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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Nathanael heard the woman leave, and let out a long breath of relief. Oh, thank goodness. He crawled out from under the bed, still watching the door cautiously as he sat cross-legged on the floor. "Sweet," he whispered, grinning up at Olivia triumphantly.
Brooke picked at her food as she sat at a table all by herself, glaring at the tabletop. She twirled her blonde hair around her finger. This place sucked. Sighing angrily, she dropped her fork and her eyes swept the room. Nobody interesting. Except maybe that guy who always had that weirdly blank expression on his face, but other than that, blah.

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Jan. 25, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Olivia nodded, taking a deep breath in and then letting out, trying to cam herself, her hands were shaking wildly though, she clasped them together in her lap and looked at Nathaneal,
"Ya bette' be a nice person for to 'ave saved ya butt like 'at." she muttered thickly, not considering how rude it might sound, or childish it might sound.  She reached under the bed and pulled out nad brief case again.
Reid looke dup feeling soemone watching him, it was one of the newer arrivals, Broke or Brock, Rook, or something along those lines.  He'd never really cared to learn people's names. it was just to much of a bother for his lazy uncaring nature, he went back to eating his food, or more of wolfing it down.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 5:16 pm

Nathanael laughed a little. "Don't worry, I'll be nice. I promise." He drew an imaginary X over his chest. "Cross my heart." His eyes brightened even more as she pulled out the case again; he loved those beads. Maybe even more than Olivia did.
What? He just glanced at her, that's all? Brooke huffed, frustrated. Jerk. Leaving her food for someone else to clean up, she stood and walked over to his table, sitting down without waiting for permission. "Hey."

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Jan. 25, 2013 at 5:36 pm

Olivia looked up when Nathaneal crossed his heart, she star solemnly at him and then picke dup her unfinished necklace and statrted to bead again.  She didn't know who she was creating this necklace fro, it would probably join her endless collection of neckalces.  She looked at Nathaneal out of the corner of her eye, watching to see what he'd do, he looked happy that the beads again.
Reid looke dup at whoever the girl was, he wiped his mouth with his napkin.
"Hey." he said.  He slurped at his soda pop adn studied the girl, looking ehr up and down.  He wodnered what she was here for and what her story was, but he didn't who it, he didn't really care to know, it was more of an idle curiousity.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 7:51 pm

Nathanael watched her string beads for a few seconds before becoming preoccupied with those lovely beads in the case again. He loved the shiniest ones the best, and picked up a transluscent one, holding it up to the light. Wow. So far, this one was his one of his favorites.
Was that it? All he could say? Brooke frowned. So this guy wouldn't even put forth the effort to start a conversation. "So..." she said, trying to think of something to say, just to make him respond. "What's your name? I don't think I've met you before."

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Jan. 25, 2013 at 8:05 pm

"Reid." Reid said after swallowing a drink of his soda, "And you are...?" he added, knowing it was common courtesy to ask her, his tray was empty again, he wasn't ungry anymore.  He waited for her to answer his question, he tapped his fingers on his table, stirring hsi drink with his stray.
"You like 'at one?" Olivia asked looking up at the bead that Nathaneal was holding.  He semed almost entranced by the bead.  It was one of her beautiful glass beads, she'd been saving it for a special projtec.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Brooke nodded. Reid. That wasn't so hard, was it? "I'm Brooke," she replied quickly; it wasn't like her name was all that important. "What are you here for? Oh, wait, let me guess." Her brow furrowed as she thought, before she looked back up at him. "Depression?"
Nathanael smiled over at her, then went back to studying the bead. "I love it," he said with a nod. "It's so cool." It was one of those rare moments when he was actually at a loss for words.

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Jan. 25, 2013 at 10:19 pm

Reid rolled his eyes,
"Funny." he said sarcasticly.  He crossed his arms on his chest and looked at Brooke, it didn't matter why he was here, did it?  "Why are you here?" he asked as a retort.  He reached his hand over and grabbed his cup, sipping his soda loudly.
Olivia nodded, she looked at her beads and picked out a couple beads with flame patterns on them, carefully adding them to the string.  She loooked back at Nathaneal, who was still staring at he bead,
"Ya can sit 'own ya know?" she half mumbled half coherently asked.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 10:31 pm

Brooke sighed; so it wasn't depression? Was he just like this, normally, even not depressed? She glanced at him briefly before looking away. "Actually, I'm here because of depression." She held up her arms to show her scar-covered wrists. "This, and alcohol, are apparently considered bad by these stupid counselor people."
"Huh? Oh, okay..." Nathanael gave a somewhat shy smile and sat on the bed, on the other side of the briefcase. He didn't want to get too close to her and make her uncomfortable. "Can I ask you something?"

