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Kids Who Become Heroes (KWBH)

Jun. 2, 2013 at 9:08 pm

The voice that answer had a very professional and cheery tone to it. Reve imaged a pretty receptionist, before he smiled at  the term "Ghostbusters". That was a cool show... 
"Hello, Marie." Reve greeted with a smile quirking up on his lips."My name is Reve Banet, and Allen Steel just talked to be about the organization Ghost. I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind."
"One second, Mr. Banet." Marie said, pulling him up on the computer. "Alright. My apologies, that greeting is my filter. Makes people hang up and makes my job easier, you know?" She sighed softly. "How can I help you? Ask away."
"Please, call me Reve." Reve replied back airily, waving a hand in front of him."And no worries. It's a cool nickname." He added, before thinking.
"I have a lot of questions, but I think the one I'm going to ask first is when am I going to meet all of these other Gifted teenagers?" Reve asked, tilting his head."Is there some kind of meeting place or what?"
Marie shook her head. "Make me break policy and call you Reve?" She tapped her finger nails on the desk. "There's a meeting scheduled here at headquarters. Do you have something to write on? I can give you the date, time and place."
"But calling me 'Mr.' makes me sound old." Reve insisted, before smiling more fully."If you wish, Marie, call me whatever you want. Except some awful French nickname." He wrinkled his nose, before nodding.
"I certainly do." Reve replied enthusiastically, pulling out his Bluetooth and activating it. He then opened his notes, ready for the address."Ready when you are."
Marie rattled off all the information he needed effortlessly. "As I tell everyone. Better to be early than late."
"Better...be early...than late." Reve finished typing in, right under the address. It was an area he was surprisingly familiar with, and he stored the address safely, marking it as "Extremely Important".
"Just two more questions, I promise." Reve assured with a small smile. Usually when it came to questions, he didn't just stop at what he said he would stop at."Why do I have the abilities I do? Some genetic mutation or what? Is it pos--oops." He smiled apologetically through the phone."Almost broke my promise."
"It's fine. ask as many as you like." Marie told him. "Abilities are in the genetic code. One or both of your parents had the potential to develop abilities but didn't. As a matter of a fact, putting your name in, a miss Juliet Banet comes up as well. She's in our list of potentials yet to be contacted. Tell me, are you aware of her ability?"
At the mention of one of his parents, Reve's mind immediately went to his mother. Mainly because if it was his father, gifts would of shown up in his half siblings. Last time he checked, they were all perfectly normal. Then, Juliet came into the conversation. Reve blinked; he hadn't even thought of her, too distracted by his own curiosity.
"Well, yes. We had an interesting zoo visit when we were kids." Reve replied with a little laugh, before he raised a brow."I wouldn't suggest Allen approaching her about this, though. She pretty much despises guys. Except me." He shrugged before asking "About how many of us are there? I read the file about capturing some guy named Thanatos...? Is there a particular reason you're asking teenagers to take on this task? It surprises me, to have adults put so much trust in just a few kids, no matter how talented."
"There's a specific age window for developing and controlling your powers. A day over 20 and you're probably never going to be able to improve even a little. It's a real struggle. And the technique of fighting against Thanatos' ability requires training that must be done inside that window, otherwise we might as well be handing him everything he needs." 
Marie sighed. "I'll make a note and tell Allen to send Rachel. Either that or go out myself."
"Hmm. That makes sense." Reve replied thoughtfully, out of questions for now. At Marie's offer, he smiled gratefully."Thank you, for that. I really appreciate it. She's not horrible, but it would make things easier, I think." Reve nodded, before sighing."Thank you, too, Marie, for answering my questions. I'm sure I'll have more. Before I let you go, I'd just like to know how soon are we going to meet? All of us Gifted, that is?"
"Everyone is getting the same date and time. You'll all meet then." Marie told him. "Anything else, Reve?"
"Nope. Not for now, anyways." Reve replied, satisfied with excitement ringing in his veins."Thank you so much for all your help, Marie. Have a great rest of the day and I'll probably see you soon."
"Have a nice day. Call again if you need anything." Marie hung up.

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Jun. 2, 2013 at 9:09 pm

And so concludes Reve and Allen.

