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Busting Through (A "Busting" Roleplay)

leah1027 replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Jo: Central America

Jo gave snooze a halfhearted smile and raised her hand to complete the pinky swear. It had been a while since she'd seen anyone use the old childish gesture but it uplifted Jo's spirits a little.

"Alright," Jo said. "Just beware, I'll hold you to it."

She let out a short laugh as she heard Snooze's stomach grumble. She hadn't really thought about when the last time he ate was, but she couldn't imagine that there was much edible food out in the middle of the jungle.

"Come on," She said, gesturing for him to follow her as she walked outside. "Let's get you something to eat."

Noah: Fort Paris

Noah glanced back to where Bobbi was pointing. The east wall of the fort, just down the road, seemed to be under heavy fire from Human troops and he could see more reinforcements running to help from the south.

Then he noticed the other thing Bobbi had gestured to- his instructor was having an angry discussion with someone on the telephone, conveniently facing away from them.

"I'm up for it," He answered her with a shrug, excitedly turning to jog towards the wall before the instructor could have a chance to notice.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:49 pm

(Gotcha, Dolphin. I shall remember. XD)
Leona: Arizona Base
Leona watched Aurora leave, her jaw tight and teeth aching from the force of it. She knew who stood outside her tent, and she was reluctant to face him. But Leona had never been a coward.
"Come in," she said, less firmly than she had hoped. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh as she sat behind her desk. She'd need to sit for this particular conversation.
Bobbi: Fort Paris
Bobbi ran after Noah excitedly, practically skipping, her heart prancing with fear and excitment. She knew trainees rarely got the chance to fight---actually, never---and she could only guess too-well how Noah must be feeling.
Just like her. Bobbi hadn't shaken her trainee-like thinking.
At the gate, a few soldiers looked down at them. One, who was spraying fire from his hands onto the humans below, gave her a nod. She knew him; he was always the one to open the gate for her missions.
He called down to her. "Sent her to take care of the humans around the corner?"
She nodded. "Got a soldier with me. I'll be fine." She nudged Noah's side, and the soldier nodded, oblivious to her lie.
"I'll cover you," he called again, and the gate peeked open two feet. Bobbi slipped through, looking at the humans retreating before them, distracted by the fire. To her right, the way was clear, but Bobbi saw the humans ahead, trying to sneak in a back way.
Why did I agree to this?
Well, because Bobbi, you were bored.
Bobbi turned and headed to the right, hoping against hope that Noah was, indeed, the soldier she'd said he was---and not an inexperienced trainee.

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Jem Arizona Base
One of the many things about Jem's job was giving children anual check-ups. hey tried to keep a regular thing at the Arizona Base, mostly because an child there had to be healthy if they wanted to fight, right?
He walked into a the small waiting room to find a small girl curled up on the offered bed. A twinge of guilt went through his hest, as Jem thought of someone he knew that would curl up just like that...
"Hello."Jem introduced carefully. The last thing he wanted to do was frighten the girl. She was obviously Asian, with almond eyes and long dark waves of black hair. It didn't hide the fact that she looked malnourished. Jem glanced down at his file, scanning it quickly."Is your name Choo?" He asked softly, sitting across from from her.
It was obvious she was scared, and the file said that most believed that she "wasn't all there." It would just be best to take it slow.
Snooze Central America
Snooze didn't know why she laughed; was it because of his stomach? Her pinky was covered by a glove--how could she possibly be wearing gloves in this heat?--though he din't make a comment out of it. He nodded solemnly; yes, she would hold him to his word. Snooze did not want to think about that.
"Thank you."He murmured quietly, obediantly following her. He really was hungry, and as usual, he kept close to her. For now, Snooze was in a tentative trust with Jo. For now.

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dolphinportkey7 replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Kors: Arizona Base
The tent was as Spartan as ever. 
He hadn't known that word, before Leona came to the Arizona base. He hadn't known a lot of stuff before they started hanging out...it was funny, because ever since he'd come back from the Texas Institute and started dating her, there had been a weird distance between them that wasn't always there. Maybe it was because they started dating...maybe they never should have...? 
Leona was sitting, like a teacher getting ready to yell at a student. "So I talked to Ameth just now..." Kors began when she didn't, not really sure where he was trying to take the conversation. 

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Karma_Keeper replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Chay: France-not far from Fort Paris

Chay’s pace quickened, looking back over her shoulder to see four dark figures. Her face scrunched up in irritation as she turned the corner sharply, she needed to lose them, and fast.

