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Busting Through (A "Busting" Roleplay)

leah1027 replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 12:02 am

Jo: Central America

It took Jo a moment to realize that Snooze had stopped walking and she walked back towards him, frowning to herself. Jo wasn't exactly good with the whole "reassuring" thing and Snooze seemed pretty scared.

"Do you honestly think they'd force a seven year old kid to fight?" She asked him in amusement. She figured getting on the kid's nerves would at least get his mind off of the war and fighting for the moment... hopefully.

"And even if you were old enough no one would have the right to force you. Jeez kid, don't you know anything?" She smirked at him and continued to make her way through the foliage, which was thinning out as they got closer to the camp.

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Battle-Colors replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 12:06 am

((Um OK, I'll have Luka stay at The House for now, he'll around more later in the RP though.))
Luka: The House
Luka squatted in a dicth outside The House.  He was muddy and was pouting after another failed attempt at enlistment.  Why couldn't people see he could hold his own?  Just because he was small and rather under aged didn't mean he couldn't fight!  
He yanked at his camo jacket, it was cold, night had fallen quickly today and it was pitch black right now except for the lights around the House.  There were always lights around and in the House.  It was a mostly so that people could see at all times and was also supposed to deter theives from trying to break in.  Luka chuckled softly at that thought, those lights had never detered  him from stealing from the House.  
Luka lifted his hands up to his mouth and blew on them to warm them.  He didn't want his fingers getting stiff from cold.  He needed them to break into the House.  Luka shivered, he reached down into the mud and picked up several mud covered, good sized pebbles.  He put them in his pockets and wiped his hands off, he blew on them again to warm them a bit more and then he crawled out of his ditch.
Luka crept towards the fence, crawling on his stomach like he'd seen teh sodliers do during 'stealth traning'.  One hand went to his pocket as he got closer to where the light would shine on him.  His small hand curled around the largest rock he could find and he suddenly pushed himself to his knees and threw the rock at the light.  Then he flopped onto his stomach again.   Crash!  Luka grinned as he heard glass breaking and saw the light he'd aimed at go out.  Now all he ahd to do was take out a few more lights and he'd be able to get in.  As long as no one else heard the crash that is.  Luka slipped his hand back into his pocket and let his fingers curl around another rock.  He quietly prepared to repeat th act he'd just done as he listen for any sounds someone might have heard and would come to investigate.
((  Is that OK, Carson?  I put Luka's post at night because Sky said it was almost night in London, so I assumed that for Luka, being further east than London it would already be night time.  I hope the spacing works out on this post...
I'll post for Humphrey tomorrow, I'm heading off to bed now.  
Good night!

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 12:10 am

Snooze Central America

Snooze's scrunched up face slowly smoothed out at Jo's words. She wasn't the most..."motherly", but then again, Snooze didn't mind it. It was way better than being alone...He did continue following her, though, frowning a little at her words.

"I'm nine."He corrected, though didn't sound annoyed by the fact he got that she got his age wrong. It was another thing he was used, too. Snooze wanted to ask more questions, but it was best not to risk anything, especially since Jo thought he hardly knew anything. It wasn't like it was Snooze's fault. What would she think once she found out that he couldn't read? Or write? Snooze winced inwardly at the thought.

He just hoped the camp wasn't too full of people. People made Snooze nervous.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 12:58 am

(Battle: Everything looks good! :D You can have Luka move whenever you like; I don't mind at all. ^_^
And, since I probably won't be posting until tomorrow---later tomorrow; I'll be gone in the morning and most of the late afternoon, but I'll able to post early afternoon/later at night---these are my character's locations if anyone needs to know:
Leona, Nyx: Arizona Base
Hail: Fort London
Bobbi: Fort Paris
Goodnight, everyone!)