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Jun. 2, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Juliet was at the public library in the early hours of a Saturday morning. Usually, she would have been sleeping, but she really needed to get her math grade up. She should have forced Reve to come with her; he had already been up anyways, but was adamant on going on his freakish run of three miles around the city. 
I swear, that boy...Juliet thought to herself with a soft sigh and a gentle shake of her head. As far off as Reve usually was in his own head, he at least understood the ways of calculus, much to Juliet's astonishment. Raking a hand through her hair--she let it go all crazy natural this morning--she chewed on the end of her pencil, focusing on her study guide of jumbled up numbers.
Rachel paced nervously outside the library, going over it all over and over in her head. She was clutching the file too tightly again, crumpling the folder slightly where she gripped it. Finally, she worked up the courage and went inside. She listened to the pool of thoughts floating through the library and zeroed in on the voice thinking about Reve. That had to be her. 
She aimlessly wandered before eventually finding herself standing in front of Juliet. "Excuse me? Juliet Banet?" She asked, her voice soft due to the surroundings, although it would have been quiet either way. "You have a brother, Reve, right?"
Juliet was right in the middle of almost getting De Moirve's theorem correct before a tentative voice interrupted her concentration. Annoyance flared only slightly as she glanced up to see a girl standing in front of her, clutching a manila envelope tightly.
Th girl was exactly the kind Juliet used to be jealous of growing up; she was petite and almost doll like, complete with glasses to match and short black hair. An blonde highlight streaked across it, and although she could of passed for being what--fourteen?--she held the air of someone much older. Perhaps her own age.
"Uh...yeah." Juliet replied slowly, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. The girl seemed all around nervous, yet Juliet still had a funny feeling."Why? Who are you?" She questioned immediately, before sighing and pinching the bridge of her nose as if it were bleeding. "Look, you probably go to my school, right?" Juliet guessed, her green eyes hard as they flicked back open. She didn't even let the girl reply."And Reve is not interested in going out with some freshman, just to save you the trouble, okay?" Might as well tell her straight. Juliet knew Reve had no time for girls at all. He was too lost in wherever he was seventy percent of the time.
Rachel couldn't help but roll her eyes, sitting down and setting the file out in front of her. "I've been homeschooled all my life, thank you. And if my uncle let me date, I wouldn't go after someone with a 'control' ability. It would conflict with my own. Besides, I've never met Reve." 
She sighed. "My name is Rachel Steel. I came in my uncle's place because Reve told him it would probably be better. I think the file should explain generally what I'm here about, but I'll answer questions." She had only just finished with two more unsuccessful recruits, and no longer had the patience to ease people into it.
Juliet immediately disliked the girl. No longer was she nervous, but she was straight to the point. Not that Juliet was like that herself, but still. At the mention of her homeschooling, her lips quirked up slightly.
"Well, that explains a lot." She muttered, before she felt her eyebrows raise as she blatantly put the file right on top of her half finished equation. Juliet's brows furrowed, before she snapped the file up and read it.
By the time she finished, Juliet's expression went from annoyed, to shocked, the to just plain wide eyed. Conspicuously, she looked around, before she set the file down and leaned across the table. This close to Rachel, she noticed that she had freckles splattering her cheeks, and her dark brown eyes were almost black. Obviously, Rachel knew everything, and frankly, that kind of freaked Juliet out, though she'd never show it.
"You know...everything." She said in a low contained voice, before she say back with a deep sigh. Glancing around again, Juliet abruptly stood up, looking down at Rachel with flat green eyes."Come with me. I don't like talking her. We can go in a more private place, believe it or not."
Rachel waited patiently for Juliet to finish reading, trying to focus on her thoughts alone, although the amount of heads around at the moment made it mildly difficult. When Juliet didn't react super badly, she breathed a soft sigh of relief. The part of going off somewhere more private nearly unsettled her, but then it was easy to read if the girl had bad intentions. 
"Preferably somewhere away from too many people." Rachel said, standing. I hear thoughts and having too many people around makes it hard to focus on anything at all. She said in Juliet's mind. She hoped the intrusion wouldn't freak the girl out too much, although she realized she was being a little reckless. 
Heck, Allen would be pitching his own mental fit right now if he saw me acting like this with a recruit. She thought to herself, mentally sighing.
Juliet felt a jolt of shock go through her as she heard Rachel's voice. But not out loud; it was inside her head. Juliet paused momentarily, blinking at her like a dazed deer. She then gulped and shook her head, quickly putting her stuff back in her book bag.
"Okay. Not creepy at all. Not. Creepy. At. All." She said in between breaths on stuffing useless math papers in her binders, and then grabbing her phone and shoving it in her pocket. Rachel was really short, wasn't she? It didn't stop Juliet from promptly grabbing her thin wrist and leading her to the corner of the library.
Bingo. The children's section. As expected on an early Saturday morning, the place was deserted. Juliet lead Rachel over to a spot for reading, hidden behind bookshelves of Magic Tree House and The Babysitters Club series. She plopped down on a beanbag, her long legs stretched out before her. Even Juliet could pull off sitting there, taking her fingers through her wild black hair.
"Okay, this is pretty private." Juliet said, before she realized she was whispering. She cleared her throat softly, her whole body tingling with adrenaline."Alright, you said somebody met my brother. Who? Did they hurt him?" She demanded, focused and intent."I read that stupid thing about heroes." At this, Juliet's brows twitched in irritation, before she focused once more on Reve."But Reve? He's fine, right?"
Rachel sighed. "My uncle went to recruit him. He said things went well. Reve sounds like he's pretty much on board with it all. He's fine, I assure you. We're not out to hurt anyone Juliet. We're out to protect people with abilities, and the public in the process." 
She plopped down in a beanbag and leaned back, staring up at the ceiling. "Sorry about the thought thing. I can sort of turn it off if that'd make you more comfortable. But it's not always a perfect thing, and it's not uncommon for those I've blocked out to accuse me of still listening." She looked over at Juliet. "By the way, it's not always a complement being thought of as short and petite. It sucks sometimes, okay?"
Juliet blinked, straightening as Rachel spoke what she thought just moments ago. She felt a shudder of unease rumble up her spine. Was Rachel really listening to her right now? Juliet suddenly felt very exposed, before she gulped and raked her fingers through her hair again. It just made it more crazy, and she irritably twisted it up in her usual sloppy bun. Curls hung by her face when she looked down at her file again, scanning the information once more.
"Whatever. It's not some gift being tall all the time either." Juliet muttered, before she looked up at her again with her focused green eyes."How old are you anyways? Well, Never mind." That wasn't important, nor was the fact that sometimes, Juliet would kill to be petite and compact, not some giant.
"This says that this guy...Thanatos is out on the loose." Juliet kept her eyes on Rachel."And he's dangerous. So why would you want us, some teenagers with powers--there are more of us?--to stop him instead of adults? You can speak to me in my mind or whatever, too." Just the quickest way to get information.
"Honestly I hate using my ability." Rachel sat up, folding her hands in her lap. "Thanatos' ability is to take the abilities of other people. In the last team, they aimed for mostly teens, because the training to make their powers better would be easier, but this time they're refining it. There's a specific window of age in which a person is able to develop their ability to its fullest. This window ends the day you hit 20. There's a technique for keeping Thanatos from stealing your ability, but that has to be learned while you're mastering your power."

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Jun. 2, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Juliet wasn't going to lie; this Thanatos guy pretty much gave her the creeps. He was a man who could actually take away her ability? The one thing that made her really her? Frankly, it freaked her out, and she felt a shudder ripple up her spine again, goosebumps pri.ckling on her skin. 
"Okay..." She replied slowly, before she began to rub her temple, feeling a headache coming on."I can't believe this. Like, there's a government who wants other kids to fight this guy down?" Juliet shook her head; ridiculous. She swallowed, before sighing as she gazed down at her hands."Its a lot to take in."She admitted, biting the side of her lip.
Rachel shrugged. "It's real..." She mumbled. "There's nowhere else to turn. Other measures were attempted against Thanatos, but the only thing that ever succeeded was a team of young people."
That didn't exactly help Juliet's morale. The girl--Rachel, she had to keep reminding herself--didn't look too enthusiastic about it either. She was already dreading Reve's response to this whole entire mess... 
"Do I have to call this number then? To sign up?"Juliet questioned, pointing at the number at on the bottom of the file, her green eyes reproachful."This is crazy. I feel like I'm trapped inside some stupid Marvel comic that should have never been published."
Rachel shook her head. "No, you call the number to get more information if you want it and to get the date, time, and location of the meeting. Once the meeting is over is when you can officially get on board or walk out, depending on your choice." 
She sighed softly. "All I know is that my uncle counted Reve as pretty much on board. And some others seem to have made the choice before the meeting has even started."
"I'm sure Reve already knows that information." Juliet grumbled, crossing her arms with a huff."And of coarse he's in." She added, wrinkling her nose. Typical Reve, Mr.Curiosity. It made her thoughts scramble into French momentarily, before she suddenly stood up.
"Listen, uh, Rachel. Thanks, I think, for giving me all this...information." Juliet bit her lower lip, before she offered her hand."Sorry I was such a bítch before, but I'll probably see you soon anyways." She shrugged her shoulders, her mind still hectic. Juliet would definitely have to have a long talk with Reve.
Rachel grimaced, shutting Juliet out. She could understand the french but mixed with English it gave her a lot of headache to hear it all. She shook her hand and stepped back. "Well good luck I suppose.  Guess I'll see you around." She nodded slightly before leaving.

