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Shining.Crystal? (1x1)

Dec. 31, 2012 at 3:20 pm

((Great skellie!!! I was going to post mine today, but it turns out I really need to go take a shower, and do some other stuff, and then we're going to be gone this evening at another family's house. So, I'll post mine as soon as possible, which should be tomorrow!!
In case I forget to tell you later... Happy New Year, Honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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Jan. 1, 2013 at 2:22 pm

((Hey. Honor... would you mind terribly if I waited until tomorrow to post my skellie? I came down with the flu last night, and I'm feeling really terrible. I can't focus on anything, much less write out a skellie! I promise I'll do it as soon as my head clears, though.
Hope you had a happy new year!!! Or, are HAVING a happy new year. Whatever. XD ))

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Jan. 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm

((Thanks, Honor!!))

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Jan. 2, 2013 at 1:05 pm

((I'm still pretty sick, but my head is clearer. XD So, I'm going to attempt to write out a skellie. I might add more details to it later, but here's the basic: ))
Name: Jordyn Keller
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Looks: Jordyn has long blonde hair, that falls to her waist. It's stick straight, and dull-colored, without the gloss and shine that is fashionable. Her eyes are deep green, with very long, but light colored, lashes. Her nose and cheekbones are sprinkled with light freckles, and her chin is slightly pointed.  She's slim, but has pretty much no figure to speak of, much to her chagrin. Her skin is fair, but not pale.
Her family is high-society, so Jordyn can afford to dress well. She does, but despises the loud fashions that are stylish at the time, and tends to go with simple but expensive tailored looking styles. Just-above-knee-length skirts are a favorite, with leggings, boots, and a starched blouse.
Personality:  Jordyn is very sweet, but also spoiled. When it comes to people less fortunate then herself, she is the epitome of sympathy and helpfulness, but when she doesn't get her way in regard to someone of the same status as herself, she can get rather stubborn, and sometimes brattish. When everything is going how she wants it to, Jordyn is the main source of joy and light in her family's home. But when she's disappointed by something, or isn't given her own way, she can get awfully sulky, often staying that way for days.
She's very sensitive, and takes offense easily. Sometimes she'll spend hours agonizing over what she did wrong, when she didn't do anything, and the person she was talking to was simply having a bad day. People confide in Jordyn all the time, because she's very good at keeping secrets. She would literally die before she would give away something that someone told her in close confidence.  Jordyn can't stand injustice, and this was what made her give her dose of the medicine away. Her father had distributed it among her family, but when she realized that the lower class people weren't being given the same thing, she rebelled, and though she pretended to take the medicine for her family's peace of mind, she in actuality gave it to the cook, to give anonymously to someone in the lower classes.
History: Ever since she can remember, Jordyn's family has been wealthy. She's always had the best of everything, no matter what was happening to the rest of the world. Her parents are, sadly, divorced, and her mom lives a few streets away. Jordyn's dad divorced her mom when her mom started being away from home six days a week, and wouldn't tell him where she was going. Jordyn's mom gave up any custody of her children, and only sees them every once in a while.  Jordyn's dad, Chaney, takes care of her and her siblings, and works from the home. They live in a huge house in the middle of town.
Family: Father- Nicholas. Mother- Mariana
            Brothers: Kelly, (17), Drake, (13).
             Sisters: Hanni, (18).
((Okay, how's that?? PLEASE let me know if there's a contradiction, or I forgot something important. ))

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 2, 2013 at 1:12 pm

((It looks fine to me. :-D  I hoep you get better soon.  Oh yeah I forgot Zhane's father's name is Bryant and her mother's name is Sage.  
Do you want to start?  Or do you want me to start?))

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Jan. 2, 2013 at 1:16 pm

((Yay! Okay. Um... how about YOU start. I'm the official *worst* RP starter ever. Actually, I'm the worst at starting anything. =D
Oh, btw, where in the story are we starting? Like, what has just happened, and what has been going on for a while, or whatever? ))