A list of faces ran through her head on who could be following her. Her dark hair fell over her face, her blue eyes became sharp, yet no fear pulsated through her body.

Chay made her stride wider, gaining even more momentum and adding a slight hop to her step. She heard the far off voices coming closer, she couldn’t outrun them, so the next best thing was to hide. Chay scrambled up a rigid wall, clinging to it tightly, she waited for her followers to past, holding her breath.

The dark, cold night seemed to collapse around her, she closed her eyes tightly. She wasn’t about to fight a group of grown men, in the dark. Then the odds would be against her, and she was too smart for that. Chay licked her lips, her fingers holding on the cracks tightly. Concentrating.

It was too late, they had spotted her. She closed her eyes tightly, maybe if they’d go away. Just as the thought appeared, it disappeared. One of the taller, but more heavyset men stupidly threw a rock at her, hitting her shoulder hard, the impact set her back slightly, but more than anything pi.ssed her off.

“Come on down you little birdie.”

“We don’t mind”

“We just want our money back, from the night before”

Chay took a deep breath, trying to control her anger, biting hard on her lip.

“You b.itch! We’re talking to you!” One yelled, obviously not in the happiest mood. Chay recalled the night before, and then remembered them, the four gentlemen she cheated out of $100 in a game of dice.

A rock interrupted her thoughts, as it made contact with her neck. That was the last straw. Chay jumped seventeen feet to the ground, landing in front of the four, bewildered men.

“Don’t just stand there! Get her!”

Chay grinned, her eyes narrowing. How she loved to be reckless.

“Don’t just stand there.” She cooed, arching a brow. Her back slightly arched, and her feet placed perfectly.

“Get me.” She beckoned, brushing off her leather jacket.

((Is there anyone in France, Chay could run into it?))

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An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:57 pm

(Thanks, Carson ^_^. Is it okay if I only play as Hector? I know we have slightly more GIfted and guys, so if you'd rather me go as a human girl, I'd understand :) )

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Karma_Keeper replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 8:02 pm

((Sorry guys, I don't know why my spacing is so weird..and hi Leafy!!!!xD))

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leah1027 replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 8:24 pm

Jo: Central America

Jo barely heard Snooze's words over the din on the street, but they made her smile slightly. After navigating through the streets for a few minutes, they finally arrived at the mess hall, where they joined the long line of soldiers waiting to get their food.

Jo had to admit to herself that was becoming pretty fond of Snooze. She'd had several big brothers growing up who she loved, but Jo had always imagined what it would be like to have a little brother. She supposed that the kid brother she always imagined would probably be very similar to Snooze.

"So," She asked grabbing two trays and handing one to the younger boy. "What's your story?" She didn't want to pry, but her curiosity of how a kid like him ended up lost in the rainforest was killing her. Noah: Fort Paris

The sound of shouting and guns being fired goy louder as they neared the gate. Bobbi easily got the guards to open the gate with just a few words- making Noah even more curious about, and maybe a little envious of, her status- and the two of them slipped through to where the battle was raging on the other side.

He followed Bobbi as she quickly turned, keeping to the side of the wall. Noah spared a glance to where the humans were regrouping from the attack of fire and was unpleasantly surprised by the sheer number of them- it seemed that they were getting much stronger lately, and that wasn't good.

Usually Noah was good with thinking ahead, but just then he realized, too late, that he didn't have a gun with him. He'd been too in the moment of finally getting a chance to fight before to think of it, but now it was probably going to come back and bite him.

He wasn't too concerned though. Noah preferred hand to hand combat better anyways. Since he was pretty young he had been trained in how to hold his own in a fist fight, considering that that was the only way his power would be of any use in combat.

The only problem would be to get to a human soldier before they shot at him.

"So any bright ideas?" He asked Bobbi, keeping a wary eye on the humans. For now the guard at the top of the gate still had them occupied with his fire, but that could change at any moment.

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24601 replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 8:36 pm

Choo Arizona base
Choo nodded slowly, relaxing a little.  He didn’t seem that bad, so she scooted towards the edge of her seat, peering intently at the doctor, and then around the room.  She had put her magazine down, and now surveyed the clean white room, filled with various, unfamiliar, noise-making instruments.  They were all very curious, some a little intimidating. She stared blankly at the man, her peculiar eyes blinking questioningly.

