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Busting Through (A "Busting" Roleplay)

CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:04 pm

(Dani: Mmm...had we planned on Quinten stumbling upon it or a maid? If it was a maid, she could always be cleaning their prepared room and drop it on her way out. (I think you guys know what I'm talking about, but maybe now. XD))

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:14 pm

(Was Quentin supposed to? I thought it was gonna be Keegan? either way I think now would be a good time.)

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:36 pm

(Oh, I don't mind. I thought Keegan might try to talk with Eve after the boys leave to hear her thoughts, so it can go either way, if you'd rather Quinten find it. Either way. ^_^)

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:47 pm

(Yeah, that's fine. I just need to think about how he'll react, also, what exactly the diary is going to say. Any help with that XD )

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:51 pm

(I'll bump up our old thread and see if I can help. XD)

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:53 pm

(Perfect, thank you :)

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 10:14 pm

Eve/Jem Fort London

"Commander Hail is right. Rest would be the best for all of us." Eve agreed, standing up herself. Jem blinked at her tone; it was no longer filled with acid, nor hatred. It was a little step, but he supposed it was better than nothing. Eve cast a glance over at Keegan, fleeting. She seemed to have made a quick desicion, before returning her focus on both Jem and Quentin.

"I will show you to your quarters, as well as check up on your companions." Eve's voice was nothing more than a formality, and her gaze flickered back towards Keegan once more. She knew Jem and Quentin wouldn't decipher the message between her gaze--it was much to brief--but Keegan would. I'll be right back.

"It's not far." Eve stated, clearing her throat. The woman's steps were surprisingly evenly spaced with Jem and Quentin's long strides. She lead them with square shoulders, and a small curl escaped her tightly held bun.

(I'll look at the thread :) And is it okay if ah, Eve and Keegan have a moment? )

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leafy replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 10:21 pm

(I don't have time to post now---I probably won't until tomorrow---, but that sounds good to me, Carson ^_^
Also, just as a heads-up to everyone, from Friday afternoon-ish to Saturday evening, I won't be on (first regatta for rowing! :D ), and then I also won't be on probably from next Wednesday-ish to Sunday-ish (spring break! :D ) )

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 10:31 pm

(They definitely need a moment, Nacho. XD
And Leafy: I'm jealous! My spring break isn't until the first week of April, but have fun! And good luck on the rowing! I'm sure you'll do well. ^_^)

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 11:12 pm

Ronan/Tesla: Fort London
Ronan watched Nyx attentively as she seemed to internally give a speech. Her thin fingers rose to touch her hair and her collar. Ronan stared at her hands for a moment, then at her collar and the burn he'd seen earlier.
Ronan was intriqued to say the least. His gaze snapped from her hands to her eyes as he spoke again. He listened silently, but a grin spread across his lips. Stepping forward and lened his forearms against the back of his previously occupied chair and tilted his head,
"Bitter? Mmm, not really the word I'd use. Suspicious. Cautious, maybe?" Ronan's eyes gained the sparkle that usually foreboded attitude.
"But you see, I am being logical. You can't force me to be something I already am, darling. You both have come in from the rain which means you've only just arrived at the base within the last hour or so, which in turn means you came here for a specific reason, you're here, talking to me, which means I was obviously that reason. You're both Gifted, you've come here to show me a message that could have extreme implications on both humans and Gifted alike. So, in turn, how can I truly trust you or this message? What proof of any sort have you given me beside your word? I don't know you, I don't know what your word is worth. Maybe you're both liars. Actors. Maybe you're here to cause trouble, to stir up dissention. "
Ronan stopped and leaned forward, eyes still on Nyx, "And darling, if you think this is cruel, you really don't know anything about me."
At this, Tesla rose to her feet abruptly--having already seen Nyx's look--and shoved Ronan backward.
"Keep your distance, Sheppard, before I break a few of those pretty fingers."
Ronan smirked and crossed his arms, standing with a slight tilt more fitted for a model than a soldier. He moved his gaze--where it was still resting on Nyx--to Tesla. 
"Fine. So let's say I do believe the note, what am I supposed to do with it?"
Tesla tightened her jaw and evenly--if not coldly--met Ronan's gaze. "You'll know when the time comes."
She jerked her chin at Nyx toward the door, an unspoken "we're leaving" and moved toward the door, yanked it open and strode into the hall.
Quentin: Fort London
As Hail gave orders about the rooms, Quentin rose to his feet. He gave the man a quick nod i thanks before following Eve out the door.
Quentin had almost forgotten about Tesla and Nyx. But when Eve mentioned them, Quentin suddenly began to wonder what exactly was going on with them. Had they gotten the message to Sheppard?
Quentin looked down to gaze at Eve's stiff, squared shoulders as she led the down the hall. A small smile did make its way onto his lips for a moment as he thought about her and Keegan. He wondered if Jeremy could see it.

