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AnanditaKetkar posted this thread...
Jan. 8, 2013 at 5:42 am

Sports are one of the most important aspects of life; they unite and they keep you in a healthy physical and mental state.
There are as many sports as you can imagine in the world right now, and even you could make up your own sport. For example, even the classic hide and seek is one. There is some evidence that the Chinese played sport as early as 4000 years ago. In Ancient Egypt, monuments and structures show that sports which are common today, such as fishing and swimming, were participated in ‘several thousands of years ago’.
An aspect of sport is sportsmanship, which is basically being respective of your opponent and team mates, not cheating and maintaining grace and/or sympathy in victory or defeat. The Olympic creed, made by the founder of the modern Olympics Pierre de Coubertin is:

The most important thing…is not winnning but taking part.
Many of you will have heard that before, but have you ever understood the meaning of it? Just because you loose in a particular match or competition does not mean you are a bad person. What makes you a bad person is if you ‘hate’ the opposition for winning, or disrespect them in any form. What also makes you a bad person is if you cheat.
The aim of sports is to enjoy them, and try your best,regardless of whether you suceed and fail.
This is the true meaning of sport- sportsmanship.

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