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writerauter posted this thread...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 8:32 pm

show up in your car and watch me hop in
smile and say how beauiful you think i look
i smile and blush as i whisper thank you
i notice your wearing the tux that i picked out
down the gravel road, everything is perfect.
shining lights when we first walked on in
farmilar faces, everywhere that i turned
my dress does not match anyone elses
my hand held tightly in yours, so binded
take a deep breath, lets get this party started.
an hour passes by, people stop flooding in
you whisper to me how many people there is
i laugh as i say to you, wow its really crowded
i notice your looking at other girls walking by
past hurt in my mind, won't be ruining my night.
lights fade to darkness as we faced each other
faint sparkling lights, in the back of the room
your smile doesnt look like anyone elses
your lips on mine moving slow, so blinded
take a step back, lets just get back to dancing.
friends come and tear you away from me
you dont fight them away, leaving me all alone
my friends come over and start to talk to me
but my eyes are only on your siliouette there
you promised that tonight...would be our night
but you lied again...and i should have guessed
my heart stops and starts to slowly bend in half
when i see you start to dance with another girl
i feel the pain as my heart cracked into pieces
winter formal, of all the romantic places...
had to be the one to officially tear me apart.

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