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The Life of an Immortal.

ScarlettJohnson posted this thread...
Dec. 13, 2013 at 9:59 am

My dearest friends,
I do warn you, this is the true life of an Immortal Being, these are the adventures and lies I've tried to hide within my past, but unfortunatly, my past has began to unravel itself.
Do take my honest words, this story will haunt your minds.
Your dreams.
Your reality, though it is so little. My words do come from the old sinful heart in my chest. This is the world and I am its secret.
Please believe me.
Today I was awakened to the real world, and you may not believe me, though I did not believe it myself. Being as old as I am, I know there are darker things in this pale world that when I see them, my eyes split into a thousand pieces and dance across all the walls.
Shattering every life I come across.
I was only sixteen, enjoying the joy of nearly turning seventeen. I believed I would become famous, even in my writing. But when i walked alone that night-
When I left my only salvation-
I knew it was over. I felt the strangers knife, sharp and stained with pale green powder, slice my heart open. I watched the life pour out of me, horrified that i was going to die. I shook my fist, stained with blood, at the sky and screamed," This can't be it! I have to much to live for! PLEASE!!!"
This was when I felt it, a bone splitting, teeth shattering pain go through my entire body. My body arch and I was on my side holding my head together. A green substance danced through my veins, I saw.
I don't know how long I screamed on that trail. It was only hours, but to me it felt like years.
If you can believe me, even though I swear on my life I speek only the truth, shall I continue?

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