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BlackBadge! 'Tis over here please! :)

iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 11, 2013 at 12:55 pm

"Seong!" Micah gasped in fake astonishment, pulling away to give her a playfully scolding look. He even placed his hand on his chest for more of a dramatic affect."I am appalled that you would make such an assumption." Micah smirked, winking as he dropped the act and slid his hands on her torso. The feel of her hips was way too distracting."Do you want to just have a hook up? If I remember correctly, I think you wanted a 'relationship'." Micah's nose slightly crinkled at the word."Those are pretty hard to maintain, sweetheart. Especially here."

"Or we can draw on paper. Yes, paper is good, honey." Elias replied gently, kneeling down to take Mav's hands and examine them. They were small and cute like the rest of him, but also slightly stained with random colors, like he tried to wash them off before but couldn't. Elias smiled faintly at the innocence of the whole situation. He pressed his lips briefly against his hands with a fatherly look, before standing back up.

"Okay, everyone. I'm going to cook the noodles, while Ives and Mav wash the asparagus. Do you think you two can do that?" Elias asked the children. Ivy responded with a confident nod, before she leaned over to whisper into Mav's ear.

"Uh...where's the asparagus, Mav?" She asked curiously. And what even was asparagus?

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Jul. 11, 2013 at 4:55 pm

"In books, everything is easier..." Seong murmured ruefully, resting her head against Micah's chest. she could hear his heartbeat like this. A perfectly steady rhythm. "Even characters under some kind of oppression find love. Of course there are arguments and misunderstandings, but they always find a way to make it work... And that is what I want."
"Paper is boring!" Maverick giggled at the little kisses Elias brushed over his hands, and hugged onto him tightly when he stood up. "I could colour on you sometime. It tickles."
"Hate to burst your bubble, but the only colouring on Elias will be from me," June said as he hugged him from behind. "Because guess what? I'm magical. I can turn his face bright red with just my tongue."
Maverick stared up at June in wonder, eyes wide and bright with awe. "Really? Junie, that's so cool!" But he was distracted immediately by Ives. "Um..." He frowned and leaned up on his tip-toes, trying to reach the asparagus on the counter that, to him, was way too big. "I can't reach! Ivy, help!"

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 13, 2013 at 1:38 am

[My apologies, I've been really caught up with work and AP homeowrk and such o_o]

"So you want a...book?" Micah asked, a lottle dubiously. "Or, a relationship that you would find in a book." He clarified, before blinking as Seong laid her head on his chest. It was a rather intimate gesture he wasn't expecting, making him exceptionally warm on the inside as he put his arms around her gently, pressing his lips against the top of her head. Seong smelt very clean."Sorry to break to ya, sweetheart, but I can't even read." It wasn't really anything be was embarrassed about; it was Micah's fault. Xavier just wanted to keep him uneducated, that was it.

"Ah..."Was all Elias could muster out as the little boy hugged him and the love of his life hugged him. Having June close to him still gave Elias butterflies, and when he turned around as Maverick let go, his cheeks were already a soft crimson."False. You can make my cheeks red anytime." Elias chuckled, before leaning down to give him a small, but sweet, kiss on the lips.

"I'm guessing it's on the counter..."Ivy murmured to herself, following the sound of Maverick's voice and stretching her hands out to flitter across the counter. She was just tall enough to reach the bag, and she triumphantly grabbed it. Before it all fell out of the open ended bag, plopping in the ground like thick green sticks. Ivy's expressed dampened considerably, before Elias easily dove in.

"Good thing we're washing them." Be commented brightly, pecking her on the head as he efficiently scooped up the vegetables."Now both of you come over to the sink to wash them and hand them to June, okay? Stand on the stool." He instructed them patiently.

