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~ Sagittarius ~ Epic Adventure Sci-Fi ~ Lit. Ded. ~

Doctorbug posted this thread...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 3:54 pm

I suppose it's mandatory to introduce myself. Okay...
Hey all you random roleplayers and rolestalkers! I'm Doctorbug and I'm fairly new to this little corner of TeenInk. I'm new to TeenInk altogether, actually. All acknowledgments go to Roseatta for bringing my lazy butt here XD. (Yes, I mentioned your name because it probably has influence on the roleplaying community. I can get people to join my roleplay by the power of it, you know.) So...having said that, I'll move on to the goodies.
The year is 2284, Tejira date and most of the Earth Solar System is colonized. Titan, the largest moon of Saturn is home to Epsilon Republic and New Japan, nations that control most of the gas giant's other moons. Ganymede is under the protection of the Skye Empire, a massive trade network with its nerve center stationed on the Jovian moon. Ganymede is also the most habitable spot in the system aside from Earth, as it is currently undergoing the process of terraforming. The Asteroid Belt is a dangerous place, but isn't anywhere? If you live in one of the asteroids, you're bound to get rich fast off of ore mining and processing, provided you're not crushed between two colliding space rocks or sucked out into empty space due to bad structural integrity first.
Closer to home the excitement is far less amiable. Mars is torn with unrest and civil war—half the Martians fight for independence and the other half are petrified of retaliation from the Union's large fleet stationed at Krediva. Earth is at peace...or so it would seem to any outsider. The only true reason there is no war on the blue planet is that every acre and square foot of land (and water) is controlled by a stiff communist Union of Provincial America, United Australia, and New Rome. If you were to ask any Martian or Titan, they would describe the people of Earth as fat and greedy, feeding off the output of the rest of the system. Unfortunately, no one can do without the life-support the Homeworld provides and to rebel would be signing your own death warrant.
But this particular story does not revolve around the ongoings of the system's general populace, or the discontent therein found, but instead focuses on one small ship, recently built by Epsilon Republic's ERIA and New Japan's Science Administration in a co-partnership. Sebastian Rabottini, a starship veteran with twenty-seven years of experience has been promoted to Captain and issued command of the state of the art ship Sagittarius. All he needs now is a new crew. Sebastian would personally like a good one.
Once he has pulled his ship and crew together, Captain Rabottini has received as orders for his first assignment to ferry an envoy of ER delegates to the Jovian system. The new cease-fire with the Empire of Skye is an iffy one, and the ER Senate would feel better in their beds if it were solidified. Epsilon Republic needs as many allies as it can procure in the oncoming conflict with the Union. War is inevitable.
I'm not nearly done yet, haha. It's the darned 10,000 character limit :/