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Karma_Keeper replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 8:48 pm

Chay: France-not far from Fort Paris

Chay scuffed, spitting at their feet. She heard fighting nearby, she didn’t realise how close she was to Fort Paris, maybe ten or fifteen blocks away, if she was this close then...Chay’s eyes locked on the men. They could be Gifted. She let out a deep breath, dodging one of the men as they fumbled for her. One grabbed her wrist, his sweaty palm closing around her wrist, she made eye contact briefly before flipping him on his back. Chay felt something breeze past her face, she quickly swung her leg, hitting an invisible figure in the side. A loud grunt erupted from his mouth before he fell to his knees. She kicked him once more before being put into a headlock.

Chay’s hair fell in front of her face, letting out a deep breath, she elbowed his side, she forced her legs up, bending back and wrapping her legs around his neck, with her back arched like a bridge, she then bit the man’s forearm, he released her, with a loud yelp, now standing  up on his shoulders, she grabbed onto the pole above her. Pulling herself up, her muscles aching, and her abs sore.

Her stomach tensed, and her body felt like it was going to be torn in half. Something wrapped around her torso, she felt her body hit the ground, her grip broken.  She was on her knees, her hands by her side in fists. She couldn't move. Chay took in deep breaths, hearing laughter around her. Her breath quickened, the fire grew louder, she could smell smoke. Smoke. Chay tried to move her fingers, but couldn't. Rage filled her, she was too reckless.

“Take her cash, and any food she has.”

She heard her bag being tossed, making her body tense. That’s all she had, she had nothing otherwise. She bit down on her lip until a coppery taste filled her mouth.

“She has over $500 in here!”

Why can’t I move? If only I could reach into my pocket...

Chay felt her head swing up, staring wide eyed at a man in front of her, obviously puppeteering her. She couldn't fight against four gifted, not by herself. She glared at him, as he counted her money, the money she earned, stole, and found.

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Karma_Keeper replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 8:48 pm

((I don't know why those bolded..please ignore.))

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 9:04 pm

Jem Arizona Base

The girl didn't seem to afraid. Actually, she seemed curious, with wide brown eyes. Jem smiled encouragingly. He had learned in his profession that scared children were not ideal to treat. It only caused them more trauma than nessicary.

"Choo?"He asked again, holding out a steady sunkissed hand. If only Jem wasn't short of some sort of toy. Her file might of said she was ten, but ten year olds could still use toys.

Snooze Central America

There was so many people! Snooze couldn't help himself, really. He had to grab on to something, for the fear of getting squished terrified him on no end. Snooze bravely grabbed onto Jo's left arm, staying very close to her. He might of been an independent boy, but that didn't mean he pushed away any comfort. And if anything, Jo was a comfort to him.

Once they reached the mess hall, her let go of her hastily. The smell of food made his stomach clench painfully, and the sounds of people talking made him frown. Still, he obediently followed Jo, resembling a lost puppy as he took his tray. It was chipped and a dirty blue.

"My...my story?"Snooze repeated, his eyes becoming weary at her question. He glanced up at her, shrugging. What was there to tell, really? That he got seperated from Alice, and she already knew that. There was no way he was going to recount the day he got captured by humans. Snooze still had the scars, and he winced at the memory of the smell of blood and pain unimaginable.

"I jumped on a train."Snooze finally answered. Surely that was sufficient enough? They moved through the line slowly, and his stomach contracted again. Jo was probably expecting more, and it made Snooze feel kind or guilty. He pursed his lips, before he glanced up at her again."Um...what's your story?" Snooze asked, with a weak smile. Maybe that would make up for his lack of information.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 9:08 pm

Aurora: Arizona Base
She slipped into her tent quietly, the thick folder tucked under her arm. Her tent was nothing special. A cot in the corner and a chest covered in random items that really shouldn't be left out seeing as how they could electrocute someone.
Aurora dropped onto her cot, pulling her feet under her, sitting cross-legged and opening the folder. It took her over an hour to read each file in detail. All of them were more than qualified for the mission Leona had given her. 
Mission. Aurora pulled out the slip of paper, just sitting there for a minute chewing her lip and spinning the paper around between her fingers. Then after a minute she slowly opened it, her eyes scanning the paper.
Aurora had never felt so confused in her life as she read the words Leona had written on the paper. The humans hadn't started this? But that meant everything they were fighting for was based on a lie. Aurora had so many questions, but Leona had said she didn't have the answers, so Aurora forced herself to focus on the names. Amanyx Sveta-Lubov Foka Petrova, Ronan Sheppard, Zhao Chu-Hua.
Aurora let the paper fall to the cot and moved her fingers to her forehead, gently massaging her temples. With a sigh she opened her eyes, once again scanning the slip of paper. She had heard the name Petrova, she was a young private on the Base, the other two names she'd never heard. 
Why us? 
The question plagued Aurora the rest of the night as she prepared to leave.
(Was that alright, Carson? I believe Nyx's bio said she was at the Arizona Base)

