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Chapter 1-Please give feedback

griffech posted this thread...
Nov. 9, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Anthony had to get to school himself, and was going to be late as it was. He hated mornings like that, and they happened all too frequently. He was really frustrated as he went out the door carrying his backpack to go to school. As he left the property of his parents, he came to a decision. He had always been the good boy and good person because of his fear that his parents would be upset if he did anything wrong. He didn’t right then care what his parents thought. He wasn’t going to go to school at all. He would show his parents what a fight like that could cause him to do.
When he left the neighborhood, instead of going right to the school, he decided to turn left and go to the movies. He had enough money to see the classic film Lawrence of Arabia, and that would easily take up half the day. But as he got closer, he decided that he didn’t really want to see Lawrence of Arabia. He was on a bad boy streak, and he wanted it to stay that way. He wasn’t necessarily going to go to an adult theatre, but he was, however, going to see a more racy movie. He looked at what was showing at the Theatre, and saw that the Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction was playing there. He decided he wanted to see that instead of some old, long, boring movie that his grandfather had been watching. Unfortunately for him, he remembered that a rated R film would mean he would have to show his ID to get in, and it would reveal that he should be at school.
Then, he looked up as an elderly gentleman was walking toward him and looking at him curiously. “Shouldn’t you be at school, boy?” asked the man.
“I graduated last year, sir,” said Anthony politely but nervously. “May I ask your name?”
“What is it to you?” asked the man.
“Just curious,” replied Anthony even more nervously. “I am taking a survey for school about what is the most common names in the town.” He then shut his mouth, realizing that he had just lied about something that contradicted his first lie that he had graduated.
“I thought you said you graduated,” said the man. “For your information, my name is Hans Riecherdstein.”
“Mr. Riecherdstein, please don’t tell anyone that I should be at school,” said Anthony.
The old man smiled as he said, “Hans, please. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Anthony only then realized how old the man actually was. He was somewhat hunched over and his skin was wrinkled with his almost white hair showing his age. “I skipped school myself once. I would not tell on someone about a fellow skipper.”
“Well thank you, Hans,” said Anthony.
“Wait a minute, you’re the governor’s son, aren’t you?” said the old man as he carefully looked at Anthony. “I actually have someone I would like you to meet.”
“Really?” said Anthony thankfully.
“Yep,” said Hans. “If you would follow me to my house please, that would be great.”
Anthony really didn’t have any idea who this Hans was, or what he was taking him to. Anthony figured that he had nothing better to do during the day, so why not just let curiosity get the better of him. He did think that Hans was a little bit of a creepy old man, but it seemed like he meant well enough. Hans took him to what looked like an old and shabby apartment building, and then stopped. Anthony noticed that the windows and any other openings were boarded up.
“It’s not much, but it’s home,” said Hans. Anthony looked at him in a somewhat nervous way.
“This is where you live?” asked Anthony nervously.
“All my life,” said Hans. “When my mother died, she left me this old shack that I had lived in as a child. Mind you, I had been out of the house for two years when I moved back in here, but it was still home to me.”
“Don’t you have enough money to get a different house?” asked Anthony in a somewhat sympathetic tone this time.
“I have always been a poor man,” said Hans, as he opened the door. “You will notice that the house windows are boarded up, sonny. Well, don’t mind that. My friend here just doesn’t like the sunlight.”
“Well isn’t that funny,” said Anthony in an almost hysterical tone. “I am no fan of it either. Now where is this friend you want me to meet?”
“Right this way,” motioned Hans as he walked towards a staircase that led to a lower level.
“May I ask where this leads?” asked Anthony.
“You may,” said Hans. “This simply leads to my friends living quarters.”
“He lives in the basement?” asked Anthony curiously.
“That’s right,” said Hans. “He loves the dark and damp feel of the basement. I have never understood why, but it suits him well enough I suppose.”
Anthony walked carefully down the flight of stairs that led to a hardly lit basement. He was starting to be a little creeped out. He didn’t want to just run, because if this stranger, Hans, was up to no good, at that point he had the advantage. When they got to the bottom of the very dimly lit stairway, there was a man which Anthony recognized as his father’s opponent’s top campaign manager Jack Russell.
“Well hello, Anthony,” said Jack.

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