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Jan. 26, 2013 at 12:08 am

Reid nodded, he'd never met someone who was so open about their 'problem'.  He studied her scars and then looked up at her face, he slurped his soda. And looked down at his tray, he shrugged,
"Bad coping skills drug...appearntly terrible things according to my idiotic couselor." he said answering her question.  He siad it almost in monotone, his voice as uncaring and blank as his gaze.
"Wha'?" Olivia ask,ed not looking at him as she beaded the string, she was almost done, almost ready to tie it off to create a necklace.  She wondered what Nathaneal wanted to know.  Her hands starte dto shake slightly again, she'd calmed down when she'd started making ehr necklace again but the thought of having to have a conversation with a real human being, not including herself made her stomach, already knotted with axiety twist even more.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 26, 2013 at 11:58 am

Brooke folded her hands together on the table. So he had bad coping skills..? Coping for what? And why did it seem like he refused to care about, well, anything? She sat there in silence, biting her lip. "What exactly are you trying to cope with..?" she asked quietly, keeping her eyes on her hands.
Nathanael put the bead back in it's place, picking up another one to study, this time a green one. "Well... I guess you don't have to answer, but I was wondering..." He fiddled with the bead, keeping his eyes away from Olivia so she wouldn't end up freaking out. "Why don't you talk very much?"

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Jan. 26, 2013 at 4:57 pm

"Does it matter?" Reid asked placidly,
"Why did you cut and drink?" he retorted.  He slurped at his soda, though it was now done.  He studied Brooke as he slurped at his empty cup, waiting for her to answer, or more of daring her to answer.
Olivia kept her eyes on her necklace, her thin fingers started to tie it off.  She was quiet as she slowly gathered her thoughts together and tried to form an intelligent and good answer to Nathaneal's question.  She chew on her lip and placed the now finished necklace down in her breif case,
"Um I giss i's cause I ain't 'ad anyone to talk to." she finially said slowly, she shrugged like it really didn't matter and picked up another string, this one teh size of a bracelet and looked down at her beads, rubbing her chin and thinking about what color sceme she should use.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 26, 2013 at 8:47 pm

"Of course it matters," Brooke said, cringing a little at his tone. "Everyone and everything matters." She sighed, glancing up at him. Should she tell him why? Did he even really care, or was this some kind of test? "I cut and drink," she began softly, "Because I... Because... I did something very bad a long time ago, and it still haunts me. There, your turn."
No one to talk to? Nathanael frowned as he studied her. But there were people to talk to everywhere! There were tons of people all over the place! How could she not have anyone to talk to? He let his head tilt a little to one side. "I don't get it," he admitted. "Nobody? Nobody at all?"

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Jan. 26, 2013 at 9:00 pm

"Oh that was specific." Reid said sarcasticly, he didn't like her digging and was trying to think of a way to answer either very vaguely or skirt around the question.  He pulled the lid off of his empty soda cup and pulled a cube of ice out.  He stuck it in his mouth and chewed noisely on it as he looked at Brooke, he swalled the now crushed up ice.
"Something bad happened to someone I knew." he finally answered very vaguely and reached into his cup for another cube of ice.
Olivia finally picked out some foggy gray beads and black and orange.  Nathaneal did get it?  What had she said that was vague?  She had said she had no one to talk to right?  What was so hard to get?  She started stringing the beads,
"Uhhh..." she said thinking of a way to explain it,  "well...uhhh..um..I 'ad no one to talk to...or nob'y 'ober enough to gi'e a screw." she said, hoping her slow slur hadn't made the already poorly said and worded answer any harder to understand.  Olivia shrugged helplessly unsure of how else to explain it.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 26, 2013 at 9:14 pm

Brooke raised a somewhat amused brow. "You want me to be specific? And here I thought you didn't care." But his next answer made any hint of amusement fade from her face, and she nodded. "I understand. That's kind of what happened when..." She trailed off, not sure she should say anymore. He probably wouldn't care anyway.
"Ooooh, I see now," Nathanael said, nodding. Poor girl. But the people around here were sober, right? So those were some people to talk to. If she wanted to talk, anyway. "That must've sucked, huh? I wouldn't have been able to keep so quite like you do..." He smiled sheepishly. "Since, well, obviously I'm kind of a chatterbox..."

