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BlackBadge! 'Tis over here please! :)

iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 17, 2013 at 12:00 am

"Seong!" Micah fully laughed outloud at the girls lack of subtleness, even throwing his head back. He resumed his gaze at her, still smirking and amused at the girl in his lap."When I want sèx--and I want you to want it too--I'll tell you, okay?" He clarified."But right now, it's just an innocent question. I must say, I'm not as fun in the bed, though." Micah glanced down at his legs, before winking.

"Oh Maverick." Elias couldn't help but to sign in adoration at the little boy, before he stopped putting the dishes away and drained the spaghetti."And...and well, I didn't understand that darling, but maybe Persephone could help you out. Lend you a few bucks for bribery." Elias smiled a bit impishly, before shrugging. It was the best offer he could come up with.

"Aw, darn." Ivy sighed, obviously disappointed as she slumped back in the couch."I really do like music. For Christmas I want an iPod, okay?" She asked politely, before she stuck her lower lip out in concentration. Did she want to knit or play a game with Mav...? Decisions decisions...

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Jul. 17, 2013 at 12:53 am

During Micah's laughter, Seong made a few observations. One - apparently the thought of s.ex right now, even after all that kissing they'd just done, was absurd to other people. Two - Micah loved to laugh. And three - Micah said 'when I want' instead of 'if'. Suspicious. Seong sighed softly and shrugged. "Whatever you would like more. I do not mind."
"Oh Elias," Maverick said back, grinning. "Oh! Speaking of Persephone... Can I get my ears pierced? You know, like her boyfriend."
June stared at him mostly expressionless except for a the slight raise of one brow. "You do realise that getting pierced anywhere hurts, right? Because someone's stabbing a hole through you?"
Maverick huffed. "Well if Ivy's getting an iPod for Christmas, I want my ears pierced for Christmas. And those little diamondy things."
"Yes." Maverick nodded seriously. "Those. Shiny little diamondy ones. Like Persephone's boyfriend. He has a bunch."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 17, 2013 at 1:05 am

"You don't like making decisions, do you sweetheart?" Micah murmured, his lips still pressed upwards in a crescent smirk. Getting into bed would be...annoying. Possible, but annoying. Still, it didn't seem fair--no matter what Seong thought--for them to dive into this relationship without her seeing the downside of Micah himsel. The downside being his inability to walk, of coarse. "Alright them, Seong dear, please get off of my lap so I can haul myself into bed." He gave her a bright little kid smile.

"Ouchie, Maverick. That would hurt." Ivy commented, wrinkling her nose as she grabbed on to her earlobes. "And I forgot! Kiba does have earings. Are they real, June?"

"I'm sure they're not sweetie." Elias replied for him, going over to sit on the chair while he could. The meatballs were cooking, and already the scent was drifting off throughout the apartment. Expertly, Elias let his wigs expand, sighing as he felt the relief spread through his system."I don't see why not, June. I don't mind if you get your ears pierced, Maverick." He nodded reasonably.

"What about a tattoo? Of a French word?" Ivy giggled, and Elias straightened on that one. They already discussed tattoos..."I ready have one of a stupid number, thought. From the dumb lab." She added as a dim afterthought, frowning."But maybe I could get a cool one..."

"Later. Way later." Elias firmly claimed, nodding even.

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Jul. 17, 2013 at 1:20 am

"I do not," Seong admitted. "Decisions can be difficult, and I usually don't mind either choice anyway." People usually made choices for her all the time, so she was used to it by now. She shoved all those unnecessary thoughts away, and carefully - gracefully, catlike, even - removed herself from his lap to stand beside him. 
"Oh, Kiba's are all real," June confirmed with a nod, resting his head on Ivy's and sighing deeply. "Our little Mav is already turning into a delinquent... Can you believe it? First it's piercing his ears, then it's a leather jacket, then a bunch of tattoos and dyed hair and a hot blonde model for a girlfriend..."
"I'm a de-what?" Maverick didn't seem to approve of the term. Although that description did sound a lot like Kiba, which was just fine with him.
"Delinquent. A weirdo like Kiba," June explained. "And Ives, you shall never get a tattoo, because for one, you're adorable just the way you are, and two, I said so. Tattoos hurt even worse than piercings."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 17, 2013 at 1:34 am