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Jul. 13, 2013 at 3:12 am

[Totally fine ^^ I've been kinda busy as well, so it's all okay ]
"Then I can read you a story," Seong whispered in that calm way of hers, though there was the slightest hint of pleading in her voice. She was never one to beg; what was the point? Especially with Xavier or whoever. "Except... except there are certain points in the book where I will skip over, because... because..." Well, to be frank, they were dirty.  And detailed. "Just because you cannot read, that does not mean you cannot have a story-like relationship."
"See? Even more magical." June smiled a crooked smirk, leaning up on his toes - man, Elias was tall - to lightly flick his tongue against his ear. Oh, how nice that boy tasted... "You're doing an awesome job with these kids, by the way," he whispered, his lips still grazing his ear slightly. "Just thought you should know." 
"Junie!" Maverick's voice pulled June back to reality. "Junie, hurry. We have to cook. Hurry up. You're always trying to eat Elias, and it ruins your concentration and junk." June clasped his hands behind his back with a wild smirk, while Mav just stood there accusingly, hands on his hips.
"I am so, deeply, terribly sorry for this inconvenience. I'll never try to eat Elias again." June tossed a very smug grin to Elias as he went to the cabinet to pull out a cutting board. "And even if he begs for me to, I'll tell him no. Okay? My mouth will never touch Elias ever again."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 14, 2013 at 1:15 am

"Because why...?"Micah asked, amused as he pulled back to look down at her. She was so cute when she actually showed emotion. He.ll, she was even cute when she didn't. "Just teach me how to read one day, okay? I'm tired of not knowing what things say." He nodded certainly to himself, before he kissed Seong on the top of her head again.
"Ah..."Was all Elias could muster. Again. Darn June and his ability to get Elias all flustered and what not. Especially around the kids! As soon as he pulled away, he managed to get himself together. Or rather, fully speak.
"Now, don't tell lies, June." He teasingly warned as he filled a put with water, setting it to boil. The meat was thawing on the counter, waiting for to be mushed into some delicious meatballs.
"I'm ready to wash some asparagus."Ivy declared, standing on the stool with the sleeves of her uniform rolled up. She was waiting patiently, and Elias couldn't help but to chuckle. at her eagerness. And Mav's, of coarse. He set the vegetables on the left side of the sink (so Mav can wash some, too), before splitting the bundle so Ivy could wash some. She wrinkled her nose at the texture of the asparagus under her fingers."They're like...weird...." She murmured, causing another chuckled from Elias.

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Jul. 14, 2013 at 1:38 am

"Because they contain things that are, as you described earlier... 'naughty'," Seong reluctantly admitted, not liking when Micah sort of pulled away, even though he was still technically there. "And those are the only books I have so far, and surely you do not want something like that to be the first book you read, right?" Weren't you supposed to start out with Dr. Seuss? "And I am a terrible teacher. But I will try to help if you would like me to." How could she ever say no to those determined blue eyes, especially when that small kiss just then made her feel so warm?
June only tilted his head with wide, bright peridot-coloured eyes and a questioning blink. "What makes you think I'm lying?" he asked innocently enough, grabbing a knife out of a drawer and leaning against the counter as he waited for the asparagus to be washed. 
"Yeah, Elias," Maverick concured, nodding seriously and standing on his own stool. Washing stuff while being so little was difficult, but he managed as well as he could. "Junie doesn't lie. And he said he's never try to eat you again, so obviously he won't." His tongue poked out the corner of his mouth, and he carefully handed his washed vegetables to June to be cut up.
"Exactly. I don't lie, Elias." June grinned and began slicing each stalk in half. Somewhere he started getting lost in his thoughts, and didn't notice the blade cut his finger till Maverick tapped his arm. "Well that sucks..." he muttered with a sigh, setting the knife in the sink. "Where do we keep the bandaids and junk around here?"

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 15, 2013 at 3:36 am

"Oh, I wouldn't mind what book I first read..."Micah whispered, tracing his nose along the side of her neck. Seong smelled so clean, and he paused to gently find her lips again. Yep. She also tasted clean."I have a confession." Micah murmured, pulling back just so he could speak."I actually do know how to kiss." A smile worked it's way up his lips, impish and loveable.

"Uh-huh." Elias replied, making sure the water was set to a careful boil. He was always so paranoid when it came to cooking, considering all he knew about cooking was what little he could learn from cooking shows and Kiba. June, too, but still. Paranoia was still a very much apart of Elias, no matter how much he tried to push it away. So when Mav got cut by the knife, there was a considerable reaction in him. His wings struggled against his back, trying to break free to flutter in apprehension. The color of his face paled, and Elias had to keep in mind that Mav wasn't even crying to control his rapidly increasing heartbeat.

"What? Is someone hurt? Mavvy? June?" Ivy questioned curiously, wrinkling her nose because she didn't know what was going on."El, are you hurt?" She added, since he wasn't speaking.

