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Nacho! 'Tis Over Here!

Wreck replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 11:56 am

Maddie smiled brightly; Lexus was here! Before even realising what she was doing, she ran over and threw her arms around the lady's waist, hugging her tightly and laughing with delight.
"You're still here! I missed you, Lexus!"
This doctor had always been nice. The only one Elias and Maddie and June seemed to trust. June.
She pulled away to look up at Lexus, a little worry in her bright blue eyes. "Miss Lexus, I want to go see June..."
[Sorry for taking so long  T^T ]

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 12:20 pm

(It's alright :) )

At the mention of June's name, Lexus' thin brows pulled together in worry. She was a small delicate thing; even shorter than Maddie, with pixie like bones and dainty features.

It was safe to say both Leo and Persephone felt very out of place, watching the scenes before them. And cold. Very cold. Only Elias seemed to be very still, save for the faint flicker of his wings.

"We need to get you all inside."Lexus whispered, gently pulling away from Maddie."All four of you. I don't know why you brought friends."Her tone wasn't mean; just anxious and dissapproving. She began to walk, and Persephone followed without question. She wasn't scared to be here; not one bit. Leo, on the other hand, could feel his heart racing, even as he followed Lexus.

They followed the outside of a brick wall, with pointy wires above them. Lexus carefully explained what was going to have to be done.

"I thought I'd never see you two again."She mumured in a soft chatter, occasionally glancing back behind her."When you to escaped..."She flinched, before shaking her head and continuing to speak."Your friends will have to be disguised as new scientists, and you two will have to hide out somewhere new. Remember the basement, before you two escaped?"Lexus paused, coming to what looked like a door wedged into a cave. Her blue eyes were soft in the moonlight, whisps of her red hair escaping her loose ponytail."I won't let anything happen to you again. But you'll have to cooperate."Her gaze fell on Maddie in particular."When we get inside, I want you to turn into Kiba. I have extra clothes."

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 12:31 pm

"But what about June?" Maddie whispered, beginning to get anxious and frustrated now. Why wouldn't anyone tell her how June was? Or what was happening with him at all?
For the first time in a long time, she was beginning to panic. Only slightly, but it was still panic. Her hands trembled a little, her blue eyes becoming a bit more grey as they widened slightly.
He was okay, wasn't he?
But Lexus knew what she was doing; Maddie trusted her. She nodded, gesturing for Lexus to lead the way down into the basement, and grabbed Leo's hand; he looked a little scared. "Don't worry," she murmured quietly, faking a smile for him. "You'll be fine."

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 12:47 pm

Instantly, Leo felt guiltly for feeling even the tiniest bit scared. Maddie's hand was much colder than his, and he softly gave a squeeze back.

"I'm fine, and I'm sure June is alright."He reassured back, ducking down to give her a brief kiss on the cheek. They were like icy sheets.

At the mentio of June, Lexus got a deep frown. One that made wrinkles show up on her forehead. She turned around quickly, and for such a petite woman, she must of been strong to open the crusted away door.

"Come in, quickly."She instrcuctrd, ushering the four teenagers in what looked like a secret hideout. It was cared entirely of stone, a round high ceiling structure. It was surprisingly warm, due to a fireplace in the corner. A small kitchenette was even provided, complete with a stove, microwave, and dishwater. It was bigger than it looked, with a hallway leading down, and another branching off. Carpets covered the floors, and cusiony pillows and couches surrounded a coffee table. Shelves of books ran along the sides, and nestled into the opposite corner of the kitchenette seemed to be a laptop and cluttered workspace.

"Elias and Maddie and Kiba will be staying here."Lexus quickly explained."So will your ah...friends."Her blue eyes flickered over Seph and Leo as she scampered over to a drawer neither of them noticed before. She pulled out some nondescript boy clothes, and two lab coats."June is fine." Lexus finally replied. It wasn't really a lie. He was alive, right?"Now, the bathroom is down that hallway to the left. Everything will be alright, Maddie."For a moment, Lexus' small hand brushed he girls cheek, her expression showing concern and love. She then blinked and handed Perseohone and Leo two fake name tags."I've had these for a while. Just in case...you're name is Cathy, and yours, John. Just married--sorry for the inconvenience--so it would be easier. Last name is Vrain."

