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Busting Through (A "Busting" Roleplay)

CarsonFaircloth posted this thread...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of the Busting Trilogy.
Note: All spots have been filled. If you have a spot for this roleplay, please wait until I give the go-ahead to post your characters.
Back story: It has been three hundred years. Three hundred years since a group of rebellious mutants staged an escape from a terrible prison known as Vrogad. Three hundred years since those same mutants broke back into Vrogad after escaping, destroying the deathly prison once and for all. Three hundred years since the mutants of Vrogad introduced themselves for what they were to the rest of the world—giving themselves the name of the “Gifted”. Now it is three hundred years later, and the Great War has begun between mankind and the Gifted.
Plot: You are a human or a Gifted during the Great War. Whatever your beliefs on the destruction and the discrimination between the two races, you either fight for your cause or you run from harm. However, not everything you have been told is true. The Great War may not be between two races—rather, it may be between two very different people who hold grudges. Either way, you will soon be told this information and you, along with the others who have been chosen and entrusted, now hold the key to the end of the war. Will you take the call and strive to end the battle by hunting for the cause of the war? Or will you try to keep yourself alive?
Setting: Everywhere and anywhere. I don’t want every character in the same place—however, it would be preferable for a couple of characters to at least be in every place. The Great War has overtaken the world. There are, however, some areas of importance.
1. ABOSLUTELY no powerplaying, unless you will give us permission/take a long leave and we feel it would move the roleplay along. REMEMBER, powerplaying is expressly forbidden in fights between characters. Please, please, please don’t make me call you out.
2. Language is allowed. However, no unnecessary cursing.
3. BE LITERATE. I don’t know how much I can stress this. And I don’t just mean spelling. Miss a comma, and I promise I won’t cut your head off. I don’t want novels for posts, but I also don’t want one-liners. Try to be as descriptive as possible.
4. CORRECT FORMAT. Yes, this goes with being literate. If you have multiple characters, bold their name before their post to let us know that’s who is being played. Italic their thoughts or their emphasis on words. Put spaces between paragraphs. I’m sorry, but I won’t tolerate one giant glob of a paragraph for every post. If you use your iphone or ipad, use html. I will post the html formats below for future reference. Messing up once won’t be the death penalty, I promise. Try not to make it a regular thing; that’s all I ask.
5. DEDICATION. You don’t have to post every day if you’ll be on vacation. Give me a heads-up if you won’t be on, or if you suddenly disappear and come back with an apology, I’ll understand that as well. However, dropping out halfway for no reason is a no-no. Dropping out because your life got busy is fine. If you could post at least every day, that’d be wonderful. I don’t care how many times you post a day, but if it’s just you and someone else going on for an entire page, you might want to tell each other to take a break to wait for everyone else. It’s courtesy.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:23 pm

Short Summaries of Previous Roleplays:
Busting Out—In "Busting Out", our characters were trapped within the walls of the evil prison-lab of Vrogad. They were normal kids who had been transformed into not-so-normal humans with supernatural powers; they were kids with a plan to escape. And they did—with several losses throughout their escapade—finding their way to a place called America, where they began their new life. (I believe a more detailed summary for this is in “Busting In”, if you really want to see it. Or, if you want, you could re-read the series.)
Busting In—In “Busting In”, our characters had grown from weak-though-determined teenagers trapped in a mad prison-lab to young adults with children of their own—children with similar supernatural powers. But when their world was shaken up—their children kidnapped and brought to Vrogad—our characters had to journey back to the place they feared and hated. In the end, our characters rescued both their children and the few hundred remaining mutants trapped inside, permanently destroying Vrogad. But, with their return to America—with so many mutants and unexplainable questions—they made a decision to come out about their powers to the public, and gave themselves the name of the Gifted.
Information on Progress of War:
North America (above and below the American border): Above the border, it is either Gifted or neutral. Below the border, humans fight to overcome the Gifted.
South America: Most of it is taken by humans, though a good portion of it in the north—nearest Mexico—is Gifted struggling to regain control.
Europe: Europe is a mess of Gifted and humans struggling for dominance. Paris is a city taken by the Gifted. London by the humans. And so on and so forth.
Africa: This is dominantly human.
Australia: This is dominantly Gifted.
Asia: As with America, Asia is half and half, the eastern half belonging to the Gifted and the western to the humans. There is no no-man’s-land.
Antarctica: This is true no-man’s-land. It has been emptied of most human-based life and is considered a refuge for those who want to escape the war—if they can survive the cold.
America: The eastern half is mostly human, while the western half if mostly Gifted. The no-man’s-land shifts between human and Gifted powers every day, where the struggle for control is ongoing.
Atlantic Ocean: Dominantly human.
Pacific Ocean: Dominantly Gifted.
(Islands/Seas/Unmentioned Oceans are either no-man’s-land or areas that are split between neutrality or humans/Gifted gaining power.)
Important Bases:
The Arizona Gifted Military Base: This is exactly what it says—a military base in Arizona meant for the Gifted. It is the Headquarters for the Gifted in America.
The New York Military Base: A human military base in New York City. It is the Headquarters for the humans in America.
The Texas Institute: A stretch of property that serves as the training base for the Gifted in America.
Fort Paris: The largest fort in Europe that belongs to the Gifted.
Fort London: The largest fort in Europe that belongs to the humans.
The House: A large human trainee base on the border between Europe and Asia.
(There are several other forts/bases/trainee camps for both humans and the Gifted throughout the other continents. However, the ones listed above are the largest and the most important. Your character may be located in another base/fort/trainee camp.)
The old prison-lab, located on a remote island southeast of Florida, is in ruins. The Original Gifted (of the first roleplay) were able to combine their powers to put a force field around the island to keep anyone and anything away from it. However, time has weakened the force field, and now it would be possible for Gifted and humans to step onto the island and explore the remains of what once held all Gifted in the world—at the time, only a few hundred.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:28 pm

The technology of the time is advanced. There are hovercrafts, laser guns, lamps that don't have to plug in, holograms for TV's and computers, etc. There are still good old cars, bikes, and TV's, but most are outdated or used as antiques. Be creative! I don’t mind what you make up.
Weapons involve, as mentioned above, laser guns. They also involve poisoned bullets that release deadly toxins, grenades that release various chemicals instead of just explosions, bombs that eliminate senses (hearing, taste, sight, etc.) other than blowing everything up, and guns that hold bullets that cut straight through you other than implanting in your body—if they're not laser guns in the first place. Tanks and the like are still used, only with advanced firing mechanisms. Y’know. You can get creative on that one.
 The people of this time live in fear of the war. There is still school—in larger cities only; towns cannot afford it—though jogs through the park are rare. People live as people do in a war, wary of even visiting the grocery store for fear of being attacked. Religion has also changed—the basics still exist, though older religions that believe in various gods have come back on a larger scale; some humans even worship the Gifted as gods returned to earth—though food and such is relatively the same.
Commanders/Other Important Characters:
These are the important Commanders in this roleplay. There will be more, but they may not be as important/be shown as much, or have as many characters being played in their region. Some will be powerplayable, and by that, I mean you may play them if your character needs to run into one of them/needs to have quick interaction.
Name: Maverick Grey
Age: 32
Rank: Gifted European Commander
Powerplayable: Yes.
Physical Appearance: Maverick is 6'7", with stark white hair he keeps pulled back in a loose, long ponytail. His skin is pale to the point of being see-through, and his eyes are sky blue. His body type is long and lean, making him quick and light on his feet. His facial features are boyish, and you can find him grinning on more than one occasion.
Ability: Super speed
Name: Anya (auhn-ya) Tae
Age: 26
Rank: Gifted Asian Commander
Powerplayable: Yes.
Physical Appearance: Anya stands at 4'11" exactly, making her rather short. She is petite and nearly sickly thin, but with sharp, fierce facial features that say otherwise. Her Asian features are all small except for her large purple eyes. Her hair is cropped short---to her chin---though it is silky and black. All in all, Anya looks more like a boy than a woman, with her nonexistent curves.
Ability: Telepathy
Name: Kurtis Hail
Age: 49
Rank: European Human Commander
Powerplayable: Yes.
Physical Appearance: Kurtis is an average man. He stands at 5'11, with graying hair he keeps trimmed short. His skin tone is a mix between being pale and tan, while his eyes are a sharp green. His back story can be found in my charrie’s bio (same last name).
Name: Trey Bailey
Age: 37
Rank: North American Human Commander
Powerplayable: Yes.
Physical Appearance: Trey is tall---6'5"---and is African American, with deep chocolate skin and a shaved head. His eyes are a piercing brown, and his face is in a permanent frown. Trey is nothing but muscle, with large hands and a defining nose.
Name: Delias
Also Known As: The Hooded Man (from previous roleplays; he wasn’t called that aloud, but it was just known)
Age: Unknown (obviously over 300 years)
Rank: General (leader over the entire Gifted population)
Powerplayable: No.
Physical Appearance: As he always has, Delias keeps his appearance secret. He wears a black hood to cover his facial features and most of his clothing, though if you get a glimpse of his clothing, you’ll see sleek black dress pants, a similar black button-up shirt, and dark leather boots. He’s tall—standing at 6’9”—and extremely confident in an all-knowing sort of way.
Ability: For reasons unknown, he is the only Gifted alive who has more than one Gift. These are: immortality, telekinesis, and minor telepathy. He may have more that have yet to be uncovered. (For the most part, characters are ignorant of what he can actually do, other than that he is extremely powerful. This is due to the fact that he was, indeed, the first Gifted. Again, this information is not yet known.)

