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REN Prisoners (Ded. 1x1 L. Lit)

Xenolith posted this thread...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Very DedicatedYou will be expected to get on regularly and post at least once a day.  In actuality, I’m hoping for more than one post daily, but that is the minimum.  I repeat, the MINIMUM.  I want dedication, whoever you are!  If something comes up in your life and you miss a day, you won’t be exiled to the pit of shame.  I promise.  But as a general rule, this is extremely dedicated.


Loose Lit—it has to make sense.  I’m okay with a missed comma, a typo, or a misspelled word here and there.  Believe me, I understand—try RPing on an iphone with autocorrect. It’s a nightmare.  Post length is one meaningful sentence or more.  Try to avoid one-liners.


Can I join? – I’m thinking that this should be a 1x1, but if you are dedicated enough…I might allow a third person to join.  You have to guarantee that you are dedicated, though. I will hold you to it, and potentially drop you after a warning or two. (Now, I almost don’t want to put that in here.  It sounds harsher than I intended…)


Characters! For starting this off as a 1x1, I would say you need to have three characters.  If you want more, that’s okay.  Some can be killed and introduced later, as well. You can throw in anything you want, even if it doesn’t technically fit with the countries.  You want to be a vampire? That’s fine.  It gives variety. ((Always even number and gender to make it easy))
Other— I’m leaving room for ideas and twists down the road.  That is why some things may be a little vague.  Seeing as there will be multiple characters and stories, I’m kind of hoping for some interesting variety.  Mature romance, some assassin posing as a member to kill another, any crazy twist, whatever, you probably get the idea.  I’ve found it’s really interesting if you play a character a certain way and then suddenly change their entire style.  It’s a lot better than RPing the whole time, knowing exactly who is an undercover agent or how Bob doesn’t really love Martha.  You get surprised too, just like the character. Also, I don’t know what makes the REN members/prisoners special.  That will have to be determined as we go along.







Any ability/skill or species, if it applies:


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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 5:34 pm

The first is called Chaos.  It was believed by many to be nothing more than ruins and wasteland, but that is only partially correct.  The capitol, for instance, is heavily fortified and technologically advanced compared to anything before the great tragedies.  It is a country of many sectors, focused on military strength.  The people used to suffer from violence and disease, but they have since gained biological immunity and outstanding physical strength.  Chaos uses biological weapons, disgraceful tactics, and torture on its opponents; in addition to its mastery of all physical fighting tactics.  Many of its people are coldhearted and cruel—with inhuman agility and resilience. Swordsmanship, archery, martial arts, and gunmanship are some of the fighting disciplines, but there are numerous more.


The second is Navienda.  As the country of purity and nature, it boasts clean streets and little crime.  Extravagant, glistening cities cover the majority of this continent.  The skyscrapers form elaborate sculptures such as rings, cones, cylinders, cubes, and diamonds; they appear to consist of sea glass and precious metals.  The citizens wear pristine white and bold jewel tones.  This is the only country to serve loyally under a king or queen.  Perhaps the most normal of all the countries; the people work hard to keep Navienda beautiful and safe.  It’s the only place with an abundance of professional workers, such as doctors.  Military wise, they prefer tactics such as psychological warfare and using an opponent’s strength against them.  Skills such as pressure point fighting are taught.  They’ve also developed ways to weaponize forces of nature, such as the four elements and various types of weather.  The military is divided according to element (Water, earth, fire, air, lightening, hail, etc.)


The final of these countries is Xperime.  It doesn’t appear to be anything special.  White and grey buildings of varying size and stories line up symmetrically across the nation, along with steampunk cities of iron and bronze.  The people can seem weird, having no specific theme about them.  There are gangsters, pilots, engineers, and misfits in general. This is the technological superpower of the world.  Truthfully, it doesn’t concentrate its intelligence on trivial things such as guns and bombs, as many people believe.  The pride of this country is well concealed inside those plain white and grey buildings.  The research facilities; where they clone, build humanoids, experiment with radiation, and other classified weapon programs.  Because of the experimentation, there are many different types of mutants here—both free and institutionalized.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 5:34 pm