"Maverick's just got a little cut." Elias croaked, forcing himself to swallow."In the linen closet. It's not too deep, so come on." Efficiently, he took Maverick in his arms, his brown eyes deeply concerned."I'll get you a bandaid, honey, while June and Ivy work on dinner, okay?"

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Jul. 15, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Seong would've rolled her eyes at Micah's confession, but her eyes were closed at the moment as she took in the feel of Micah. "Yes, I figured that out myself," she murmured softly, one corner of her mouth twitching up into a half-smile. One hand went up to his hair to pull him closer, the other clutching loosely at his shirt, and her eyes finally opened to look at him. "Where exactly did you learn?"
"Uh, no." June easily took Maverick out of Elias's arms, raising a stern eyebrow. "Elias, go sit and calm yourself." He leaned up to give him a small kiss, pulling back with a small smile that held a hint of sadness in it. "You don't need to freak out over such a tiny, trivial thing." 
"Juuuuuune," Mav whined, huffing impatiently. "Gimme a bandaid already... what if my finger bleeds to death?" It was barely even bleeding at all; just the tiniest beads of red forming in a straight line over where the cut was. 
June shook his head, finally setting Maverick down and taking his uninjured hand to lead him to the closet to find bandaids. "Then I guess we'll just have to cut it off. Not a big deal, right?"

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 15, 2013 at 2:46 pm

"Are you asking who my first kiss was with?" Micah questioned, feigning an appalled nature. The feel of Seong's fingers clutching his shirt was indescribable; it was as if she wanted him, needed him. Every part of him, too. Micah pulled back again--even if he would much rather keep kissing her--before he gazed her with a look of curiosity."Do you honestly want a relationship with me, Seong?"

"I'm not freaking out." Elias protested when June pulled away from kissing him. The statement was kind of contradicted by the sound of his voice; scratchy and thin. He followed June's order though, putting the spaghetti in to boil, a deep frown on his face. Even Ivy could sense the mood, tentivealy putting the asparagus on the counter.

"Mav will be okay!" She offered brightly, carefully getting off the stool to navigate her way down the hall. Even if it was pointless, she peeked her head into the bathroom."Right, Mav? Okay to make meatballs and stuff?" Her ice blue eyes danced excitedly.

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Jul. 15, 2013 at 3:17 pm

"No, I am asking where you learned to kiss." Seong couldn't help her small smile; Micah was so weird. But in a cute and funny way, not a creepy way. Which was nice - maybe all his emotion could make up for the lack of her own. His question made her smile falter, and she looked down at her fingers as she fiddled with the collar of his shirt. "Only if you would like to. I cannot force someone to like me."
"Ew, not a pink one!" Maverick protested whinily, squirming as he sat on the edge of the bathtub. "Pink is for girls!"
June rolled his eyes, ignoring the boy as he carefully wrapped the (pink) bandaid around his small finger and threw away the wrapper. "There. You'll be just fine, I promise."
"Not with a pink bandaid, I won't..." Maverick grumbled, pouting as he stood up and making his way out of the bathroom. Stupid pink bandaids... He took Ivy's hand with a sigh and started oward the kitchen again. "June is so evil. This bandaid is pink. I'm not a girl, Ivy. I'm a boy. Boys don't wear pink."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 15, 2013 at 3:38 pm

"Where I learned...?" Micah mused, smirking to himself as he followed Seong's line of sight. Her fingers were svelt and pale, perfect like the rest of her. But Micah wasn't perfect. It was a concept he tried to avoid (mostly because all he ever did was hook up, no strings attached, no nothing) because to be in a relationship, didn't you have to balance one another out? "Hm. I'll get back to you on that one, sweetheart." Micah replied, bringing his hand and intertwining her fingers with his own. His ice blue eyes flickered up to hers, and he bowed his neck so that his forehead rested against Seong's."But I do like you. Very much, actually." Micah explained with the faintest curve of his lips."I just...well, could I give you everything you want, Seong?" The question betrayed the doubt he seldom allowed to ever show.

"Pink is okay. Pink just means....just means you're more of a man!"Ivy explained with a happy nod, clutching his hand in here tightly as they entered the kitchen. The asparagus was sizzling on a pan, and Elias was determinedly rolling the hamburger meat into meatballs.