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 4:29 pm

RULES AND REGULATIONS (Yes, I know it's a...what was it? Ah yes, my new vocabulary word: redundancy).
This is a literate role-play. I myself sometimes mess up on grammar,  so I'll cut the same slack for other people that I cut for myself, but remember, this is literate. I expect you that join to have a substantial vocabulary and to check your spelling. Also, I would like to see posts that are detailed and at the very least several lines long. No one-liners. If nothing else, make your posts clear and understandable. No half-hazard, jumbled together, randomly organized posts. The other charries need to know what your charrie is doing and so do your fellow roleplayers. Description is a must, whether you're describing the surroundings or your charrie's thoughts or actions.
This is a dedicated roleplay. I looked that up in the Hitchhiker’s Guide and that means that you roleplayers that join have to post as often as I tell you. Um...I'm going to be lenient and say you don't have to post too often but I would like at least 1 or 2 detailed posts a day (more if you can, but let's not leave the roleplayers who can't too far behind). Don't try too hard with the description and tare a ligament, though. Doing that often results in purple prose and those are w.orse than no description at all.
Make sure to read the previous posts if you think you've missed something, before asking for an update. However, if you've missed too much (because you didn't follow the rule above this one), then you can ask me (or the nearest roleplayer) for an explanation. I'll try to stay very dedicated to my own roleplay, of course.
No Mary Sues. I don't think any of us are really interested in showing off some cool, shiny and otherwise perfect characters, agreed? A.ngst is also very annoying. If you must have it, turn it into cynicism or pessimism. But even cynicism from a person unwilling to get up and do something about it is annoying. Hmm, I must be in a soap box mood right now. I think I get it from Limyaael...
No Mary Sue objects. That means don't give your character a fancy weapon or piece of jewelry with no other purpose than to look shiny and cool—people have things for reasons. By the way, everyone wears a uniform (not those si.lly Star Trek uniforms either!) and has the standard issue weapon: a simple g.un--albeit a high tech one. You're charries are not allowed to discharge their weapons in the ship (They can, but they're not allowed to. It's against regulations. Like, as in: they get court-martialed if they do). However, if they do do that, they'll probably end up short-circuiting some important systems from the electrical charge the g.un fires.
None of this Dues Ex Machina nonsense either. If your charrie has abilities (like kick-boxing or something), state them in his/her profile. Don't just out of the blue say your charrie can do some cool thing when the situation arrives where it would be incredibly useful for your character to have that ability. Besides most of the crewmembers on the ship are required to have basic military training.
Remember, your character is not ba.da.ss. He/she may think he/she is ba.da.ss, but in reality, he/she is human just like the rest of us. You are not here to "wow" other roleplayers.
You are allowed 1-3 characters—no aliens. Though your charrie can be cyborg if you want (they're not that uncommon in these futuristic societies). You'll start out by choosing one character, so other roleplayers have a chance to get to the "good" ones. Then later we can all parcel out the rest (if you want more than one character).
Be nice to your fellow roleplayers. Obviously. Your characters may be mea.n, spit.eful and otherwise generally hat.eful toward each other (though Captain Rabottini might not like that), but I expect the person behind the character to demonstrate as much courtesy as he/she can toward the other players behind their characters. However, if you notice someone breaking one of these rules, don't hesitate to speak up. Actually, if you are not confidant in your ability to follow these rules, don't join.
Bad language is okay if you sensor it (even I use it), but please don't use things like the F word and G- D and some of those other s.lang words that I probably don't even know about (and don't want to) if you can't help it. The SO.B, D, Sh, H, B, and A words are okay.
About se.xu.al innuendo...in the space division of the military, it's not allowed and if your caught, you're thrown in the brig for disorderly behavior. Besides, the Captain has authority to discharge any of his officers/crewmembers that he finds to be disgraceful.
As for romance...hmm. It's fine with me so long as it's clean—I mean, you can have "mature" themes if you like, just don't be explicit. By the way, the Captain or Executive Officer might get mad at your charrie if they're disorderly or get another charrie pre.gnant. But guys, if anything, please don't just ask your fellow roleplayer if your character can have a romance with his/hers and think that settles it. Make it realistic, or don't ask at all. Besides, nobody asks my permission before hitting on me. If one character is being too forward with another and the other character doesn't like it, they can always go complain to the Executive Officer or someone.
There will be bloo.d and viol.ence (hopefully relatively clean, try not to be overly descriptive) and lots of adventure! There will be real danger to your character...though I won't k.ill him/her off unless he/she does something incredibly dum.b, like jump out the nearest airlock without a space-suit on. No Ctrl-Zs, no Load-&-Restarts, no Undos. Don't worry, my characters are just as ki.llable as yours, so if your character like, suddenly decides to pull out his g.un and shoot the captain, he can do that. I want this to be a realistic roleplay with realistic characters and realistic laws of physics. So no invincible characters! I like to feel real danger for my characters and play in real, unpredictable, non-staged situations. Eh, scrap the non-staged part. The situations will be staged but they can go any way from the point of set-up.
That's about it. I will officially, from this moment forward, have the power to enforce these rules. Those who do not abide by them will be...I'll think of something. Just don't p.iss me off. I'm a generally nice person until you do that.

(Right now the censors are pi.ssing me off)

Now...moving on to characters...

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Name: First and last. Middle name is optional.
Character: Choose one of the 'needed characters' and say which character you picked here.
Rank: you can choose one of the ranks listed under "rank" for your charrie.
Age: (make sure it's within the limits stated for the character you chose).
Gender: let's try and keep the genders equal.
Appearance: Be detailed. Hair, eyes, ethnicity, build, nose, mouth, eyebrows, anything that stands out, you got it.
Bio: A must. The Captain read your charrie's profile so he knows...(include all learned/special talents--like kick-boxing or martial arts of some sort--here along with important life events)
Personality: Optional. Though, it's probably best if you don't include that, because when you first meet someone, there's such a thing called "first impression". But it's up to you. Regardless, it's good to have a reference of your own on your computer (or whatever electronic, internet-accessible device you're using).



Character: Executive Officer

Rank: Commander or Major

Age: Must be above 30

Duties: Basically the crew boss. Keeps everyone in line and is responsible for ship security and making sure everything is working properly. He/she has the power to do pretty much anything, even throw crewmemebers displaying bad behavior in the brig. Reports directly to the Captain.