Each of the three countries wishes to destroy the other two.  They’ve long been engaged in a brutal war, and any interaction between people of different countries is strictly forbidden.  The crime is punishable by death, but typically involves more torture.
There is one exception to this rule, however.  Unknown to each of the aforementioned countries, a single island lies between them.  It’s a small island, with an underground city encased under its supposedly deserted exterior.  The city is similar to what you’d find on present day earth, but seemingly abandoned and underground.  It serves only one purpose, and that is to act as a prison.
You see, there is a forth force acting in the war.  The REN—don’t ask what it stands for, there are several rumors but none validated—an organization that claims dedication to neutralizing potential threats of any kind, eventually uniting the world, and other things. (Kind of CIA-ish.) No one knows if what they claim is true.
The REN go and recruit its members from all three countries, whether by persuasion or force.  It can be difficult for the members to get along due to hard feelings over the war, but as they are stuck in the prison, they have no choice but to tolerate each other.  Occasionally, they are ‘blackmailed’ and sent on missions to help the REN.  But the real reason they’re here is because they’re special.  They don’t know how, exactly, but the REN told them they were special somehow.  The story revolves around these people.
WARNING: (Just so you know what I encourage) this will very likely be full of tense situations, conflict, deceit, and\or treachery. Also, violence, profanity, (mat) romance, murder, and the like are fair game.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 6:47 pm

(( I would make the exception.  However, are you quite sure you want to join?  Without romance, this bears a decent resemblance to Dangerous Freedom. Are you sure you want two similar, elaborate roleplays simultaneously? ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 7:03 pm

(( The majority of people wouldn’t look at a 1x1 after it reaches a few posts, so it’s kind of a moot point.  Anyway, I’m fine with you joining.  It just means there will have to be more action-y plot twists and elaborate things. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 7:09 pm

(( *Nods* Okay, I’ll be here when you return. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 7:35 pm

(( Whatever you prefer.  Personally, mine will be a mix of both.  Though, If it’s terribly long, oddly spelled, or Latin, I would appreciate if there was the option of using a nickname.  For instance, Xanthe could be nicknamed Xan. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 7:47 pm

(( You have my gratitude, then. :) ))

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Patriot_By_Choice replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 8:34 pm

Name:  Sabien (sEY -Bee-yen) Rupe (Roo-pay) 
Age(17-24): 20 
Gender: Male 
Appearance:  His hair is dark and curly, it doesn't touch his ears and is in a short cut.  His hair is black, pitch black, it's not very well taken care of, so it stick out here and there.  He has the starting of a bread, stubble making his chin rough and scrapy looking.   
His skin is a dark golden brown color.  He's scared up, most of the scars are on his back, chest and arms, some on his face and legs though.   He has tattoos.  On his left wrist is tattooed black gears intertwined so it looks like a sort of bracelet.  The gears are very thick and have silver speck on them.   On his color bone is tattooed a silver chain that goes to the back of his neck in the back and to the clavicle in the front, the chain has a very dark gray key tattooed so it looks like it's attached to the chain.  He has the black silouette of an eagle on his right shoulder blade and his last tattoo his of fire, it goes form his right knee up to his right hip.  The flames for the face of a line as the seemingly dance on his leg.  
Sabien is tall and broadly built, he is rather intimidating with his scars, tattoos, and his build.   His is muscular too, looks like a boxer.  He always seems to looks stern and almost angry.  His facial features are normal, his eyes are such a dark brown the look black and stand out against the whites of his eyes.  His ears and mouth are normal, though his mouth his always pressed into a thin line, giving you the impression he isn't someone to mess with. 
Personality(Opt):  Sabien is slightly like a volcano, silent, hard to break, and cold when he's not fired up, but when he's angry he errupts and becomes a danger to anything and anyone around him.  He isn't the most controlled person in the world and seems to be too drawn to fighting and too easily angered.  He is also rather dark, doesn't share his story, and is extremely defensive.  He's shut the world out and doesn't want to let anyone in.  He's actually rather intelligent though he doesn't show it and rarely uses his intelligence.  He doesn't really like people, and people have a hard time liking him.  Usually he's the guy in the corner with his arms glaring around, the one who gives you goose-bumps when he looks at you, if you're normal that is.   Sabien always seems to be imitating a brick wall, except f you look into his eyes you'll a dangerous fire.  He tries to control himself and usually can hold anger in for a little while, but if things keep piling on or what he percieves as the right thing isn't done he will errupt.  Sabien lives by his own morals and rules, he is stubborn and sticks to his stories and opinions with a passion, he's not very honest, and though he's not a back stabber, he doesn't attach himslef to people enough for them to tell if he's loyal. 
Country:  Xperime 
Bio(Opt):  Sabien grew up in a boys' home, his parents are unknown and either died or abandoned him when he was a baby, he was found in an alley near an institution as a baby, so his parents could also have been institutionalized, he's never really bother to find out.  He's always been tall for his age and strong.  At the age of 15 he managed to get himself a job as a guard at an institution, though he was kicked out later for being accused of extreme brutality towards a 'patient' there that resulted in the 'patient's' death.  He denies that he was excessively brutal and claims he was attacked.   The truth about the incident is that yes Sabien was attacked, and yes he started to fight back and hit at the 'patient', but he lost control and shape-shifted, in his tiger form he did brutally kill the 'patient' before he controlled himself enough to shift back. 
Any ability/skill or species, if it applies:   Shape-shifter, he can shape shift into a tiger, but tries not too and hates doing so.  A shift happens either on will of when he's extremely anger, and sometimes when he's being attacked.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 9:20 pm

