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chasefannin posted this thread...
Feb. 17, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Hey guys, I'm in Power of the Pen which is a writing competition.youre  given a prompt and then forty minutes to think of an idea. Youre ranked 1-6 1 is best, 6 is worst. I though I was going to place at my tournament on saturday but i got a 4,2, and 1.
I need help with stucture and depth of paragrpah. I'm good with description, and i get done in like 2o minutes, but sometimes my writing is just not executed well enough:( i also need help with development of my story and how to think of ideas quickly and some tips on brainstorming thanks:)

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MegaSock replied...
Feb. 19, 2013 at 10:50 am

Ah, sentence structure is just about the trickiest part. what I do, is I think of the sentence and a few more after it. I write it at first, and continue with the story. I finish the story before I read it over, that way I can see that the whole story flows, and not just one paragraph. Read it out loud, and see if it needs more detail, sometimes a sentence starting with "And", "But," and "However," can flow onto another sentence (I know, teachers feak out when you use those, but if you use them well enough, they don't mind). I have a problem with writing in fragments. I love fragments, giving a sense of emotion, but I overuse them at times. They can be good if you use them right.
Brainstorming: What I do is I make either circle plots, bullits, or just think the thing through in my head. If it's an essay form, I make the first circle (being first paragraph's topic). Then I branch off into more circles (being detail paragraphs), and then I reconnect them into a last one (being a closing).
Sometimes when you're writing a story, though, if you know the beginning and the end, the middle can sometimes come to you (being the detail) Hope I helped! :D

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IMSteel replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 6:09 pm

Um...that's a hard thing to do.  If I were you, write your idea down as fast as you can, then go over it again and again with the minutes remaining, until you get your sentence structure down.  Getting an idea all at once is impossible as far as I know, unless you already have an idea ready.  It took me years to develope my story from the small stories I wrote when I was little, to the story I'm writing now.  With this, I don't think I can help much.

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