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Neither the Gifted nor the humans are winning the war. Each are equal as of now, with certain areas being overtaken by one or the other. Below, I will explain which areas are taken by whom.
Take note that Gifted wear white uniforms, while humans wear black.
There are six human and Gifted Commanders, one for each continent excluding Antarctica.
For those of you that use other devices to type this, or if TI ever wigs out and you need to make italics, spaces, and paragraphs.
< b> Makes bold
< i> Makes italic
< u> Makes underline
You don't space between the (<) and the letter. Also, at the end of whatever text you're doing a feature on, you close with </ i>, or whatever letter you were using for whatever purpose, respectively.
To make new paragraphs, use: < p> at the beginning of the paragraph and, respectively, </ p> at the end of each paragraph.
To make spaces between the paragraphs, use: < br>
Never use the spaces I put. Those were so you could see the format.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:32 pm

EVERYONE double-check your skeleton format. It makes it easier to find things if any of us have to go back and check details.
Name: Yes, full name. First (middle if you want) and last.
Nicknames: Not required. But a lot of people usually have them.
Age: Anywhere from 9-25. Special characters (a wise old woman who may make an appearance, a mother who may grow more important as the roleplay progresses, etc.) may be an exception.
Gender: Obviously male and female.
Race: Human or Gifted.
Physical Appearance: If I see “blue eyes, stunning blonde hair, beautiful face, full lips, 5’7”, tan”, you will not be in this roleplay. I want eye color, shape, hair color, hairstyle, facial features of importance, scars of importance, complexion/skin color, height, body type (fat, skinny, love handles, etc.). NO MARY/MARTY SUES.
Clothing: Yes, this is the future, but this is also a resource-sucking war of epic proportions. If your character is not in the military, they will most likely have raggedy clothes or anything they can steal, unless they are still rich and of slight importance because of their parents or whatnot.
Personality: DO NOT post “kind, sweet, but deadly when you anger her; she’ll give second chances, but not if you betray her”. I don’t want perfect characters who are so bad when angered that Satan himself will whimper with fear, but with their friends they’re sweet and forgiving. I want realistic, and I want details.
Bio: From when they were young to now. Their families, friends, life growing up, etc. The basics.
Ability: This only applies if they are Gifted.
Other: Anything you want to add.
Rank: This only applies if they are in the military, fighting in the Great War. If they are in the military, they can be a trainee (about to be put out to fight), or a soldier (regular, typical fighter, even if they have specialties). If they do not fight for the military of their race but they still fight with, say, a rebellion group in a city overtaken by the opposite race, you can make up their own standing in the group. If they do not fight or aren’t in the military, please specify if they are simply not fighting at all or resisting in their own way.
You can post your characters now!

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Name: Amanyx Sveta-Lubov Foka Petrova (Russian)
Nickname: She is known as “Nyx” to most.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Gifted
Physical Appearance: Nyx has black hair, and due to her mutations as a Gifted, it has vivid purple streaks. It hangs down to her waist in small, tight ringlets—she can’t stand cutting it—though she mostly keeps it up in a ponytail or back in a braid. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, so dark they look black, with a silver ring around the pupils that is startlingly noticeable; they’re set deep into her face, framed by thick lashes, and are almost always sensually hooded—her eyes show more of her Russian background. Nyx also has Greek bloodlines rooted in her ancestry, making her skin an even, smooth bronze. Her features are strong and bold, with a proud nose and high, sharp cheekbones; her top lip is noticeably smaller than her bottom lip, a beauty mark dots the left side of her chin, and the bridge of her nose tends to freckle badly—all of these used to bother her before she learned to shrug them off. She stands at 5’9” inches, making her tall for a girl of her age and her limbs long and awkward. A burn mark on her right shoulder—starting at the base of her neck and stretching down her shoulder blade—is a dull red after years of healing.
Clothing: Her uniform consists of loose-fitting cargo pants, a form-fitting tank top, and a windbreaker that zips up to her neck. Each article of clothing is a shockingly bright white, which contrasts starkly with Nyx, who is predominantly dark in appearance.
Personality: Nyx is a very laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of girl. She has an almost lazy demeanor about her, which some people confuse for an air of arrogance—and in ways, it is that. Nyx is very sure of herself, and doesn’t doubt any decisions she makes. Nyx is very airy and carefree, and whereas some people would lose their cool, she would grin lazily and bask somewhere in a chair, watching the wild scene with a smirk. But Nyx doesn’t think of herself in an over-confident light; rather, she knows there’s nothing she can do to change who she is and what she looks like, and lives in the present the way it is. She knows she can’t change people, so she doesn’t try.
Bio: Nyx, though with obvious Greek bloodlines evident in her features and skin tone, has a family whose background is dominantly Russian on one side and German on the other. She was born in a small country house in the middle of nowhere, with no father (he’d died of a disease), a snappy grandmother on her father’s side, and a mother who had been sickly ever since she’d been preg.nant with Nyx. Nyx has an older brother of three years, Aleksandr, and when Nyx was four and her Alek was seven, their mother died of the sickness that had plagued her since Nyx had been inside her. Their grandmother was too frail by this time to look after them, so Nyx and Alek were forced to bury their mother themselves and leave their grandmother in the old farmhouse, who they both knew would eventually die without their aid.
Alek took care of Nyx as they traveled on the road. He found safe places for them to hide, and others to stay in for weeks or even months at a time, if they were lucky. Along her travels, Nyx gained her burn mark on her shoulder in a human attack. No one place took them in until they found the Arizona Gifted Military Base in America, though they originally came from their homeland in Russia. By this time, Nyx was ten—it had been six years of travel on the road—and Alek was thirteen. Nyx, not a violent person at heart, only took the path to become a soldier for her brother’s sake, who was adamant she keep herself safe with the Gifted, even though Nyx personally doesn’t mind humans.
Ability: Nyx has the Gift of controlling weather. When she was smaller, she could only make it rain, make it cloudy or sunny, or make it particularly windy or foggy. Now, Nyx has the power to call on deadly thunderstorms, rain that can cause floods, lighting, minor hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. However, the larger the storm system, the harder it is to make and hold for any length of time. The longest she has gotten to on a major storm level—a full-scale tornado—lasted less than ten minutes. Lightning strikes (with booming thunder) are among her favorite and most natural tools.
Other: Nyx speaks English (which she learned from the Base), Russian and German (which she learned from her mother and brother). For fun, she learned Spanish and French.
Rank: Private, though Nyx will occasionally go undercover to “spy” on the humans. She doesn’t actually glean useful information, as she’s too busy mingling with them to remember her duty. As you might have imagined, she specializes in linguistics, translating foreign messages and conversations between her local generals and those from faraway lands.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Name: Keegan Justice Hail
Nickname: He goes by his last name “Hail”.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Physical Appearance: Hail has a buzz-cut, the common style for males in the human military, though the color is obviously a shade of brown. His eyes are one of the only interesting things about his face: a shocking, vivid emerald green that show the bulk of his emotions, a nuisance in his world. Hail has pale skin and normal features: a regular nose with a dip in the bridge, a square jaw, thin lips, and flat cheekbones. On the tops of his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, a light coat of freckles rest there, giving him a more boyish and innocent appearance. Hail stands at six feet exactly, so he isn’t considered tall, but rather just average. He has burly arms and calloused hands, rough from the military work; his body type is sturdy and hard, not nearly as lean and long as others.
Clothes: As he isn’t an official military private, Hail wears his own uniform: black cargo pants, a black crew-neck, sturdy boots, and a leather jacket. He wears a military dog tag around his neck with the numbers: 32807495
Personality: Hail was a very flighty and nervous kid, jumping at the sound of gunshots and choosing “flight” over “fight”. As he grew up, Hail became less jumpy, though he was always paranoid. He doesn’t enjoy talking to strangers, and when he’s with people he knows, he talks only slightly more than usual. Hail is very jittery, and always has to be moving; this is due to his ADHD, which makes it hard for him to concentrate for long periods of time. This makes him fun to be around at times, as he’s unpredictable and strangely wild for someone so nervous around the world and everything in it. As far as Gifted go, Hail isn’t the biggest fan.
Bio: Hail was born at a human military base—Fort London—with his father the Commander and a mother who died in childbirth. He had three older brothers—twelve, seven, and six—who always pushed him around cruelly as he was growing up. When he was seven, Hail’s father had another child with another woman, a little girl who became Hail’s baby step-sister.
Hail tried hard to please his father and brothers as he got older. His father, however, was never pleased. Things only grew worse when his second eldest brother died in the war from a Gifted attack at the age of eighteen.
Hail loved his baby sister like his two older brothers never did. His step-mother—her and his father had gotten married when she’d found out she was preg.nant with Hail’s baby sister—was preg.nant again two years after Hail’s baby sister was born, though she was killed by a Gifted raid when the military base they lived at was attacked, the baby inside her perishing as well. His father spiraled in a quick depression for four years until Hail was fifteen—his baby sister was eight, and his older brothers were twenty-seven and twenty-one—before snapping out of it.
At eighteen, Hail had been in the military for two years—at the same time his eldest brother was killed by another Gifted raid attack on their military base. Saddened by the loss, though his brothers had never really loved Hail, Hail set out to find his brothers’ killers, leaving his slightly insane father, his lonely baby sister, and his now only brother behind. For two years he searched, and to this day he still tries to find those behind the deaths of his brothers. Today, his baby sister is thirteen and his only brother is twenty-six.
Hail has traveled away from Fort London and made his way closer to the human Platoons five and six. He is in line to become the next human Commander of Europe—his father currently holds the position. In his search for the Gifted killers of his family, Hail still does side work for the human military.
Ability: None
Other: Hail speaks fluent French and English, though when he does speak English, there’s a trace of a French accent in his voice; he tries to keep it light.
Rank: Right now, he calls himself a regular soldier. However, because of who his father was, Hail is in line to become the next Commander, a gift his father left to Hail over his brothers for reasons unknown.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:37 pm