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Jun. 2, 2013 at 9:19 pm

And so concludes Juliet and Rachel.

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Jun. 2, 2013 at 9:54 pm

~You are now free to post your pre-approved characters and files~
I was going to write out Jamie and Allen, but I have decided against it. Please try to post files and characters together, but if you cannot due to the character limit, just try to get them one after the other with no one else's post in between.

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PrincessCharming replied...
Jun. 2, 2013 at 10:00 pm

Name: Alexander Brewer
Age: 19
Gender:  Male
Appearance: Alex is five feet, ten inches tall, minus about half a centimeter. His body is of average build. He’s tall, tan, and muscular. His eyes are a pale sky blue. Shaggy blonde hair barely reaches past the tips of his ears, but it dips low on his forehead in the front. When his thin lips open, they reveal a set of straight, white teeth.
Clothing: He begins wearing a white tank top, black shorts, and white running shoes. He can usually be seen in his running shoes, as he does like to run. When he’s not wearing shorts, he’s usually in a pair of baggy jeans. He nearly always wears tank tops that show off his muscular arms.
Personality: Alex, by nature, is a musician. He grew up playing the piano, like his older sister had always done. She raised him for a good portion of his childhood and he looks up to her as a mother figure instead of his actual mother. Whenever he’s angry, depressed, happy, or sad, whatever emotion he’s feeling, he needs to express it through his music. He can often be heard singing about everything for no reason at all. In addition to music, he also enjoys sports. Basketball, football, and swimming are Alex’s favorite sports, and he did all three in high school.
Bio: Alex was pretty much raised by his older sister Natalia in the heart of Manhattan. The two still live together in an apartment in the city, though they aren’t necessarily financially secure. He never met his father, or even knew who he was. His mother was the type of woman to sleep around, so even she never knew for sure who her children’s fathers were. She died when he was eleven and his then-eighteen-year-old half-sister began to care for him. He and Natalia have three older half-brothers from their mom, but the men never bothered to have anything to do with Alex or Natalia. He may or may not have half-siblings by his father.
Mutations: None
Abilities: Alex can control his molecular density to allow him to become superstrong or pass through solid objects.
Weaknesses: The drawback is that in order to change his molecular density, he must also change his molecular size. If, for example, he wants to phase a wall, he must grow slightly larger in order to decrease his density.
Position: Interested (And relieved to have a place to turn)
Fear: Alex isn't fearless. I mean, the normal stuff, like losing a loved one or dying, would scare him, but he just isn't afraid of very much. He could stand on the Empire State building in the dark covered in spiders and, though odd, it would most likely not faze him.
First Name: Alexander

Last Name: Brewer

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Grade: High school graduate

Address: 657 Canal Street
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

Weight: 158 lbs

Race: White

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color:  Blonde

Hair Length: Mid-ear length

Hair Type: Shaggy, slightly curly
Family: Subject is close to his maternal half-sister Natalia Brewer, with whom he currently resides. Mother Natasha Brewer deceased. Father Anthony Evans currently residing in Mexico with wife Destiny Holmes-Evans and his three children. Maternal half-brothers Kenneth Brewer, Richard Page, and August Page reside throughout the country. Two paternal half-sisters, Anna Marie and Virginia Evans, are currently residing with their father, half-brother, and stepmother.

Records: Subject is a known thief. He has been observed shoplifting small items such as candy bars and books. Other than this, nothing more significant than several parking tickets and overdue library fines.

Control Notes: The subject and family have been closely followed and observed. Financial aid may be available and additional information on subject’s family may be disclosed if the subject so chooses to accept the membership offered.
Mutations: None

Abilities: Autonomous molecular manipulation

Weaknesses: Inverse relation of density to size

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Roseatta replied...
Jun. 2, 2013 at 10:40 pm


Name: Samuel Dresin (Goes by Sam.)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Samuel is a gentle looking boy. The lines of his face are rounded, not harsh, and often settled into a serious and thoughtful look, with a slightly melancholy appearance with the downwards turn of his mouth. When he does smile, though, it's easy and genuine, with crooked teeth that never saw braces. Sam has unkempt hair so dark of a brown that it could be mistaken for black, and is long enough that it reaches the nape of his neck and settles around his slightly overlarge ears. His eyes are a same shade- so dark that the pupils are almost indistinguishable from the iris, and his eyebrows are thick and square-ish. Sam's complexion is fair, with a smattering of dark freckles across his round nose and his arms. He's not that very tall- about 5'7", which is perfect for being nondescript, which is what he likes best. Sam's build leans on the sturdy side, although he's not in the greatest shape, as he doesn't enjoy playing sports or engaging in much physical activity.

Clothing: What Sam can usually be counted on wearing at most times is a purple baseball cap with a magic eight ball on the front. He generally wears it backwards, which saves him a lot of trouble in taming his hair. He generally wears a mix between loose and long t-shirts with memorable Shakespearean quotes or obscure classical artists and poets on them, or sometimes a t-shirt with a vest over it At the start of the roleplay, Sam is wearing a white t-shirt with Berlioz on the front, but with a black vest over it. Sam began insisting on wearing vests and t-shirts after his mother told him that such a look was improper and hideous. He is also wearing a pair of worn long straight legged jeans that bunch up around his ankles and his battered unimpressive sneakers.

Personality: Sam is one of those people that's just fine with being alone. He tends to stray away from other people, most of the time for their own safety, and other times because he just didn't have anything to say that they'd find interesting. He has a fondness for Shakespeare- with a special love for his tragedies, as the characters always have more terrible luck than he could ever conjure no matter how foul a mood he was in. Even though he makes an extreme attempt to remain cool and calm- and most often gives off an aura of quiet thoughtfulness- he used to struggle constantly with the fear that he would end up doing something drastic, but now that has simmered down into a kind of defeatist point of view on the world. He hates what happens around him- absolutely hates it whether it's good luck or bad luck. Because, according to him, people should get neither unless they really deserve it, or earned it. Because of this, he stays in a constant battle to not become emotional one way or the other. Sam is relatively intelligent. He's absolutely is horrid at math, but loves classic literature and history, and his good visual memory helps him memorize interesting facts and obscure quotes from the Shakespearean plays and poetries he reads to the dates of historical events.

