been cheating. He decided it didn't matter- hey, it was someone else's business. He did quietly resolve to bring it up to Amedeus later maybe, because not only did he know Sera better, but he was a whole lot better with figuring out people than Tristan was.
Tristan blinked at Juliet's question, and a little smile settled over his features. "Very much so. Imagine if every second of your life, you had a half dozen radio stations playing in your head all at once, and then they just suddenly turn off," Tristan accompanied it with a hand gesture, looking rather pleased with his analogy (something else in English that he was always absolutely horrid at.) 
From his position on the bed, James made a oft snorting sound. "Jeez, is there a single one of you who isn't unhappy with your abilities? You all are so depressing," James sniffed, although in this Dream Realm, it was kind of useless since he couldn't gather any emotions that way. Sam spoke up again, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth.
"I think that it's for pretty good reason considering that most everyone here has an ability that hurts either themselves, or other people, much unlike yourself," he said, a sharpness lingering in his voice. James raised his eyebrows, an odd expression crossing his face. Joseph's mangled body flared in his memory, along with reminders of those days at school that he spent retching into a toilet, huddled miserably against the stall as scents crowded his nose and emotions of other people played havoc with his mind.
Weaknesses. All of that. You know what to do with weaknesses. You have to eradicate them, stamp them out before they get the better of you.
James forced a laugh, and then pouted his lips, "I'm so sorry that I don't have a little sob story to accompany my abilities, Sammy," he said dryly, very much glad that Amedeus wasn't there, because he was the only one with an inkling of James's past. Oh, but I have a sob story as bad as anyones, but you don't see me playing victim, here. Sam raised his eyes to the ceiling, obviously bothered by being called 'Sammy'. A moment passed, and James suddenly cursed himself inwardly. He was supposed to be likening himself to these people, he couldn't keep going around being a jerk like at the school. At the school, it served a purpose, but here, it would be worse than useless. It could possibly kill him if things went wrong.

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Roseatta replied...
Feb. 15, 2014 at 2:48 pm

All thoughts of this being a dream immediately fled from Erin's mind as soon as she was swept up in Zeke's embrace. Because nothing could compare to that feeling, not anything in the world. After a whole day of being spiteful, and cruel and rotten, it was like a breath of fresh air, and a grin broke out over her dark features as she hugged Zeke back as tightly as possible (it felt strange in this weird in-between world place). Her stomach dropped and flip flopped wonderfully, and for a second, she felt like the luckiest person in the world.
Like, seriously. Who else could live a life as a terrorist and murderer, then find and keep a boyfriend awesome enough to forgive her. An added bonus: said boyfriend was apparently willing to sneak into her dreaming state to see her. Erin couldn't control the smile that was on her face. She squeezed his hand, tilting her head up and studying his face.
"It really is you," she murmered, "how-?" And then she remembered that Amedeus and Reve were there, as the darkness of her dreamscape melted into a warm and home-y looking room. "Woah. Way cool," she breathed, and then the smile faltered on her face as she saw Amedeus. He was looking a bit worse for wear, even in this weird world, but all Erin could think of was how the most recent thoughts of her involved her betraying his school, his home and friends, to the Institution and being all buddy buddy with the very people who tormented him for most of his childhood.
Erin's fingers tightened around Zeke's hand. "De," she said, unusually soft. She looked from him, to Reve, back to Zeke. "Not that this isn't the greatest and all, but I have the feeling you guys didn't come here for a pleasure trip. Especially not to see someone like-" Erin shifted a little uncomfortably, "-me."

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