Name: Beatrice Jade McArthur
Nickname: She goes by Bobbi, as she hates the name Beatrice and the family that gave it to her.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Gifted
Physical Appearance: Bobbi naturally looks like her sister, Selah: dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. However, Bobbi takes a feature of her father Selah did not: her height. She stands at 5’7”, and her eyesight is also wonderfully sharp, though she believes this is due to her Gifted mutations. However, due to the fact that Bobbi can only think of her mother and sister in bad light ever since the night they disowned her, she usually keeps her appearance as something else (with the use of her Gift): wavy brown hair to her elbows, with bangs that fall in her eyes; tan skin that nearly makes her look of a different ethnicity, and pale blue eyes that are shocking in comparison to her skin. However, her features still resemble her sister, with high cheekbones, a small nose, and a sharp chin.
Clothes: Bobbi wears standard Gifted clothing, though with a touch of her own style: jeans, a crew-neck top, and a hoodie that she usually always wears over it with military boots, all of it in white. Her forearms, however, hold thick black tattoos of a dragon snaking itself up into her hand—an act of rebellion.
Personality: Bobbi is an intense anti-human Gifted; she’s hateful toward any human she sees, and would prefer to watch them suffer than save them. However, Bobbi is usually, especially among her own kind, caring and passionate. She’s very open-minded and spends most of her time helping others, the scars of her past pushing her to be more understanding than her family—but only to a point. When she isn’t with other Gifted, Bobbi can be found tracking down humans and tormenting them any way possible without violent harm, as Bobbi is a very non-violent person and doesn’t believe in killing—through physical wounds. Bobbi does, however, fancy poisons…
Bio: Bobbi was born in a family she once cared for and loved, as they did her, with no father. Guilt always ate at her chest, as she knew he’d left because of her—or so she assumed, as he left after she was born. But the day Bobbi’s family disowned her, she left without turning back, hate building in her heart as she traveled from the only city and country she’d ever known to try out the European countries. She traveled for years—her most successful mission was the death of Martin Grey’s (the son of Maverick Grey, Gifted Commander of Europe) Gifted girlfriend, which Bobbi was proud to say she’d slipped a toxin into her water when she was passing through France.
Bobbi is now at Fort Paris, where she found her knack for secret, quiet missions that involved assassinations with more grace than a slit throat.
Ability: Chameleon. Bobbi can change her appearance to match anyone she sees or imagines. It costs it little energy now, having had so much practice. Bobbi’s new appearance has become permanent after wearing it for so many years, so it costs her no energy. However, changing her appearance into something else drains her if she holds it for over three hours, and changing other’s appearances exhausts her even more. She can change one appearance for an hour, or multiple appearances for less time, before she tires.
Other: Bobbi speaks English and very, very loose French from her time in France.
Rank: Trainee in the arts of assassination.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm

Name: Leona McKaffey
Age: 19 going on 20
Gender: Female
Race: Gifted
Physical Appearance: Leona has silvery-gray hair that she keeps in a messy pixie cut. Her eyes are an unnatural bright, dandelion yellow, the pupils slit like a cat’s. Her skin is lightly tanned, with a bright white scar three inches long cutting through her left eyebrow and lining the edge of her eye. Storm has thin, fine, pixie-like bones, elfish ears, and thin, tight lips. Though her neck has a graceful arch to it and her features are rather dainty, the rest of her is tough and hard. You can clearly see the outline of her collarbone, and her hands are small, bony, long and thin. Leona stands at 6'1”—it is commonly believed to be a Gifted mutation. She is toned and fit, with clearly defined leg, arm, abdominal, and back muscles.
Clothes: As commander of the North American Gifted, Leona wears a uniform of her own, but that loosely resembles the soldiers of her people: suit pants, a long-sleeved button-down, and army boots, all in the color of shocking snow white. To signify her position, however, she dons red, fingerless gloves.
Personality: Leona is outspoken, passionate, and commanding—as her title suggests. To run a Gifted army, she has to be. She doesn’t take arguments lightly, especially those that disagree with her own views. Leona is especially hot-headed, though with practice she’s forced herself to be patient and quiet when her temper gets the best of her. However, this is the side of Leona the world knows. When she’s with those she’s familiar or friendly with, Leona is a softer, kinder person, who is still passionate about what she believes or feels is right. On the inside, she’s much more insecure than she appears.
Bio: Leona was raised with an abusive human father and a frightened Gifted mother who did little in the ways of protecting her daughter. Leona earned her scar by her father the night she shifted into her lion and killed him, having been previously unaware that her mother was a Gifted—or that she’d inherited her powers of shape-shifting. After that night, her mother did little more than cower in her bedroom, leaving Leona to fend for herself and eventually run away at the age of eleven.
Leona traveled alone for a year before tagging along with a band of Gifted, though eventually she left due to their violent acts toward humans. Despite the way her father treated her, Leona remained passionate about their rights. It wasn’t until she was thirteen that she arrived at the Arizona Military Base, where Leona began her training and soared in the ranks, meeting a boy who she currently had a relationship with: Kors. Around a year later, she met another boy named Wade, who she became friends with but never so much as with Kors. At fifteen, Leona was delivered with news that shook her to the core: The man she had always thought was her father wasn’t, but he was, rather, a Gifted with a dark past. Revived with new purpose, Leona became Commander at eighteen, a feat many had deemed impossible, and began her mission toward human and Gifted peace.
Ability: Shape-shifting into two animals, which are a lion and an eagle.
Rank: Gifted North American Commander

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Battle-ColorsThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm

