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Caught in the Gold

Shooting-Starr posted this thread...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 11:04 am

It's teeth gleamed in the moonlight and it's shocking gold eyes pierced me like needles in my chest causing my lungs to any air I begged for it to take. The oversized, black wolf threw it's head back in hunger and triumph. I was paralyzed as it backed me up against the old oak tree when everything became quiet and still as the clouds enveloped the moon, causing the woods to go as black as the wolf's fur and my eyesight to cease. I cried out in shock and fear, refused the urge to run.
          I prayed til the clouds parted and the moon light fell upon everything, but what I made my fear grom tenfold was that the wolf was gone. Trying to take a deep breath, I looked up at the moon in fear, begging it not to leave agian. My knees began to shake violently til they gave out. My head pounded as I looked into the trees from my hands and knees. Golden eyes, that were both beautiful and frightening, watched me as I struggled to breathe and stay conscious. Closing my eyes, I gave in and collasped, letting the sweet darkness take over me....

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