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Avabandoned posted this thread...
Oct. 5, 2012 at 7:15 pm

So, for people who don't know, tumblr prom is prom for people who are too young/old/impatient/antisocial for actual prom, and also who are tumblr obsessed. And, let's face it, a whole lot of people are tumblr obsessed.
Personally, I'm not, but I have ulterior motives. You see, I've got a bit of a crush on one of my friends, and seeing as we're both the same gender, it's a tough thing to just come out and say.
I'm new to this forum, and here is my first post in the form of some of my sloppiest work:
Tumblr Prom
So maybe I'm not interesting,
And maybe I'm not fun.
Maybe I can't haunt your dreams
Or compete with anyone.
Maybe I'm not special,
Just an ordinary ant,
But if you don't mind sparing some time
I'd like to ask you to dance.
I know I'm not the brightest bulb,
Rarely come out on top,
I know I'm not a pretty girl,
So maybe I should stop;
But your glowing eyes reflect the sun
Like the cosmos up above,
And if it wouldn't bother you
I'd like to call this love.
Maybe I can't make you laugh
Like those other crazy clowns;
Guess I don't have that heart of gold
That's held in such renown.
Maybe my dreams are useless,
My hopes might be undone,
But I'd like to ask you to Tumblr prom,
I'd like to be your “one.”

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heavyheart replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 7:31 pm

I'm a part of the tumblr-verse and I really, truly love this. It's sweet without being too cliche and if a girl wrote it for me, I'd no doubt swoon.

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