"Come on you two. Meatball time." Elias sighed, before offering a small smile to Mav."All better Mavvy?" He asked, trying to get rid of the guilty feeling in his stomach.

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Jul. 15, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Seong's head tilted a little as she looked up at Micah curiously. "You like me?" Her eyes widened only the smallest bit, dark but bright with awe at the same time. He liked her! Very much, apparently! She could barely find words, and when she finally did, they were practically a whisper. "You just gave me what I want, Micah. So yes, you can." 
Maverick thought about Ivy's idea for a moment before nodding in agreement. "You're right. I'm so manly, that I wore pink, even though it's a girl colour. Ives, you're a genius." He grinned and kissed her cheek before letting her hand go, pulling their stools closer to the meatballs with a happy nod to Elias.
"He's perfectly fine, El," June murmured, flopping back on the couch and grabbing his glasses and laptop so he could attempt to finish his homework before dinner. All these stupid papers he had to write... 

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 15, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Micah blinked, taken aback by her response. She also seemed to be surprised by his statement. So much, that he couldn't help but to chuckle."Why wouldn't I like you, Seong?" He chuckled, his fingers brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face. Micah's hands moved to hold the curve of her waist, before he looked thoughtful once more."You know, if we're going to be boyfriend and girlfriend,"He smiled at the words,"It's going to be dangerous. Xavier and Xenos can use our feelings against us." Micah's words became a gentle murmur, and he met her dark eyes with his serious ice blue ones."So, whatever they do, I just want you to know, they can't take what we feel for each other away from us. Ever. Okay?" It seemed very important that she understood this.

Ivy giggled, pressing her hands enthusiastically against the ground beef. It was her favorite thing to make for dinner, meatballs. She rolled a lopsided one in her palms, proudly showing it to Maverick."My wonderful meatball!" Ivy claimed with a laugh. Elias had to smile at their banter, before glancing over at June.

"I'll make you an extra big one, June." Elias said, feeling bad for just being him. He always had to make June in a bad mood..."Okay hun?"

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Jul. 15, 2013 at 5:15 pm

"You... we... are you..." Seong's brow furrowed, her head tilting a little more now that she couldn't find words once again. This was all very new, to say the least. Sure, she had read all kinds of things like what Micah just said, but that was only in books; this was real. Like, really real. "I, um..." She nodded, the confusion still showing on her face. "I understand. Yes. Of course."
Maverick was giggling madly. Like any boy his age, he loved getting his hands dirty, and this was simply perfection. "It feels so weird!" he basically announced to the world. His tongue poked out a little once again as he very carefully tried to form a sphere, which didn't want to cooperate for some reason. "Ives, it's broken."
June, still typing away, simply nodded to Elias though he hadn't really heard the question. Blast this stupid homework. And then, out of nowhere, the screen went black. In the middle of the sentence he was typing. Of his six page long paper that was due tomorrow. He stared at the screen blankly as if this was some kind of bad joke. Okay, laptop - you got me. Now show me the paper so I can finish this... Nothing. "Oh. My Lord."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 16, 2013 at 5:39 pm

"You sure?" Micah chuckled, smoothing out the lines in her face as she stared at him incomprehensibly. She was just so darn cute!"Because if you don't..."He was whispering again, his forehead touching here as he slowly leaned closer to her lips."I don't mind explaining some more." Micah's mouth met hers deeply, but gently, holding her waist with steady hands.

"Broken?" Ivy repeated, reaching out to feel the incomplete meatball. She smiled even wider; she loved teaching Maverick, her little brother, new things. Loved it."You roll it like this, Mavvy." Ivy instructed, taking some meat and expertly shaping the meat into a sphere. She was very good with hands on things; Elias wanted to get her into pottery lessons once they got enough money.

"Alright, meatballs to me, please." Elias requested firmly, but lovingly. Ivy obeyed, handing hers (she had made three) before expertly going to wash her hands. Elias lauded in his dinner making, frowning over at June."What's wrong babe?"

