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SamanthaJames posted this thread...
Oct. 20, 2012 at 3:48 am

Chapter 2
I finished my kona and bumped into Belva, my best friend. I fixed my eyes on the Marks and Spencer paper bags hanging at the tip of her fingers.
“Isn’t it a great day for shopping?” she smiled.
It’s always a great shopping day for you. My inner Callista screams.
From the bags I gaze at her face.
“So you have something to wear for tonight? Or let’s go to a boutique? I can help you with my expertise if you like.” I can see that sparkle in her eye, the same excitement I see in her when she goes shopping.
“Nah, I already have something.” I refused.
“Oh, so Decoction again? Is this your warehouse? Or do you have a date?” So here comes little miss intrusive Belva.
“No, I had kona and besides…” I was trying to tie all the details when she blocked me with her mini investigation.
“Kona with whom?”
“Myself as usual.”
“Met someone?”
“Actually yes.” I almost forgot. That strange guy.
She raised an eyebrow and I knew I had to tell.
“There’s this guy inside the café who knew my lip gloss.” In all honesty and weirdness, there, I’ve said it.
“You mean he knew you’re wearing lip gloss, because it’s really shiny baby.” She tried to correct.
“No, I mean he knew my lip gloss. He knew it’s from benefit cosmetics.” I said with caveat in my throat.
“Oh yeah, come on. You’re freaking me out. You know, cut the coffee. It’s damaging your mental health.” So she thinks it’s a joke?
I immediately searched my bag for the novel, I know I’ve slipped that cardboard thingy somewhere between the pages. I flipped thick pages and the card slipped by itself exposing half of it. I grabbed it and handed it to her.
She analyzed it and I’m expecting something serious this time.
“It says MAQUILLAGE.” She said, pointing to the print.
I don’t know what to say. My throat’s dried up and the only thing I can do is give a fake cough showing how worthless it is to me.
“Well baby, he must be a she. Don’t credit things like this.”
“That’s not just it, he said I should call him.” I continued.
“He must be recruiting for a fraternity just ignore it . I can do pranks in the streets better than this you know.” She encouraged.
She’s right about the part that she’s best at pranks but I’m still not convinced he’s gay.
“So how ‘bout ice cream?” She caught my attention.
I carved thin strawberry from my ice cream feeling it in my mouth. Ice cream draws me away from my thoughts like coffee takes my heart away.
Belva tapped my hand making me release my spoon. She’s giving me the sign to look to the right. I examined and found everything still the same. Except for the guy, I mean oddball in blue and yellow varsity jacket his hands on his skin tight jeans and his toes stuck in vans. Belva likes him, a lot. A whole lot than the coffee I can drink. He’s about to come when I remembered Beau. If Farren’s here, Beau must be somewhere near. Beau is not the Varsity Jacket type guy. He’s way too normal. Long sleeves, loose pants and a bonnet, it’s definitely him.
“Hay-a ladies ! Care to join me in the bar? Not too far from here. I won’t take no for an answer.” He smiled I think.
He asks and answers his question. Hey loser, talking to yourself will make you crazy.
I know Belva is really happy right now. She releases two light claps and I can see the sparkle in her eyes. She’s really happy. So I know we’ll end up in a bar. I can’t leave her alone. I’m not a friend if I let her get drunk by herself.
“Beau is waiting so let’s go?” He says. He knows it’s a two thumbs up for Belva.
Farren drives a convertible audi. So my hair’s been flying away from my face forming those tricky tangles. I lost my hair elastic and trust me, it’s gonna take me years to fix this.
In the bar everyone’s dancing to the beat of Lady GaGa. I love the music I swear. Farren grabs my hand really tight so I can’t pull it away easily. He leads us to a room where the noise is less heard. At a distance I see a tip of a red shoe. Beau . Except for the bonnet. Where is it? He’s drinking a heineken and and have already of which lay on the curvy table.
I sat opposite him. The sofa is a curve framing at most three fourths of the table. He’s at one end so I’m on the other. Belva was already drinking when she pushed me so she and Farren could have a seat. To my surprise I laid on the sofa. But Beau. It’s he who grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. Wrapping one arm tight around me I felt a squeeze that blasted heat to my body. I felt like drinking. He handed me a bottle until I had my second and third.
A bald man entered serving salt, lemon and tequila plus two shot glasses. From that moment I knew who’d share one and the other. A few more drinks and I found my lips really dry. I feel tired and happy at the same time. In my mind I knew there was something to look forward to.
Chloe’s Party.
The idea dragged me out and brought me to the ladies’ restroom.

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