Bio: Sam was born the second son of his middle class parents with an older sister named Stephanie. For a while, during his childhood, things couldn't have gotten better. He was happy- and his family had great fortune for a while, even getting enough money to buy a really nice apartment- until he grew older and began noticing the strange things happening around him, like when his hamster choked on a food pellet right after Sam got grounded and sent to his room, or the fifty dollar bill his friend found on the ground while they were laughing over some joke. Things like this were strange, but not exactly out of hand- not until one of his friends with a peanut allergy went into anaphylactic shock despite all of his precautions. Sam finally began piecing together the things that happened along with his moods, and decided that distancing himself from others would be the best method. Things went downhill from there as Sam became sullen and moody, unintentionally causing one series of unfortunate events after another. By the time he was fourteen, his parents began filing for a divorce after the discovery of his mother's affair and the loss of his father's job. Things finally fell apart when Stephanie, his older sister, got into an argument with Sam while she was dropping him off to the museum on her way to a friend's house. The argument grew worse, and the stroke of black luck hit, as another car on the road hit a patch of ice and barreled into Stephanie's. Stephanie died instantly as her door crushed into her, but Sam survived. The whole event made Sam give up on the half-hearted effort to control his abilities-- until he was approached by Ghost.

Mutation: None, but for the streak of white hair on the right side of his head, mostly hidden.

Ability: Sam exerts a subconscious influence on the luck in his immediate area, increasing the likelihood for good and bad things to happen in accordance with his mood. As he's grown older, he's found that concentrate some partial influence on something he thinks about while in a certain mood.

Weaknesses: Same can only influence the luck in his vicinity, more so by touch. His power is also largely uncontrolled, dependent mostly on his temperament.

Position: Sam is extremely wary of the project. He doesn't want to have to use his abilities for anything, but is thinking that learning how to use them would be so much better than not. Plus, he feels as though he's inflicted enough bad luck on his own family, and is hesitant to join because of any damage he might cause.

Fears: Even though he knows it's silly and irrational, Samuel fears the dark. He also has the constant fear of losing control in public places, and of becoming angry at all.


~The File~

First Name: Samuel

Last Name: Dresin

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

Address: 111 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, New York

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches.

Weight: 142 lbs

Race: Caucasian

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Falls around the bottom of his ears to the nape of his neck.

Hair Style: Loose and unkempt.

Hair Type: Thick and slightly wavy.

Family: Only child. (Deceased older sister, Stephanie.) Parents, (Victoria Ellzey and Anthony Dresin), are divorced. Subject's relationship with parents is tenuous- more so with his unfaithful mother than his father, who is still unemployed. Both parents have custody and the subject rotates between both houses, but spends most of his time with his father.

Records: Car accident at the age of fourteen. Other than that, nothing more serious than overdue library fines.

Control Notes: The police can be informed of the subjects involvement in the car crash in which his sister died in, and his cooperation can ensure the financial recuperation of both parents.

Mutations: Streak of white hair hidden on the right side of head.

Ability: Luck manipulation.

Weaknesses: Lack of control, limited to immediate area, and dependent on mood.

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 2, 2013 at 10:50 pm

~Hero Skeleton~

Name: Reve (prounounced like Reeve) James Banet

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Reve is what you would expect to be a track runner. Actually, that's what he is. He has the perfect build for it; lean and tall, with a slim cording of muscles to match. He falls around just under six foot, with windswept blonde hair and bright curious green eyes. Seriously, his eyes always seem to be gleaming with interest over something. Reve's skin tone is what you would say "sun kissed", while his nose has a slight bump in it from breaking it when he was little. A small dusting of cinnoman colored freckles cover that nose, and it goes hand in hand with a carefree grin. Overall, he is a pretty good looking fellow. The only flaw would be a faint white scar on his right eyebrow.

Clothing: At the start of the roleplay, Reve is dressed pretty casually. Maybe a little bit too casually, since when approached by Allen, he is wearing a simple white t-shirt with basketball shirts. Only because he just came after a run, though. Typically, Reve dresses comfortably and simply. This means solid colored t shirts--sometimes with Nike logos or one he got from a marathon--and jeans, usually ripped or faded. His shoes are most likely the most expensive things he wears. On occasions, when he needs to look nice, Reve will oblige and whip something up.

Personality: Considering his power, Reve is what you would call a "daydreamer". It is something to be expected. Constantly, he gets a faraway look in his eyes, and it is common for him to do silly things, such as put salt in his drink rather than the sugar. Some people find this endearing, others annoying. Reve isn't really concerned with people's perceptions of him; honestly, he could care less. A lot of the times when people write him off as "lazy" or "stupid", he just kind of shrugs it off. In reality, he is neither of those things. Reve is an intelligent young man, and if you run a minimum of three miles a day, you can't be lazy. One thing Reve is though, is carefree. The few things he takes seriously in life include dreams--figuratively and literally--and his family. He would do anything for his family. Even if he is a little scatterbrained or weird. Other than that, Reve's habits include sleep talking, absently doodling on things that really shouldn't be doodled on, and singing in the shower.

Bio: Reve is the oldest of seven children. Among those siblings, only one is real, which is his little sister, Juliet, who is younger than him by only a year. He was born in Paris, France, only to be relocated to Brooklyn, New York when he was six. His father still resides in Paris, while he lives with his ecentric mother in a lofty apartment. Reve has never been a troublemaker, with possibly the exception of "experimenting" with pot and be.er in his early high school years. He has lived in the same apartment for just eleven years now, and visits his father from time to time, even if he'd rather not.

Mutations: Reve doesn't have any mutations. Well...unless his eyes count. As mentioned before, they are an inquisitive green, though if you look closely enough, a ring of gold is around the pupil. Obviousy, it's not too noticeable, but it's there.

Abilities: Reve's power matches who he is perfectly. He has the ability to make people go to sleep--either a light nap, or unconcious for a few hours. With this comes the power to see people's dreams. They literally expand upwards in a little cloud like projection, where he can watch them in leisure. Only once has he discovered that he can enter the dreams themselves. Quite a frightening, but more exciting experience for the guy.

Weaknesses: As mentioned above, Reve can enter others' dreams. But in order to do this, he has to be asleep himself. This condition makes him extremely vulnerable, and if he is harmed in any way while in slumber, he will be in the Dream Realm. Scarily enough, if he is killed while asleep and in someone else's dream his physical being will only be killed and his soul--or in other terms "dream self"--would be left to wander forever, passing in and out of people's dreams for eternity. And, if that danger isn't enough, Reve has to deal with a more annoying side-affect; insomnia. Some nights he can fall asleep just like that, and others...well, at least he doesn't get bored.

Position: As expected, Reve is very curious about the project. Curious an understandment, because his head is filled with a million questions to ask. Yes, he is definately planning on joining this project.

Other: To help with his insomnia, Reve has taken up the habit of reading throughout the years. He loves to read, and finds it soothing to his energetic mind. Along with this, Reve can speak fluent French and English, play the piano, and makes a pretty mean cup of ramen noodles. One of his favoirte quotes is "Curioustity killed he cat, but satisfaction brought it back."
Fears: Because of his far off personality, it's really hard to scare Reve. But, that doesn't mean he is fearless. No, Reve fears only two things: losing Juliet or his mom and getting any disease that destroys the mind.