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 2, 2013 at 1:29 pm

((Um it'll be how about like a week fater Zhane got the medicine.  We'll say the morning of July 10th like 3333( I don't know what the eyar should be so I just made that up. :-p)))
Zhaned lifted little Galant out of his crib, the baby started to scream becuase she'd woken him up.  
"Shhh." Zhaned muttered.  Her older sinlings were already gone for work and her mother hadn't even come home lats night, her father was sleeping off a hang over before he headed for the mines, where he  worked.  She looked around at her young siblings,  
"Maddox, clothes on now, we're goin' outsi'e." she commanded the naked little boy who was playing the corner of the room.  
"I don'' li'e cwoze!!!" the little boy whined.
"Yeah? Well at leas' git ya pan's on." Zhane begged.  Maddox shook his head.
"Andru!  Help Maddox put his pants on we're going outside." she told her sand haired young brother.  Andur grabbed his twin, Hugo and they both made Maddox get his shorts on.  
Then Zhane hearded the yelling, screaming, and whing group of hungry kids outside.  She sat down on the ground leaning against the wall her sibling satrted to play in the dusty, dirty streets.  The kids could play in the streets becuase the rich were the only people with cars, the poor walked, and teh rich only drove through the poor community to get to the country, that rarely happened so it was perfectly safe to play in teh streets.  Most of the boys were wrestling, boxing or fighting in some way with one another, some of the girl were joining and Reeve was playing with her straw doll that Remi had made her.  
Zhane rubbed her eye tiredly, the family hadn't eaten in a bit because they hadn't been able to scrape together enough to get even a crust of bread.
 Zhane rocked the baby in her arms, trying to get him calm down and stop crying.  She wondered how her 'donor', the rich kid who'd given her the meds was doing.  The syptoms had started to go away as soon as she'd started taking it.
"MADDOX!" she yelled, "Keep ya clothes on, or go insi'e!" she commmanded.  The little boy pouted, but did as he was told.  
It was hot out and in the poor community that meant the roads were dusty, the houses were so close together it didn't allow any small breeze through so it was also dry and teh air was still.  Which made thing even more hot than they already were.

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Jan. 2, 2013 at 4:47 pm

((Great post!!!!! I want to do a decent sized first post, so, because I don't have much computer time left today, it'll have to wait until tomorrow.  That's one reason why I can't do really fast-paced RP's... I have limited computer and Internet time every day. And five siblings. Who also want to use the computer. XD ))

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Jan. 3, 2013 at 1:18 pm

((Okey-dokey! Here goes: ))

Jordyn awoke with a start, from her dream. The back of her neck was drenched with sweat, and her damp hair clung to her back.  Groaning, she rolled over, and squinted out the window next to her bed. The sun was already far above the mountain ranges in the distance, and the streets were already busy, with high class people, all of whom were wearing white bracelets, to show that they had been given the medicine.

Glancing down at her own wrist, Jordyn saw her own bracelet. That bracelet was a lie, though. A week ago, she had smuggled the medicine down to the cook, who had taken it to a needy family somewhere in the lower class villages. Jordyn had kept the bracelet, however, so as not to worry her family. As long as she stayed out of contagious areas, she would be fine. At least, she hoped she would be.
Shivering, she thought of her dreams for the past few nights. Raging madness, and all sorts of random, vivid memories thrown in. The other day, she had seen her mother, Mariana, walk in the door of the house, smile, and wave at her. But... that couldn't be. Mom had moved out five years before. And when Jordyn had made a startled sound, Drake had looked at her strangely, and back at the place Jordyn was staring. Jordyn? he'd said. What are you looking at? There's nothing there! Jordyn had blown it off, and replied that she'd just been thinking.
Wasn't hallucinations part of the symptoms? Jordyn shook the thoughts from her head, and swung out of bed. Walking over to her dresser, she picked up the hairbrush, and started to run it through her hair.
The rest of the family was probably already at the table for breakfast.
((How's that? My posts probably won't be quite THAT long every time, but I really hate one-liners, so they definitely won't be that short. =D ))

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 3, 2013 at 1:45 pm

((Yeah that's good. :-D I agree one liner aren't ver cool, unless you're in a fights cene with another person or something like that.  You're feeling better today?))
"'Ere 'old Gallant." Zhane commanded her younger sister Remi.  She placed the now quieted baby boy in her sisters arms and stood up.  Going inside she picked up Gallant's crib.  The crib wasn't really a crib, just an old crate that had been converted into a sleeping place for the baby, rags were placed on teh sides and bottom of the crate to make it softer and, hopefully, safer for Gallant.  She took the crib outside and placed it next to the house.  
"I'll take 'im ag'in." she said to her sister, flashing Remi a smile as she took the baby and placed him in the crib.  Zhane heard her father stirring.  He'd be up and heading to work now, that was good as soon as he left Zhane was going to go see if she could procure, i.e. steal some food for the family.  Espciailly something for Gallant and the little ones, they were too thin and small already.  
Zhane's father stumbled out of the house, muttering under his breath, he passed the kids without saying a word and headed off for the mines.
"Remi, I'm goin' to go see if I can fin' somthin' for y'all to eat.  Kay?  I'll be back w'en I can." she said quietly.  Remi nodded.
"I'll wa'ch 'em kids." Remi promised.
"Make sure Maddox kee's 'is shorts on." Zhane said standing up.
"Yeah, I will, Zhane, bye." Remi said smiling.  Zhane nodded and walked off, moving past the young children quickly and heading for teh richer part of town.  She'd probably see if there was any reject, burned, bread form the bakery first.

