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The escape. (poem)

Scribbleaway. posted this thread...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 2:02 am

The Escape
Her hair were twisted into a braid, 
She sat there thinking of what she craved, 
It occurred to her that it was a book,
She longed for a hot cup of tea,
That she could talk and could be free, 
How could she escape the cruel lady, 
Who made herself to fade, 
She worked for her all day and night, 
The thing that made it bearable was the terrible fright, 
She felt like she was alone in this world,
She wanted a friend she could share the grief with, 
Her mind felt twisted with the dread, 
All she wanted was a fresh Piece of Bread, 
She looked out of the window, 
She saw what seemed like a tiny shadow,
The girl screamed for her right, 
Even though it was the middle of a dark night, 
A short heighted boy noticed her, 
He seemed like an angel, 
He looked at her and said to wait, 
He just wanted to break the gate, 
He came back with a wooden spare, 
then broke the barrior she couldn’t bear, 
The first time all she had were tears of joy,
Only because of the little boy,
The world outside was more than she imagined, 
She had a little friend to accompany her, 
Even when the days passed she sat with him, 
Telling the stories then didnt last,
She had now everything she possibly needed, 
A friend, some books and a garden with fragrance, 
She never thought that the freedom would come, 
But now she sat with a smiling face, 
All she got was what she always craved.

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luvmeforme replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 11:44 am

this was really good you are a true a writer keep at it never give up you inspire me 

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