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Novelist123 posted this thread...
Nov. 25, 2012 at 12:27 am

For this, you have to take at least one of the characters from this list, and create a story around them. You can do anything with them, short story, novel, poem, etc. With each character, I've supplied a name, two flaws in the character, two general things about their personality, a few things about their looks, and, if possible, a thing that sticks out about the character's outfit of choice. Here they are:
1. Dennis Rockwell: overly sarcastic and audacious, dutiful, and willing to fight, pale, angular features
2. Kevin Perkins: unpredictable, and unsure of himself, smart, courageous, dark hair, prominent chin
3. Travis Loveless: timid and klutzy, humble, relaxed, orange dreadlocks, scrawny, blazer with jeans
4. Kent Reed: Arrogant and headstrong, leader, brave, hair so blonde, it's almost white, athletic build, faded jeans, worn sneakers
5. Genevieve Wilbourne: disloyal, meddlesome, withdrawn, temperate, deep blue eyes, hair in ponytails, girly headband
6. Claire Claybourne: tendency to blame others, perfectionist, optimistic, nerdy, mouse brown hair, striped shirts
7. Allie Bruse: overambitious, overprotective, clever, loyal, dark hair, round face, bright sneakers
8. Anna Nash: rebellious and reckless, decisive, perseverent, dark skin, elfin features, flowy dresses
You can enter two pieces, and the contest is over after ten entries (though if enough people comment in saying they'll enter, I can up it to twenty). Good luck!

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