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Roseatta replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 9:15 pm

Shen The Texas Institute

Shen was lurking, and not even trying to pretend that he was avoiding work, or training, or any sort of job. He was supposed to be- he was supposed to be somewhere. Shen didn't remember. It couldn't have been dreadfully important, or else he would've been there- something that no one really seemed to get.

He didn't care about training, or the war, or anything that was really happening-- which was one thing that the guys who brought him here didn't take into consideration. No, all he wanted to do is find Choo and then-- well. Shen didn't really know. He figured it would come to him after he found his sister.

The best way to find your sister is to train here, they say. Yeah, well, if you'd even believe it, I'd be able to smell it.

Shen didn't care too much for fighting- why fight when you could run? Except, Shen reasoned, when you had particularly strong feelings for someone. Like the two older teenagers arguing over something he couldn't hear a stretch away. He could taste the bitter sour-apples-disappointment with the girl and the wood-polish stink of frustration of the boy.

Shen drifted a little farther away, and the emotions faded out of his realm of awareness. Yeah, maybe he could understand why some people would fight.

((This is a bit late... :/ Is anyone else in the Texas Institute? ^^))

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 9:28 pm

(YES, Ronan is. I've been waiting for someone else to be there, hehe.)

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 10:25 pm

(Leafy: Sure thing. ^_^ I don't mind.
Dani: That was perfect! Yes, Nyx is at the base with them; she's actually going to be one of the seven under Aurora, as the trainee. I think the third, Choo, is at the Arizona Base as well. ^_^
Everyone: If you ever feel the need to skip ahead to the next day, feel free to do so with your characters, especially if you're interacting with someone else and skipping a day is a requirement. Just let everyone know; we'll all be sure to catch up quickly. I understand everyone will be on different time zones/doing different things, and sometimes you may have to skip ahead to keep the ball rolling.)
Leona: Arizona Base
Is that supposed to make me feel better?
Leona stared at the man who had once been her very best friend, sadness scraping at the edges of her heart, and, written more clearly on her face, anger. Bitterness. Why had they ruined it? Dating had changed everything.
And now here he was, in her tent, looking the way he always looked when in a tough situation: carefree and tense at the same time, trying desperately to keep everything on lockdown.
So I talked to Ameth just now...
Amethyst. Thinking about him made Leona feel guilty and frustrated at the same time. He was a good soldier. A great soldier. A devout man who respected Leona, and who Leona respected in her own way. She hadn't known him well, but Wade---an advisor of hers who had grown closer to her as the affair with Kors and Ameth, Wade's boyfriend, began---had introduced her to him a few times, always smiling and cheerful.
"And?" Leona asked, trying to sound nonchalant, but feeling weak as mush on the inside. She put up a good front; most people didn't see it. It was her specialty. Before she'd shapeshifted, Leona had thought it was a Gift of sorts.
Bobbi: Fort Paris
Bobbi's heart was racing. She licked her lips as she pulled up beside the corner of the Fort's wall, the soldiers regrouping just on the other side, speaking amongst themselves nervously.
"What's your Gift?" She asked suddenly, whirling on him. "Anything offensive? Y'know, attack, bambam?" She searched his eyes, probing.
"I have an idea. But I need a wallet of theirs."
There's, what, seven of them there? Twenty behind us, currently under fire, literally? Dozens are probably on the way...but the guards will take care of those.
Bobbi's plan was cruel, but no different than what she'd done before to others. Steal a wallet. Find a picture of a loved one. And badda-bing, she was the loved one, all smiles and tears with a sappy reunion, right before she led them to the slaughter, perhaps a secret knife in the back, though Bobbi hated being close and personal with her kills.
Quick and easy with a dagger. She could do that.
Bobbi looked at Noah expectantly. "Please tell me you have an offensive power. That would help..."

