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ClarissaIris posted this thread...
Mar. 30, 2013 at 1:08 pm

"Oh ny God Ali you didn't?" My friend Lacy exclaimed in question, probably hoping it was my idea of a cruel joke. But of course it wasn't, i had just told her what really happened on Friday at Devon Crosse's party.
"Shhh! Keep it down Lacey. I don't want the whole world to know." Right then the queen of our school Cali Vance entered the commons on the arm of her prince. She looked over at our direction and caught me starring. She smirked then flipped me off, you see it's pathetic crap like that, that makes me kind of proud for what i did.
"Okay, but you know when she finds out your so dead." Lacy gave me the stare, then smiled. "So give me the entire story now."
I told her it was after her, Sammy, Jordan, Elidie, and I arrived at Devon Crosse's house; for the most epic senior party of the year.
Shortly after we arrived Sammy, Elidie, and Jordan went to go play poker and Lacey and her boyfriend Rob went to the makeout room, a.k.a the basement. That left only me miling around and after a few minutes I decided to go to the makeshift bar for a few drinks.
On my way over there though, I seen Devon and Cali being all lovey-dovey in the corner of the living room. Immedeatly I felt raging hot anger corse threw my vein but i'd never verbaly admit that.
Anyway i guess at some point of the night Cali and Devon got into a fight. Devon came and stood by me, "sup Ali?" His voice was deep and his words s;urred together he was obviously drunk.
"Ummm, hey Devon killer party." He smiled at me and I seen a dimple peeking out of his left cheek. Without warning he grabbed me and toed me over to a dark corner.
Leaning in close he spoke. "Glad your enjoyong yourself Ali. Ali I-I-I've always wanted you, i think i may evn love you." Okay so what if he was completely drunk, I've liked him since eighth grade.
I was about to say something although I'm not sure what, but instead he leaned in close to me and planted his warm tender lips on mine.
He had the lushes lips ever. His tounge glided gently over mine coaxing my mouth opened for more. his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him . he pulled back and flashed me a cunning smile. "Ali will you do me a favor?"
"Of corse." Really like he had to ask.
"Do me a favor and don't kiss and tell." I was crushed knowing what he really meant, that was 'hey so I'm wasted and wanna mess around since my girlfrined left in one of her moods, but don't tell anyone because I still want to hook up with her tomorrow, but i stll managed a nod.
Not a full minute later i said i had to go because Jordan was throughing up in the bathroom. Yeah it was a lame excuse but i needed out of there before my tears fell.
Back in reality Lacey's mouth hung wide open from shock. "Okay yes your completely crazy." I giggled at her respnoce.
"Maybe a little."

I was sitting in English when a note flew on my desk, I looked up to find the source of the note and I seen Case Mulcart smiling back at me.
Slowly i opened the srumpled ball and read his note: Ali, I've always known you liked Devon but I never thought you'd stoop so low as to acting like Cali,and steal another girl's boyfriend. Your not that kind of girl so do yourself a favor and dont act like it. And Ali your beautiful, so you don't deserve Cali's sloppy seconds. You desreve a sweet, kind, protective, sappy romantic that will guard you with his life. Because you are so worth it. You deserve a love life without heartache.
I gasped had he really said that? Does he really think that? I took out a peice of paper and scrawled a note back to him.
-To be continued

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outtheresmallone replied...
Apr. 29, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Wow this is amazing I would love to read more work from you. Your an amazing writer keep it up.

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