Micah smiled up at her, before he got a weird feeling in his stomach. It took a while for him to pinpoint it as nervousness; since when did he ever get nervous in front of girls? Only when he had to get in bed. With them watching. Sure, Micah wasn't ashamed, but there was some part in having a girl watch you struggle to get into bed that seemed to shrink your dignity a tiny bit. Okay, a lot. He rolled over to the other side of the bed, glancing at Seong with a rather thoughtful look on his face. He then turned sideways, before he locked his wheelchair and unbuckled himself. With a deep breath, Micah braced his weight on his hands as he plopped his butt on the bed. After that, he took each leg with his hand and set it on the bed, before he glanced over at Seong again with a crooked grin. Deeply set in his eyes were the beginnings of worry, though."Ta-da. I know that was probably too sèxy."

"But Kiba has tattoos..."Ivy murmured, leaning against June with a sigh. One day she was determined to get one!"I'll wait. I promise." She quickly found June's hand and hooked her pinky with his.

"Delinquent. A troublemaker, Mav." Elias explained with an amused smirk on his face. Man, he loved these two kids. The oven beeped, and he hastily stood up."Dinner's almost ready guys! Ives, do you're reading. You too, Mav." He added. Yes, Elias was the one that insisted that they read at least fifteen minutes before dinner. Then again, it was their homework, too. He even got to sign off a little sheet.

(Mav is so cute! ^.^]

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Jul. 17, 2013 at 1:50 am

Once again, Seong felt her head tilt. "I am not sure what most people would qualify as 's.exy', so I cannot really say. That was one of the words in books that I never fully understood." And there was that resemblence to a robot again... something she just couldn't seem to get rid of, no matter what. How Micah ever found that attractive she would never understand. "Am I to sit on your lap once again?"
"But Kiba's a delinquent. So he does whatever he wants. He doesn't follow rules." June suddenly stopped, realising that everything he was saying only made Mav's grin wider. "Ives, if you do get a tattoo, it has to be something good. Not just a random thing just because you can. Now where's your reading stuff..."
"Junie's so strict..." Maverick rolled his eyes, still smirking wildly. "But I'm going to be just like Kiba when I grow up. Lots of black."
June stared at him before he smirked darkly. "Well, if you're so determined, why don't we get your ears pierced right now? I'm sure Kiba has tons of experience with that sort of thing... Right El?"

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 17, 2013 at 12:06 pm

"If you want." Micah replies with a bemused smirk. Remarkable. No pity in her eyes, no disgust. Just curiosity on what she should do, more of those adorable facts she gave."Or we could cuddle, snuggle. Whatever you would like, sweetheart." Micah smiled widely, patting the bed beside him.

"What?" Elias's tone raised and octave as he set the tray of meatballs down, practically burning himself on the hot metal."Oh, Mav, dear, you don't want that much pain this young. Holes in your ears."He specified, a worry line hidden by his brightly dyed bangs.

"Ouchie." Ivy repeated with a nod, before she slightly frowned. Where was he Braille books...? She left them..."In my room! My books are in my room, June!" She happily answered, before she went to go retrieve them.

"Please, don't encourage him." Elias added to June as he went back to sit down beside June, cuddling close to his boyfriend."I do not want to add gray to my hair."

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Jul. 17, 2013 at 6:08 pm

Seong frowned and carefully laid beside Micah on the bed, now staring up at the ceiling. "I do not understand." How many times had she said that today? It felt pathetic. Now she simply did nothing, staring in silence, not even really thinking. "Did I ever tell you what I found out about myself not long ago, Micah?"
"I just got stabbed in the finger, Elias, and I was okay," Maverick protested, with that this shall go my way no matter what smile that reminded June of Kiba so much. "I didn't even cry! I'll be okay, Elias, I promise." And headed to the couch and into Elias's lap, nuzzling into his neck and fluttering his lashes in that way that he knew adults could hardly resist. "Please?"
Kiba had taught him these things, for sure. That, or the kid was just an evil genius. Or demonic. June sighed. "I honestly don't think he even needs encouragement," he muttered, watching Mav bite his lip with that coy smile. Brat. "And I don't know about grey..." He played with Elias's hair, studying a lock of it as he mused. "But what about some more hot pink? That stuff looks s.exy with the black."

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