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One Direction Contest

AmayaEcho posted this thread...
Dec. 16, 2012 at 7:37 am

In this contest, you must create a poem using One Direction song titles in it.  This is not a poem about the band One Direction itself.  Here are the requirements:
1.  You must use the phrase 'one direction' at some point.
2.  You must use 2 song titles from the first album.
3.  You must use 3 song titles from the second album.
4.  You may only submit 1 entry.  Judging will begin after I have received 5, but feel free to post your first poem or a second poem if it has exceeded that limit and I have not given my verdict yet.
5.  Prizes will be revealed a bit later in the contest.
Feel free to be creative, I'll read them all!  Have fun!

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LinkinPark12 replied...
Dec. 20, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Personally, I'm not to keen on this poem, I couldn't seem to get it right, but I'm giving it a shot anyway.
Take Me Back, Take Me Home
Take me back, take me home,
I wish I could turn back time,
Where we loved each other,
I would give every dollar and dime.
Everything about you makes me smile,
Nobody compares to the love we shared,
Our love faced only one direction,
That was forward, the only way we cared.
Take me back, take me home,
You don’t know you’re still the one,
I’m still in love with everything you are,
But it’s too late, now that you’ve gone.
This text means it's in Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition.
This text means it's in Up All Night.
This text means it's One Direction!

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Novelist123 replied...
Dec. 24, 2012 at 3:12 pm

My feet scratch the sidewalk
As I return home
Slouched over with things to be done
Walking forever in one direction.
The girl ahead of me
In the same march
Turns, sun reflecting off of her silver frames.
Lilyanne, the girl who everyone notices,
But no one is with.
Her uneven bristles of hair
Bristles in the broiling wind.
A glimpse of what she fixates upon,
I see but one thing,
A pinpoint thread of sunlight
Quavering with stage fright
When I switch to her,
I see her cerulean eyes
Still captured, kidnapped, taken
By this little thing
She breaks off
To chase this little thing
To become part of the little thing
They become little things
But I forget Lilyanne
Chasing a thread of sunlight
Because that’s not what I need
It’s not what I want?
Because what’s still the one thing I want
Is to remain marching?
In this line that goes forever on?
Each person
Part of the fabric
A cell
To make a

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Sparkle1pops replied...
Jan. 20, 2013 at 11:55 am

Everything about you stole my heart.

Your beauty is like a piece of art.

You smile shines, brighter than the stars.

Your eyes glimmer, like newly fallen snow.

Your hair flows, like the water gushing off the side of a mountain top.

Your beauty aims toward one direction;


I’ll never forget how I loved you first.

When I first laid eyes on you I knew I would never change my mind.

So please baby don’t tell me this is our last first kiss

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