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Reverse Character Quiz

SunnySummers posted this thread...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 7:45 pm

   Here's the deal: I want you (yes, you!) to help me develop my characters by taking a reverse quiz. I'll post a few excerpts that develop the characters and you fill in the skeleton with your best guesses of their traits/history/random trivia. Got that? It's okay, I think you'll see what I mean once I post my stuff.
Here's the skeleton for you to use!
Name: (You don't have to guess, I just want to know which charrie this skellie is for)
Approximate age:
General Appearance:
Clothing style:
Favorite color:
Skills, talents, or quirks: (what makes them special as a character?)
General background:
Personality: (how do you see them as a person/character?)

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SunnySummers replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 7:49 pm

   Larke picked up another stick and added it to her fat bundle. She glanced back in the direction of her and Chance’s makeshift camp.
   She’d wandered so far, just collecting one piece of firewood after another. She sighed heavily and heaved herself onto a rocky seat covered in blue moss.
   The sky was brilliant shades of yellow, pink, and purple. The burning red sat hid below the horizon with only the tip of his head giving him away.
   “You get lost?” Chance laughed.
   “Oh?” she looked up to see him walking over with a steaming cup in either hand. As soon as she’d taken one, he joined her on her boulder bench. “I was just watching the sunset. Isn’t it pretty?”
   “Beautiful.” He didn’t even look up.
   “Mmm,” she sipped at the deliciously sweet drink. “What is this?”
   “It’s a special recipe.”
   She stared at him as she waited to hear the rest. He looked straight ahead, his top hat still perched crookedly over his black hair. “Well?”
   “Oh, didn’t I say ‘secret recipe’?”
   “No,” she laughed. “You said it was a special recipe. Is there a reason the ingredients are so ‘secret’?”
   “Well I could have put a number of things in it. Really, there could be anything in it. So it’s special because they’re secret. And they’re secret because they’re special.”
   “But that doesn’t make any sense,” she reasoned. “That is what you call circular reasoning.”
   He glanced sideways at her before looking back to the sky. “And why shouldn’t my reasoning be a little circular? I always thought circles were nice. They’re even and round and they always start where they end, living immortally.”
   She wondered what he was talking about. “Are you always this crazy?” she asked.
   He sat still for a moment as he took her question in. “Maybe I am. But who’s to say that I’m not the sane one?”
   She stared at him questioningly. With a chuckled she tapped his hat’s brim up, pushing it down on the opposite side. He laughed as he fixed it. “Maybe you are.”
   She blinked away as he stared back at her with a grin. “I have to go. We won’t have any fire if I don’t start one.”
   She left her cup and carried the bundle of wood back to light. She took a deep breath of the cold air to clear her mind. She looked back at a lonely Chance, sitting himself where she’d left him. No, she told herself firmly. This is about his mother and yours. Nothing more.

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SunnySummers replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 7:52 pm

   “Knock, knock,” Jessica tapped on the heavy wooden door.
   When she got no reply, she gently pushed Archer’s door open.
   He was sitting by the window, staring off into the distance.
   “I miss her, too. We all do.” As fiercely as the two rivals could fight, they were still family. It broke Jessica’s heart to have her just leave like that. She may have even been angry if she hadn’t almost done the same think a week ago.
   “I know,” he answered, still staring out the window.
   She grinned at herself. “Okay, fine, I see you’re in no mood to lose to a girl. I’ll just leave my bow here and come back later.”
   He almost grinned as he turned to her. “Yeah, right,” he argued. He snatched up his bow and playfully nudged her. “Let’s go. I’ll show you how a true champion plays.”
   She laughed. They’re silly banter never stopped. They’d had a friendly competition going on between them since the day that they’d met. She longed to be as good as he was with potions and medicines, but her gifts were closer within the realm of healing through contact.
   She smiled as they raced down the stairs, shoving at each other like little kids. It was great to have a guy like Archer in her life. She couldn’t believe that she’d almost left him for Stryker.
   The affair had vanished into the past and become her dark secret, the one thing she’d never tell him. How could she come clean? It would only break his heart.

