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HeadInTheClouds. posted this thread...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 5:36 pm



Won’t You Stay?

Darling, won’t you stay for awhile?

Your solemn posture drives me insane

So please, just fall into me for a moment

Endlessly I’ll listen as you explain

All your fears that menacingly taunt you

The dread that weighs your ankles down

The tears that burn the beauty away

From the face now displaying a frown.

Close your eyes and feel the warmth

Of my hands, of my secure embrace

Relieve your world of hatred

And accept my arms as your peaceful place.

I promise if you stay you’ll feel no regret

And you’ll learn once again how to smile

I’ll love you forever, as long as you stay,

Darling, stay with me for awhile


Brown Eyes


Brown eyes, brown eyes sing me a melody

Lift me to the heavens with your song

Infect my with the sensitivity found

In the depth of your eyes, where I belong

Brown eyes, brown eyes, fill my awaiting spirit

Lessen my cowardice, set me free

Open the door to spontaneous experiences

Help me reach the tallest mountain peak, sail across the sea

Brown eyes, brown eyes, calm my raging emotions

Hold my shaking body, slow my world down

For I, myself, am the slowest to anger

When I’m melting into your chocolate browns

Brown eyes, brown eyes, hold me delicately still

I’ll stop my cherishing never,

And I’ll endlessly whisper with complete sincerity:

“Brown eyes, I’ll love you forever.”




Bring me back to the perfect moment

When our star struck eyes first met

To each other, we were only beautiful strangers

And at that second, our destiny was set

Our whispers ran out into the night

As we followed the path of fallen stars

Nobody could take away the freedom we held

Or trap us behind hate-filled bars

Soft footsteps tapped against the sidewalk

Your gentle touch etched into my skin

You brought my soul up from its darkened grave

My worries became weightless, so thin

Warm summer air lifted my hair from my shoulders

Your eyes danced in their captivating hue

Our laughter like music filling the silence

And my dreams slowly coming true

Grasping happiness happened so easily

The night my heart was lifted by a faithful dove

You may not recall the moment, but I will forever hold onto

The breathlessness of falling in love

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RarelyJaded replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 10:04 pm

I liked you first poem... Why is it all spaced like this? O.o

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ILuvBritishBoys replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 11:33 am

Ya I was wondering about that to RarelyJaded, all the spaces make it a little confusing and harder to read. But anyway great poems I really like the Brown Eyes one. I feel as if I can relate to that.----> Read and Comment on mine sometime? :)

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HeadInTheClouds. replied...
Mar. 2, 2013 at 4:41 pm

The spacing got messed up...somehow two of my poems ended up in the same space... but thank you for the compliments!

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