Break Free

March 29, 2018
By KeyShawnPhillips BRONZE, Douglasville, Georgia
KeyShawnPhillips BRONZE, Douglasville, Georgia
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“The year 2100 is a year that will go down in infamy in this country,” said Director Campbell to the young teens following her. Director Campbell was a notably studious woman. She prided herself knowing more than others and being in control. After the war of 2100 almost decimated the entire country, it was her pristine ideas that saved and altered the fate of what once was America. The country is  now known as the Mainland and is home to over 20 million citizens, all of which are separated into 5 main categories: the audacious, the astute, the candid, the cordial, and the harmonious. These five coalitions have their differences. The audacious were the brave and mostly served as the task force within the country. The astute are the intelligent. They serve in making all of the governmental decisions. The candid were the most truthful and honest which is why they are the ones that serve in the judicial system. They are the congressmen, the judges, the lawyers, and the district attorneys. The cordial are the friendliest. They deal with all of the ambassador positions; they are also the teachers and entertainers. Their personalities allow them to interact with others in ways that may brighten up one’s day. Lastly, the harmonious were the peaceful people. They deal with all international trade and relationships. As well as working as therapists and mediators. Although these five coalitions do not have the same characteristics, they all get along peacefully.

As time went on life became excruciatingly boring. It was the same job, the same routine, and the same activities every day. Eventually some of the citizens began to realize this modest way of living. They viewed the government as a corrupt, heinous organization whereas everyone else worshipped them. These people were called the variant and they were a very minute part of the population. These people often tried to cover up their identities by masking as a regular citizen, but it often never worked. If they were found to be a variant, then they would be taken, beaten, and brainwashed into believing that the government is an influential force and that eventually the government’s practices would be spread across the entire world.
There was one variant in particular. His name was Connor and he had a total disgust of the astute coalition. He’d been taken and beaten for being a variant, but as they began to brainwash him and tell them all of their important plans, Connor escaped and ran to the land of  what used to be known as Canada. There Connor began to study the astute coalition, their plans, and what he remembered from his brainwashing experience. He remembered words like “takeover,” “dominate,” and “control,” but really couldn’t connect them into an entire memory. Connor needed to obtain more information to make a conclusion on what’s going on in the government. To do this Connor would have to sneak back into the Mainland and get some help from fellow variants because all of his fingerprints and facial recognitions had been wiped from the system.

Connor was previously a member of the harmonious coalition before getting caught as being a variant. However, Connor never fit in with this coalition. Being a variant, one is able to have attributes from all five of the coalitions. Connor was peaceful at times. Nevertheless, he also had urges of freedom and risk taking, of intelligence and control, of friendliness and personality, and of truthfulness and honor. He always did his best to hide his urges and did an extremely great job at it until he heard word of the astute’s wrong doings and couldn’t take living the peaceful life anymore. He started protests in the middle of harmonious headquarters and was quickly ostracized and shunned out of the coalition. When word of his protests had gotten around to the astutes, they quickly panicked and sent the audacious to bring him in.

As Connor was sneaking back into the Mainland, he began meeting up with some of the other variants that he'd known about before. He told them that he was planning to build an army to take down the astute coalition. Some joined this movement without any hesitation. Others were skeptical and didn't want to risk their image or put their lives in jeopardy for a movement that wasn't even one hundred percent put together. As the days continued to pass, Connor had over 900 variants willing to join him in his quest. They had come from all over; there were some from almost every coalition headquarter. By this point, Connor and his army were ready to research and plan to get revenge on the astute coalition.

“Are we even sure that the astutes are really trying to takeover or is this just one of Connor’s ploys to get back at them for torturing him,” said Cassidy, one of the variants from the audacious coalition. A cordial variant named Stacey responded “I’m not sure, I’m starting to lose faith in him to be honest.” These two were two of the toughest, bravest people in the mainland. Another few variants were sitting at the roundtable on the other side of the room researching information regarding the astute coalition and if they were, in fact, trying to take over. Ironically, there weren’t any astute variants in the army. Even though they had different ways of viewing the world, they still believed that the astute coalition was the best and that Director Campbell’s ideas were revolutionary.

Out of the few variants that were doing research, one of them found something interesting about the astute coalition. “Connor, everyone come here, I think I've found something.” Everyone came rushing in to see what was going on. “What did you find Tristin?” said Connor. “There is an article on my computer talking about how the astutes are planning not only take over the Mainland, but the entire world as a whole.” responded Tristin. Connor quickly responded “let me see the article,” but as Tristin was showing Connor the article, it quickly disappeared. Tristin began rushing, typing in all of the search words he'd originally used to find the article but it was gone.