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_Skyye_ replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Aurora: Arizona Base
Aurora crossed the grounds, her mind wandering. The new shipment of weapons had been distributed, all of them were fine, not a glith in sight. 
Glancing up, Aurora caught sight of a shock of graywhite hair. A momentary shock of annoyance flashed through her. Leona. She's only nineteen and Commander, I should be in her spot..
Auroa pursed her lips, annoyed at her own thoughts. She knew she was up for a promotion any day, probably Captain, or Major. She'd just have to be patient.
Not one for regulation, she barely slowed down, but she gave her superior a small nod, "Commander." I'm not even wearing my uniform....

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Leona: Arizona Base
Leona blinked at the sound of the voice, though she didn't startle; no, Leona had learned long ago that startling wasn't what leaders did. They had to be alert. They had to be focused.
Relax, his voice said in her head again. Just relax once in a while.
I can't, she thought back, immediately feeling ridiculous. She was talking to herself. In her mind.
Leona looked at the girl walking beside her, and she immediately recognized the face: Aurora. Leona rarely had time to memorize all of the trainees; that would be a ridiculous notion, and no one expected her to. But she did, however, make it her priority to know the few who both surpassed trainee rank and soldier rank.
Aurora was one of the few on Leona's small list---and another list. But Leona didn't want to think about that now.
"Aurora," she greeted, and then frowned. "Forgive me. The front lines at Ohio have distracted me. I've been meaning to speak to you." Actually, Major Kirsh was supposed to inform you of your promotion, which he's told me three times now he's been too busy to do. I'll deal with him later...I can do this myself for now.
Leona stopped walking then, clearing her throat and giving her version of a smile: A hard, small, cold tilt of her lips. She had never really gotten the smile down, not when she was around her troops. "About your promotion. Major Kirsh never got to you, did he?"

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_Skyye_ replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Aurora: Arizona Base
Ohio. Yes, Ive heard....wait, meaning to speak with me?
 Aurora gave the girl a small, genuine smile, stopping slightly in front of Leona. She dropped the smile when Leona spoke, don't look arrogant.
"Major Kirsh? No, he has not. He's seemed pretty busy recently." He's always too busy.

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24601 replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Choo blinked the sleep out of her eyes, yawning as she hopped out of bed.  The sun was shining out the window, the air was full of bird song and the smell of warm congee was coming from the kitchen. 
“Breakfast is served!”
It was her mother’s voice. 
Choo ran down the stairs, tripping over her much-too-long nightgown as she went.  There they were. All of them: Father, Mother, and Shen, all smiling, all smiling at her. Father scooped her into her arms, tossing her up and down, up and down.
Choo woke up screaming.
“Bu! Bu! Huilaile!”
She rolled over, thrashing and panting in her tiny bed.  She wasn’t the only one who woke up kicking and shouting. Many of the refugees had terrible pasts, but she was the only one who did it on a regular, nightly basis.  She could hear the collective groans of the thirty people she shared a room with.  But it had been so real... Choo looked up at the ceiling, her mind caught in the past.  The dirty, musty room smelled of sweat and mud.  It must be morning, the sky was a dullish pink, and the air, at least for Arizona, was refreshingly cool, albeit a little stale. 
Choo thrust her face into the hard pillow. She wanted to go back to sleep ever so much, but knew she couldn’t.  not unless she wanted to be forcefully wrenched from the past by a blaring announcement.
(("huilaile" roughly (phonetically) translates to "come back" ))

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24601 replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Jury London
Jury strode up to his squad, a big, mischievous grin spreading across his face.
Anyone who had ever known Jury would know that face.  It was his “I’m up to no good and am probably going to start showing off and/or there’s a mission we have to do” face. 
“Suit up guys, we’re on duty.”
Jury was already in his black flight suit, so he sat down and kicked back in a swivel chair.
“Double-time, the mutants aren’t gonna wait all day!”
He loved keeping the squad on their toes, especially the rookies, even though he wasn’t technically supposed to.  He was supposed to communicate with command and maintain the squad’s morale, but he went overboard sometimes... well, most of the time. 
“Cattail! You’re leading Bravo; I’ll take Alpha wing. There’s a report of an enemy bomber squad over the channel.”

