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The Boarding House (Ded. Mat. 1x1)

Xenolith replied...
Feb. 15, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Species: Angel

Description: Weak fire-elemental.

Name: Roselle Daves

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short red hair, light blue eyes, average height and build, tanned and freckled, bright white wings.

Personality: She’s stubborn, outgoing, easily angered, can be unforgiving, protective, sometimes blunt, and loyal.  She can be very passive aggressive and just plain aggressive if you get her mad enough.  Also very open with her emotions.

Stay: Two and a half years

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Feb. 15, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Name: Aoife Blodeuwedd
Species: Dearg-Due
Description: A girl who sucks blood or life energy to sustain herself. She is like the Celtic version of a vampire and a descendent of the Tuatha De Danann. Aiofe is invincible, she has been alive for thousands of years and still looks barely out of her teens. She is vulnerable to sunlight, sleeps underground during the day and can only be killed by beheading. 
Age: She doesn't keep track anymore, but she was growing up during the Celtic invasion of Ireland which started as early as 500 BC. 
Gender: female
Appearance: Aoife is a slender and rather frail looking girl with soft curves and long limbs. Her skin is so pale it is nearly white and her hair is dark auburn and wavy, falling to her waist. She has deep green eyes that glow when she feeds. She has a set of retractable fangs that only appear when she is feeding. They aren't like vampire fangs, there is a fang in front of every tooth, not just her canines. Aoife has a tattoo written in a strange language down her spine that is her Tuatha De Danann clan tattoo. She is beautiful, but she appears sickly as she has not fed in years. Aoife typically wears long dresses, but she never wears a jacket as she never gets cold. 
Personality: Aoife is old fashioned in her ways. She is polite and formal and extremely wise. Aoife hardly ever looses her temper, but has been known to kill for her own reasons that hardly make sense to anyone but herself. She is calculated and calm. Aoife has old fashioned superstitions and social ideas, that can get ugly real fast. She is to cold and distant to seem human, but she is very loyal to those that gain her trust. 
Bio: Aoife lived in Ireland, the homeland of her ancestors for thousands of years. After the Celtic invasion her clan was exiled to the fairy mounds. Aoife soon left her home during the renaissance and went on a four hundred year killing spree through Europe before she set her sights on the "New World". A few years back, she met two brothers who are werewolves, and after interacting with them she realized that she never wanted to kill a human ever again. 
Stay: Aoife and her werewolf friends have been at the mansion for a little over a month. 

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Feb. 15, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Species: Angel.
Description: Weak water-elemental.
Name: Violet Daves.
Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Long red hair, light blue eyes, average height and build, not as tanned as Roselle but just as freckled. Charcoal grey wings.
Personality: Quiet and sort of depressing. She's a glass half-empty type of girl. Let's her sister do most the talking and although she's a little dificult at times, most of the time she'll go along with whatever. She's been considered reserved. Unlike Roselle, she doesn't show emotions hardly at all.
Stay: Two and a half years.

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Feb. 15, 2013 at 11:53 pm

(Sorla, will you be playing the werewolves?)

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:06 am

Species: Vampire

Description: Typical vampire.  Natural light is painful but he can go out for brief periods of time.  Has to drink blood regularly, but typically goes for animals.

Name: Jason Faradei

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: He’s about 6’0 tall, lean and muscular build, long-ish black hair, and grey eyes with flecks of blue and yellow.  Naturally light skin and fangs.

Personality: Laid back, sarcastic, odd sense of humor at times, self-confident, great liar, mildly irritable, can seem dark when he’s in a bad mood but is usually chilled out.  He likes to irritate and tease people, just because he can.

Stay: Two years

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:12 am

Species: Fairy.
Description: Human-sized. Insect-like retractable wings. Sharp canines like fangs. (I'm totally gonna steal Sable now.)
Name: Sable Fontaine.
Age: 22.
Appearance: He has electric blue eyes. And I mean his eyes are really like electricity almost, just with color. His hair is black and kept at a length just short enough not to get in his eyes or stand on end, He stands at 6'2", which isn't uncommon with his kind, and he's strongly built with broad shoulders and muscles hard-earned. His skin is a bit pale, and scattered with scars everywhere; face, arms, legs, neck, back, chest...everywhere. He has sharp canines and a threatening aura. His wings are black and slightly transparent, of a proper size to support his weight without being a burden.
Personality: To be developed.
Stay: 4 years.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:19 am

YAY!  I’m not kidding when I say Sable’s my favorite RP character that I’ve shared a storyline with.  :D

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:22 am

Thanks Xenolith ^_^ I don't often use one character in a bunch of different RPs, but this is the fourth time, I think, that I've used him at least for inspiration.

