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The Open Green Field

@nime.@ngel posted this thread...
Mar. 2, 2013 at 2:38 am

The sun can be seen from the west as it sets. The wounded man called Yurei, only sees it as nothing. Neither beautiful nor warm. Maybe he did in the past, but now it only means, to him of night that will come; it is a reminder that it is time to fight the fiends that he wreaks revenge on, but not today, here he'll rest. Right now Yurei doesn't have enough energy because of what happened last time. The forest surrounds a clearing of light green grass like a border. In the direction of the sun; past it's glare are the hills that curve up and down until the land flattens.From a birds point of view the clearing would be the shape of a half-moon; with the sun and hills in the west and the forest in the east.
    Right as the sun drops and sets; he falls on the now cold grass . The sun is gone and replaced by the moon that gives an ominous light in the darkness. The wind blows in the what is now the night sky; as such Yurei calmly touches his sheath, seeing into the forest, it's dark silence never to be underestimated. After awhile he gets up, it's almost inhuman of him to stand and let alone walk unflinchingly with a deep gash in his chest. He sits and lays besides a rock and tries to sleep and conserve energy so that can learn from this ordeal and never let himself be such a weakened state. The man who may never fully sleeps closes his eyes; still aware of everything and drifts back and forth from sleep and reality.

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Allicat001 replied...
Mar. 10, 2013 at 12:14 pm

I really liked this, it was descriptive and mysterious, good job and keep writing! :)

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