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Oh, he wasn't really fine, was he..? Maddie clutched Leo's hand tightly, really freaking out now. June wasn't fine at all, judging by Lexus's tone.
Why hadn't they taken June to escape with them? Why did they leave him here?
Now Maddie began to cry, the guilt practically burning her alive from the inside. "He's not okay... June's not okay, is he.... We should've taken him with us... Why didn't we bring him along?" she sobbed, her voice becoming louder and louder. "He's probably hurt, and scared, and we left hikm here, and it's all my fault..."

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm

Oh no, Lexus really did hate making Maddie cry. She was so fragile, like a little girl. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Maddie, shhh."Came Elias' voice. It was gentle, and easily, he took Maddie into his lap. She could fit like a button, anyways. Leo stood there, feeling utterly helpless, because he didn't understand, not know how to comfort her. He didn't even know who June was!

"We'll find June; it's not your fault, honey."Elias comforted in a coo, holding the trembling Maddie close."Remember how he didn't want to go? He liked it here, liked the pain..."His voice faltered, and Elias' wings fluttered in the great space allowed in the hideout."We'll get him out this time, I promise. Make him better."

"He would like to see you."Lexus piped in quietly, her face pinched and apologetic."I could bring him to you, though he's...sick."There. That was the best way to describe."Soon, alright Maddie?"

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Maddie sniffled, curling up against Elias's chest, trying to stop crying so much. Crying was stupid. It didn't solve anything. That's what Kiba said, anyway.
"S-sorry," she whispered very quietly, trying to distract herself by softly tracing designs on Elias's shoulder. Oh, Elias...
"Elias, did June ever tell you--"
She was cut off by a few quick taps on the basement door, like knocking. A doctor? The wind?
The door opened though, and she froze.
A boy, skinny, like Elias, though not quite as tan, and sporting bright hazel eyes and reddish-burgundy hair cautiously stepped inside, his pretty eyes taking everyone in. "Maddie... Elias? You're back... I knew I heard Maddie crying..." His voice was small, though he had to be around Elias's age, maybe 15 or 16. June.

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 2:58 pm

( I don't know if you want to just control June o both of us so I'll just control Lexus...)
At the appearance of June, Lexus' face turned an ashen, her blue eyes widening.
"June!"She gasped, quickly closing the door and locking it."What are you doing out of your room? How did you get here? Are you feeling alright?" It was obvious Lexus held concern for this boy; even more so as she hastily went over to hr work space, pulling out a syr.in.ge of clear liquid."This is very dangeroud for your health, you know that."
She paused, holding the needle hesitantly. Lexus didn't mean to be a kill joy, but June's health was just something else entirely...
"June?"Elias said the name with relief, and slight concern.'Are you alright?"

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 3:15 pm

[Oh, is this okay? Lol I don't want to overload you with charries, so I can control him  ]
"June!" Maddie lept out of Elias's lap and bounced over to him, hugging him tightly. She could feel him shivering; he hadn't even bothered to put a shirt on, silly boy. But she loved him anyway.
"Madeline...." June murmured softly, holding her, breathing in her scent. Sweet. But he pulled away to look at her sadly. "Why did you leave me, Madeline? And Elias left too... I was all alone..."
Maddie looked down guiltily. "I-I'm sorry..."
Her expression made June feel guilty as well. "Wha... I'm sorry, don't look like that... Please?"
Faking a smile, just like she had with Leo earlier, she nodded and towed him over to Elias. June's expression now almost made her giggle; his eyes were bright and sparkling, looking at Elias like some kind of reward, obviously eager to please. Like a puppy. If he had a tail, it would be wagging a mile a minute. "Elias! Elias, I missed you! Did you miss me too?"