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Battle-Colors replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 4:35 pm

Humphrey (Cattail): Fort London
"Yes sir!" Humprey yelled and getting up went over to the lockers.  He grabbed his helmet from his locker, he was already in his flight suit and put his flight cap away.
"Suited up, Judge!" he called as he double timed it to the flight deck to get to his plane.  Humphrey had a rookioe for his co-pilot.  A young African American named Ajax.  His call sign was Illiad, because Ajax played a role in that epic written by Homer.
"ILLIAD!" Humphrey shouted for his co-pilot who came running out on teh flight deck and towards him.  Humprey had to admit, he was a bit envious of Illiad. First of all he had a cool name, Ajax sounded much cooler than Humphrey, second of all the guy was fast.  Humphrey climbed into his plane, Illiad climbing in in the co pilots seat, which was behind Humprey's.
"Ready?" Humphrey asked his co pilot.
"Ready, sir." Illiad responded.  Noww they just had to wait for the flight deck's go ahead for them to be allowed take off, get into the air, adns atrt doing their job.  
Humphrey was slightly sad that Moby had had to stay behind in the barracks.  He'd wante dto take his dog out flying today, but he'd been assinged a co-pilot, which meant that Moby had to say out of the plane fo a while.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 9:18 pm

(Dani: I'm thinking about setting up a way for Nyx and Aurora to meet next; would that be alright with you?)
Leona: Arizona Base
"I thought not," Leona muttered dryly, imagining herself in lion form in a room with a locked door, the Major cowering in a corner. He'd listen to her then, not sneer down at someone he imagined as little more than a young, defenseless girl.
Aurora had dropped her smile, though it didn't cover up the fact that she was out of uniform. Leona smiled at that, but it was a small, genuinely amused smile. She's probably nervous about that.
"Well, since he's been too busy," she stressed the word distastefully, "I'll give the news instead." She gave a more visible smile here. "Congratulations, Captain. It's nice to have a new eye on the team. You'll be aquiring a team under you, rather than around you, this term. As Captain, you'll have seven men under you personally; more will be given as missions require them." Leona ran through the missions to be completed in her head, but one stood out to her. An important one.
One that had been Major Kirsh's. It didn't seem he'd gotten around to that, either.
"I actually have a mission in mind, though I must ask...do you happen to speak Russian?"
I hate envolving trainees...but in this case, we might have to, if the girl does not, indeed, speak fluent Russian...
Bobbi: Fort Paris
Ah, geez. Here we go.
Bobbi gave a smile that was more like a grimace as she approached her ex-instructor. Since the higher-ups around here had learned of her preference---and skill---with assassinations, they'd switched her from trainee to soldier, though she was in shaky training with a new instuctor three times a week.
Those were interesting lessons.
"Instructor?" She asked hesitantly, still intimidated by the man. He turned to her, narrowing his eyes. Clearly, he remembered her.
"Miss McArthur. Do we have a problem?"
"Josh and I just got done with the East Mission," she mumbled, a bit bitterly. "Mission" was an overstatement. That had been dodging mines for, basically, exercise, considering what they'd been looking for hadn't been there. "It was a...no-go."
"Typical." He waved a hand. "Go. I'll report it."
"Go, I'll report it," she mocked under her breath, using a deep, slurry voice. "Jacka.ss."
Bobbi's eyes watched the newly released trainees as they were allowed to escape for the day, her eyes following them. How many would make it to soldier? How many would die trying?
She shook the disturbing thoughts off, shivering as she slunk for a nearby tree.

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leah1027 replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 10:49 pm

Jo: Central America

"Alright, we're here," Jo said as they pushed past the last trees separating them from the camp. It was busy with people, as usual, going about their business. The streets were dirty, cracked, and littered with potholes, but since cars could still drive across them without too many flat tires no one at the base worried too much about it.

They walked past beggars and vendors and soldiers, pushing and shoving through the throng of people, until finally it started to thin out as they got closer to the center. This part of the camp was where the soldiers were located.

"Come on," She muttered to Snooze, dragging him into small, gray building on the side of the road. She went up to a computer and typed in a password.

