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BeautifullyCrazy posted this thread...
Apr. 29, 2013 at 7:11 pm

they say that sadness should fill you with pain.
but I just feel
if I had tears left I'd cry
but I'm saving those tears to fill a tub and drown myself in it
and the screams and the cries of the poor and oppressed,
are just a sign of luck.
because those who have the energy to get up and whine,
have the energy to
turn it all
i can't remember how to feel
because the constant shots of pain have made me
n u m b
it's simple to ask optimism of someone
but tell me
where's the bright side
of wanting to shatter the
because it shows the smile
of your
but not the inner black hole that's deprived the virginity of your
?? p l e a s u r e ??
and I miss crying
because it waters your heart
it feeds your
but I have no emotions
because I am
I am empty
and I am
n u m b
why can't I feel anymore
sometimes I wish to be a
thumb print
because then
I could be
please answer
where is the motivation when I can't even get out of bed
I used to want to scream into a pillow until I
but even now that feels like
too much energy
too much time
I guess economics and pain have something in common
like inflation
because I've screamed so much
that my screams have lost their
and I can't remember how to feel
these constant shots of pain have made me
n u m b
once when I was little
I fell off my bike.
I cried and my doctor said
it's better to feel pain than to feel nothing
at all.
I didn't know what he meant
because now I'd sell my soul
for a simple taste
whether it's of sadness or of happiness
I'd trade for it all that I
though that isn't much.
!!!!please answer me!!
These constant shots of pain have made me
n u m b
and I wish I could cry
I wish I could cry!
i wish I could cry.
I'm crying

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