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Sunday Heart Break

ClarissaIris posted this thread...
Mar. 30, 2013 at 8:50 pm

It was Sunday
I just was dropped off at the hospital,
Mom had called earlier saying "Come now it's your sister."
I walked in and starred at her.
The paling form of my baby sister,
scratches lined her small cheeks.
She was fighting, clawing, looking for peace.
"My dear sister Addy, please don't leave."
My pleading was in vain though,
her heart rate moniter beeped it's fast descent down.
She grew still and cold in the brass medical crib.
Tears ran down my cheeks, my sobs shook me.
I didn't think, I just ran and ran.
I stopped and looked up at the blackened sky.
"Why dear god? Why? Take me instead. Sacrafice me!"
Dropping to my knees I knew god wouldn't exchange me for her.
 I knew half of me was forever lost, the half that lived,laughed, and loved

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RarelyJaded replied...
Mar. 30, 2013 at 9:12 pm

oh .... I kind of got choked up reading that. Is this a true story? It's so raw and emotional.....I felt the same way when my sister Kaiden died, she was just born. Great poem, but sad :(

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