"Sorry kid, but i'm gonna have to put you in our records if you're going to be here," She said, trying to give him a slightly apologetic look. "So, do you want to go by your real name or just use 'Snooze'?"

Noah Fort Paris

Noah was, to put it simply, bored. He hadn't exactly made it a point to socialize with the other trainees since arriving and, although he found Paris amazing, he was already getting tired of wandering aimlessly through the streets.

He didn't want to go through training if it was going to be like this. Who cares if he didn't have perfect aim with a gun? It wasn't like he intended to be any old soldier on the battle field, anyway. He'd much prefer to be in the background of the war, planning and strategizing.

Maybe he should see if he could convince the Major to move him out of the trainee class. Noah had found out quickly upon arriving in Paris that throwing around his father's name could be pretty useful in getting what he wanted, although every time Noah had asked the major so far he remained unconvinced. Tonight, though, Noah was feeling lucky.

He tapped a girl with dark brown hair on the shoulder as she walked past him. "Excuse me, but do you happen to know where Major Rivette is?" he asked.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 11:24 pm

Bobbi: Fort Paris
Bobbi whirled around when she felt someone tap her shoulder, cursing, startling like a rabbit once more. She skittered back a few steps before releasing a shaky breath, realizing it was just a trainee, a boy with a Middle Eastern complexion, his left pupil practically glowing with silvery light. Bobbi stared for only a moment, but who was she to judge?
She cleared her throat, embarrassed by her reaction to being tapped on the shoulder. "Sorry. And Major Rivette..." She shrugged, eyes scanning the clearing. "He's usually either out here or in Headquarters. Ask for him at the front desk there. They'll leave a message...that, or corner him at his quarters."
She gave the boy another once over, her heart hammering nervously like a bird's, her bangs in her eyes yet again. She detested her fear---caution, she tried to tell herself to no avail. It reminded her of who she used to be.
I'm not that any more, she thought desperately, thinking of her dark hair, skin that rivaled the boy before her, and pale eyes. I'm nothing like that. Not now. I changed. I can be brave now.
Bobbi cleared her throat. She felt the urge to talk to this boy, to prolong the conversation, if only to prove a point: She could be fearless if she wanted. She could do things she really, really didn't want to do.
Bobbi really, really didn't want to socialize. "You're a trainee, right?"

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leah1027 replied...
Dec. 31, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Noah Fort Paris

Noah tried not to turn away when she stared at his eye for a moment. By now he should be used to it but it still made him uncomfortable whenever he met new people.

He was about to thank for the information and go to hopefully find Rivette at headquarters, but stopped when she asked him a question.

He grit his teeth at the question, trying not to show his irritation. Was she trying to make fun of him or something? After all, this girl was probably only seventeen years old or less, yet she was a full fledged soldier and he was still in training.

"Yes," He answered shortly. "What of it?"

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 4:00 am

(Sound great to me, Carson!)
Aurora: Arizona Base
Aurora fought the urge to tilt her head, a natural tic she had when she wanted to now something. This tim eabout Leona, the gitl seemed to have a problem with Major Kirsh, though, most people did.
Aurora appreciated Leona's smile as she gave Aurora the news. Leona wasn't really one for smiles. Aurora's stood a little straighter, a small grin trying to tug at her lips. Finally! I worked hrd for this, I deserve it.
My own team. Though she knew what the rank Captain entailed, the news being directly given to her was a little overwhelming, a self-doubt began to creep into her mind. No, stop. You're a good soldier, you'll be a great Captain and you know it. How do you think you've come this far? You should be wearing your uniform, you know.
Aurora abandoned her treacherous thoughts when Leona mentioned a mission. She quickly slipped into attentive mode, giving Leaona her full attention, gently rubbing the knotted end of the scar on her left palm. Another tic. 
Russian? Aurora hadn't had many situations arise where her many languages were needed.
"Yes, I do, in fact, speak Russian. Fluetly, among others."
Why does she need me for that, anyway?