Name: Mikhail Luka Valachovic Sikorsky    
Nickname: Luka    
Age: 13    
Gender: Male    
Race: Human     
Physical Appearance:  His hair is dark brown, it's bristly and straight, it's in a very sloppy cut that looks like it was done with sheep shear, he's tried to make it look military so it's above the ears, but other than that it doesn't look military.  His hair is bristly because it's really dirty and is rarely washed due to the fact he doesn't have access to soap or running water to clean with.  He is a lower than average height for his age, though he tries to make himself look taller than he really is by standing ups straight and holding his head high.  He is well built, lightly muscled, though he still looks slightly small.  He is Russian, his nose is sort of long, his other facial features match his ethnic race perfectly.  His eyes are a very dark blue and are in the shape on an elongated almond.   His skin is pale, not stark white, but still extremely light.  His teeth aren't the straightest and he has a pretty good dyastima(sp?).    
Clothing: His clothes consist of a raggedy set of camo pants he stole from a solder, there too big, but he also stole a military web belt that he has to keep them up, a black t-shirt and a camo jacket that a size and a half to big for him, but he wear them proudly.  He also has a set of black raggedy sneakers and a camo military cap with the insignia of the human army on it.  All his camo things he stole from either a soldier or from the House's storage building where they keep the extra uniform and equitment.    
Personality:  Luka is trouble.  He's a light hearted trouble maker, he likes to joke around and doesn't take things seriously enough.  he is almost always laughing or smiling.  He doesn't let things get him down, but doesn't think through things either before he does or says them.  He's a rebel, is rather strong willed.  he is very tactless about things and honest most of the time.  He is feisty, and likes to fight and cause trouble.  He isn't a bad person, he just enjoys boyhood and he pretends to be a man a lot.  He desperately wants to join the army, not because he hates Gifted and wants them dead, but he just wants to be able to carry and shoot a gun.  He wants to be able to have all sorts of cool weapons and act like be tough man.      
Bio:  Luka was born to a large poor family.  He had many siblings, his three older brother enlisted as soon as the war started so they could just get away from the poverty stricken area that Luka and his family lived in.  As the war went on and resources started to be short it became harder to get food for the family.  His youngest sister got sick and then his mother and some of his other siblings got sick.  His father told Luka to leave, and that it'd be easier for him to live on the streets than at home.  Luka obeyed and ran away.  He's lived in the streets ever since and hangs around The House, trying to enlist every now and then.   He never found out or cared to find out what happened to his family.  It'd been hard living there and he liked it better on the streets.    
Ability: N\A    
Other: Can speak, read, and write Russian.  He can speak English too, but he can't read it.     
Rank: N/A    
Place: The House  
((Is anybody else actually at the House?  Or is it just Luka?))

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:42 pm

(In case you missed my go-ahead before I posted my characters, you can post your charries now. ^_^)

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Battle-ColorsThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:43 pm

Name: Humphrey Mathin Reed VI  
Nickname:  Cattail (It's his calsign, because his last name is Reed.)  
Age:  17  
Gender: Male   
Race: Human  
Physical Appearance:  Light brown wavy hair in a longish crew cut that's sloppy, but doesn't touch his ears.  His eyes are a dark amber-brown and normal shaped.  He is slightly above average height (6'1") and is still growing.  His rather lanky, lightly muscled, not what you'd call buff but still strong looking.  His skin is pale, not milky white, but rather pale all the same.  He has a spattering of freckles on the bridge of his nose and his cheeks.  His facial features are Roman-esc(sp?), a strong jaw, longish nose and normal ears.  He is clean shaven, though if he doesn't shave he'll some slight stubble.  He has an easy smile and straight white teeth.     
Clothing: He is the typical aviator.  He wears a black flight suit, flag on the right shoulder, his unit patch on the left, and his other patches all neatly sewn where they should be.  When he goes outside he wears his black flight cap(not the leather hat with ear flaps.  If you don't know what I'm talking about please look it up.), and he wears his black combat boots at all times.  When flying he wears his flight helmet with his call sign on the front of it and a mean looking cat on the sides.  When out of uniform he'll usually wears jeans, and a white dress shirt with his combat boots.    
Personality: He's a  nice guy, gentle and calm.  He's not your typical warrior.  He isn't that much of a fighter, he does what he's told, but he doesn't believe that the fighting is necessary.  The only reason he's in the Army is that his father was a great soldier and a great man in the Human's way of thinking, so he just went into to.  He's not very happy with his job, but Humphrey is a laid back guy who doesn't do much for himself.  He has high morals, and doesn't believe in senseless killing, he fights now as a defense measure and to make his dad proud.  Humphrey has always wanted to make his father proud, so he did as his father said to the best of his ability.  His laid-back attitude can get annoying because he's so quiet and easy going he can seem lazy.  
Bio:  Humphrey comes from a long line of great military men.  His name was given to him to 'carry on the legacy of the Humphrey M. Reeds'.  He hates his name and has sworn that if he ever has a son he will not name him Humphrey Mathin Reed VII.  He grew up in a good home, though his father was a little over bearing about the family legacy and trying to make Humphrey live up to his name.  Humphrey was put into the military by his father, he wanted to work with bomb dogs, but because of his 'family legacy' he ended up as a pilot.  He isn't a fan of his family legacy and being forced to 'live up to it'.  When his father isn't around he calls it his 'stupid family legacy'.  
Ability:  N/A  
Other:  He has an excessively loyal bloodhound named Moby, which he even sneaks into his plane at times.  
Rank: Soldier (Pilot in the 6th Airborne)  
Place: Fort London

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leah1027 replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 7:59 pm

(Yay! ^.^ I'm so excited)

Name: Noah Yadin

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Gifted

Personality: Noah is the kind of person who is quietly extreme. At first, he may seem like a calm, rational person who is fairly easy to get along with, but that's only his exterior. Inside, he's extremely condescending and looks at almost everyone around him with disdain. He doesn't state this openly, but once you've been around him for long enough it becomes easy to tell, and quite an annoyance. He takes great pride in his powers and likes to discreetly show them off whenever he can, whether it's just because he feels like it or for the satisfaction of revenge. He's quick to respond whenever something happens and keeps a straight head during any kind of incident. Noah's temper is practically non-existent. The only time his anger is really sparked is when he is being ignored, something he just cannot stand.

Clothes: The standard Gifted uniform- baggy cargo pants and a T shirt, which is white of course.

Physical appearance: Noah has a very middle eastern appearance. His body is more lean than muscular and although he isn't too short, he's not as tall as he'd like to be. His skin is of a very dark complexion, both from his heritage and all the time he spends out in the sun. The only part of his appearance affected by his Gifted genes are his eyes- the right one is a dark green that seems fitting to the rest of his facial features, but the pupil of his left eye is a strange silvery white. Despite the fact that things like this are quite common among the Gifted he's very self conscious about it. He always lets his midnight black hair hang in his face in an attempt to conceal his left eye. His left ear has two piercings and he usually just keeps the same two silver studs in them.

Bio: Noah had an uncommonly happy childhood. His family is originally from the Middle East and he spent most of his childhood there, but his father spent much time off in Fort Paris due to his military career. Both his parents are Gifted, and so he was raised to adamantly hate humans from a very young age. His father is a high ranking officer fighting for the Gifted so Noah's family was relatively wealthy as well. Being spoiled as a child might have been one of the factors leading to his arrogant personality. Noah's mother encouraged him to continue with his schooling rather than joining the army right away, although now that he has finished with school he is signing up to join the army like his father wanted. He is looking forward to becoming a soldier and finally proving his worth to his father. Thanks to his education, he knows a variety of different languages to get around with.

Ability: Synchronization, the ability to give or take away one's energy by touch. Noah has stolen other's energy countless times, but has never given anyone in need his own energy, as he doesn't really have a whole lot of respect for other people. (I have a question about this power- does it sap people's strength physically or mentally or kind of both?)

Rank: Training at Fort Paris

Name: Selah McArthur

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Physical appearance: Selah has dirty blond hair going down to her shoulders that constantly aggravates her due to its frizziness- she usually ends up unable to tame it and just pulls it back into a messy ponytail or bun. Her dull brown eyes are framed by a pair of square, black, and rather clunky glasses. Selah's eyesight is so bad that she doesn't even have the option of contacts and her vision is completely obscured without them. She is relatively short, another feature about herself that irritates her, although unlike her hair or eyes she has no way to control this. Because of her short height she is very lightly built with no real muscle and small bones. She has a fairly pale complexion though with high cheekbones.

Clothing: Selah takes pride in her wardrobe and although she isn't exactly rich, she does the best that she can to make herself stand out in the clothes she can afford.

Personality: Selah's attitude is usually too much for most people to handle. She almost never considers anyone else's feelings about something, insisting that it's her way or nothing. She's rather selfish in this way, but she still refuses to take any shi.t about that from anybody. Whenever someone makes fun of her in the slightest, she'll defend herself fiercely and will definitely seek a way for immediate revenge. Contradictory to this, Selah is actually pretty insecure about herself and will sometimes resort to teasing herself. Never having been very wise or logical, she usually acts impulsively and without much forethought on the consequences. She doesn't hide her feelings for anything, and no matter whether she hates your guts or is crushing on you, Selah will tell you straight up. She pretty much has no shame and claims to not regret a single thing she's done, although that may or may not be true.

