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writerauter posted this thread...
Dec. 13, 2012 at 8:00 pm

it was two weeks before my birthday
i remember it all too well
i came home, i was smiling
i heard my mom and daddy yell
it was just another fight
i was so sure that was all it was
then i heard my mom scream she was leaving
i heard my daddy continue to yell
mom packed her bags and was gone
just as quick as you can kill a gnat
daddy went into his room and slammed the door
he was never the same after all of that.

it was the first day of seventh grade
my hair had grown too long
it clung to my neck and was in my eyes
but i could hardly think of that
because mom always used to take me
every three months, to mr. clocks barber shop
over all the way across town
now she wont even visit
not even when i cried and begged her to come back
jason beam told me that she was a slut who ran away
i punched him in the face and cursed him for saying that
i had never done anything like that before
i guess i wasnt the same after mom left.

it was the third week into seventh grade
i had just been walking home
i walked into the front door
i could already hear the whacks
daddy was punching the walls agian
i always hated it when he does that
i saw his bottles of vodka sitting on the counter
he never used to drink like that.

when i walked into his room i saw the walls
i felt the tears and i lost all control
i yelled at him that it wasnt fair
i screamed and asked him why he was never there anymore
why he didnt play catch with me at the park
why he drank so much...why he didnt care
he just stood and stood there, until finally
he couldnt take anymore; he slapped me across the face
i stood there stunned just looking at him
then i bolted out of the room
he called my name but i didnt listen
i ran out the front door, past the kitchen
i didnt stop running till i got to the park
then i finally sat down on a bench
i couldnt take it anymore, couldnt hold it in
i let the tears fall down over and over again
for hours i just sat there, until it got dark
then i slowly walked back to my house
the lights were all off, the fireplace cold
puzzled, i walked into my dads room
at first i had thought he was just asleep
but when i shook his shoulder
he rolled off the bed and onto the floor.

thats when i saw his old handgun it was on his bed
my eyes slowly went to the side of his head
i saw the blood and the hold clearly
i was so shocked i just stood there staring
finally i had to back away slowly
i hid my face and cried in the corner
i looked up and whispered why
it was never the same after my dad died.

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NiaraTiara replied...
Mar. 19, 2013 at 8:04 am

That was a fantastic poem. One of the best I've ever seen. It moved me to tears.

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runnergirl15 replied...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 1:52 pm

this is really good, and moving. I felt like i was in the poem.

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