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24601 replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 10:39 pm

Choo Arizona base
Choo shook the outstretched hand nervously. Just because this doctor seemed nice didn’t make her feel at ease- just... more so.  Choo had begun to realize she would have to talk to him. She didn’t like talking, but if she wanted to prove she would be of any use to the army, she had to talk. 
“Wǒ... Chu-Hua... ten.”
The words forced themselves out awkwardly, a mix of Chinese and English. She still looked suspiciously at the doctor, hoping he’d understand.  She didn’t want to come of as dull or stupid.  A lot of people thought that, some even said it within hearing distance. Maybe they didn’t think she’d understand.

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An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 10:41 pm

(Okay, thanks, Carson. Here's his skeleton, and I'll post for him in a sec ^_^
Also, Leah, I didn't know for sure---so is Jo still in Hector's group of fighters, or did you change her to the official Gifted army?)
Name: Hector Valentin
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Gifted.
Physical Appearance: Hector thinks himself a handsome young man, though whether other people think that or not is up to them. Being Hispanic, he has thick, curly hair a dark umber shade that he often keeps oiled up. He’s clean-shaven, usually, and takes pride in his self-grooming, oddly enough. His eyes are so dark you can barely tell when the irises end the pupils begin unless you’re standing up close to him, but he rarely lets people that near him anyway. He has a wiry frame that makes him appear a little taller, though if you measure him out he’s of average height. His teeth are very white, nose straight, and jawline strong. His skin is bronzed from living so near the equator and while he has some scars, none of them are much to speak of. Considering he’s Gifted, he has a fairly normal appearance. He also has a habit of smoking, so the faint smell of tobacco usually pervades him. When he’s standing around, he’s either jittery and just cannot sit still, or very calm and still. He’s a man of extremes.
Clothing: Just because he loves messing with people, rather than wearing white or another normal color, he always wears dark colors. Usually it’s something like a black, tight-fitting tank and a pair of black cargo pants. Combine with his seemingly-normal appearance, he could almost pass as human if he wanted to---but he never would want to. But seriously. For a Gifted, he looks extremely normal.
Personality: (Okay, so it’s kinda hard for me to explain his personality, so I’ll try to do that as best as I can here, but you’ll get a better feel of it in the actual roleplay.) Hector is respectful towards those who most other people would not think it’s necessary to be respectful to, and disrespectful towards those who most other people would think it is very necessary to be respectful. He’s joking and mischievous around the “important” sorts or people and serious around his comrades. He has numerous friends, the kind that would die for him, nearly all of which residing in Central and South America, but he also has many enemies, the kind that wish to slit his throat in his sleep. 
He’s the most trustworthy and unreliable person at the same time---it just depends on whether or not he likes you or not, and what it might mean for him. He puts on a cool or jocular facade, and while at times he truly does feel relaxed, most times he's feeling extremely paranoid about nearly everything. As a personal rule, he never trusts anyone and in return, is pretty shifty himself---and he can, after all, ‘persuade’ to people that he’s merely telling the truth. 
Normally, he’s calm and cool, as long as he’s got everything under control. He tries to keep up the appearance that he’s an omniscient sort of guy, but not in a pretentious or know-it-all sort of way, which is something he needs to do in part to keep his people believing that he’s the right leader. But if something goes wrong, he’s quick to flare up and fix whatever’s not going right. When he’s at his angriest, however, he’ll get very quiet and his voice will get very icy. Another exception if he’s around people he’s ‘supposed’ to respect, as mentioned earlier. In other words, he doesn’t give a fig about what people who have greater power think of him, and even thinks it’s hilarious to irritate them. “Straightlaced” people, per se, tend to grow irritated by how casual he seems and relaxed about everything, and that just amuses him. In way, he’s both extremely mature and immature (but don’t tell him that he’s the latter to his face). It just depends who he’s around.
Bio: Hector speaks very little of his childhood days to anyone. Actually, the most he’ll say is something along the lines of having “some family” around Mexico, but he never gets any specific than that---most people assume his family is either dead, or he had a poor relationship with them, and he neither denies nor confirms it, and tries to avoid the topic altogether if he can help it. He does, however, occasionally disappear for a few days at a time for no said reason. 
What people do know, however, is that he built himself up from nothing. That is, from having no power or influence whatsoever. The exact details are unclear, but when he was as young as fifteen, he headed a small group of fighters here and there, fighting against the humans who had then held great power everywhere below the American border. Surprisingly enough, they were quite successful and began gaining more and more weapons, more and more followers, and more and more land. 