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 4:58 am

Snooze Central America

Snooze subconsciously trailed Jo more closely than normal. Yes, there were plenty of people alright. It made Snooze's already high anxiety level skyrocket, and he debated several times on reaching out to hold Jo's hand. At least it would be something to hold on to. Fear won out everytime, though. Who knew what Jo could do to him?

It began to thin out eventually, and instinctively, he jumped at Jo's touch. It wasn't harsh; actually, it had a gentle firmness to it. Snooze wasn't just used to human contact, let alone people invading his personal space bubble...

"My real name is Simon."Snooze replied, scoop hint closer to Jo again. So many soldiers in one place freaked him out, too."I got my nickname because I can make people fall asleep." He added, shrugging. Might as well tell her. There was no harm in that, right?

(I'll do posts for Jem and Eve later :) ))

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24601 replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 10:13 am

Choo Arizona base
This looks disgusting...
Choo had made it from her bay to the cafeteria, shifting in and out through the line of refugees and soldiers.  Now, she wasn’t sure what she lined up for.  A pasty bowl of what she supposed was oatmeal laid on her tray- probably made by one of those new-fangled robot cooks, but it looked more like glue than wholesome oats.  She shuffled to the farthest corner of the cafeteria, placing her tray on a rather sticky table. 
Blech- It tasted like glue too.
She put it aside, now looking towards the bowl of canned, tasteless mandarin oranges. She wished she could just disappear. Technically, she should be able to, but she hadn’t got the guts up to use her power.  Choo had told herself she would never use it again not after that day, but she had. It was her only escape route.
Jury London
“Good man.”
He nodded towards Cattail, springing out of the swivel chair and jogging towards his own plane.  It was a beauty.  A fighter jet with fold-in wings, cloaking devices, and vertical liftoff, his plane was high end.  Jury jumped into the cockpit, signaling the ground crew he was ready.  But, the guy with the orange sticks started waved the “no-go” sign.  Jury saw a figure rush towards his plane, running in a black flight suit...
Great. I have a co-pilot
He gritted his teeth as the panting rookie climbed into the seat behind him.  Amazing. Now he would actually have to behave.

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An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 1:04 pm

(Gah---I'm sorry for slinking in like this and for once again being so indecisive again...but could I, um, join this roleplay again? I'd just want to be as one character, if it's okay. And I would completely understand if you didn't want me to :) )

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 1:55 pm

(Eeehhh!! We have barely just started!! I think Carson will be perfectly fine with it!! :-)

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 1, 2013 at 3:15 pm

(Who else is at the Texas Base?)
Jaden: Fort Paris
Quietly zipping up her flight jacket, Jaden stuffed her tags down the front of her shirt, tying back her short hair into a small ponytail.
The meeting with the pilots had been short, apparently something from a locker had been stolen. Idiots. Not like any of us have anything worth stealing except a cig or two, we all share those anyway.
Nobody had come forward. Given her reputation for a poker face, a lot of the men had given her suspicious looks. But Jaden ignored them all with a very well practiced air of indifference.
Her co-pilot, Jacknife, trotted up, his helmet tucked under his arm. "Hey, Sparky, the test flight for the new cloaking device on the model 6 is in ten, see ya on the blacktop."
Sparky gave the man a nod, "Be there in five." Jacknife nodded and trotted away . Jacknife was his call sign, his real name being Franklin Queens, but he never went by his real name, it'd just always been Jacknife. Just like how Jaden was either Cherkesov or Sparky to most people.
She quickly finished strapping on her boots and pulled her helmet from her locker. She was, to be honest, excited to fly the model 6. It had a new cloaking device after the first had been damaged in a dogfight, and a new laser weapon had been installed as well. 
As she crossed the grounds toward the flightdeck she caught sight of two others she briefly met a few before. Noah and Bobbi, both were older than her, though not by much, and neither of them were pilots so Jaden never had too much interaction with them. She personally didn't like Noah given he was a little too much like her in some areas, so she tried to steer clear of him. The last time she'd met someone like him it hadn't exactly gone smoothly.....
Jaden trotted onto the flightdeck and flashed a sign at Jacknife, she was ready.

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