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 3:22 pm

[ No that's fine; I have enough characters haha :) ]
Elias stiffened at them mention of Maddie and him leaving. It wasn't like that; he wanted June to come with them, but he jut wouldn't...
"I have missed you."Elias admitted to the boy, with a slight blush. Kiba wasn't the only one he shared kisses with, back in the lab days...
Persephone and Leo felt incredibly out of place, though they both managed to sit on the couch, watching the people curiously.
"June..."Lexus hovered over him like a protective mother, before she put the syr.in.ge aside and got two shirts--one for June, and one for Elias. She frowned at the one for Elias, though--his wings..."At least put on a shirt, please, June." Lexus asked, her blue eyes pleading. All of these kids...it made her nervous having them so close to danger, like the lab...
"Are you alright, June?"Elias asked, with a soft smile, even his brown eyes were tight."Lexus said you were sick..."
[ If you don't want him to be sick, that's okay, too :) ]

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 12:08 pm

[Lol okeydokey ]
June glanced briefly at the shirt, and quickly shook his head. "No, I want us to match!" he said, grinning as he sat beside Elias, resting his head on the boy's warm shoulder and holding his hand.
Oh, how wonderful it was to see Elias again! Like a dream.... "Elias, I missed you so much--" He was interupted by a tiny cough, and when he pulled his hand away from his mouth, he frowned at the small red drops staining his skin. He looked up at Elias with big, apologetic eyes. "No, I'm not sick... I'm okay."
Even Maddie could tell he was lying though as she sat on Leo's lap, and she sighed sadly. June was sick, Persphone's house was probably still on fire, Leo was all confused... Today just wasn't a great day...
"Elias!" June said, grinning suddenly. "EliasEliasElias!" With a delighted laugh, he hugged Elias tightly, kissing him over and over again. "I love you, Elias."

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Elias didn't mind June's display of affection; truth be told, he kind of missed it. Missed being next to a warm body, missed the feel of June's fingers interlocked with his...
But not the coughing. Nor the blood that followed after the coughing. It alrmed him. Enough so, that he stood up, stained with June's crimson blood on his bare skin.
"Don't worry, Elias, he's not contagious."Lexus reassured, cutting some holes in the back of the shirt for the boy. She also gave him wipes, and Elis sat down, apologetic at his reaction. It probably hurt June that he got up so quickly...
"I'm sorry."He murmured, his brown eyes liquid chocolate."I didn't mean to freak out." Elias added, dabbing away the blod, a worry line on his forehead, hiding behind his brightly dyed hair."I love you too, June, but I don't want you to be sick."
"Or cold, June." Lexus added in a gentle but stern voice, her blue eys meeting his green ones as she held out the shirt."Pleas."
"Yes, please."Elias added, putting on his shirt. It was a comforting soft cotton, even if the holes were too big for his wings."Perfect." He thanked Lexus.
{I love your writing style! So much! ^.^)

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 1:14 pm

[Aw, thank you~ I love yours too, everything is so descriptive! ]
June shrunk back against the corner of the couch, clearly apologetic, his expression full of worry and pain. "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, I didn't mean to..."
It was rather obvious that June was frightened now, his whole demeanor pleading and  sorrowful and scared. Very dark memories flashed through his mind, which only made him feel worse.
"I didn't mean to..." he whimpered again, now starting to look as if he would burst into tears at any moment. "Sorry..."

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Uh-oh. Elias knew this side of June. It was always like this--up and down rollar coaster. His green eyes became darker, and Elias's wings fluttered slightly in concern.
"Hey, hey, it's fine. It's not your fault.'Elias reassured, slowly bringing him in his lap. Elias was so tall, it was hard for anyone not to fit into it. Lexus frowned; no matter how hard she tried, she seemed to upset somebody. But sh eonly meant good....
"Um...what's going to happen to us?"Leo asked very softly--he didn't want to interrupt som e"moment" between Elias and June. But honestly, he needed to know. He held MAddie in his arms, his chin carefully on Maddie's little shoulder. She smelled nice.
"Well..."Lexus explained, sitting on a chair. It was huge, compared to her."You two are now scientists. undercover, really. You're allowed to come and go as you please. Surprisngly, they aren't very strict here, so they won't ask a lot of questions, unless you act suspcsious."
"Like...?"Persephone asked outloud, her ble eyes full of empathy as she looked towards June and Elias. She just wanted Kiba...
"Questions. Never ask too many."Lexus explained, before rubbing her head."June..."She hated to break him out of happiness."You really do need your medicine..."