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Jul. 16, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Seong let herself melt against him, eyes fluttering closed as she tried not to sigh. She couldn't tell if he was being real or just his playboy self. But did it matter? She pulled away eventually, licking her lower lip lightly and smiling at the taste that still lingered there. "I am sure. But if you would still like to explain, then by all means, do so."
Maverick pouted as he watched Ivy's skillfulness, and huffed as he attempted this for himself. It still didn't work quite right. Eventually he sighed and decided to try something else, and ended up playing with the weird mushy stuff instead. "You're hands are bigger, that's why." Obviously he had none to give Elias. That was sort of a problem, but playing was more fun anyway.
"I swear this computer hates my bloody guts," June grumbled, not caring that his accent was beginning to leak through along with his frustration. "I had six pages done. Six. Pages. I was so close. And then the thing decides to crash on me. Maybe an F on this paper won't bring down my grade too much..."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 16, 2013 at 6:40 pm

"Oh?" Micah echoed back, smirking impishly as he gazed at her. Man, she was so perfect. Beyond perfect. Her porcelain skin, dark eyes and curve of her crescent shaped lips. Micah then slightly frowned, tapping his fingers on the armrests of his chair."You aren't uncomfortable, are you?" Micah asked, tilting his head."Because we could get on the bed, you know." His brows wiggled.

"Hmph. Whatever, Mav." Ivy claimed, playfully sticking her tongue out at her little brother. She heard June's frustration, and she went over to sit beside him comfortingly. Whenever he got done with his laptop, he would let her listen to music on there. It was Ivy's most preferred pastime, since T.V was kind of pointless.

"You didn't save it?" Elias asked quizzically, standing up from putting the meatballs in the oven."I'm sorry, hon." He added, chewing on his lower lip.

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Jul. 16, 2013 at 7:25 pm

"Well, my skirt moves upward a bit more every time you pull me closer," Seong admitted, gesturing to her now pretty much bare legs. Maybe she should've worn pants today... "But other than that - which I have a feeling you do not mind it, anyway - I am alright." She glanced back at the neatly-made bed before raising a brow at him. "What did you want to do if we did get on the bed, Micah?"
"I saved the first page..." June sighed, cuddling Ivy close for some kind of comfort in response to his misfortune. "But that was yesterday. The last five pages I typed while you were gone earlier, and I didn't think it would crash, but then it did, so now..." He took off his glasses and tossed them on the lampstand. 
"So now you're screwed!" Maverick said elpfully, grinning at his new-found vocabulary as he washed his hands. "I learned that today in class. The boy who said it got in trouble, though. Me and him didn't get recess today."

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iluvnacho replied...
Jul. 16, 2013 at 7:35 pm

Micah flushed; it was something he wasn't used to doing. The red filled his cheeks attractively, and he couldn't help but to laugh at Seong's bluntness. "Well, I dunno. Kiss, Seong." He answered truthfully enough, shrugging as he leaned back to watch her with an almost dubious expression on his face."Maybe more than kiss. Most girls prefer the bed." He paused, glancing at her ivory colored legs, before smiling."Would you like to kiss on the bed, sweetheart?"

"Maverick!" Elias gasped, despite himself. He was definitely the kind of daddy that did not like potty mouth language."Honey, don't say that word. Unless you're talking about someone that just screwed a nail into wood."He instructed, patting his head lovingly."Okay? No bad words."

"I'm sorry about your paper." Ivy said to June, snuggling close to him."You smell nice." She added, as if a compliment would help."Can I listen to some music now? 'Cause of your paper and stuff." Ivg proceeded to ask politely.

"I hope your teacher will understand, dear." Elias added, beginning to put the dishes away.

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Jul. 16, 2013 at 7:56 pm

"You are blushing?" Seong tilted her head slightly as she watched the red stain Micah's cheeks for reasons she couldn't explain. Why was he blushing? Was kissing in a bed realy any different than kissing while sitting up? She simply shrugged. "So you want to have s.ex? Is that not what most couples do in a bed besides sleeping?"
Maverick frowned a little, but then smirked. "Looks like that wood is screwed too," he muttered under his breath as quiet as possible. His giggle at the play on words wasn't exactly on the quiet side, though, making June roll his eyes. 
"Sorry, Ives. The computer's totally crashed. Like, dead to the world. I'm gonna have to get a new one, I think..." June sighed, but it soon turned into a groan as he hid his face in the girl's hair. She smelled pretty nice too. "And even if my teacher understands, it won't matter, because... because... Cet homme est un imbécile total et il me déteste pour aucune raison."

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