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Should I go on with the story?

allyxvalley posted this thread...
Nov. 10, 2012 at 3:15 pm

“Now, tell me, what happened the night your mother and father were killed?” The broad shouldered man said, staring at my little sister.
Her eyes opened to the size of saucers and quickly welled with tears. “What do you mean mommy and daddy were killed?!” She screamed at the man.
“Sweetheart, you were there, you saw it happen. Now tell me, what exactly happened that night?” I could tell the man was losing his patience.
My little sister smiled, walked to the wall, and shook her head.
“Mommy, that mean man said you aren’t really here.” She giggled. “I know you’re here mommy. I know”
And then the man stood up, and took Maci away.
‘Don’t tell the man anything. Don’t tell anyone anything. Your mommy wouldn’t like that.’ The voice was saying to me over and over and over.
“You aren’t my mommy!” I screamed at the lady talking to me, but I couldn’t see her anywhere.
I tried to fight the big man that was putting me into a car, but he was really big.
“Where’s Jake?” I asked the big man, who didn’t answer me.
“Where is my brother?! I want my brother!” I was kicking and punching, until I was pricked by a needle, and the whole world faded away to blackness.
“She’s only seven years old! You can’t take her from me! She’s all I have left!” I bellowed at the officers, begging and pleading for my little Maci back.
‘Two weeks’ they told me. I could have her in two weeks.
Except I didn’t want her in two weeks.
I wanted her now.
I woke up in a strange white room, strapped by pretty pink belts to a really hard bed. It was cold, and I was in a white nightgown, with little blue birdies on it. Jake will know what’s going on, I thought.
‘Stop thinking about your brother, Maci.’ She came back into my head, hissing at me.
“Go away! Please!” I cried out into the room, thrashing at the tight belts that were wrapped around my wrists.
I heard a faint click, and a door magically opened from the white wall.
“Who are you talking to?” A lady asked, walking towards me.
‘Don’t say a word to her, or you’ll regret it.” The hissing was louder.
A single tear rolled down my cheek as I replied, “Nobody.”

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