Bio: Selah lived in a small apartment with her mother and sister in New York City, her father having abandoned them shortly after her sister was born. Her mother raised her to hate the Gifted, like any regular human parent, but one day a couple years ago it was discovered that her younger sister was one of them. Her mother was extremely furious and screamed her head off at her sister, Selah joining in with some mean, ashamed comments every now and then. Her sister ran away before her mother could gather enough sense to try and turn her in. After sitting and thinking about it for a while, Selah gradually realized that she said some awful things and that being Gifted didn't change the fact that that was her sister. She immensely regrets it and wishes she could somehow find her sister again to apologize and beg for forgiveness. She's been cold and closed off with her mother ever since she came to that realization.

Ability: None

Other: When Selah laughs, it's really more of a very loud, exaggerated cackle and she is extremely embarrassed and sensitive about it, more so than anything else. Although she does laugh easily when she finds something funny, she desperately tries to hide this fact about her from others, usually without success.

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leah1027 replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Name: Josepha Willheim

Nickname: Jo

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Gifted

Physical appearance: Jo is overall very careless about her appearance. She's extremely tall and gangly for a girl, although she's actually pretty pleased about her height. She has fair skin and bright green eyes that seem like they're set too far apart. She usually keeps her tan hair up to her shoulders and ties it back in a loose ponytail. When she was little, she lost the use of her left arm when it was shot, and eventually became infected, after a Human raid. From the elbow down that arm is now artificial, but due to advances in medical technology she can move her fingers and everything as if it were real (Think a Luke Skywalker/ Edward Elric type arm XD Since it's 300 hundred years in the future I kinda just took the liberty of making them have robot limbs available :P Lol, hope that's okay. If not I can change it up a bit.). About every other aspect of her appearance she doesn't at all care what others think, but she's particularly sensitive about her arm and always tries her best to hide it.

Clothing: Just the standard Gifted military uniform, a white shirt and cargo pants. She almost always wears a long sleeve shirt and gloves, regardless of the weather. Jo claims she likes it because she's always cold but really she's just trying to hide her fake arm.

Personality: The word most often used when describing Jo is "tomboy". Since she was little she's never truly been able to fit in with the girls. In fact, until kindergarten when she realized otherwise, she'd convinced herself and most other people that she wasn't a girl. She absolutely hates any emotional stuff, or serious talking of any kind really, and prefers to make things blunt and simple. Jo gets mad easily but she usually cools down quickly too. She loves competing and she can make almost anything into a competition. When it comes to fighting, she's brave and reckless but loves it none the less. She's the kind of person who marches right into a fight without even considering the odds, gets her butt kicked, and then would repeat the same thing again. She's eager to gain power within the military to sort of prove her worth and is less than kind to any humans she comes across, still holding a slight vendetta against them for her arm.

Bio: There's a viable explanation for how Jo turned out the way she did. She grew up in the countryside of Germany with her father and five older brothers, her mother having abandoned them a year after Jo was born. She lost her arm in a Human raid when she was six and insisted that she get a fake one right away so that she'd still be able to play. She tries not to let it get her down but still finds it to be really embarrassing. Jo didn't exactly have much of a feminine figure to look up to when growing up so her brothers had a huge influence on her and she tried to copy them in every way. One by one though they left to join the military and when she became old enough she rushed to join as well.

She was sent to serve at the base in Rio, but soon discovered the guerrilla fighters in Central America and found that she preferred their life style. She's been a soldier with them for almost three years now and is pleased by how quickly her status has been advancing, despite the fact that there isn't much of a ranking system. Her aspirations are to become a general someday, or even a commander if the possibility of that happening is ever within her sights. Education has never been much of a concern with her. The only language she can truly speak fluently is German, although she's pretty good at English and is just starting to get the hang of spanish.

Ability: Fear amp, the ability to detect fears and plant feelings of fear into others. It's harder to use her ability on a larger number of people and from a greater distance away. The one thing she's struggling to master right now is subtlety- it's difficult for her to implant fear in someone without that person realizing that it's being caused by her. To see an individual person's fears she has to touch their skin and focus- it doesn't happen if she just accidentally brushes against someone.

Name: Caterina Corrado Ilario

Nickname: A pet peeve of hers is when people call her Cat or, even worse, when they call her Catrina by mistake, which many people do. She really prefers her full name.

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Physical Appearance: Caterina isn't pale, but considering her Italian bloodline, she has pretty light skin. Her hair, which she's let grow out past her shoulders so that it almost reaches her waist, is a deep auburn color, but not quite red. She has hard gray eyes just below her bangs and a hooked nose. Caterina's height and weight are about average, although she wishes she was a little shorter. Her features are all rather plain, her hair being really the only feature that makes her stand out. She can hardly stand it when she's forced to cut it every few years, but eventually the hair constantly getting in her eyes becomes too annoying.

Clothing: She'll wear anything as long as it's practical and is usually found in the all black human uniform along with her favorite worn gray hoodie.

Personality: Caterina is extremely passive and shy, the kind of person who follows rather than leads. Whenever she's nervous or extremely conscious of the fact that people are paying attention to her, she gets a horrible stutter, although when she's not under pressure she can speak fine. She's a bit of a know it all and has a lot of knowledge but she doesn't have enough confidence to actually voice her thoughts and opinions. Whenever she does try to speak up, her stuttering causes people not to listen anyway and she'll eagerly back down again. Due to this she's pretty used to being manipulated or picked on, her reaction being to just laugh off any insults thrown her way. She's very clumsy and has a habit of apologizing repeatedly for anything she's done, sometimes even if she didn't really do anything wrong. When it comes to her past she becomes uncharacteristically defensive and hates whenever people press her on the subject. She has a strong sense of loyalty to friends and for all her other traits she's surprisingly mature and reliable, often acting as a motherly figure.

Bio: Caterina, who grew up in southern Italy, was actually born into a Gifted family and was raised as Gifted for much of her childhood. She started to get concerned about her powers kicking in when she was eight and by the time she turned ten the horrible realization started to dawn on her. At first she pretended that she was telepathic and just chose not to use her power, but after a few years her secret was getting harder and harder to keep. Terrified of facing her parents if they were to ever find out, she ran away from home and arrived at a minor human base in Rome. She was reluctant at first, having been raised in an anti-human household, but eventually she came to accept that she was one of them and joined the military when she was old enough. Once she'd had a couple years of training there she was recruited to Fort London, where she is now. (I wasn't really sure about what we needed location wise so I just picked London. If there's another base short on people I can change her location.)

Ability: none

Rank: Just a common infantry soldier. She's seen quite a few fights in the past few years, and she's surprisingly calm and indifferent about killing people in the midst of battle.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 8:43 pm

Name: Aurora Montange

Nickname: Tesla

Age: 20

Race: Gifted
Physical Appearance: Aurora stands at 5'7 with a stocky stature. Her shoulders are a little wider than most, and she has almost no figure to speak of, though if she did you wouldn't be able to tell behind her baggy clothes. Aurora has a face on the square side. Her cheekbones are wide and her lips full. Her dark blue eyes are slanted just the smallest amount under thick black lashes. It gives her the appearance of being Hispanic even though she's not.
Her hair is a thick, cocoa brown with more body that’s good for it. Aurora has cut it short and stuck up in all directions, the tips a dyed, fading green. A thick, ropey scar runs along the entire length of her left arm, which is her dominant arm, wrapping around from the top of her shoulder down in the palm of her hand. She has yet to ever explain the injury to anyone. Due to her mutation, the veins on the right side of her neck are an inky black. They thread around her neck up to her jaw line, stopping at the right corner of her lips and spreading back to her ear. 
Around her hips is a thick, black belt that resembles a utility belt. Three pouches are sewn into the left sides which hold her various, half-finished devices. A large knife hangs on the right of her belt and on her left thigh is a holster which holds her modified laser pistol.
Clothing:  Currently, Aurora is wearing jeans that are half a size too big, and an old, green t-shirt. She scrounged up an old jacket that was a whole size too big, just like she likes it. It has multiple pockets in which Aurora carries everything from old washers and wires to a broken remote to an ancient garage door. She is not usually seen in her white uniform unless she is on a mission or if she knows she will be in the presence of superiors.
Personality: Aurora is an abrasive person. Though she does truly care for others, and doesn't want to see them hurt, she tends to let her mouth run before making it stop. Due to her Gift, she's a bit of an introvert, preferring to sit in the corner and listen, playing with her toys than being in the actual conversation. Aurora has a strong thirst for knowledge, always wanting to know how things work, machines and people alike. She doesn’t know if it’s due to her Gift or something she inherited from the parents she never knew. Sometimes she can be very broody and at others be the most cheerful person in the room. Her moods can swing in opposite directions alarmingly quick which makes her hard to handle by others and makes her superiors wary of her. Despite this, her loyalty has never wavered.
Bio: It may sound cliché but Aurora grew up with no parents. She doesn’t know what happened to them; she’d been raised by a group of Gifted since she was a baby and sent to be trained as a soldier when she turned sixteen. Having never known her parents it doesn’t affect her in any way. She never knew them to become attached so she doesn’t feel their absence. To her the two men and three Gifted women who had raised her were her family. She’s been travelling between positions across America and South America fighting in the war for four years.
Her nickname, Tesla, was given to her by a childhood friend who had read of the man in an old book. Jason, the one who’d given it to her, had first met Aurora when she had accidentally made her improvised weapon explode. Electricity had sped through every metal surface in the room, blackening Aurora’s face. Jason had laughed and called her a “regular Tesla.” The name stuck.
Ability: Technology Control; Aurora can control any and all types of technology or electronics. Most devices, such as the laser pistols everyone uses, are easy for her to control. But larger things, such as hovercrafts or machinery, require much more strength and concentration. Over time she’s built up her mental stamina that allows her to control larger things for longer, but some things she is still unable to hold for long. Her ability includes things as simple as shorting out a computer or accessing files with ease to literally controlling the movements and functions of objects like hovercrafts. (Her power is very much like Micah’s from “Heroes”.)