~The File~

First Name: Reve
Last Name: Banet
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 11th grade, George Westinghouse Hish School: GPA 3.85
Address: 105 Jay Street Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
Weight: 183 Ibs
Race: French, Caucasian, British and Greek
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Curves slightly around ears, and sometimes falls into a fringe above his eyes. Sometimes styled, but mostly ruffled.
Hair Type: Straight hair, smooth and never frizzy, though sometimes staticy. Short and feathery, and sometimes styled. Mostly, it seems to be ruffled.
Family: Oldest of seven. Siblings in order of age and closeness are Juliet (16, only real sibling), Marie (15, step sibling from father) Eva and Eric (13, twin half siblings from father), Alexandre (10, half sibling from father), Louise( 8, half sibling from father), Claire(4, half sibling from father) and Dimitri ( "Dimi", 2. half sibling from father). Note that all of his siblings are on his father's side, due to him "getting around". Needless to say, Reve doesn't have much respect for his father. He much prefers his mother, even if she is a bit loud, and possibly a bit crazy.
Records: The only time Reve has gotten in trouble was with his mother. Nothing serious enough to report to the police.
Control Notes: If subject does not join, he will be notified that all of his family's locations are known. This may be used against or in subject's favor. Single mother in struggling finiacial position; asistance on our part can be provided. Subject is advised to think carefully about his actions before a choice is to be made.
Mutations: Not nessicarily a mutation, but worth taking note. Subject's eyes have a distinctive gold ring around pupils, if you can get close enough to look at it.
Abilities: Control over sleep. With this, we have noticed the subject seems to have the ability to watch dreams. Still need more information on that.
Weaknessess: Subject suffers from insomnia.

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Doctorbug replied...
Jun. 2, 2013 at 11:37 pm

~  Skeleton  ~ 
Name: Keisha Wonder 
Age: 15 
Gender: Female 
Appearance: Keisha Wonder is a short and well built African girl of 4'6" with unblemished dark olive skin. Her black, squiggly hair puffs up around her heart shaped face and comes down to bounce around her slender shoulders. Keisha has slightly slanted brown eyes that are squinting in censure a good deal of the time, thin angled eyebrows—one of which is a little higher than the other because she raises it critically so much, a small, petite nose, and an average sized mouth that's often mildly twisted in a cynical sneer. Keisha's jaw is only ever set in a demeanor of resolve, and she has a generally curvy figure from there down. 
Clothing: Keisha's general attire consists of white cotton turtleneck shirts that cast her already dark skin even darker, navy blue martial arts pants that overlap tightly laced brown hiking boots, and a pair of square diamond stud-earrings. This is what she is wearing at the beginning of the RP. At first glance you would see just your average outfit, but at second you would notice everything she wears is less than a year old and in top-notch condition, having obviously been bought from upscale stores. Keisha generally likes to wear only smart and professional clothing and she almost never let's her daily dress get out of hand. She has a pair of white framed sunglasses she likes to hang on to wherever she goes and when in need of hair-things (which she doesn't like), she just sticks the glasses on top of her head. Keisha has a few other gadgets, like a cellphone and music player that she carries around. 
Personality: Keisha doesn't care about much. If anything, she's a very depressed girl. Even though she could have anything she wanted, she finds no joy in things, big or small. It is very seldom to hear her laugh or cry or express any particular emotion except cynicism and contempt. She wasn't always like this. Early on in life, she tried out all sorts of things; anything money could buy. Having been born to very rich, materialistic parents, Keisha got anything and everything she wanted. At first she loved it. After a while though, she lost interest in just about everything she tried, floating from one thing to the next. Everything was too easy to get, and nothing really seemed to matter in the long run. Life turned grey. For this reason she has taken the more cold and distant approach to life, that of logic, as she considers it to be the only “perfect” and “true” thing. Keisha has a way of looking down on people who have not yet “realized” that life is bleak, as she has done. She considers those that run on emotions and find joy in things self-deluded. In a way, you could say that her condescending attitude of labeling others as “unenlightened” is her own self-justification for having locked herself inside. Even so, she resents those who have succeeded, unlike her, in finding purpose. Despite Keisha's outlook on life, the universe and everything, she is not very passive. It may occasionally appear that she is taking some illegal substance, but otherwise, it's quite obvious that she is human turned Vulcan. But however much she'd like to pretend, Keisha is still just a kid at heart, and if there's one thing that she knows 100%, it's that she doesn't know everything 100%. 
Bio: Keisha Wonder is the only child of a very wealthy couple living in the “rich quarter” of New York City. Her early childhood was on an large estate in rural New York, one that her mother had inherited from Keisha's grandmother and later on when her father got into business, the family moved to New York where they bought an expensive penthouse. Keisha was never sent to any mainstream schools, but instead was offered a private education by a hired tutor, especially in that of biology and the maths, something her father thought would be helpful in procuring her a position at a medical school. After Keisha's twelfth birthday, she began experiencing the first strange effects of her abilities surfacing. At first her parent's thought she was going blind and fearful, they took her to see several doctors. No one could explain what was happening to her, or why her vision was fading. After completely failing a reading and sight test, she was proclaimed “mostly” blind—as she still insisted that she could see but couldn't make sense of what she was seeing. Keisha's parents hired a new tutor for her, one with the ability to teach blind children and she began her education of interacting with the world in a different way than she was used to. However, Keisha knew she wasn't like other blind children. She could still see things outside her own mind, and after she finally began adapting to her new kind of awareness, she realized that if she tried hard enough, she'd be able to use it to see things as good as she used to. Like a person that had been blind for years and then was able to see again, Keisha had to start from square one in learning how to discern depth and object recognition with her new vision. After a couple more years, her parents were shocked by the transformation and quite confused. But they soon had a more pressing concern when their daughter took on a more subdued temperament in her thirteenth year. Keisha began to lose touch with life. She couldn't understand why so many people were attached to material things, including herself. She came to realize the “truth” of life. In her mind all things passed away and left nothing to be valued in their wake. In desperation to find a less bleak outlook, Keisha started investigating and trying everything that other people, when asked, said gave them purpose and understanding. She studied other people's relationships regarding “love”, and got into a couple relationships herself, but she found that road to ultimately be pointless. She already tried “doing something greater than herself” with following her father's plans of her becoming a surgeon, but that helped none as her new awareness had halted her progress. She tried “spiritual stuff”, it didn't work out that well. She even considered doing drugs at one time, but even that had no point to it other that to escape from having no point, and that was just ridiculous. Keisha finally found her “way out” through dedicating herself to one thing. Whatever her father wanted her to do, she did, and since she couldn't become a surgeon as he previously wanted, he settled for second best and began having her manage his business along with him. Keisha does find some joy, if minimal, in music, logic, statistics and math. 
Mutations: The appearance of blindness. 
Abilities: Keisha has what one might call “X-Ray Vision”. When pushed to it's limits, her ability can allow her total awareness of her immediate surroundings (up to fifty feet). She will know the atomic/chemical composition, as well as temperature and other sorts of characteristics of all physical objects (and people) in a spherical radius around her (that includes underground). This ability can be channeled so she can have awareness of far more distant places (how far is unknown), however, when she does this, she will not be able to “see” her immediate surroundings, and afterward, it is very possible she'll black out if pushed too far. 
Weaknesses: In the past when Keisha has tried to expand the horizons of her power beyond her very immediate surroundings, she became extremely disoriented, especially because of the amount of concentration needed to do it. After a while she ceased trying to explore her ability. She know keeps her “vision” to a radius of ten feet. Reading and writing is very difficult for Keisha, as she cannot see color, but not impossible. Sometimes she get's extremely bad headaches at random times, though whether or not this is connected to her power is unknown. 
Position: Not very interested. 
Other: Keisha doesn't like water. It is very “uncomfortable” to find herself submersed in the substance.
Fears: Any large amount of water (see other). Keisha also becomes very agitated and sometimes hyperventilates when faced with, or is surrounded by a large crowd. Above all she is afraid of death.