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dolphinportkey7 replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 8:11 am

Wade: Arizona Base
Codename Prejudice looked across the room at Wade from where she was bent over vomiting. Their eyes met briefly, and she sent a thought his way. There's a telepathic wave. The most powerful one I've ever felt. Pulsating from somewhere in the camp.
Wade got up, keeping the napkin to his nose. 
"Simon, I'm going to find Leona. Ask someone to show you to your tent." Wade had his suspicions about what could be causing the surge in psychic energy, though he'd never heard of something like this happening before. He had seriously neglected honing his telepathy in favor of strategy and studying how people acted.
He strode outside the mess hall and turned a corner, making his way down a laser-bulb lit tent street, when he found himself facing a tall, hooded figure.
"Let me guess...The General?" 

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leafy replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 8:50 am


Bland? I've never met a 'bland' person in power. Cruel, yes; stubborn, yes; or yes, even brutal—but never bland. To lead an army—though it doesn't look like you're doing too much leading here, to be honest—, ones needs certain characteristics, but blandness is not one of them.

Somehow, Umbra didn't quite believe that this general was just being modest. And she also didn't like the way he talked about Hector, and especially the way Leona practically bristled at the mention of a meeting between the two men. Hector, no doubt, would find it amusing, but Leona looked like the idea would kill her.

Why does she still allow her general to lead her? Or any of the other commanders, for that matter? she suddenly thought. Umbra understood that that was partly what Leona was trying to do, but she still couldn't help but wonder why their general's leadership had continued on for so long.

It almost seems as if she's trying to gather people for this mission of hers merely to overthrow her general, rather than to actually achieve peace between the humans and Gifted. How can know that she won't just turn around and begin fighting again if we did even end up helping her?

"Good evening," she finally said, though she kept her hands at her side. Was it a bad idea for her, as an ambassador, to neither shake his hand nor call him by his title? Perhaps. But she'd risk it.

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 9:51 am

Eve Fort London
"Here are your rooms." Eve stopped at a dark wooden door, her eyes flicking over them briefly. They landed up on Jem and lingered slightly, before she produced a key from the inside of her tight windbreaker. The jet black uniform made her light features stand out even more, her blue eyes more vivid, blonde hair more gold.
"Aurora and Nyx will join you shortly." Eve added curtly, letting the door open. She let the two walk in--it used to be John's old chamber, and hopefully he'd be alright with that--before she paused."Good night." The word were stiff on her lips before she began down the hall.
She knew exactly where Tesla and Nyx would be, and her strides were quick and efficient. Might as well get this over with. She neede to talk to Keegan.
Commander Hail. Eve stonily reminded herself, even if it was practically useless at this point.
Jem Fort London
Jem couldn't help with the tiny smirk that quirked on his lips. Eve knew she closed the door on purpose, no matter how fast she wished to be away from them. To prove his assumptions, he tried opening the door, only to find that it was locked.
"Of coarse they still don't trust us." Jem sighed, shrugging. It would take time. Just time. His green eyes scanned the room--Quentin wouldn't be hard to room with, he knew--before the familiarity reached him. His green eyes tightened painfully.
It was lightly furnished, with one dresser, a small wardrobe, and two single beds. But not even the new paint job could hide the place where Jem and John drew fake maps on the wall to play pretend soldier. Or the stain of wi.ne when they were brave enough to steal it as teenagers, only to have it leave a stain in the corner. Jem let out a deep sigh, before he slowly sat down on one of the beds.
"This is my dead brother's room." Jem quietly explained to Quentin, who was no doubt, confused. Suddenly, Jem couldn't be here. Not now. "If you would excuse me." He quickly said, bolting up to go to the bathroom, and closing the door. A tiny click signaled that he locked it.
Snooze Arizona Base
"But, Wade-" Snooze abruptly stood up, but i was too late. Wade was set in a determind stride, leaving him behind. He felt his small shoulders slump, his green eyes dull.
He doesn't need a little kid following him around. Snooze thought, slowly sitting down back on the bench. All of the assumptions from before--of Wade actually treating him equally, and not looking down on him--seemed to vanish. Just another reminder of how stupid you are.
And there was another thing. Wade had called him by his real name. How long as it had been since someone called him by that? Alice...
Snooze couldn't stand it anymore. No, he refused to be left behid anymore. Absolutely refused. He didn't know exactly where Wade went, but he knew the way. That would be good enough. Discaring his trash in a nearby bin, Snooze began to follow him. He wasn't about to ask any of the other Gifted dessed in stark white about where to go. That was another motive in following Wade. He was afraid to be left alone.
But at the moment, Snooze was tired of being afraid, too.