Character: Flight Officer

Rank: Lt. Commander, Commander or Major

Age: preferably above 30 or something of the like (The Captain likes seasoned pilots)

Duties: Flies the ship. Navigates. Performs some incredibly fancy maneuvers when necessary. You know. Don't smash into any asteroids, the deflector shield doesn't protect you from everything. It's a delicate business: flying a ship.


Character: Chief Operations Officer

Rank: Lieutenant or Lt. Commander

Age: Must be above 30

Duties: Takes care of the ship. Makes sure all systems are working properly (including the deflector shield, you don't want that to shut off suddenly, and the waste extraction system, haha).


Character: Flight Technician (Co-pilot)

Rank: Ensign or Lieutenant

Age: Above 28

Duties: It takes more than one person to fly a starship. You can't have the Flight Officer sitting at the helm 24/7, now can you?


Character: Tactical Officer

Rank: Lieutenant or Lt. Commander

Age: Anywhere above 25 I suppose

Duties: Sagittarius is a warship after all. I didn't mention it before, but she has some pretty cool weapons. Courtesy of New Japan.


Character: Chief Medical Officer

Rank: None, he/she's a Doctor not a freaking military person!

Age: Must be above 30

Duties: Uh...basically take care of crew health?


Character: Nurse

Rank: None/Ensign

Age: Preferably above 18, though I'll make allowances.

Duties: Help the doctor with whatever he/she needs, and otherwise hang around. Cleans the Medical Bay of course.


Character: Communications Officer/Translator (not everyone in the Solar System speaks English)

Rank: Ensign or Lieutenant

Age: Any so long as they know what their doing

Bio: Should know at least three languages (preferably more) and most of the military codes.

Duties: Receives incoming transmissions, sends transmissions and other such stuff like that. Translates all foreign languages for the Captain or whoever and decodes coded messages.


Character: Cook

Rank: None

Age: Whatever you want

Duties: Cook for the entire crew. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and even the odd cup of coffee the Captain likes.


Character: Second Delegate

Title: Mr/Miss/Mrs

Age: Anywhere above 18

Duties: Not actually a "Delegate". He/she's the Secretary for Ambassador Rumon.


Character: SIGMA Captain asigned as personal escort to the delegates.

Rank: Captain

Age: Anywhere above 28

Bio: Should include military training somewhere in there.

Duties: Escort for the Epsilon Republic Envoy and their body guard, of course.


Character: First and Second Engineers

Rank: Ensign or Cadet

Age: Anything above 20

Duties: Help the Chief Operations Officer take care of the ship. Perform general maintenance, you know.


Character: First and Second Security Officers

Rank: Ensign, Cadet or Lt.

Age: Anything above 25

Bio: Must have military training or something of the sort.

Duties: They take care of basic security. Check cargo and passengers and stuff. Oh, and they also have to do the grunt work of loading and unloading the ship along with whoever else.


Character: Random Technician (this charrie may be reused)

Rank: Cadet or Ensign

Age: Anything above 18

Duties: Cleaning, repairing, maintenance, checking on various systems, helping out at random places, chilling in the mess hall when off duty, just your basic technician I guess.


Character: Random Passenger

Duties: Stay out of the way.

If you choose this character as one of your charies, remember, Sagittarius is a warship, not really meant for passengers. So only VIPs are allowed.


And anyone else you can think of and want to play.

I'm not done...so you have plenty of time to think long and hard about which character you want to play XD.