“Tristin isn't lying” said Gemini, “I saw the article on his computer. He showed it to me before he called you guys in here.” Connor responded sympathetically, “I know he's not lying, but where did the article go. It can't just disappear from the internet altogether can it?”

“Maybe” said Gemini and Tristin together “it depends on where the internet's central hub is located within the Mainland.” Connor quickly responded without any thought “are you able to track anything back to the original source?”

“Yes, that stood be easy and quick. Give me one sec.” said Athena as she quickly went to typing, looking for an answer. “I found it. The internet hub is ran through Midway, which is located in the middle of astute headquarters. So the good news is we know where hub is, the bad news is that it's impossible to get into this area. It's heavily guarded by dozens of the best audacious guards.”

“It sounds to me like the audacious and the astute are working together to takeover,” said Connor. “The audacious are way too close to the astute. I think if anybody knows the astute’s secrets, it would be the audacious.”

Stacey and Cassidy responded to all of this with a snide “So Connor, what's our plan?” remark. Connor had a confused look on his face. Little did he know, the entire army was looking to him for leadership. Connor, now realizing this began making up a plan on the fly.

“So first thing, we have to have a distraction; something that will draw capital troops out of the headquarters so that we can have a clear shot of attack. Anyone have any ideas for a distraction?”

One of the candid variants, Allison, responded assuredly “I have it covered, just come up with the rest of the plan.” So trusting in Allison, Connor and the rest of the variants began planning their attack.

The schedule was set and everything was planned out. The attack would be in two days. Connor told the other variants to rest up and eat right. The attack on central headquarters would take a lot of energy and focus to execute the plan thoroughly.

As the attack was coming Connor grew more and more agitated. He knew that this was a life or death mission, that the possible fate of the world was in these variants’ hands, and that he would have to lead them on his own to victory. This bothered Connor tremendously because he’d never been put in this position in his life. Cassidy, seeing that Connor was distraught,  came and sat next  to him and asked him what was wrong. Connor responded “This is a lot of pressure on me. The fate of the world is possibly in my hands. I don’t know if I can handle it.”

“Connor” said Cassidy “We believe in you. You don’t have to worry about anything. We have your back and that’s all that matters win or lose. Don’t let this get you down.” Connor gave Cassidy a look of assurance and thankfulness, gave her a hug, and went to sleep.

The day of the battle Connor and his army geared up. Equipped with guns, vests, swords, flashlights, etc. He and his crew separated into their assigned groups and drove to their designated rendezvous points. There, they waited for the signal from Allison that the coast was clear and that the distraction worked.

Allison was in the deserted east side of the astute territory, the place quarantined off due to radiation from the war. She set a series of bombs throughout the area. They were all electronically wired to be detonated from her phone. She ran back to meet Connor and the rest of his group near the north side of the astute territory. From there she detonated the bombs all at once and they watched as all of the guards in front of Midway took off running towards the quarantined zone. Connor gave the all clear and proceeded with the plan.

Bursting through the doors, Connor and his army sprinted through Midway without any stoppage. “The internet hub is located 2 floors down in the middle of the main hallway,” said Athena. Connor and his crew quickly ran down the two flights of stairs and over to the main hallway. As they were running down the hallway, they saw the room label “Internet Room.” Connor told his troops to halt. All of his troops got into position around the door. When they were all set, Connor began to count down with his fingers. “Five, Four, Three, Two, One” and as his finger hit one he kicked open the door and he and the rest of the crew stormed into the room.

The room was pitch black. Nothing in there except a small faint light. Suddenly, the light started to get larger and larger until finally they could see a figure standing in the light. It was Director Campbell. “You guys honestly don’t think I’m that stupid do you? That basic plan. A baby could’ve noticed it coming.” As she finished up her sentence, over 1,000 armed audacious guards ran into the room. “We can either do this the easy way or the hard way.” said director Campbell. “Either you guys lower your weapons and take your brainwashing, or….. We kill you. Simple as that.” The tension in the room quickly began to rise. Connor was left with a tenacious decision. Get brainwashed or die. Connor was just about to give into the brainwashing until suddenly he was interrupted by Cassidy and Stacey and they both said at the same time “We’d rather die than be tortured and brainwashed by you guys.” Director Campbell responded in a cold tone, “If that’s how you guys want it, then so be it.”

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I got inspired through curiousity and boredem

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