Location:  The Texas Base

Rank: Soldier, quickly moving up the ladder, she’s due for a promotion any day. Right now she is a Lieutenant.
Name: Quinten Short
Age: 20
Race: Human
Physical Appearance: Quinten Short is an oxymoron. Standing at 6"3 he towers over most people. He is very well muscled and large, every part of him screams "I will crush your skull with one hand"
His skin is always in a perpetual state of tanned-ness and his hair is a partially dark partially light brown that hangs just above his eyes and around his ears. His eyes are a dark brown that look almost black, though they twinkle with fun and are always a dead giveaway when he's trying to make you think he's angry. He is a very nomadic soul, so his attire is normally jeans, boots, a t-shirt and button up plaid shirt. He is almost always seen carrying a frayed and scuffed rucksack over his shoulder.
Personality: Though it’s not what people expect when they see his outward appearance, Quentin is a very fun-loving guy, always ready with a smile and a helping hand. He had a hard life growing up, both parents getting killed in the war which gave him a quiet, clam sort of wisdom. Quentin has no interest what-so-ever in the war; he wants no part in it and stays out of it no matter how many people attempt to recruit him. His is firm in his beliefs and his loyalties, though at the moment his loyalties lie with himself, as he has not yet found a reasonable cause to dedicate himself to. He believes the war is a useless event by both parties, and wishes nothing more than to end the war without any more bloodshed. He’s spent his life wandering the world helping whoever he happens to come across if they ever need assistance. He’s been to one side of the world and back and has seen the devastation caused to both sides of the war, which only solidifies his belief that it should end. He holds no prejudice to either side and will willingly help a Gifted or another human.
Bio: As previously mentioned, Quentin had a hard life growing up. Both his parents were killed fighting in the war, and being an only child, he was left to fend for himself. You would think the fact would make him bitter, but it spurred on his desire to become a medic, or at least train to be one. He shot to the top of his class within a year and left medical school as one of their best students. He never pursued a job in his field, but used his knowledge to help anyone in need, no matter their position in the war.
Location: Somewhere in France.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 8:44 pm

Name: Ronan Sheppard

Age: 18

Race: Human

Physical Appearance: Ronan is, according to everyone he meets, smokin’ hot. His skin is a rich tanned color bordering on a light chocolate brown. His eyes are a little wide and the deepest cerulean set under long black lashes, his pupils-due to no reason he could ever find out-are stuck in dilated form, covering most of his blue irises. This fact gives him a sneaky look which people can never shake the feeling of even after knowing him. Ronan’s eyebrows are even arched perfectly, giving him the appearance that he stuck in a state of mild amusement. His jaw a slightly pointed and his cheekbones high, his smile is a brilliant white which never has any qualms at emerging at every opportunity. Ronan’s hair is a very dark black, stuck somewhere between always being a mess or always being perfectly combed. He stands at a solid 5’9 with a lithe figure, long thin fingers, well-muscled arms and legs that can almost be called gangly.
Personality:  Ronan is an arrogant asŝ and he doesn’t care in the slightest. Not necessarily because of his good looks-though they don’t help-but he’s extremely clever, often being the smartest in the room, and it’s made him see himself as above others. He is always quick to smile, though it often holds a condescending edge to it-and loves to crack jokes, mostly at someone else’s expense. Ronan quite honestly doesn’t care about anyone but himself and has only ever looked out for himself and himself only. Ronan is prone to random outbursts of anger, known for throwing things in his rage. He is very easily set-off and is extremely hard to calm back down. Other times he will be completely silent for hours-even days-on end, speaking to no one. His military file describes him as “reckless, volatile and incapable of playing well with others.”
Bio:  Ronan grew up in a good home with good parents who tried their best to raise him well amidst the war tearing apart their country. Yet even though they tried their best to teach Ronan humility and respect he ran away at sixteen, deigning his “boring life stuck at home with you two” to be worthless. He stated that he was too good to sit on the side-lines of the war, cowering at home until it was over, so he up and joined the military. He was almost refused when a commanding officer met him and saw his attitude, but due to the demand for soldiers he was allowed to join anyway.
Clothing:  Ronan wears what every soldier wears-even though he’s insulted them on many occasions-black boots and BDUs, a dark red shirt and a black jacket. He carries a .9 mill. strapped to his thigh and a rifle on his back. Tags hang around his neck with his name, Sheppard, Ronan and his number, 6668726.
Rank:  Because of his reckless nature and inability to directly follow an order Ronan is simply a foot soldier, though when times call for it he is tasked with LDK missions.

Location:  Arizona Base
Other:  Ronan speaks Spanish and German and is one of the most skilled marksmen at the base.
Name:  Jaden Arkadi Cherkesov

Age: 17 (two months until she is eighteen)

Race: Gifted

Physical Appearance:  Jaden is Russian through and through. Her hair is a blinding blond bordering on white. It hangs down around her face in a sloppy, long pixie cut. Bangs are cut straight across and lying across her forehead, the ends of her hair hang just below her jawline. Her cheekbones are high and her chin slightly pointed. Her eyes are almond shaped and a brilliant blue, they too are so light they are almost gray, darker blue rings circle her pupils. Her lips are rather thin; the left corner is stuck in a downward turn. Her features are unassuming, but it is quite obvious she is Russian. She stands, with a lithe figure, at 5’6. Her fingers are long and spidery, thin and white, like all of her skin.
Clothing: Jaden wears what most Gifted soldiers wear. Her white cargo jeans are dirty, now being a very faded and scuffed white. Her tanktop is form fitting beneath a dark blue jacket. Though alienated from her parents, she still wears her tags around her neck, she personally had then engraved in Russian instead of English.
Personality:  Jaden is a very volatile and violent person and Russian to the bone. She will willingly get into a brutal fistfight and probably come out the winner every time. She’s abrasive and rude with little to no tact when it comes to misunderstandings or disagreements. Her voice is a little loud and has the ability to cut through any noise, machine or voices, when she’s yelling. She has no friends that anyone knows of and has no desire to have any, anyway. Little is known about her as she tends to keep to herself even while on base. She is used most often by her superiors as a reconnaissance gatherer and spy. She enjoys the work immensely and devotes herself to it.
Bio:  Jaden grew up in Russia, only ever spending time in the US when she was sent there for training by her parents (who are soldiers as well). But two years ago, when she had just turned sixteen, she was sent by her parents to the US to help with the fighting. She has a very distant and cold relationship with her parents, she is her parents’ only child, but they treat her not with love but as their little home-grown soldier. She changed her given Russian first name to Jaden in a rebellious fit when she was sent to New York. Nobody knows her real first name. Jaden is very skilled when it comes to piloting. She has a natural instinct for planes or anything that flies, she’s very adept and can usually figure out how to fly an unknown aircraft within an hour.
Rank:  Pilot in the 13th Airborn.
Ability:  Jaden calls it her “Sparky little talent”. She has the ability to gather energy, which looks like red lightning, in her palms and fingers and fling it from herself. She can manipulate it to fly from her in streams, small bolts or ba.lls. Jaden has grown extremely strong in her ability and can use it for up to three hours straight, but the thing about her power is it causes her immense pain. She can use it for three hours straight, but only if she can handle the pain. The only outward sign of her mutation are light black ash marks scattered along her fingers. They begin at the tips of her fingers and spread down to her palms where it fades to almost nothing. She usually wears black leather gloves to hide it. For some reason not many people know exactly what her ability is, only that she has one and is very dangerous. 