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Name: Sebastian Kestrel Rabottini
Character: Sagittarius Captain
Rank: Captain
Age: 56
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sebastian is Italian with a typical European complexion, an average build and a height of 5'9". He has black hair that's cut modestly short around his ears, brown eyes overshadowed by delicate dark eyebrows, a long thin nose and an even thinner mouth that's often pressed into a flat line. Hard lines from an often creased brow and firmly set stern mouth dominate his weathered face, with maybe a few smile creases in the corners of his eyes.
Bio: Born on Titan in the dome city of Epsilon Prime. Grew up in a strict military family and through coercing by his father, Sebastian joined the Starforce Flight Division when he reached the age of 21. After eight years of vigorous physical and mental training, he was issued the position of Flight Technician aboard the Flying Dragon and served for six years under Captain Alvarado. He was then advanced from Flight Technician to Flight Officer and transferred to the North Star. While serving aboard the North Star, which was a passenger ship, Sebastian was acquainted with a great many exotic persons, including that of Aveyare Rumon, whom he soon after formed a long lasting friendship with. He also met his future wife, Anne. Sebastian went on from serving for eleven years as a senior officer aboard the North Star to Executive Officer aboard the Tuatara. After only three years serving on the warship, Sebastian was thrust right into the middle of action during the New Canberra uprisings on Mars. The captain of the Tuatara was killed in a "street" riot and Sebastian Rabottini was promoted to Acting Captain. Once he and his crew returned to Titan, Sebastian was replaced by Captain Holloway and found himself in limbo when Holloway refused to take him on as his Executive Officer for personal reasons. After five months of "shore-leave", Sebastian was finally given another position as Executive Officer, this time on the star-cruiser Infinity. He again ferried passengers across the solar system for another six years, but luckily Anne was able to stay on the star-cruiser during that time. Sebastian's son's Tiberius, Antony and Isaac were all born in the space of those years. When Sagittarius was built and he was offered the Captaincy of the lightweight warship, Anne and his son's moved to Dione to stay with Sebastian's mother. His father had died three years before he finally received the official rank of Captain and his two younger brothers are both currently serving on separate starships. Sebastian's older sister, Amanda is a Fleet Admiral of three years, (a recent new rank in the Starforce), having long ago retired her own Captaincy.
Name: Aveyare Alexandria Rumon
Character: Head Delegate
Title: Madam Ambassador or just "Ambassador"
Age: 48
Appearance: She is an extremely large woman with a height of 6'2". Aveyare is Canadian with darker tan skin and hazelnut brown eyes. She has a strong jaw with a resolute set to it, a large and expressive mouth with a sarcastic twist to it, a petite nose, and a well molded square face. Her shoulder length bobbed hair is dyed silver white and she has straight bangs that come down to her salt and pepper eyebrows. At all times she wears black shades. Aveyare was not born with any physical disabilities but she incurred quite a few from a tragic transport accident and she is now held together by cyborg additions to her body. Now she is blind (hence the shades) and wears what appears to be a silver headband in her hair, but in actuality is an implant regulating the certain areas of her brain that were damaged. The left side of her neck below the ear is metal and plastic where it was torn open. All the way from the elbow down on her right arm are metal plates protecting the electrical circuitry that replaced her burned off flesh. Her right hand and fingers are cyborg on top where the skin and nerves had been permanently damaged there as well, but she still has most of her palm intact. Her right foot is prosthetic but she wears shin high boots so nobody knows the difference. Aveyare likes to wear solid colors in knee-high skirts and turtle-neck shirts and she wears blue fingernail polish.
Bio: Born on Mars to a religious family and lived for fifteen years in the underground city of Sarrion. Her family soon after immigrated to Ganymede when she was fifteen and later to Enceladus two years later. Her parents were able to procure an Epsilon Republic citizenship for their three children: Alexander, Aveyare and Alexis. Having an interest in social issues and politics, Aveyare entered into the playing field of ER politics and at the age of twenty-eight she had acquired the position  of Resident Ambassador and was stationed at the embassy in New Japan's province of Itou. Soon after she was promoted to Ambassador-at-Large, traveling often to foreign nations and brokering treaties along with solving domestic social issues at home. The same year Aveyare started traveling as Ambassador-at-Large, her younger sister Alexis died of heart disease. Ambassador Rumon served as Ambassador-at-Large with great success and enjoyment for twelve years, during which she became friends at age thirty-three with Flight Officer Sebastian Rabottini. Two years later she was caught in a transport accident, an event that completely rendered her sense of vision useless and caused her to be put on life-support for two months before she was outfitted to survive on her own as half-machine. A year after the accident, Aveyare made the decision to adopt a Russian four-year-old boy, who is now her closest family besides Alexander and her parents. Aveyare became the Epsilon Republic Foreign Minister at age forty-two, a year after the unrest on Mars started with the New Canberra uprisings and the Empire of Sky became overprotective of its borders. She later became the leading figurehead in negotiating the cease-fire with the Empire of Skye, which had been attacking random trade ships without discretion and searching them for contraband and smuggled arms. Aveyare has since been dedicated to the betterment of her nation and the solar-system at large through diplomacy and by serving faithfully as ER Foreign Minister. Ambassador Rumon is allergic to cocoa beans.
Name: Jin Tokko 
Character: New Japan Observer
Title: Just plain "Mr."
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jin is mostly Korean and a little Japanese with a darker olive skin tone. He has black hair with a swath of fringe over his forehead and a strong, clean-shaven jaw. He has almost black eyes, symmetrically straight caterpillars for eyebrows, high cheekbones, a small nose and a firmly set mouth. Mr. Tokko is 5'5" and muscular. His typical attire consists of the old-fashioned black suit and tie and he carries a firearm on him at all times. A small diamond erring pierces Jin's left earlobe.
Bio: Born on Titan in the New Japanese capital of Sakura. Was eleven years in the NJ-Military and later joined the NJ Intelligence Service. Jin served as a Spy in Krediva (a Union military base on the far side of Earth's moon) for five years. For the past two years he had been on leave doing who knew what until the First Minister of NJ commissioned him as their observer on board the newly built ship Sagittarius. A workaholic by nature, he never had time for any personal life. Both of Jin's parents are in good health and living in Sakura with his fifteen year old sister, Min-Hee.
Also I might be playing any important random extras.