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 1:22 pm

[Oh and thank you! :) ]

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Was he being bad? Did he do something bad? Was coughing not allowed?
June kept his eyes, now a dark foresty green, away from Elias's, still feeling horrible and guilty and stupid. He flinched when Elias touched him at first, but allowed himself to be pulled into his lap, unable to keep himself from trembling from fear and confusion. He didn't mean to...
"Um..." Maddie bit her lip, glancing at the clothes Lexus had given her. "Should I... Should I be Kiba now..?" Persephone did look a little lonely... But if she changed, wouldn't that made Leo lonely?
She looked at Leo worriedly; would he be okay? Would everything be alright when she came back to be herself? Which brought up the question...
"Since I'm here, also... Could Kiba get his body back?"

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 1:32 pm

[Oh, you're welcome! lol ]

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 1:38 pm

"It's fine. You are fine."Elias mumurud to the boy, his lips pressing onto his warm head full of bronze hair. He hated seeing June like this. It was all the doctor's fault...the stupid lab...
"Now that you bring that up,"Lexus replied, standing up herself, with the syr.ing.e in her steady hands."Yes. You can. With time, of coarse." She nodded, before approaching June and Elias with gentle eyes.
"That would be fine, Maddie."Lexus paused, frowning, before she went over and hugged the girl."Hopefully, when I see you next, you'll be in your own body again, hm?" She patted her cheek, and gave her a motherly kiss on her forehead. She had to lean on her tiptoes to do so.
Leo was up, too, and followed her down the hallway to the bathroom.
"Come back to me, okay?"He whispered, holding her face in his hands, gazing into those blue eyes."Promise me?"

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Wreck replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 2:46 pm

June whimpered again, this time not quite so sadly, but there was still a hint of fear there as he  forced his eyes upward to look at Elias. To be honest, he felt confused. Hadn't he done something wrong?
He kissed Elias's shoulder softly, like a silent apology. Elias had to be his favorite person in the world, and to see him upset was just... worse than anything the doctors could ever do.
"Well..." Maddie blushed, losing herself in how pretty and sad Leo's eyes were. Beautiful... "I... I can't promise anything, because I don't know what will happen, but..." She blushed even more, embarrassed now; she had totally lost her train of thought.
"I can try..." Her voice was just a tiny whisper now. "Um... Could I... A kiss..?"

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iluvnacho replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 3:06 pm

Leo couldn't help but to smile at Maddie's request. Her face fit so perfectly in his hands, and ever so carefully, he leaned down.

The kiss was gentle and warm. Maddie tasted sweet, and he moved slowly. This was a kiss of soft passion, of delicate feeling. One that spoke of safety, of solace...And then, Leo pulled away, his eyes still near her own bright blue ones. They were a dark emerald, and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

"I want you to come back."He whispered to her, still caressing her cheeks."As long as you try, Maddie. As long as you don't forget about me."That's all Leo could really ask, wasn't it?

In the other room, Lexus was sitting beside the two boys. For such tiny fingers, and hand was steady as she slowly injècted the clear fluid in the crook of June's elbow. There seemed to be a permanent hole in the crease.

"It usually helps; it's better that you are here, Elias. His nightmares were..."Lexus faltered before she went to through the syrínge away and wash her hands. Elias gazed down at the boy, concerned.

"This time, you're coming with us."He promised softly, his dark lips pressing against June's hot forehead. He seemed to be cradling the boy now, all curled up in his side."I'm not leaving you again."Elias paused, his grip becoming former against the boy."There's wonderful things out there. Like chocolate. Do you know what chocolate is, June?"Is was better to distract him, in as much pain as he was in.

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