(( Looks good :) And take your time.  I probably won't have all mine sorted out until tomorrow. ))

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Patriot_By_Choice replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 12:38 pm

Name:  Zakeya (Za-key-ah)  John (Goes by Zak) 
Age(17-24):  17 
Gender: Female 
Appearance:  She has dark brown that wavy almost to the point of being curly.  It's in a hacky pixie cut that scrapes the nape of her neck and brushes the tips of her ears.  Her wavy-curls are pressed flat against her head because she usually wears a black, gray, and white plaid newsboy cap pulled over her head, the bill shading her face.  
Zak is very small, some due to her treatment as a child from malnutrition and being locked in small spaces that stunted her growth.  Though she very small, not even over five foot, she is lightly muscled, enough so that you see she has some, but she isn't intimidating or really that strong looking ,which goes against the whole Chaos tough large muscled look.  She is pretty scarred up which ruins any hope of her being 'pretty'.  She isn't very matured bodily making her look childish, like she's 12 almost.   
Her skin is a very pale brown, it's light and pretty pale, but you can tell it's lightly browned.   Scars literally cover her body, some are thin and pale others are thick and very noticeable.  Some of her most noticeable scars are one that goes from behind her left ear down onto her neck so it curves a bit and just touches the start of her shoulder blade, another one is a tick scar right under her right knee cap, and a curvy one that wraps around her wrist and goes up her fore arm half-way. 
Her clothes are pretty normal, she always wears her hat and rarely takes it off.  Other than that she wears dark gray shorts that go to her knees and are cargo, a black button up short sleeved shirt that has the top to button undone to it shows her clavicle and her throat.  She wears black sneakers and white socks. 
Her facial features are normal for her race, which is Slavic.  Her eyes are slightly almond shaped and a very deep brown.  She has normal facial features and could have been beautiful except for the scars that adorn her body.  She doesn't seem t smile much, which isn't a surprise, her life hasn't been an easy or good one.  She seems a bit nervous around people, and her fingers twitch and tremble when she's freaked out, scared, nervous, and sometimes even when she feels threatened or she is angry. 
Personality(Opt):  Zakeya's life has been hard, all she's known is abuse, and being a fugitive.  She isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.  She's angry, hurt, confused, and suspicious.  She doesn't trust people because she think they'll hurt her, she isn't exactly excited about the REN either, she just came because she didn’t want to go through a Chaos court system and go to a Chaos jail.   
She's slightly paranoid and still hasn’t gotten over her survival fugitive instincts, always looking over her shoulder, and prefering night over day.  Zak is also very confused right now, she doesn't know who the REN is really, why the brought her here, and it bugs her and frustrates her, her confusion also heightens her suspiciouson.   
She angry from her years living with her parents, angry at her sister for running away, though she doesn't know where her sister is, or even if she's alive or dead, she's angry at herself for no acting sooner, for not leaving sooner, angry at Chaos for being such a cruel country that raised people like her parents, angry at the other countries for fighting this stupid war and in turn making Chaos much worse.   
Zak is also tough as nails, things don't seem to faze her easily and she can go through excruitiating pain with out making a sound or breaking.  She's very stubborn too, if she doesn't want to talk she won't, she gets first impressions easily, usually bad ones because of her suspicious nature and doesn't change her opinions easily.   
She doesn't exactly like fighting, but she doesn't because almost everyone makes her feel threatened and she was a very delicate balance of her emotions, getting tipped off and angry easily, if she feels especially threatened, angry or like someone has hurt her she will lash out and start a fight, because of her small stature though she usually loses.   
Though most people won't guess it Zak is steadfastly loyal to the people she cares about, even though she angry at her sister she still clings to the hope that she's alive and that Zak will one day find her.  Though she's not exactly sure what she'll do when she does find her. 
Country:  Chaos 
Bio(Opt): Zak grew up in a violent house hold, she grew very used to being beaten, starved or subject to many other horrible punishments.  Her parents were cold hearted and cruel like most of the Chaos people.  She had a twin sister named Johanna, but her sister ran away when they were 9 and Zak hasn't seen or heard form her since.  She also had two older brothers, Lex(29) and Rad(27), but they weren't any better than Zak's parents, they were maybe worse, they were very handsy and not exactly appropiete at times.  When Zak was 16 she stabbed her father because she was sick of being beat, after that she shot her mother for attacking her, though her parents survived Zak became a fugitive, her brother weren't at the house at the time of the attack, Lex had married and left the house when Zak was 13 and Rad did so when she was 15.  A REN recruiter/scout found her hiding out in the wasteland that surrounds the Chaos city, she wasn't so keen on joining REN, but they threatened to turn her in so she went with them.  Zak was almost 17 when the REN brought her to the island.  She'd been on the run for about 10 and a half months.  She's been at REN for 1 and a half months now and has just turned 17.  
Any ability/skill or species, if it applies:   Human, she pretty fast and her size allows her to crawl through small places, slip through tight spaces, and if needed disappear in a crowd easily.  
((Unless you have any suggestions of a creature she could be.))
((I'm going to add what Sabien wears))
Sabien Clothes:  Sabien wears a woodland digital camo t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off to make it look like a tank and a slash downwards in the collar to make it slightly like a v-veck.  He also has black capenter jeans and black combat boots.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 1:13 pm