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Jan. 4, 2013 at 12:57 pm

((Okay! Yeah, I'm definitely feeling better. My fever's gone, and now the only problem is my cough and stopped-up nasal passages. =P I'm really hoping that I'm back to normal by Monday... first choir rehearsal after Christmas! They'll be handing out new music, and all that.
Oh, btw... I was figuring maybe we could do something interesting with the whole 'white bracelet' thing. Maybe there are certain parts of town where you're not allowed in, unless you're wearing a bracelet...  it could even be the way the two girls meet, up, or something like that. What do you think?))
   Jordyn finished dressing, and exited her room. School was out, because of the recent plague, so she didn't have to worry about anything like that.
   Walking down the stairs, she met her brother, Kelly, who was walking up.
   "Jordyn!" He smiled, and turned himself around, so he was walking next her, back down the stairs. "Dad sent me to get you. He was worried that you weren't feeling well, or something."
    Jordyn gave a light laugh, even though she didn't feel like it. "Oh, I'm fine. Just slept late."
   Entering the dining room, she saw the rest of her family gathered around the table. It was a giant table, and her family's small size made it look even bigger.  Her older sister, Hanni, was just rising from her seat, carrying her plate. She flashed a quick smile at her younger sister, then looked at Mr. Keller.
   "Dad, I need to leave for work now. My boss will be wondering where I am!"
   Hanni worked as a secretary, for a government official.  That was how it had been so easy for the Keller's to get their medicine doses. Apparantly, the closer you are to the government, the more comforts you got.
   Hanni left, and Jordyn slid into an empty seat. A maid came out of the kitchen, with a steaming plate of hot breakfast, and set it down in front of her. "Thanks," Jordyn said, quickly glancing at the maid before she went back into the kitchen with a nod and a smile.

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 1:09 pm

((Yeah, that's make sense, becuase if you didn't have a braclet then you could.  How would you want it?  Like the whole rich area is fenced off because they don't want the poor and pontenially in fected people in the rich part of town, or only certian areas? (Like government buildings, schools, places like that)  I think the certina areas it''s blocked off would work better becuase the poor people do do some work in the rich part of town. (Cleaning the streets and sewers, janitors, stuff like that)
Glad you're feeling better!))
Zhane walked down the dusty road, her feet were bare, she had a set of shoes, or rather she and her sister Remi and Quenton had one set of shoes between them, but Zhane rarely wore them.  QUenton mostly got to wear them for work.  She kicked teh dust up, but it didn't even blow around at all becuase it was so hot, dry, adn windless.  She finally came to the fence.  It techniquely wasn't a fence too keep the poor out, it was just a fancy wall that seperated the sums fron the rich part.  She climbed up the wall and then down the otherside.  
Zhaned pasued on the otherside of the wall.  She was alsways startled by the rich part of town.  It was so lagre and clean and teh buildings were lavishly decorated.  Zhane could smell breakfast beng served from the houses.  She shook her hea dto clear it and trie dto ignore her stomach, which felt even more empty now that she smelled food.  She headed for teh bakery, sometimes when bread was burned it was thrown away, most of the times it was sent to the agricultural center to feed teh animals though.  Even the animals were more important than the poor.  Only the worst burnt bread was thrown away.
Zhane came to the bakery and walk behind it, hoping to be able to get in the back way and steal some of the bad bread that was kept in a back storage room until it was either sent to the dump or to the agricultural center.

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Jan. 6, 2013 at 3:01 pm

((Thanks for bumping! I was about to come looking for this one.
Yeah, lets say that the government buildings and the food and medicine warehouses are fenced off... and maybe some of the neighborhoods. Like, the really high-society neghborhoods.  The part Zhane climbed into could be one of the less guarded and lower security parts of the town.  I'm thinking that Jordyn, because of her sister's job, lives in a pretty high-security part of the area. ))
After Jordyn finished her breakfast, she rose from her seat. "Dad? I was going to walk around outside, if that's okay."
Nicholas Keller gave his daughter a nod of consent, before rising himself. "Okay, honey. Just be careful."
Outside the house, Jordyn breathed in deeply. The air was cool and fresh where she was, despite the darks clouds of disinfectant fires over the lower class neighborhoods, off in the distance.  Shoving her hands in her coat pockets, Jordyn headed towards the neighborhood borders. Approaching the gates, she raised her voice. "Hank!"
The gatehouse guard poked his head out of his trim white shack, and smiled. "Hey, Jordyn. Need the gate opened?"
"Yeah; thanks," Jordyn answered, giving him a smile.
The neighborhood was surrounded by a tall stone fence, lined with barbed wire. It was supposed to keep the infected people out. The gate was a large door, guarded night and day.  It swung open, now, on its giant hinges, and Jordyn slipped through, with a final wave at Hank.  To get back in, she would have to scan her bracelet on the security cameras and sensors set up on this side of the gate.  Jordyn though the security was a little overkill, but it was government protocal.
Once outside of the gate, she looked eagerly around her. The town was bustling with people- most of them disinfected, but some were still not wearing a white bracelet. Jordyn tried to distill the feeling of panic that welled up inside her at the thought of catching the disease. Nonsense. You can't catch it! You're always careful.
But she knew that wasn't right. She wasn't careful. She was always getting yelled at for holding babies that hadn't been disinfected, or petting dogs that no one knew where they had come from.