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SunnySummers replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 7:55 pm

   Chrisse` wandered the town in the rain, finally walking drenched into some little saloon.
   “What can I get for you?” asked the man behind the bar. He was tall and muscular with a salt-and-pepper beard and small beady eyes.
   “I’m eleven. I don’t drink.” What was this man crazy, offering a kid something to drink?
   He laughed. “You wanna soda? On the house.”
   She smiled and sat down as he poured her a glass of Coke. He seemed nice enough. “Thank you,” she grinned, accepting the cold glass.
   “Haven’t seen you ‘round here,” he observed.
   “Well, I’m kind of new here, I guess. I was shipwrecked down on the beach until Stryker found me.”
   “Yup, that’s how most of us come,” he told her. “I’m Dusty.”
   She giggled. “Dusty?”
   “Yup,” he grinned back at her and she could see that he was missing a tooth toward the back of his mouth
   “What happened to your tooth?” she asked before realizing that that was probably a rude question.
   “Got knocked out,” he answered, turning his back only to grab another customer’s glass and fill it with beer. “in a bar fight.”
   “A bar fight?!” She’d seen those on TV, but she’d never been in a bar before, so she’d never thought that those things really happened.
   “Well, that was a long time ago. Back before I was an old man,” he laughed and so did she. “Now I just mind my own business and mind my manners.”
   “I’m Chrisse`,” she introduced with her small hand stretched across the counter to him.
   “Nice to meet you.” As soon as their hands touched, he stumbled back like he’d been hit.
   “Look, he’s doing it again, Red,” a man laughed.
   Red laughed along. “Tell us, Ol’ Dusty, what did you see this time?”
   Doing what? Chrisse` wondered. Has he done this before?
   Dusty, who seemed to have recovered, ignored the crowd. “Your daddy’s name Adam?” he asked Chrisse`.
   She gasped. “How did you—how did you—“
   “I got a gift,” he whispered loudly, “I can see things sometimes.”
   “Don’t listen to the old quack!” the first man told her.
   “Yeah,” Red agreed, “take it from me an’ Brick here. This crazy ol’ man’s the town loony.”
   “You don’t seem all that sane to me either,” she told him.
   “Listen, Girl,” he barked, so intoxicated he could barely stand up straight, “you’re friend’s is crazy!”
   “C’mon, Brick, let the kid alone. She’ll come ‘round soon enough.”
   The two men walked into the rain, one holding the other upright.
   “Thank you,” Dusty nodded at her with one of his missing-tooth smiles.
   She smiled back. “Crazy or not, you seem pretty nice to me. So how do you know about my dad?” Her face grew serious again.
   “I can’t really ‘splain it,” he shook his head, “but I saw this picture of a guy with the name on it. I assumed he was your daddy ‘cause it was layin’ in an open book. Next to it was what looks like a diary.”
   “That’s mine!” She looked around at the inside of the saloon, not sure at all where she was planning to go. “Where is it?”
   “I can’t say for sure, really, but if you find those books you probably find that picture.”
   “Thank you!” She took a final sip of her soda and zipped out into the rain again. She didn’t care if she got wet anymore. She felt like she’d been perpetually dripping since the storm started. She screamed and jumped as lighting struck a puddle maybe two or three yards from her.

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BlizzardPrincess replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 10:57 pm

Name: Larke


Approximate age: Teen/young adult


General Appearance: I don’t know what she looked like, but I picture a girl with smooth brown hair and a long, oval face. She’s tall, but not too tall, and has a curvy figure.


Clothing style: She strikes me as a girl who likes to dress up in cute outfits, but who’d also be prepared to get a little dirty in the great outdoors.


Favorite color: Um, purple?


Hobbies: Camping, maybe? It seems like that’s what she’s doing in the excerpt.


Skills, talents, or quirks: I don’t see anything indicated, so I’ll just randomly say that she’s probably a musical prodigy. She likes to tap the tips of her fingers on things as though she’s playing a piano.


General background: She seems to have a natural connection with the boy; they probably grew up knowing each other casually through their parents. For some reason, though, she refuses to let herself like him. Maybe she’s been hurt before by someone she trusted? Maybe she lost a boyfriend in war or through some other horrible death?


Personality: I see her as very girly. Probably the type to wear lots of jewelry and lacey clothes. She probably has a good sense of humor.

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BlizzardPrincess replied...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 11:10 pm

Name: Chanceroni… Idk… Just Chance *snickers* a just chance. Forgive me, I’m delirious for lack of sleep.


Approximate age: Similar to Larke’s, I’d assume


General Appearance: Let’s see… He has messy black hair and his grin is contagious and infectious.


Clothing style: He wears a top hat?? Is his look completed by a velvety waistcoat and a magic walking stick? That would be pretty epic.


Favorite color: Purple, just like Willy Wonka’s.


Hobbies: I don’t know. Maybe he’s an ice fisher. He probably tells very good stories, too, so maybe he’s a writer? I think he should write children’s and young adults’ novels.


Skills, talents, or quirks: I think he’s charming in a slightly weird way. Judging by Larke’s reaction to his secret recipe, he’s a skilled cook. He has a way of seeing the world through, not a tinted lens, but a kaleidoscope. He’s intelligent, though it’s hard to tell by listening to his crazy talk.


General background: He grew up being raised by an eccentric millionaire uncle. Why not? It could work.

Personality: He’s sweet, charming, and intelligent. He’s willing to go as far as it takes to impress the girl of his dreams.

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