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leafy replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 11:12 pm

(Bump! Oh, and thanks, Carson ^_^
Just as a reminder to everyone, I'll probably be able to post tomorrow (no school!) in the morning-ish, but after that I won't be on until Sunday)

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 11:20 pm

(Leah: I don't want to leave Caterina behind, so I'll assume she's escorting them back to headquarters, where the others are. If not, feel free to ignore that bit in this next post. ^_^)
Nyx: Fort London
Nyx watched Sheppard curiously, wincing as Tesla finally lost her temper and shoved him away from Nyx. His gaze was hungry as he stared at her, and Nyx couldn't help but wonder what his story was, despite his harsh words aimed at her. For some reason, his retorts bit much less deep than General Vrain's had; or perhaps Nyx found insults less biting than most? As it was, she gave Sheppard a small smirk as Tesla stormed out, giving a finger-wave.
"Until next time, Shep."
With a dazzling smile, completely unfazed by his remarks, she turned and followed Tesla, her newly-appointed nickname already stuck in her head for the boy they were leaving behind---Shep. She was vaguely aware that the soldier who had escorted them here was now leading them back, the kindly Officer Ilario who Nyx was still curious about.
"Well. That went beautifully." She glanced at Tesla out of the corner of her eye. "Humans aren't very nice here. Maybe it's the weather...?"
She trailed off, considering sunny skies for the coming day. Perhaps that would improve the atmosphere...already she could feel the winds high above pushing the clouds away, though it wouldn't be until dawn that a clear sky would show the end of the storm. Nyx smiled in satisfaction, even as some of the last of her well-spent energy began to fade. It had been so long since she'd slept, and after one heavy storm and one heavy banishment of a heavy storm, she was feeling an intense need for orange juice and a good, long nap.
Delias: Arizona Base
Delias had to chuckle at Umbra's bravery. Her blatant refusal of his generous offer of a handshake was, to say the least, a show of confidence on her part. He let his hand fall without so much as a dent in his hidden smile.
At her thoughts, he found his humor deepening. He couldn't help himself; he snaked his way inside her mind, looking on with curiosity. He wondered, briefly, if he could feel the intrusion as Leona could; other telepaths felt his presence naturally, and sharp minds that were not of telepathic ability could feel his digging if he so chose to dig. But some of the duller minds...well, they were his favorite pawns. Sadly, he believed Umbra would not be one of them.
She allows me to lead, he said calmly, his voice echoing about in her head, because she has no choice.
As he turned, dismissing the other two women, and began to make his way across the camp, he ran into another figure of interest: Wade Xy, telepath and local skeptic, Leona's man through-and-through. He sighed mentally at the waste. Wade could have been such a lovely toy, but Leona, of course, had dashed that hope.
"Ah, Wade Xy. I am indeed he," he affirmed, taking in the man before him with a smile not a soul could see, but he was sure others could feel. "I hope my presence didn't plague you too badly...I must say, my powers can have negative affects on the children of my ability."
He said children of my ability as one would say slaves of my house, his smile never wavering as the presence he had sensed beside Wade only moments before, a young boy named Simon, approached.
Ah, but that will have to wait, he thought, disappointed. I have an appointment with Mr. Valentin...
Leona: Arizona Base
"Please." Leona was impressed by the sheer fact that she managed to speak calmly. "Umbra, if you would join me in my tent."
Her eyes watched Delias's back as he left; she vanished into her quarters, the tent tall enough to stand comfortably in and wide enough to hold a cot, a desk, two chairs, and a nightstand with two drawers for her clothing. It was a bare space, her clothes neatly tucked away and her cot made to perfection. Only her desk told of another story, littered with papers and pens and maps that seemed like rubbish to all but her and perhaps Wade.
Leona pulled one of the seats away from the desk, in front of the other whose back was to it, and motioned for Umbra to sit. "If you would like."
Leona waited, unable to say more, and trusting Umbra to ask the right questions. Technically, Leona couldn't initiate conversation that put the General in a negative light, not if she wished to remain Commander. This did not extend to letters, or telepathic conversation, or even personal thoughts or obvious rude hand gestures. But to engage, one-on-one, with another living being the topic of their General in a negative enough light to suggest displeasure? It would be...most unprofessional.
Speaking of the matter when the subject arose, however...
Hail: Fort London
Well. This is a right perfect mess.
Hail had made to recline back on his bed, his lower half hanging off, feet on the floor, while his torso and head rested on the comforter. His hands supported the back of his head, and when he took in a deep breath, his lungs stretching painfully, it was only to let it leave him again, some of his tension going with it.
John was dead. Jeremy had come back to life in the form of a Gifted. News had come to Hail that, despite the odds, a group formed by a Gifted was being made to end the War and end the supposedly twisted General. It was a lot to process, and Hail knew, without knowing how, that Eve still had many questions.
He could have smiled when he heard her feet on the floor, returning to his room, but he did not sit up; his door was unlocked, and before she could knock, he called, "Come in."

