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Opinion: Destiny and your future

Nisaku posted this thread...
Jan. 30, 2014 at 10:39 am

Question: Do you think that you are responsible for your future and education? or do you think that you are controlled by peers, teachers, mentors, or even the  government? 
I believe that we all are responsible for our destinies, owever we are controlled like puppets by those we look up to. Our dreams end up only being dreams. What is your opinion? 

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Mr.packerbear12 replied...
Jan. 30, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Being religous, I believe that God controls our future. But not like puppets, we still have the free will to decide what we do, and we do pay the consequences for our actions. Like I've set a reasonable goal for myself, that is to become an elementary school teacher. But one of my dreams which I do not have full control of is who I dream about being my spouse. You know, I feel like she's the best one I've ran into, but we live 2 hours away and it would take a miracle for us to be together, so in that sense God is in control of that dream. If I let my Dad influence me in my goals I would become a power plant operator, and would not even think about teaching. I don't let myself be a puppet by thim. That's my thoughts:)

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stuntddude replied...
Feb. 4, 2014 at 11:50 pm

This is important.
In your life people will try to make you believe that you are very limited because that is what they have always believed. Let me tell you that you are not as limited as you believe you are. Let me free you and tell you that the limits are imaginary so long as you are willing to put forth the effort to imagine something better for yourself, and imagine it hard.
The fact that nobody does something is not reason to believe it cannot or should not be done. The fact that nobody has achieved something is not reason to believe that it cannot or should not be achieved. Remember that you are different from every other organism that has ever lived on this Earth or elsewhere. You are already doing something that has never been done before, just by being alive. You can continue to do new and interesting things if you are willing to keep living.
When you think "it made so much more sense in my head," remember that your thoughts are real and they do make sense even if you haven't quite figured out why yet. Remember always that your thoughts are beautiful and that you are beautiful, and even though you are telling yourself right now how painfully cliche this all is, you know on a fundamental level that it is true.
I take issue with the idea that this may be painfully cliche because it should never hurt to be told that you are beautiful. I take issue with the inhibitions that make it taboo to be genuine with ourselves and others.
Stop reading right now and go tell somebody you know that you like them. Hug them if at all possible. Spend time with people you love. Spend time with yourself. Listen to your favorite song while eating your favorite food in your favorite spot in your house or anywhere outside. If it it is night time, look at the moon, or if it is daytime, the clouds, or if there are no clouds, find something new that you didn't notice before, and if you are inside, look up videos of warm fireplaces on the internet and wrap yourself in a blanket, even if it is summer.
Sometimes when I am going about my daily life I dance, not because I am a dancer but because I want to feel my body move. It reminds me that I am in control. It allows me to put a little more agency into my own life. It makes me believe that my actions are more than just a daily grind.
You have more agency than you believe you have. However much agency you believe you have, you have more. Remind everyone in your life that they have agency. Every time you remember that you have agency, take control. Do everything that you can to never forget. Build a support network of people you know to remind each other how much agency you all have.
Sometimes it's hard for me to be genuine but when I remember how much is at stake, it becomes easy again.
We have to learn not to weigh negative responses as if they're more important than the positive ones. Even if we're shot down nine times out of ten, we keep going because every tenth try we are achieving something wonderful. Everything you achieve is something wonderful. Everything about you is something wonderful. Just by being alive, you are doing something wonderful. The world is something wonderful. You are someone wonderful.

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Mr.packerbear12 replied...
Feb. 5, 2014 at 6:08 pm

So much better with correct spacing, SDD. love it

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