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Jan. 26, 2013 at 9:26 pm

Reid chew silently on his ice, it crunched noisely in his mouth as he looked at Brooke.  He didn't even take his eyes off her when he reached into his cup for more ice.  he wondered if Brooke was using him as sort of a couselor/brick wall to talk to.  Some teens hated talking to the actual couselors but would spill their guts to other teens who'd been through similar situations.  Reid wodnered if Brooke was like thos etypes of teens.  He tried to make his face looked kind, but couldn't manage it, he'd been the brick wall to long and couldn't show emotions unles stheyw ere over whelming.  
"sorry." he finally said stiffly, in his pretty much normal placid tone.
Olivia shrugged as she beaded her braclet.
"Cha''er boxes ain't bad." she stated carefully.  She glanced him through the corner of her eye.  She didn't answer his comment about it sucking that she'd had no one to talk to her.  It wasn't like I was sober a lot of the time either.  she thought.

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Fortunate replied...
Jan. 26, 2013 at 9:44 pm

"Don't be sorry," Brooke said, faking a smile as she shook her head. "Nothing to apologise for. Sorry, I'm probably getting on your nerves..." She felt her eyes burning, and looked away. She couldn't just start crying in front of this guy; he had his own problems to worry about. "Sorry."
Nathanael couldn't help but smile at that. "Not bad, huh?" He shrugged. "That's good, I guess. Although I have to be pretty annoying, I'm sure of that..." But he couldn't really help that, could he? He liked to talk.

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Jan. 27, 2013 at 12:27 am

Reid's throat constricted and he swallowed, great this girl was about to cry.  He'd enver had to deal with a crying girl, who's tears were probably his fault.  He looked down at the table, his placid gaze giving way to awkward embarresment showing he did have emotion he just didn't show them.  He cleared his throat to get ird of the knot it and hoped he wasn't as flushed and embarressed as he felt.  Yes he'd seen people cry before and had shruged it off, his couselor had cried, other patients had cried, but none had cried directly becuase of something he'd done.   Pleas edon't cry, please don't cry.  Reid begged mentally, he was trying to fix his facial expression back to his normal placid I-don't-care look.
"No ya don'' git annoyin'."  Olivia said, which was her rather rough way of sayings he like dto hear him talk.  Even though he may just hang around with her becuase he liked her beads and could talk non-stop with interuption she could at least pretend he hung around becuase he like dto be with her.  THough his presence did make her axious, anybody's presence made her axious, she was afraid of messing up and getting people angry, she was afraid of taunted or teased or bullied like had happened in the short amounts of time she'd been to an actual school.  She added a dark rusty orange bead with a black flame-like design on to her braclet.

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HereWithoutYou replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 1:53 am

A tear broke free, and Brooke quickly wiped it away, hating that she was probably making poor Reid uncomfortable. But at least something was showing on his face besides that blank, uncaring stare. "I'm sorry," she said, sighing and letting her bangs fall in front of her eyes.
Nathanael was confused again. "I'm not?" Huh. He could've sworn he talked to much. But if Olivia was okay with him talking all the time, then... well, that was great! He could talk as much as he wanted.

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Jan. 27, 2013 at 10:21 am

Oh mercy. Reid thought when he saw Brooke actually start to cry, he scratched his head and looked around the room, hoping to find a couselor or someone who would know what to do.   He was forcing is face to it placid blank look as he searched, the blush left his cheeks and soon he looked normal again.  He glanced back at Brooke too see if she was still crying, unsure of what to say or do.
Olivia shook her head firmly and put her bracelet down in the case.  Lunch would be over soon and they'd have 'exercise time' in the 'yard'.  She was dreading exercise time which meant wandering around a yard full of teens with the couselors watching their everymove.  There was a also a fence, a tall metal bar fence that surrounded the property.
"We shoul' go." she said as she packed up her beads.

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