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dolphinportkey7 replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 11:33 pm

(Tum.b.l.r. is clearly having a negative affect on me, because as soon as they had a scene together with no other characters I started to ship Umbra and Leona. I wanna bang my head against a wall and yell "THIS IS NOT BASIS FOR A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP" but that website makes any two characters seem in love if they have any interaction whatsoever.)
Wade: Arizona Base
The General was tall and foreboding. The hair on the back of Wade's neck and upper arms stood up. 
"I'd say I've dealt with worse," Wade said as he raised up his artificial right arm and moved the fingers around back and forth. His nose has finally slowed in the bleeding, enough that he could sniff and be done with it. 
Children of  my ability. So the General certainly wasn't modest. He and Kors would probably get along great. Maybe Kors should have cheated on Leona with him instead of stupid Ameth. Wade couldn't help the corners of his mouth twitching towards a squelched smile. 
"It's good to meet you, sir. " Was it, though? The General would know if it wasn't, but at least Wade could show he was willing to make an effort towards courtesy. 

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 11:39 pm

( Good luck at your rowing regetta Leafy! Have fun, and you'll do great! :D )

Eve Fort London

Eve shouldn't have been surprised at Keegan's reply. Had he really learned her footsteps? The concept sent her heart in a faint flutter, and she swallowed as she glanced down the halls cautiously. Despite it being in the early hours of dawn, one could never be too careful. Seeing that the ball was empty, she swiftly ducked into Keegan's room, letting the door softly click shut behind her.

Keegan was laying half outstretched on his bed. The position made his black shirt show the lining of his stomach, the peek a boo of his light skin. He had always been well built, sturdy and strong. But somehow, Eve had seemed to take in on how built he actually was. Hastily, she averted her eyes, and prayed that a blush wasn't showing. Red showed so easily on her complexion.

"Keegan." She addressed him, and even Eve herself had to swallow back the formality in the name. Relax, relax... She moved closer to him, also seeming to realize how big the room was with just two people in it. Eve flicked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, sitting on a chair beside his bed. It took some effort to loosen her position, and when she did, she sighed.

"Long day, wouldn't you say?" Eve asked outloud, smiling a wan smile.

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 21, 2013 at 11:46 pm

( I love tümblr dolphin! ^.^ You're right; shipping really does get out of hand at times, especially on that website xD )

Snooze Arizona Base

Snooze barely had time to catch the glimpse of Wade dissapearing into a tent. He swallowed hard, gathering all of his courage that was still pulsing through his veins, before he continued onward.