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 3, 2013 at 11:23 am

Name: Juliet Elizabeth Banet (Sometimes Ju for short)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Like her brother, Juliet has green eyes. Really, that's the only thing they have in common, besides their "sun kissed" complexion, even if she's a bit on the paler side. Juliet's build is not small and compact, but willowy and graceful, falling around 5'8''. She isn't too fond of her what she would call "large" hips and "much too small" chest, though that doesn't mean she isn't striking. Her hair is an ink black, curly and wild that's usually pulled up in a messy bun or tamed into two neat braids. Juliet has a small nose, long lashes, and a straight teethed smile if you can coax it out of her. Other than that, her mother tried to get her into modeling, much to her dismay. Juliet also has a leaf shaped birthmark on her left shoulder blade. At least, that's what Reve thinks it looks like.

Clothing: Juliet is often seen wearing what you would see on the mannequins in Forever 21 or H&M. She has the perfect build for maxi dresses, complete with jean jackets and a tank top. Her outfits switch from things like that, to simple short shorts and a black t-shirt. In the beginning of the roleplay, she's actually wearing just that, along with sandals that show of her French tipped toenails.

Personality: Juliet is much much much more practical than her Reve. And incredibly staightforward. Whereas he's gazing off into the clouds, she is always focused on the situation at hand with sharp eyes. She often feels very protective over Reve, always afraid that he'll get taken advantage of or laughed at. Her worry is pointless, really. Reve is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. It demonstrates her motherly nature that a lot of people think is nonexistent due to her rather abrasive and sarcastic nature. She doesn't take trouble from anyone, and Juliet is not afraid to speak her mind. The only arts she dabbles in is that of fashion design and occasionally, swimming. Another interesting fact is that Juliet is very guarded when it comes close to any relationship; her trust for guys is barely there, considering who her father is. Oh, and Juliet is extremely stubborn to what she wants. If you ever get in a fight with her, just make sure you win.

Bio: Juliet is the second oldest among seven children. Among those siblings, only one is real, which is her older brother, Reve, who is older than her by only a year. She was born in Paris, France, only to be relocated to Brooklyn, New York when she was five. Her father still resides in Paris, while she lives with her ecentric (and sometimes insane) mother in a lofty apartment. Juliet has always been the ''trouble child'' growing up. In elementary, she was the tough girl, the one who would jump off the highest swing and all that. She even went through quite a rebellious stage during her middle school years, earning quite a reputation for shoplifting before Reve finally found out and told her to quit before the police got involved. It worked, of coarse, since Reve is the only one who can get Juliet to really do anything. She has lived in the same apartment for just eleven years now, and visits her father from time to time, even if she'd rather not. Juliet particularly hates her father; definately the "daddy issues" alright.

Mutations: Like her brother, she also has a golden ring around her pupil. Again, it's not noticeable, but there to recognize if you get close enough.

Abilities: Juliet's ability mirrors her personality by being very straightforward. She can shift into any animal. Of course, it has limitations. It can only be animals that are real, and animals that she has seen.

Weaknesses: The larger the animal, the harder it is to transform back. One time, when Juliet was very small, she transformed into an elephant when she was at the zoo. The result was terrifying; she was unconscious for several days afterwards. In other words, the larger the animal, the more it takes time for her body to recover. Because of this, her favorite animal to turn into is a mouse. It’s easy, usually ignored, and small.

Position: Interested, but mostly out of concern for Reve.

Other: Juliet hates cooking. She shares an interest with her brother, being a lover of books and reading. Her guilty pleasure is really bad reality T.V, and she is able to speak fluently in French and English, despite moving at such a small age. Another skill she has is the ability to play piano, but doesn’t care to do so in front of others.
Fears: Juliet's biggest fear is losing Reve or her mother. She also hate heights, and her most often occuring nightmare as a child was falling from the top of the Eiffel tower, but always waking up before she landed.
~The File~
Name: Juliet
Last Name: Banet
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 10th grade, Goerge Westinghouse High School: 3.3 GPA
Address: 105 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 160 Ibs.
Race: French, Caucasion, Brisitsh and Greek
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Half way to waist when not straightened, to waist when straightened.
Hair type: Wild and curly. Hard to tame, and is hardly ever down and straightned. Mostly pulled back into a thick braid, or piled up in a messy bun. Bangs that are sometimes let down.
Family: Second of seven. Siblings in order of age and closeness are Reve (17, only real sibling), Marie (15, step sibling from father) Eva and Eric (13, twin half siblings from father), Alexandre (10, half sibling from father), Louise( 8, half sibling from father), Claire(4, half sibling from father) and Dimitri ( "Dimi", 2. half sibling from father). Note that all of her siblings are on her father's side, due to him "getting around". Needless to say, Juliet doesn't have much respect for her father. Even if her scatter brained mother gets on her nerves.
Records: Had quite a shoplifting era during middle school years. Got caught by police, and only community service was sentenced. Her ability was first seen when she was three at a zoo. She transformed into an elephant, and the side effects were her being passed out for several days in a mini coma.
Control Notes: Subject has many options to consider on her position. Will be notified of brother's involvement and other factors such as letting her know all family members wherabouts are known and mother's financial situation can be helped will also affect her ultimate desicion.
Mutations: Not so much a mutation, but worth documenting. Subject's eyes have a distinctive golden ring around pupils, if you can get close enough to notice them.
Abilities: Able to shapeshift into whatever animal she has seen. So far, subject has turned into an elephant, dog, mouse and bird. Only real animals have been sighted.
Weaknesses: Not able to hold animal form for longer than three hours. Takes a lot of power and strength for subject to actually shift, depending on size of animal. See above, the elephant incident. The larger than animal, the more it takes for her body to recover from it.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jun. 3, 2013 at 11:48 am