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:29 am

Name: Mac McCarthy
Species: werewolf
Description: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, and strength. Transforms at will into a half form between man and wolf, transforms into a full wolf form during the full moon. Vulnerable to silver. Wolfsbane cancels out their power so sometimes they take it during the full moon or when they're feeling particularly animalistic. Wolfsbane in large doses can kill a werewolf, but in small doses acts like werewolf xanax. 
Age: 24
Appearance: Mac is tall and has a lean, athletic build. He has a habit of working out until he feels sick to pass the time and it shows. Mac is scarred up and has a tattoo of a triskelion on his left bicep, a hellhound on his back, and a clan tattoo on his chest. He has light blonde hair cropped short and bold blue eyes that turn gold when he transforms or is using his abilities. Mac has soft features and an ever present grin on his face. 
Personality: Mac is very care free and excitable. He is fun loving and energetic and never takes anything to seriously, which can be a relief or a real pain depending on the situation. He isn't to smart, but he is resourceful. Mac loves to fight and drink and just generally annoy everyone around him. He can't sit still and feels more himself in his wolf form. Mac always needs to keep a supply of wolfsbane on hand for when he loses control. While Mac is immature, he makes up for it in his optimistic attitude and great capacity for empathy. 
Bio: Mac and his brother Ray were born werewolves, They are the eldest of a family of six and lived in seclusion in the hills of appalachia with their clan. When Mac turned 18, he took Ray on a road trip that never ended.
Stay: a little over a month.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:30 am

Well, every once and a while you just get a special one worthy of a few debuts.  I am so excited for this; I needed another faster-paced RP.  2-4 posts a day typically doesn’t sustain me enough, but that is what most ones I join end up being. So EXCITED.  Darn, I’m hyper at the moment.  That’s rare.

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:37 am

We will have to be fair and make sure none of the three of us gets left behind too far.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:42 am

Well, of course.  But it’s highly likely there’ll be a couple different storylines going on, so I doubt it’ll be a problem.

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:45 am

Of course. I just hate coming on and finding my partners five pages ahead of me. I like to follow all lines of the story, even those not involving me.
BTW to both of you! We HAVE to make sure characters and genders are equal. I'll have 4 characters: 2 girls and 2 guys.

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:50 am

Name: Ray McCarthy
Species: werewolf
Description: same as Mac
Age: 20
Appearance: Ray is slightly taller and rangier then his brother, and nearly as fit. He has shaggy, dirty blonde hair and bold blue eyes that turn amber when he transforms or uses his abilities. Ray doesn't really look like his brother, he takes after his father where Mac takes after his mother. He has a clan tattoo on his chest. 
Personality: Ray is a lot more level headed then his brother and sort of introverted. He keeps all his thoughts and emotions under lock and key. Ray is also very smart, he can speak three languages; english, french, and spanish and wants to go to school to become a physicist. He is an avid reader and knows lots of useless and helpful things. 
Bio: He grew up in seclusion with his family and his clan, when he was 14 his brother took him on a road trip because they both resented the ways of their people. They never went back and eventually met a ancient monster named Aoife whom they befriended and convinced that she should stop killing humans just to feed. 
Stay: a little over a month

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:51 am

I have two boys and a girl.

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Xenolith replied...
Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:51 am

10 characters—5 girls and 5 guys.  It checks out, mathematically speaking.  :p

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 12:55 am

Alright, give me a bit to write up Mrs. Smith and Natheniel (Yet another of my old favorites I keep reusing.)

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 1:04 am

Species: Human.
Description: Human.
Name: Jennifer (Jen, Jenny, or Jens) Smith.
Age: 23.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: She is actually an albino. Her skin is pale white, and her hair is long, straight, and white as well. Her eyes are a very pale blue. She has a sickly look to her, being thin and tall, like she's stretched out. But in reality she is of a healthy weight. She has a rather attractive womanly figure, by most standards.
Bio: Jen grew up as a single child with her parents in the mansion. She disliked going out, and has spent so much of her life inside that house she couldn't imagine leaving. When her parents passed away, she gained both the mansion and her parents' fortune, at the price of being alone. Only nineteen years of age, she craved to have someone there to keep her company, so she took in guests. Most of the original guests left at one point or another. No human guest ever stayed long. And upon discovering the truth of the beings staying with her, Jen decided to only take in non-human creatures. Sable and Nathaniel have been her two lasting friends, and she has had a relationship with Nathaniel, but they are only good friends now.
Stay: 23 years.

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 1:16 am

Species: Immortal.
Description: Unaging, unable to die. Unless the powerful spell to make him immortal is broken, he is indestructible.
Name: Nathaniel Vanette.
Age: Unknown. Appears early to mid twenties.
Appearance: Standing at 6'5", broad shouldered and muscular, Nathaniel is intimidating. He has dark hair and dark eyes to match with reasonably tanned skin. He has a slouch and usually looks like the brooding type.
Stay: 3 3/4 years.

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Feb. 16, 2013 at 1:21 am

(Of course, since Jen doesn't have a paid staff, and she has no need for money, everyon pitches in by helping her with the house and keeping the large amount of property she owns. I forgot to mention, but Jen or Mrs. Smith doesn't even like to go outside.
Okay then, on to start if everyone is ready!)
Jen yawned and looked at the clock, muttering something to herself about how she shouldn't be bothering herself to be up so early to make breakfast. It wasn't even that early, but she didn't get to sleep until late anyway. "Breakfast!" She called out, knowing anyone interested would hear her the first time. She set out some plates at the large diningroom table as she waited for everyone to arrive.

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