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writerauter posted this thread...
Feb. 1, 2013 at 7:34 pm

she says, he was everything to me
she searched until she was sure
that he was the one for her
she never imagined she could be wrong.
he was awesome, he loved hockey
he understood her fears, he belived her
he was always there, held her tight
he was a boy with dark brown hair
baggy clothes, a piercing stare
but he was just so perfect for her.
she says, he lied about everything
she searched his eyes but was decieved
that everything he was, wasnt true
she only sees darkness and hatred in his eyes.
he was wonderful, he loved her
he fell for her and she the same
he held her in his arms and never let go
he was a tall figured boy with bright green eyes
black soled shoes, and hypnotizing smile
but she fell so hard and he changed his mind.
he says, she was always bugging me
he held out as long as he could bare
that he just wasnt sure about her anymore
he never meant to break her down.
she was lovely, she loved to sing
she understood his jokes, she listened
she was so clingy, would never let go
she was a girl with light blonde hair
long sleeve shirts, a naive gaze
but there was still something about her.
he says, she was so beautiful
he never could quite say no
he would run his fingers through her hair
he wished she hadent driven him to go. 
she was impossible, she loved to play games
she knew his favorites, she looked down
she was so bossy, would never be quiet
she was a girl with ice blue eyes
chain bracelets and wide eyed innocence
but she was just not his right answer.
as it turns out
they just could'nt seem to make it work
a heartfelt love turned into a big joke.

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