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24601 replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 9:01 pm


Name: Zhao Chu- Hua  (means chrysanthemum) 


Nickname: Choo 


Age: 10 


Gender: female 


Race: gifted 


Physical appearance: Choo is wiry, very thin, and stands about 4’6”, almost looking malnourished.  Her hands and feet are small and delicate, and her features are sharp and bird-like.  She has a typical Asian complexion, though possibly a little paler than most. Her head is normal sized, though it appears large compared to her tiny body.  Choo’s eyes are dark brown and almond shaped, and are so exaggerated in size that people often stare at them because of their peculiarity.  Other than her eyes, her face is relatively normal, with child-like features, a small mouth, and a delicately pointed nose.  Choo is rarely considered pretty or cute- more unsettling than adorable, but she has one beautiful aspect about her.  Her hair.  Choo’s hair is her prized possession; it’s silky purple-black, and cascades beyond her waist in a waterfall of fine, inky, strands. 


Clothing: Choo’s clothing is all stolen or home- made.  She has a baggy pair of cargo pants stolen from the shortest person she could find, a brown leather vest that is tied tightly against her body, a pair of makeshift moccasins she made out of strips of scrap leather, and an army beret with the insignia stripped off she stole form a drunken soldier. In a few months, however, she expects to be transferred from the refugee camp to the Texas training center, where she’ll get her uniform 


Personality: well, Choo is strange.  People thought she was mute for a while when she came to the Arizona camp. It takes her while to begin to trust people, and even longer to become “friends” she is often holed up in her own mind, thinking about things no one ever knows about, and conjuring up fairy worlds using her power.  She doesn’t talk much, and since she’s deaf in her left ear, she has trouble with communication in general.  If anyone ever knew what was going on in her head, they would find a world childish dreams and fantasies she makes up to hide a sorrowful and troubled past.  Choo also tends to have very vivid, scary dreams. For being so quiet, people tend to think she’s dense or has “problems” but she’s an intelligent, clever girl if you can befriend her and break the layer of numbness she lives in. 


Bio: Choo is the daughter of two gifted parents who were very influential on the Chinese front.  Both of them were killed in a human raid when Choo was six.  No one but Choo knows what happened that day, but it’s safe to say it was pretty traumatic.  After the raid, Choo escaped to the streets, fearing to use her power since she believes that somehow her power caused the death of her parents.  She was picked up by a band of soldiers who thought she was human, but when an accident happened and her power was revealed, she escaped to a gifted base and was sent to the Arizona camp, where she expects to transfer from in a month, to the Texas training camp.  As far as Choo knows, she is an only child. She once had an older brother (three or four years older), but she has always assumed he died with her parents 



Ability: Choo has the ability to play with people’s imagination, to make them see things that aren’t there very vividly.  Due to her power, occasionally things she was thinking will slip into an illusion.  She often uses her power to conjure up harmless, comforting scenes, mainly for her own enjoyment.  But they always seem fake to Choo, since she knows as soon as she gets tired of it; the world will fade back into 





Other: Choo speak Chinese and rough English 








Name: Jury Mark Twain 


Nickname: “the judge” 


Age: 21 


Gender: male 


Race: human 


Physical appearance: Jury is tall (6’3”) well built, and very muscular.  He’s in great shape, and doesn’t mind showing off.  He has narrow, steely blue eyes with nicely sculpted eyebrows that point downwards unnaturally. He has a very chiseled, attractive face with high cheekbones and a straight, aquiline nose.  Jury’s jaw is very angular, and he has thin, determined looking lips in a straight, sinister line. His looks say “tough guy” right away.  He considered very handsome, with strong arms, manly, calloused hands, and spiky blonde hair.  He has a nice, tanned and bronzy skin tone which make his eyes look overly blue, and can make his hair look very light. 


Clothing: his uniform, sharply tailored and fits just right. It’s usually the classic flight suit, and a helmet that has his signature scales and skull emblazoned on the side.  When he’s not wearing his uniform, he’s probably wearing a tuxedo, since he attends many, many formal parties. 


Personality: Jury is just how he looks: a tough, cocky, braggart. He hates the Gifted (we’ll see why in the bio) Jury is a show off. He’s an acclaimed and awarded pilot, with top scores flight school, and has quite the count of planes he shot down.  And he likes to brag about it, mostly to impress people, more particularly girls.  He acts a little like a Casanova, but never has really been in a relationship, and doesn’t really want to be in one.  He’s very photogenic, and takes advantage of it.  He’s in posters, newspapers, and magazines.  He’s really a regular celebrity, the poster child for the “you could be in the army!” advertisements.  He has a soft side, buried deep somewhere into that exterior, but no one has ever found it. 



Bio: Jury is the son of a gifted and human, but managed to get his mother’s human genes instead.  His father was infuriated that Jury did not inherit the family power of combustion, and left him and his mother in Cardiff.  Jury will never forget that his father left him, and that’s why he now hates the gifted.  His mother is Norwegian, but he’s grown up in Britain all his life, mostly in wales. When he turned seventeen he took his mother to London, since it was safer.  He joined the army, and built up his record. A lot of people know about his parent’s scandal and there are a lot of rumors about him actually being gifted (they’re NOT true) because of his unnatural talent to blow planes up. 



Other: he speak welsh, Norwegian, and English 



Rank: pilot in the sixth airborne platoon. 


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Karma_Keeper replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 9:12 pm

Name: Chaylynn Paloma  

Nicknames: Chay

Age: 20

Gender: female.

Race: Human


Physical Appearance:  Chay’s raven black hair is parted to the side, it falls just above her shoulders, which is usually left in its bed head, messy matter, somehow flattering her face just right. She has a pallid complexion with a soft jaw line. She stands at 5’6 with her lanky body that she always holds up into a ridgid, straight posture which doesn’t help her small yet womanly figure. She has soft cheeks with a light crimson blush. Chay has nice pink lips, her bottom lip sticks out further than normal, so usually looks like she is pouting, she tends to bite on her lip when she gets nervous. Chay has numerous different smiles. She has three piercings in each ear, not counting her two cartilage piercings on her right ear, she also has nose piercing. Chay has big blue, glossy doe like eyes that are framed by long dark eyelashes.  Chay has faint freckles that run across her cheeks and the brim of her button nose. Chay has a star tattoo at the outer corner of her right eye, and a small double infinity symbol on her left wrist. Chay also has small angel wings inked onto her shoulder blades. She is very light, from not eating enough food.


Clothing: Chay is wearing dark holy skinny jeans that are baggy, a thick black studded belt, a black t-shirt with red punisher skull on it which she got on a rare occasion, she also has black, bulky combat boots, that she tucks her jeans into. Chay also is always wearing her dark brown leather jacket, with a black jacket underneath. Bracelets decorate her wrist, thick and thin, she also wears a black chokers, and other necklaces. Overall she is seems kinda beaten up, and her clothes are dirty, and worn. You can tell she spends a majority of the time outside. She is carrying a brown bag pack, with numerous different supplies, and gadgets in it.  

-Two different gadgets that she pawned for herself that she uses frequently are, her translator that translates any language she programs into it, it also can translate what she is saying into that language. it looks like a small earpiece that is clear. Her second is a shifter, which allows her to alter her physical appearance slightly, but enough for others not to recognize her, using a mirror effect. Though lately it’s been on the frits, and not working properly, it looks like a plan silver chain anklet.


Personality: Over the years, Chay has become very unpleasant. She is candid, ingenious, complicated, Independent, and rebellious. She absolutely loathes people in general, especially when they try to come in contact with her. Chay isn’t trusting, and isn’t the type of person to help others. She is mischievous, and a great liar. She doesn’t care for much, and doesn’t think anyone has the ability to care for her. She says hurtful things, that she might not always mean, and doesn’t like the idea of physical contact, unless it’s vio.lent. Chay has a temper problem, and when she gets angery she sometimes loses control. Chay is very serious, but has a dark humor. She doesn’t like the idea of mercy, and doesn’t like hand outs, or pity, but she has no problem stealing from you. She knows when she should keep her mouth shut, though she doesn’t always do so, getting her in loads of trouble at times. If Chay has a soft side, she is yet to have shown it. She is a very sad, and bitter person. She doesn’t like admitting when she needs help. Chay is impatient, and verbally abusive in some cases(especially to the people she’s afraid she might start caring about). Chay is also very paranoid and disrespectful. She is recklessly impulsive, especially when angered and doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. Chay is judgmental because she thinks everyone judges her. She hates the feeling of being alone, but will never admit it, not even to herself.