(( originally, yes. It was so there could be other storylines besides romance, but that's irrelevant now. If you want to keep it at two, you're more than welcome to. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 1:34 pm

(( sounds good. I will be moving from my phone to the computer momentarily, so I will type up 2 of my own and post ASAP. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Name: Xanthe Noiren (Zan -thay  Nor –en)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has straight black hair reaching the small of her back. It has a slight blue undertone and a single white streak on the left side. She almost always keeps it tied in a messy side bun.  Her eyes are intense and piercing when they look at you.  It’s almost as if she can see into your soul.  They’re olive green with flecks of yellow and silver.  As far as her build, she’s about 5’ 8” and slim.  She has a slight hourglass figure.  Her skin is extremely fair, almost a ghostly white.  It really sets off her hair, eyes, and full lips.  She has a double piercing on her right earlobe, which contains two black studs.  She also has a wraparound, silver dragon reaching just below the tip of her ear. She has a tattoo of a raven holding a bloody dagger on her forearm, and a barcode tattooed on the opposite wrist.  She hides it with bandages and/or long fingerless gloves. She has a long, thin scar reaching from the nape of her neck to around the small of her back.  She wears a ¾ sleeve black dress that comes down to the middle of her shins.  The bottom is tattered and uneven. If she’s not wearing that, she wears faded, distressed jeans and a grey tank top.  She always wears dog tags with her number on them. Her number is 0000719.

Personality: Can be moody and dark. She’s quiet and mistrustful, almost comparable to poison because she destroys her enemies slowly.  Sometimes without them even noticing.  She is extremely intelligent and has good common sense, but is easily irritated and embarrassed if someone outwits or defeats her.  She’s prideful, mildly arrogant, and very coldhearted to those who don’t know her. It can be difficult to get through her walls, and as a result, there has been only one person she opened up to.  And that person betrayed her. She doesn’t always get sarcasm and takes things too seriously at times.  She’s very observant, analyzes everything and stores it away in her memory.  She seems very aloof and distant.  The institution files deem her as mentally insane.

Country: Xperime

Bio: She was institutionalized at a young age by the only person she ever trusted.  It was one of the more hardcore undercover facilities; the ones that don’t even bother plastering the word ‘patient’ on its prisoners.  She underwent numerous experiments and operations. As a result, her body is extremely weak.  Her power is fairly strong, however, and she killed many at the institution (both intentionally and indirectly).  She doesn’t trust the REN, but they have not touched her so she has no intentions of leaving. 

Any ability/skill or species, if it applies: Xanthe’s powers are undefined, for the most part.  She has a telepathic-like power and uses it to destroy people from the inside.  She can cause people to acquire mental instability and hallucinate.  Many take to self-destruction, believing their bodies to be turning on them.  She can make people think that they are in pain and make them relive memories in excruciating detail.  She doesn’t hold back when she uses her power, and she doesn’t care what happens to her victims. Some go into a coma.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Name: Jason Faradei

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jason had a buzz cut, but it has grown to the point where it partially covers his eyes.  His hair is very dark brown.  His skin is slightly tan, free of scars but bears a single tattoo on his palm to show his section in the military.  He is around 5’ 9” and has a lean, muscular build.  He is extremely agile and quick on his feet.  His eyes are a light, airy blue color but they fade to a pale silver when he uses his ability.  Also, when using his ability, his veins become visible and create a blue pattern on his skin.  The electricity flows through his veins like it would a telephone wire.  He carries around a long metal staff to aid his powers.  He wears standard, khaki military cargo pants, combat boots, a black tank top, and a long trench-coat like military jacket.  He has dog tags, as well.

