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What Immigration Should Look Like

SolInvictus76 posted this thread...
on Dec. 9 2019 at 3:49 pm

I believe in immigration, not lawlessness. I believe in assimilation, not anarchy. We should face the facts, and the facts tell me that opening up our borders are worse for our country than any racism you could possibly face in America today. The truth is, just by coming here, the undocumented immigrants and ultimately illegal aliens are perpetrating crimes against us. Yes, I understand that many of the people that come here are searching for economic opportunity, looking for safe places in which to live, and eventually, thrive. And I strongly agree with policies that let us assimilate, without cost. But I also understand the threats that many of these people pose to us by coming here without any investigation or interference, whatsoever. We should not let everybody who seeks our American rights and privileges cross our border as they please. First of all, those who do not commit crimes (after they come here) are likely to bring disease, and currently are. We are seeing diseases, the likes of which have been eradicated completely from within the united states. Second, without investigation, there's no telling who we let into our country. When President Trump said that many illegal immigrants are rapists and criminals, he was not referring to all Mexicans and certainly not all immigrants. But he was correct that our lax laws are letting many criminals into our country. These criminals include human traffickers, who enslave women and children for their own perverted purposes, drug traffickers, who smuggle harmful chemicals into our country, including the painkiller fentanyl, which is said to be one hundred times more potent that morphine, and members of terrorist groups, including from the dreaded Hezbollah and MS-13. Third, it is not right and not fair to the immigrants who have come to this country legally, through our nation's ports, to have millions yearly pouring through our southern border without cost. Our founders put a price on coming to this country. Ten dollars was that price, I don't necessarily believe that you must have money to come here. But I do believe in Meritocracy, an immigration system where people are allowed into this country based on their merits. These include degrees in useful career fields, advanced training in trades like welding and manufacturing, and other experience in science, military, and higher education. I believe in a sovereign America. An america with strong laws, but fair laws.

SolInvictus76, Leavenworth, Indiana
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