~Hero Skeleton~
Name: Ryker Pierce


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Appearance: Ryker is the kind of guy that you don’t want to pass in the street without caution, standing at 6’3” with a thick wrestler’s build. His dark brown hair falls to his shoulders, though he keeps it tied back in a low ponytail. His light, hazel eyes are somewhat of a setback to his otherwise dark appearance—eyes that no one, if they’re lucky, will ever see—and are deep-set, lined by thick, heavy eyebrows. He has plain features, marred only by a gruesome scar running from his left temple to the middle of his upper lip, running over his nose (which is crooked from being broken before) along the way, his skin a light-coffee color (his mother is Caucasian and his father is African American).
Clothing: When the roleplay begins, Ryker will be wearing faded jeans, a black crew-neck, and his trademark leather jacket (which he acquired from his grandfather when he was just a boy) and black combat boots. On other days, Ryker wears whatever takes his fancy, though more often than not that involves his jacket, his boots, and any clean jeans and crew-necks he can find. Ryker won’t go anywhere without his sunglasses, which hug his eyes in a manner that hides his eyes even from the sides; the overall impression his clothing gives out is “biker”, though Ryker is anything but. The impression he leaves on people simply amuses him.
Personality: Ryker is what most people call a “bad boy” on the outside, with the same charming smile and arrogant presence as most others. Though what most people don’t know is that it isn’t arrogance that makes him who he is, but a lazy, confident air that hovers about him subconsciously; it’s something he doesn’t quite notice about himself until others point it out. It’s a rare thing for Ryker to get worked up, grow excited, or become depressed about anything; he doesn’t brood, but rather looks at everything in a slightly amused, overly-annoying optimistic way. Getting attached is one thing Ryker has trained himself well not to do—though he doesn’t mind a little fun—and it’s easy for him to make fast friends (and even easier to forget them if he has to move). Ryker has the tendency, however, to judge people on first appearances or impressions. These tend to stick with him, no matter how the person may change. Ryker doesn’t struggle with trust so much as he does with allowing himself to feel a real, deep emotion—as that terrifies him with anyone but his sisters.
Bio: Ryker grew up in a small apartment in the bad part of New York City with two younger sisters and an older brother; his mother was an alcoholic, and, not much better, his father was abusive. Until the age of eleven, Ryker put up with his father’s violence, always taking the brunt of his blows to protect his younger sisters, as his older brother was usually out at a party. His ugly scar comes from a particularly nasty blow on his father’s part, which was the last straw for Ryker, which finally pushed him to have the courage to turn his father in, though that meant his mother was also taken away for being negligent toward her children. By the time Ryker was thirteen, he had been put into a foster home with his two sisters, his brother having vanished, leaving them to their own devices. Ryker and his sisters remained in foster care for three years, after which a young couple adopted them into their home. Despite their obvious kindness, Ryker takes the safety of his sisters—now only ten and eleven—into his own hands. They now live in a much nicer part of New York City, a quaint neighborhood complete with a pool, and have for two years.
Mutations: None


Abilities: Ryker has the power of petrifaction, or turning any living thing (excluding plants) to stone by a simple glance. Due to this, Ryker keeps on a pair of reflective sunglasses at all times, so that no one can fall to harm. If the living thing his power is affecting has eyes, the victim actually has to be looking at Ryker for the effect to take place (think Medusa from Greek mythology). Insects, or other living things with smaller eyes, are in danger if Ryker simply looks at them. So far, Ryker has turned a bluebird, a small dog, and an annoying wasp to stone; other than this, he has controlled himself in a way that he is rather proud of. The petrifaction process is permanent, with no cure.
Weaknesses: The obvious weakness is that Ryker is forced to wear sunglasses at all times, and should they shatter, he would be forced to keep his eyes closed for fear of accidentally petrifying one of his friends or a bystander. Ryker doesn’t exactly practice with his gift, so he doesn’t know any control, or what his limits may be, but he has a suspicion—based on how easy it was to petrify a wasp versus a small pug—that the larger the creature, the more tiring the petrifaction process becomes.
Position: Joined, mostly to sooth his boredom and to take away the sting of failing to be admitted to a college. He doesn’t actually take it seriously, but that’s his view on most of life in general.
Fears: Ryker fears losing those he has allowed himself to love (his sisters and foster parents), and he also fears his ability will one day be too much for him to control, even with the protection of his sunglasses. Ryker hates to feel helpless, and anything that can put him in that position is enough to bring him to his knees. He also has a stranger and simpler fear: one of swallowing large pills.
~The File~
First Name: Ryker
Last Name: Pierce
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Graduated
Address: 1010 Upper Side Drive, New York
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 200 lbs
Race: Other
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder-length
Hair Type: Straight but shaggy, kept back in a loose, low ponytail
Family: Second oldest. Eldest brother, Reagan (20), has no close relation. Younger sisters, Isabelle (10) and Jasmine (11), are closest relation. Foster parents, Claire and Michael Sway, are regarded with respect.
Records: Stealing a bike (age 7), breaking and entering (age 7), stealing a wallet (age 8), minor mugging incident (age 9), attempted robbery (age 9), reported mugging incident (age 10), evidence of selling drug paraphernalia (age 11), reported fight (age 14)
Control Notes: The subject’s record, which has been previously tainted, can and will be wiped clean with the subject’s cooperation, opening the subject’s suitability for applications to surrounding colleges. Likewise, the subject’s relative, a Mr. Reagan Pierce, has been reported making several online searches for the subject and relating sisters, and has been seen on video in the area. Any problems that arise by his presence can and will be fixed with the subject’s cooperation. If the subject fails to comply, several old and minor misdemeanors may be reported and filed on the record. Let it be known that the subject’s relatives—an Isabelle and Jasmine Pierce—are also being followed closely.
Mutations: None.
Abilities: Petrifaction
Weaknesses: Subject is forced to abstain from direct eye contact, with little control over the ability the subject possesses.

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Jun. 3, 2013 at 12:59 pm

(Alright guys, I believe all we're waiting on is Princess Charming to fix in fears following the instructions I asked in the planning thread. Still please do not post anything in this thread! Post all questions and comments in the planning thread.)