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Obviously I don't want to scare everybody off with my harsh rules. If that happened, I wouldn't have anyone to roleplay with! But I'm not rescinding them! I just don't want anyone that's not serious about this or is just in it for the glory of their perfect ba.da.ss charrie to join. Besides, I've noticed that the more normal a charrie is, the more bada.ss they are, lolz. So...who wants to embark on one of the most epic and and totally amazing adventures of their lifetime! Enter the game—that's more than a game—at your own peril.

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IzuoKanada replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 5:23 pm

Name: Andrew Daniels 
Character: random passenger
Rank: VIP
AGE: 21
Appearance: Andrew has short, black hair. He is about 5"7' and wears casual clothing. He has nerd like features. 
Bio: From the moment of his birth, Andrew was a prodigy. He is skilled in mathematics and science and is also a natural philosopher who loves to share his opinions and hear others' opinions. At a young age he was paralyzed from the waist down and is quite skilled with a wheelchair.
Personality: Andrew is polite and clever. He is passionate about life and does not like violence.

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 5:42 pm

((Hmm...don't I remember Cole Wysse in another roleplay? One that I'm currently playing in...*Cough nervously* I hate to break this to you but the universe hopping character tends to be the Mary Suish type...I've done a few of those myself and latter lived to regret it. I'll be keeping on eye on him. Though, one question: why is Cole a VIP? 21 year olds aren't usually VIPs...))

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Aircrafter replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 5:45 pm

(( Mind if I leave a character sheet for the Chief Medical Officer and Nurse later, kinda reserve them? I have a class. ))

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IzuoKanada replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm

((Well, he's a passenger... Right? Anyways, for my character I'll have some setbacks for him, psychological setbacks.))

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm

((You certainly may reserve characters. Medical Officer and Nurse go to you Aircrafter. I'll look over your skellies later XD))

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 5:54 pm

((Okay, um. That'll be fine IzuoKanda. You'll be able to keep up with the dedication part? I've noticed you have a lot of roleplays going on. Sorry if I'm being harsh or anything, I just want to make sure people are following the rules.))

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IzuoKanada replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:01 pm

((Yeah, I do have quite a lot of roleplays going on... But I'm sure I can do it. Well, I'm not on the computer as often anymore but I'll be able to post at least once a day.))

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:10 pm

((Okay. Actually, Izuo, do you think you could at least change Cole's name? I don't really want a character that's recopied from somewhere else, it hardly seems "dedicated"...))

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:34 pm

((Izuo...you're character is a Mary Sue. I'm really sorry and I hate to seem too strict, but it's true. You have the variations of the same character all over the threads in Written Roleplay. Do you mind making another totally new character?))

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IzuoKanada replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:35 pm

((Recopied?... Cole is one of my standard character names. By the way, where have you seen "Cole"?))

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AtSixesAndSevens replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:37 pm

(Mind if I join? I'll try to give you a heads-up if I'm having trouble with TI, seeing as my laptop's burned out and my Kindle doesn't especially like this site, but I should be able to post at least once or twice a day.)

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:39 pm

((Sevens, sure thing!  I'll have a look at your character skellie(s) later. And yeah, thanks for the heads up.))

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IzuoKanada replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:46 pm

((I'll make another character... If you don't like it. I'll go back and edit some.))

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:48 pm

((Honor, you may have the Cook :D. And yes, I completely understand.
Izou: Let me see, I've repeatedly seen the "electric blue eyes" in all of your character profiles. The Roleplay Island of Misfits has the Cole Wysse character. Monster Hunter has Cole. Revolution has Cole. I've also noticed the "tear necklace" appearing constantly (i.e Mary Sue object). I've got nothing against you, Izou, just the character.))

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Doctorbug replied...
Apr. 17, 2013 at 6:48 pm

((Oh, and Honor, do you have a spellchecker?))

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