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 6, 2013 at 4:59 pm

Zhane entered the building and slipped back to the storage room.  She picked up a couple of the loaves that were burnt, but didn't look awful.  She was about to grab another when the door opened..
"Hey, theif!!" someone shouted, she spun around and saw one of the apprentice bakers.  He was holding some burned loaves, he threw them down and lunged at Zhane.  She dove to the side and ran past him, shoving the bread in to the waistband of her pants as she ran.
"Stop theif!" the apprentice yelled following her out.  Zhane ran as fast as she could, darting down the street, people jumped out of her way recognizing her  as a poor person and notw anting to touch her.  Zhane ran faster , she needed to get the wall and climb it so before the police came to arrest her.  The police wouldn't come to the poor area, not if they could help it at least.
"Stop theif!" the apprentice yelled again running after her he was gaining.  Zhane picked her pace up.

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Jan. 8, 2013 at 1:33 pm

((Aha! Thanks. Sorry I didn't post yesterday! It was kind of hectic. I wasn't going to be able to post today either, but I just finished babysitting for four hours (*wipes forehead with relief*), and I got all the various important emails sent, that I needed to send. Got done quicker then I thought it would! So, here we go:))
Jordyn looked up, startled. She heard shouts, and saw a girl flying down the street, as if a lion were on her heels. Well, a metaphorical lion. It was Jake, that annoying apprentice baker.
Jordyn grinned. She'd help the girl, if only to annoy Jake. Rising from her seat on the curb, she took off in a direction that would take her around, and then she'd come out right in front of the two runners.
Stepping out from behind the wall, she almost collided with the running girl.

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 8, 2013 at 1:59 pm

((You're welcome.))
Zhane curved suddenly when a rich girl stepped in her way and nearly fell.  She regained her balance and darted over to the wall, she instaantly started to climb the wall, herf ingers clinging to the tiny bare descernable hand holds, her bare toes finding places in the wall to rest on too.  She looked back to see what had become of the head baker and the girl she'd nearly run into.  
Zhane was bretahing hard, but she was almost to the top of the wall, then she could get down the otherside to safety.

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Jan. 8, 2013 at 2:05 pm

"Hurry up!" Jordyn hissed over her shoulder to the climbing girl. "I can hold him off for a few moments."
Jake was quickly approaching, his face red with rage and exertion. "That mangy little rat!" he shouted, shaking his fist. "She stole my bread!"
Jordyn rolled her eyes, and stepped in his way. "Jake, come on. The stuff was probably burned anyway. Admit it. Wasn't it?"
"Sure it was," Jake blustered, trying to get around her, but failing, as Jordyn stepped firmly back into his path.
"So why get mad? Let her have it. She won't come back to your shop, will she?" Jordyn flung over her shoulder, pointedly. "Especially now that she knows it makes you so mad." Jordyn smiled, sweetly.

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 8, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Zhane hurried up and climbed over the wall, she half fell half climbed down the otherside.  No she wouldn't be going that bakery again, she try and find another place to steal food from.  Zhane started to walk back to her house, catching her breath as she did so.  
Zhane kicked at a rock in the road as she walked.  Why had that girl helped her?  She'd never seen her before and rich people normally held the poor in contempt and never meddled in theri affairs.  Zhane shook her head a bit confused.  She picked her pace up, she wanted to get back home and give this bread to her siblings.

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Battle-Colors replied...
Jan. 9, 2013 at 1:02 pm

((Saturday from around 13:00 hours-16:00 hours I won't be able to get on.  Give or tak about 10-15 minutes on either side. And that will pretty much be every Saturday between those times I won't be able to get on.))

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Jan. 10, 2013 at 11:22 am

((Hey! Thanks for bumping. I would post today, but I really can't! I was able to snatch a few minutes to come on here and say "hi" to Mykel, but I can't concentrate and do any RP posting today... my mom is in surgery today, and so it's kind of hectic around here. Sorry!! I'll post tomorrow, okay?))

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