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Doctorbug replied...
Jun. 3, 2013 at 4:42 pm

~  Keisha's File  ~ 
First Name: Keisha 
Last Name: Wonder 
Gender: Female 
Age: 15 
Grade: 10th 
Address: *********
Height: 4 feet, 6 inches 
Weight: 98 lbs 
Race: African American 
Eye Color: brown 
Hair Color: black 
Hair Length: falls down to her shoulders but stops shy of them. 
Hair Type: frizzy, thick. Really puffed up around her head. 
Family: Father – Oliver Wonder (close). Mother – Eleanor Wonder (subject has tendencies to avoid Mrs. Wonder whenever possible, and appears to have no emotional attachment to her). 
Records: No notable information available. 
Control Notes: From the subject's habitual behavior, it can be concluded that she fears being alone. Subject also has a close affiliation with her father and appears devoted to him. Possible means of ensuring subject's cooperation could be gained through destabilizing Mr. Wonder's financial state by jeopardizing his standings with other certain companies. His entire business in website design is currently depending on the assets he holds within the Microsoft Corporation. Loosing those assets, either through his own alleged fraud or a dramatic drop in sales of the products he has stocks in, would effectively ruin him. 
Mutations: Appearance of Blindness 
Abilities: X-Ray Vision 
Weaknesses: Nausea and Disorientation 

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Jun. 4, 2013 at 7:09 pm

(Please still try to keep all off topic stuff in the planning thread to keep this purely story. Please also refresh yourself on the rules and be sure to obey them. Thanks!
On another note. For ALL posts, try to put the character's name at the top as I have. It's not a rule or anything, but if you can do it and remember to, please do!)
After a routine morning of a cruel prank from his brothers before breakfast, and after a long bike-ride there, Jamie stood outside the unmarked Ghost building. He checked the address he had written down, and sure enough it was the right address. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, glancing around. There weren't many people around. Good, no fears to mess with my head... He thought to himself.
Allen & Rachel Steel
Allen paced back and forth in the meeting room. He was nervous. He didn't used to get nervouse, but that was when he had his persuasion ability. He brushed his fingers through his hair and sighed, closing his eyes.
Rachel rolled her eyes. "Relax Uncle. They'll be here. And things will go just fine. How many did we target?"
"Twenty-four..." Allen mumbled. "Plus two more at the last minute. "If we don't get enough we're in big trouble Ray."
His neice shook her head. "It'll be fine." She assured him, although deep down she was just as nervous.

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iluvnacho replied...
Jun. 4, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Reve & Juliet
'Well, I'm pretty sure we take this left..." Came Reve's voice beside Juliet. The two were walking down the busy streets of New York, both dressed appropiately. Juliet insistsed that they at least dresse somewhat nice; who knew who they would be seeing? The end result was her in blue shorts that reached her mid thigh, a tight fitting black t-shirt, and some flipflops. But Reve? ?he put on some ripped jeans, Nikes, and a wrinkled Boulder Boulder t-shirt his friend got him when he ran it in Colorado. Absolutely hopeless...
"Gimme that." Juliet mumbled, easily snatching the piece of paper where he scribbled the address on. Reve didn't even seem upset at her irritation; half the time, Juliet was irritated anyways. He never took it personally.
"You know, this ought to be fascinating, Ju." Reve nodded to himself, smiling a soft smile. Juliet rolled her eyes.
"We're just going to see what it exactly involves, okay?" She confirmed firmly, though Reve didn't seem to hear her. He was too busy wondering what other people would be there...

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Jun. 4, 2013 at 7:53 pm


   Alex had the file folder tucked under one arm of his best jacket, which was really just a black leather thing that Natalia had bought him one Christmas. He’d figured that he should at least look presentable when he showed up for a government meeting. A smirk crossed his face as he pictured himself in a 007 suit standing in the lobby of the building.
   As he neared the building, he took a breath. He was a little bit intimidated by the whole idea of this, even though he wasn’t one to be intimidated. He noticed a few other teenagers walking up to the same building and wondered for a moment if they were here for the same meeting. It was very likely, but there was no way that he could risk asking them. Knowing his own luck, they’d have no idea what he was talking about and he’d expose a secret government operation. That, or everyone would think he was just crazy.
   He entered the building standing tall and walking like he had such purpose, but suddenly felt out of place in the well-decorated building. There was a reception desk at the other side of the room, but he felt strangely awkward now. How exactly do you sign in for a government meeting? Or any fancy affair, for that matter?

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jun. 4, 2013 at 8:53 pm

Ryker strode down the street, the address to the Ghost building in hand. As usual, the crowd around him parted like the Red Sea, giving him a wide berth. Ryker put up a good front of intimidation, with his size, leather jacket, black boots, and general biker-guy vibe, but on the inside he was rolling with laughter.
Only the smirk on his face gave away his amusement - anyone that knew him would snicker at the thought of Ryker harming anyone who hadn't started the fight first - as he took a right turn, the building he was looking for quickly coming into view. He absently pushed up his sunglasses, making sure they were secure for the sake of everyone around him.
This is...bland?
The building wasn't grand or flashy, and Ryker couldn't help but raise a skeptical eyebrow. Another boy stood outside of it, glancing around as if he were wondering if he was in the right place. As Ryker approached, he noticed he stood almost a good foot half taller than the other boy, who also wore ratty jeans and a hoodie.
Anyone who dresses like that is fine by me, Ryker thought, drawing closer.

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Jun. 4, 2013 at 9:23 pm

When she saw Alex enter, Marie waved him over. "Mr. Steel and his neice should be waiting right down the hall, last door on the left." She directed him, with a slightly perky attitude.
Jamie noticed one rather intimidating-looking guy coming his way. He didn't move, trying to read Ryker rather than fear him. He did seem to be fearless at the moment. Probably either aggressive or laid back... He thought to himself. He tipped his head slightly in greeting. "You going inside too?" He asked, keeping calm and trying hard to keep a grip and keep his ability from affecting his emotions.

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Roseatta replied...
Jun. 4, 2013 at 10:16 pm


Even after setting his alarm earlier and the post-it note on his bookshelf, Sam was running late. He was perpetually either too early or late when arriving somewhere important, or so his mother complained. 'To swift arrive as tardy as too slow', so why can't I get somewhere on time, for once?

In the end, time had slipped away between anxiety and procrastination, and Sam found himself with hardly enough time to shove on an overlarge Berlioz T-Shirt and a vest, before jamming his purple magic eight ball cap on backwards over his mussed hair. He skipped breakfast upon finding that his anxiety had caused the milk to sour.

Sam rode his bike to the designated meeting place, pedaling quicker than usual to make up for the time he spent dawdling. When he caught sight of the building, however, Sam slowed down to a coast. Two people were already lingering out in the front- one, a small timid looking boy, and the other just the opposite.

Obviously, they were probably there for the same reason as him, as they stood there purposefully. Sam slid off his bike, and closed his eyes briefly to take a moment to dispel anything negative stirring in his gut- because that would be a great first impression. Bouts of bad luck inflicted on the very people he'd probably end up working with.

That is, if I join. But I am here, after all. Sam also knew that if he began feeling distressed at all, Shakespeare would help. He always did. With his hands shoved in his pockets and his dark eyes still slightly apprehensive, Sam walked closer to the two boys, and the entrance to the building.

Maybe this'll be my lucky break, and I won't botch up this one chance to have a halfway decent life.

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