By his seventeenth year, he had gained a sizable chunk of territory, and it only kept growing. At first, the human South American military tried to ignore him and instead focus on the very weak South American official Gifted military, but they then realized that that was not an option. At nineteen, his “empire,” as he so likes to put it, hit a sort of wall. His power still grows, but at a much slower pace, since the humans now find they have to fight back. He doesn’t know how much news of his success has gotten out to the rest of the world, if at all, but he likes to think that everyone knows of his infamy. He’s very, shall we say, south-americentric, but overall, his personal life is pretty much unknown, though any child in Central America could tell you about his recent life.
Ability: Hyper-Persuasion. There are various degrees to his persuasion, and he can 'turn it off' as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between between his "low-level" persuasion and normal talking, as he uses his skill so frequently and takes pride in his subtlety. The "higher level" his persuasion is, the more exhausting it is for him – but once he gets it done, it's set in (until it wears off, and the time it takes for that to happen also varies by how much energy he puts in). A lower-level example would be like asking someone else to give him something that isn't too much of a priority (i.e. a small favor, grabbing some food, et cetera), since once it's done, it's done, and he has the item and might not even see that other person again. A very high level of persuasion, however, would be something like putting an idea in someone's head that not only would it not go away, but so it also infests other people's minds who hear of it. He hasn’t used his Gift in that way often, but he’s not afraid to stoop that low either. He doesn't use it too often, actually---not as much someone else might with his Gift. He used to use it a lot, in his younger days when he was trying to survive and, later on, gain power, but now he finds he doesn't have to use it all that much, most of the time. Also, he’s not completely sure this is due to his Gift (but he assumes so since he’s had very little schooling), he has a very large vocabulary. Because of his Gift, he can speak all sorts of different languages---but only if he's using his Gift. In other words, he can't speak languages other than English and Spanish regularly.
Rank: Seeing as he’s not part of the official Gifted army, he has no official rank, but that doesn’t matter in the least bit to him. Hector likes to style himself as the true Gifted Commander of South America, as he is the head of a large group of guerrilla fighters in Central and South America. How people choose to respect that is up to them, but his followers tend to be quite loyal, however, and it would be wise not to anger Hector while you’re in his territory. Suffice to say, he has no respect for the official South American Gifted Commander.
Other: This isn’t part of his ability---though his Gift might have helped him become so good at this---, but Hector has an uncanny ability to pick apart the truth from the lies.
While Hector currently holds great power right now, it’s quite unstable, as the humans definitely have the upper hand overall in South America. The more mountainous areas, where it’s easier for Gifted to hide, is generally safer, and he even has his main building in the Maya Mountains of Belize, where many Mayan ruins (though they are considerably more ruined now) still lay. The extent of his power spans from near the Mexican border to even northern parts of Venezuela and Columbia, and the more inward you get to his territory, the greater influence he has. 
He wants the Commanders to actually pay attention to him and his power, but his main goal right now is to return the Central and South American control back to the Gifted, and he’ll do anything to get there---but his ambitions go even farther than that.
To go on a little with what I was saying earlier about ‘respecting the disrespected,’ he’s very personable to his people. That is, he actually tries to get to know his people and pays attention to their problems, which makes him quite popular among the Gifted in South and Central America---but, again, not without making enemies, either. He also takes traitors and human intruders very seriously, and deals with them swiftly---and makes sure to create an example out of them

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Jem Arizona Base

Jem recognized the foreign tongue immediately. Okay, not stupid. She just didn't know English that well, no big deal. Except that it kind of was a big deal, since everyone needed to know English here. She seemed to know some, but it wouldn't be enough. No, it would just be a start. A small one, though a start nevertheless.

"Can I give you a check-up?" Jem asked, before pursing his lips. He doubted she understood even half the sentence, though he tried not to underestimate her. Instead, he rolled closer on his rolling chair. Jem carefully brought out a simple popsicle stick.

"Say ahhhh." He instructed kindly, demonstrating himself as he opened his own mouth. So far, she seemed coorapative. Hopefully, she'd stay like this.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 10:52 pm

(Okay, that's perfect, Carson, Aurora wouldn't know about Choo anyway, her being just a little girl. So, Ethy, when you and Nacho finish your scene tell me and I'll have it the next day so I can have Aurora go find Choo and Nyx :-)

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