Personality: Jason is completely dedicated to the military.  He does whatever is necessary to ensure his country’s protection and is extremely loyal to his fellow soldiers.  If you are not one of those soldiers, however, don’t expect any good morals from him.  Those who are not of his country are his enemies, and his enemies are treated brutally.  He is a well-practiced liar and can easily control and fake his emotions as well as alter his personality.  Only those closest to him know his true nature.  He is one of those who will blindly follow orders given to him, no matter what it entails.  He would die if they told him to.  But when he’s on his own, he uses quick judgment and thinks everything through when possible.  He is a meticulous planner when on his own.  He seems to be laid back even when he is on edge.  Can be sarcastic and is extremely proud of his country.

Country: Navienda

Bio: He joined the war effort at a very young age by convincing everyone that he was his older brother, who had in fact died along with his parents in an attack on Navienda by Chaos.  He harbors ill feelings to all people of both the other countries, but mostly to Chaos.  His loyalty and skill aided him and he was eventually promoted to Caption of his unit.  Still, no one knows that he isn’t his brother, Benjamin, except for the REN.  He shows no outward opinion of the REN and the prison, but has not tried to escape or otherwise harm any of its members.

Any ability/skill or species, if it applies: Jason has the ability to control electricity and lightening, as well as create it.  He uses his staff as a conductor to obtain better accuracy than randomly letting lightening into the air.  He has the power to kill, but also the power to save.  He can administer controlled electric shocks to restart a person’s heart, and it’s possible the process will be done automatically should his own heart stop.  He isn’t completely sure, but it is his only theory as to why he survived Chaos’ attack.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 5:55 pm

(( The number was relative to the institution she was in.  It's the number on her bar code and how they identified her. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 7:21 pm

(( nope, I'm good with 2 characters to start. So, whenever you're ready. ))

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Xanthe moved out of the shadowed alley into the light.  She had been exploring every inch of this place since they first brought her here, and rather than risk any of the buildings being inhabited, she took to sleeping in the alleyways and occasionally basements.  She hadn’t seen a soul since the beginning, which was four days ago.  Maybe they lied, and I am alone in this place…I guess it means less people to waste time watching.
Jason dashed through the eastern area of the city.  The REN had piqued his interest, which was why he had allowed himself to be taken, but he was starting to get over that interest.  There was nothing, and no one, everywhere he’d looked.  They said there would be others.  More ‘special’ people.  Whatever that meant.  They were probably a bunch of liars working with Chaos to take everyone down.  Get the high-ranking officers out of the way, yet keep them alive for entertainment and bragging rights.  Pathetic.

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Patriot_By_Choice replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 8:21 pm

Zak knelt in the upper story of an old building that resembled a three story shack.  The outside of her building was beat up, the inside was worse, the floor's sagging the staors only half useful and the other half death trap.  That's what she liked.  She'd hear anyone who'd try and come up the stairs.  She peered out of the window, pushing the raggedy curtain aside a to look out.  She'd been here for about a month and had neer seen another person.  Though Zak wasn't exactly purposefully going out to look for people.  She remained kneeling by the window put the let the curtain fall back into place.  Zak had been thinking, she still wasn't sure what she was here, or what the REN was.  She wanted to figure it out, but couldn't, she'd been trying the whole time she'd ben here!
Sabien walked quickly through the alleys of the east part of town. His hands were shoved in his pockets and he was looking around, he'd caught glimpses of people here a fe wtimes, but the glimpses were so fleeting he wans't sure if he'd imagined it.  Sabien didn't actually mind being alone, he wasn't sure why REN had placed him here, but at least with no one around there wasn't any chance of him having one of his...episodes so to speak.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 8:52 pm

As she walked out into the open, Xanthe noticed movement in the corner of her eye.  She tensed up instantly.  It was a curtain.  There was no breeze in this underground labyrinth, so that meant it was either an animal or a person.  She wasn’t alone.  Should I disappear, or investigate?  I would like to know what threats are present…but do I risk them realizing my presence? She tucked a loose strand of white hair behind her ear.  If it came to it, she would just kill the thing.  It was that simple.  She entered the building through the first floor window.
Jason rounded a corner as he reached top speed.  Then, he stopped as abruptly as he possibly could.  Another person.  An enemy.  He doesn’t look like a Naviendan. He looks like…Xperime.  Yeah, that’s it. Jason straightened and eyed the new person intently.  He shouldn’t kill until he knows what’s going on.  This person might know more about the REN.

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