Bio: Chaylynn Paloma, grew up with her al.co.holic father, her uncle and older brother, Zach Paloma in South America. When she was fourteen, Zach was lost at war, his body never recovered (just his dog tags were-which she wears). Her mother left them when Chay was only five. Growing up she was a complete tomboy, getting into fist fights, and hanging with her brother. She didn’t have any friends, other than Zach. After Zach left for the training camp, Chay ended up closing herself up from the world, and pushing everyone away. Chay’s uncle taught her how to defend herself, and protect herself. She was also put through kickboxing in an attempt to channel her anger. While growing up, up til’ now, she had things happen and has done things, that she isn’t very proud of. At age sixteen her Uncle and Father were killed in an explosion, leaving her to fend for herself. Since then, she has been on the ‘road’ by herself, scavenging for food or money.(Spending time as a street performer or scam artist), she’s also overcome her a.d.diction on different hard core d.rugs. At the moment, she has just arrived in France.


Other: Chay loves fire, and tricking people. She is very good at acting like the ‘damsel in distress’ when time comes to it, and usually only does things to benefit herself. She doesn’t know how to handle any sort of weapon, and usually relies on hand to hand combat. She is very fit, but is losing energy and muscle from not eating enough(like mentioned before). She has gotten herself in a lot of trouble, but up to this point has always managed to get herself out of it. She hates backing down from a fight, and holds grudges. She is socially awkward at times, and tries to cover it up with bitterness.


Rank: Chay doesn’t know where she stands. She just does what she needs to to survive. She isn’t a ki.ller. She finds herself traveling through human territories, or neutral. She has no opinion on either side, except that she thinks everyone is stupid She has been in and out of different rebellion groups, as long as it benefitted her, but at the moment she is alone.


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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 9:53 pm

(Yaay so excited! :) )
Name: Simon Flint

Nickname: He goes by Snooze, which will be explained because of his power

Age: 9, and going on 10 in a few months (he's been counting)

Gender: Male


Race: Gifted


Physical Appearance: Snooze is the definition of scrawny. He is lean and tall for his age, falling around 4' 10'', and weighing roughly around 85 lbs. in total. He's stronger than he looks, and is wicked fast because of his long legs. Staring at him, some might say he could be an Olympic track star, if the world was normal. His skin tone is olive, considering his heritage is a mix of Italian and Dutch. He has a mop of ink black curly hair that falls right above his bright green eyes. His nose is crooked because he broke it, and had to set it himself. Snooze also has a map of scars trailing his back; they range from whip marks, to laser burns. He's kind of in that "going through pubrity" thing, where he's on the verge of looking like a young man, but with a hint of youth in his features. Or rather, Snooze thinks he can still pull off that puppy dog look.

Clothing: Snooze's clothing is very...ragged. Usually, the simple holey t-shirt he's wearing hangs off his frame, and his jeans are stained with dirt. He is lucky enough to have a pair of battered Nikes, and he wears a knitted bracelet on his skinny left wrist. He's always carrying his sparse belongings in an old backpack he found.

Personality: Snooze is...quiet. There's really no better way to describe him, other than independent. The kid can do wonders with little supplies, and is a very clever boy indeed. He prefers to watch before act, and his patience is somewhat of a mystery due to his age. Snooze is also very skeptical of people just in general; he suffers from paranoia too much for a kid who isn't even in the double digits. He picks up on things fast, and is a natural at almost anything you throw at him. If you manage to pry open this boy, you will find that he is very afraid of the world around him. He loathes bullies of any sort, and longs for someone who he can depend on again, like his lost older sister that he's determined to find. You will also discover that Snooze is very loyal to the ones he trusts; he'd rather die than be called a traitor. It takes a lot to anger the kid, and if you do, Snooze will take physical measures to get his point across, or run away. His "fight-or-flight" instinct seemes to be amplified, due to the war-infested enviroment he has grown up in for so long. Afterall, he really is just a small boy who got his childhood robbed from him.

Bio: Simon was born to two Gifted parents, with two older siblings. Jay, who's older by seven years, and Alice, who's older by five. From a young age, the Great War started, and his older brother and parents immediately went into the fray of the battle, all being Gifted themselves. Needless to say, they were all killed, leaving Alice, at age 9, to care for her younger brother, Simon, who was only 4 at the time. For 4 years, they scavenged the land, trying to find refuge. At last, they eventually came to a Safehouse, though their safety didn't last long. Snooze was separated from his sister instantly, to be taken to a human base where he was tortured. It explains the scars, and miraculously, Snooze escaped, with a mission to find his sister Alice. He travels around, always asking for her.


Ability: This is where Snooze's name comes from--he has the ability to make people fall asleep. Granted, it's not too powerful, though when feeling intense flares of emotion, it can knock someone out for quite a bit. With the power of making someone fall asleep, comes the hidden mysteries of the Dream Realm. Snooze has never been, and from countless rumors, he has no desire to.

Other: Snooze loves to draw. Whenever he can, he's sketching in the dirt, or fiddling with his fingers just to keep them busy. Of the few belongings he carries around in his backpack, it consists of a tattered sketchpad, an incomplete set of Crayola markers, and old CD player with a Micheal Jackson CD in it. He's dreading the day when the batteries die out. Currently, he is near the France/Spain border.

Rank: Snooze has no desire to fight--at least, not until he finds his sister. If--he hates thinking about it--he finds out she's dead from a solid source, he's going to join the war effort. But for now, he's preoccupied with her loss, and trying to stay alive.


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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 9:54 pm

Name: Jeremy Kurtis Hail

Nickname: He often goes by Jem.

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Gifted

Pysical appearance: Being Gifted, his appearance is relatively normal, which is considered a blessing. He is broadly build, with defined muscles and falling around 6' 3''. His skin tone is what you would call "sun kissed", while he has short blonde hair. He has an angular jaw line, with a slightly freckled nose and thin lips. When he smiles, it can be the most beautiful thing in the world, or the ugliest. The only thing that probably stands out are his hazel eyes; unlike his father's sharp green, they are a mix of brown and emerald, with a golden ring lining around his pupil. He has a tattoo on the inside of his right forearm with each of his family members names on it; Kurtis, Diana(mom), Helen(step-mom), Leah(baby step-sister), Keegan(youngest brother), John(second youngest brother) and Adam(deceased younger brother).

Clothing: He wears the fittings of a Gifted soldier; black combat boots, loose fitting ebony cargo pants and a tight black t-shirt complete with a windbreaker. He also has a bow and arrow, for combat, though it is usuall replaced with a sethoscope. On his white lab coat, he has a red cross on his left bre.as.t pocket, along with pockets usually full of empty sy.ring.es to rubber gloves.

Personality: Jem is a gruff guy. He hardly shows emotion, though when needed, he can be very compassionate. Actually, he usually only shows this gentle side to his patients. Jem's terse attitude hides a deep self-loathing for himself, though does his best to not dwell on it by helping others with his ability. He is also a close-minded person, which can lead to him being stubbornly persistent on arguments. Despite this, he constantly worries about his family, and is very stocic, a naturally born brave induvidual. With this, comes his dependibility; in a life or death situation, you want Jem by your side. It takes a lot to really freak him out. He doesn't hate the Gifted, considering he is one, though he sometimes favors humans since he grew up with them.

Bio: Jeremy was the first born to General Kurtis Hail and his wife, Diana. He grew up admiring his father, and watching him in meetings, and always learning war tactics. He loved his two younger brothers, Adam and John, very much, though did not like it when his youngest brother Keegan was born, for his mother died in childbirth. It's safe to say they all picked on him with unnecessary force, and to this day, Jeremy regrets it. Even more so, resenting his step-sister, Leah, who was nothing but loving to him.

Being the oldest, he had a lot of pressure on his shoulders to keep the house together. By the time he was fourteen, he was beginning to realize that he was...different. In playful fights with his siblings, he would notice tingling inside of him. As if he could do something…

Over the years, he pushed it off. He was fine. He was normal. He was human. At the age of 23, his younger brother died, and that's when things began to get hazy.

Through another death, and his father's depression, he took on full leadership until he was twenty-seven and his father regained control. That's when he couldn't take it. He had discovered the turmoil of being Gifted, and couldn't bear to cope of the way his family would now view him. He faked his own death, and fled to the Paris Fort, where he was soon shipped off to Arizona to help out there.

He resides there as the Head Doctor of the Infirmary Unit.

Ability: Jem has the ability to steal the senses. Usually, it is stealing the sense of pain, hence why he is the Head Doctor. Not only that, but he could make you go momentarily blind, deaf, and tastless. He hasn't quite mastered stealing the scent of smell yet, but he can always take away your sense of touch, which comes hand in hand with the pain thing.

Other: Jem wants to find his youngest brother one day, and his younger step-sister to apologize of his cruel treatment towards them. Whenever he treats any young kids, he makes sure to be extra kind to them, subconsciously trying to make up for how he treated his younger siblings in the past.

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