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Aqua. posted this thread...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 9:53 pm

January 7, 2013
Wow, so today I got a diary from my aunt. It is a leather bound diary it looked really cool so here I am writing in it.
Any way my name is Devi, yup Devi not Dev, Demi, or Devanni. Dev, I have long curley black hair that goes to my waist. I am 5 foot 8 inch. I have tanish skin, brown eyes. Speaking about eyes I have always wanted Blue eyes, it's just somthing about them. I have a somwhat curvey and shomwhat normal body as in I'm NOT supper thin. I am also 14 years old.
I know alot of people but I have only two best friends I can trust with my life. Their names are Kobe and Olivia. Kobe's been my best bud since we were little as in two years old, he's taller than me but he's a guy... so it's normal right? Olivia has been there in my life since fourth grade rocky start but she is really sweet. There is another girl named Alissa she means well but somtimes is a little too much so thats why were only good friends.
So that just explaines some part of my life... Oh I forgot to talk about my family.
My parents are devorced, and i have (extreemly overprotective) brothers.
Diego is the eldest he's 16 years old and is always warning me about guys and is willing to get suspended for a little to protect his little sister he even got the rest of the football team to help him beat the guy who made his sister cry. He is 6foot 2inch, dark hair and its curley he playes basket ball and football he's got a nick name at school called 'King of Hearts' because he is the crush of girls who can't get a social life. They even formed a fanclub at school.
Enrique or Rico is the exact same copy but is more academic. He warns me about the 'Wolves' in the school or in other words boys. Riki is what I call Rico because I couldn't say Rico or Enrique. He only lets me call him that name, i think because he litterally yells at them not to call him whatever name they called him. Don't get me wrong hhe may look like the angel but he has dated almost every girl in the twelveth grade. He is one of the most popular guys in the tenth grade other then Diego.
Well thats my family our names are hispanic but were asian, my dad always wanted a Diego or and Enrique, mom wanted a girl so here I came.
We live in an cando in Minnesota... Not a very exighting place but it's only me and my brothers so it's alright. We live about a block away from school so yea.
Mom said she and our father had made an agreement to have us live in Minnesota while they work in Washington. They said they would pay for the nessasary things and give us some cash for clothing and food.
I sorta like this living plan better and so does my brothers. They don't have to share a room any more so this is the floor plan. Riki (or Rico) gets the basement it's actually really nice two rooms, one bathroom, and a living room. Diego got the the room right across from Riki. I got the top floor it had one master bedroom and one master bathroom.
Yes Master bedroom and master bathroom.
Yup Lifes good so far.
For meals we take turns cooking. So we switch off every day. We also have turns washing dishes.
My room is the color aquamarine my birthstone, it has decorations on it like my name Dev in bold letters. I have a queen bed the sheets are cherry red. I have some stuffed animals and a jewery box. My absolute favorite feature is a walk in closet.
To think about it we've only just start living here for a couple days because we left right after Christmas.
The only thing I'm gonna miss is Kobe, Alissa, and Olivia but we got email so its somewhat okay.
Anyways I got to start school soon so
-Love Devi-

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