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MelodyBliss posted this thread...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 10:21 pm

I had finally given up with recovery. It was "out of the question" or something that couldn't be done. I felt a tear against my cheek as I quickly wiped it away, afraid that my unforgiving peers would glance my way and see, when I had tried to stay strong for so long. 
I stared at the mirror in the locker room, at my horrid reflection. Although the scale said 96 horrible pounds, my reflection said so much more. I heard the echos of the horrible words behind my ears, as if people were behind me and repeating them contionously as if they couldn't see the pain they cause everday. 
They called me those words a lot, these days, especially when they want me as their next "target." Someone they want to bring down, until that person felt nothing except self-hate. 
They were winning. I hated myself more than anything. I stared around the lockerroom. People weren't in there. I felt as if it was safe to cry, so I finally did so. 
I cried my hardest.. I cried so hard until I couldn't breathe, until finally I stopped and I wiped my tears quietly, afraid someone had heard. Then, I looked to my left side, and to my horror, I saw someone staring at me. But they were smiling. 
It wasn' t a mean smile, as if they were going to tell me how ugly I was, but a beautiful smile that left me in jealousy because of the beauty and innocence that I had never had. 
"You're beautiful." She said. I don't think I heard it right, but she said it. She wiped my tears. I didn't know what to say. I let her hug me. All I could do was cry more. She had saved me from drowing into the darkness. 

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Sarah C. replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 9:27 pm

this is a beautiful piece.  if its true I respect it so much because of your pure honesty.  In my opinion i think you should change the title! It gave me such a negative vibe going into it that I felt it was going to be just another story about bullying, but it most definitely wasn't! I love this type of writing and I hope you continue!<3

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