Snooze couldn't help but to stop right outside the tent. His fury of anger seemed to have flickered down to the last embers, and he found himself gripping the straps of his backpack tightly.

I'll just wait outside for Wade. Yeah, that's what I'll do...Snooze thought, before promptly sitting criss cross next to the tent, patiently waiting and forbidding himself not to eavesdrop. Ever since his incident with Leona, who couldn't dare to even think about it. Plus, the tent gave off a sense of forbidding danger, even of Snooze couldn't put his finger on it exactly.

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leafy replied...
Mar. 22, 2013 at 10:00 am

((Haha Dolphin, nice. So Keeve (Kegeve? Evangan?) is already OTP? XD
And thanks, Nacho ^_^. This'll most likely be my last post, so by everyone!))
Umbra: Arizona Base
He's a mind reader. And a telepath. He's heard everything I've thought since he came here.
The general seemed to hold a strange sense of humor, perhaps similar to Hector's, as he let out a small laugh when she chose not to shake his hand---and that laugh didn't make her feel any more comfortable, especially when a cold, almost slimy feeling began to trace the insides of her mind. At least, that's what it felt like...
Umbra at first didn't know what that feeling was, but when a deeper voice appeared in her thoughts---She allows me to lead because she has no choice---, she nearly stopped in her step. She regained self-control, however, before her surprise or hesitation became too obvious and continued to follow Leona. Still, it was a bit of a shock, especially after looking back on what she had been thinking, what that general had heard her think, about him.
She was, though, glad she knew his Gift now. Telepathy. She could let Hector, and the others in South America, know... Her thoughts turned to questions about the general's abilities. How large his range? Is there a way to...block his Gift? And why has it been such a huge secret? Obviously some people---like Leona---knew. Why didn't they do anything about it?
They're sheep. The whole lot of them, while letting that general be their sick shepherd, she couldn't help but think as Leona asked to speak with her in her tent.
Umbra nodded in assent and sat down in the chair the commander offered her. By the look of the inside, it seemed to be Leona's personal quarters. The tent was pretty bare, with the only thing of any interest---and what seemed to be the only place that was not completely organized in the Arizona Base---was a messy pile of papers sitting on her desk. Leona herself didn't say anything more, despite looking like she was about to burst with so many things to tell her. She obviously was waiting for Umbra to start their conversation.
If Hector was in her place, he would've opened the chat with trivial questions---perhaps a remark on the weather, maybe about the fashion sense of the general---, beating around the bush like he always did before finally coming to the fruit of the matter. But Umbra? She took a much more direct route.
"You don't like him," she commented, knowing full well who Leona knew she meant by 'him.' It wasn't exactly a question, but it might as well have been. Why has he been your general for this long, if everyone hates him this much? What did he mean, that you had 'no choice'? What makes him so powerful, besides his telepathy?

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 22, 2013 at 3:34 pm

(Tu.mb.lr ships countries for pete's sake, lol.
Ronan: Fort London
Ronan narrowed his eyes at Nyx's parting words. He was rather struck by her smile, but he shoved it away and crossed his arms as the door clicked shut.
He stood silently for a good minute or so, simmering over everything that had happened. He rubbed his shoulder where the Montagne woman had shoved him. She was tougher than she looked.
He eyed the slip of paper resting on the table. You'll know when the time comes. Ronan shook his head with a scoff, what did that even mean? How woudld he know? But, if this is legit, it could mean huge changes. Extremely huge changes. They can't honestly think I would keep this to myself, there's no way, so they must have told someone else. The General. They must have told him. He wouldn't have let two Gifted just waltz into his base to give one of his men a message without knowing what it was himself. So, if he does know, what is he going to do about it? It's not the right time to act on it yet. There's no possible way a truce or cease-fire could be called right now. Things are far too tightly wound for that to work.
Ronan blinked--too well trained as a sniper to flinch--as the door suddenly slammed open. "Sheppard! Get your asś back to your post!"
Ronan smirked at Captain Malik and slowly sauntered out the door, "Whatever you say, Captain."
He could feel the man's icy glare on his back. But Ronan didn't really care. He had a lot to think about.
(I'll post for Quentin once something is cleared up)

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