A Broken Sister

March 27, 2018
By MentalEscape SILVER, Tyler, Texas
MentalEscape SILVER, Tyler, Texas
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All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are ~ robin williams

~~~He was the worst person in existence. Why couldn’t he figure out how much I hated him right from the start? he said he loved my younger sister but all I saw in those brown eyes of his was to take my sweet sister’s innocence and leave her.

He managed it. But, he had no idea the trouble he brought to our tiny family after he left. My sweet baby sister cried for almost 4 months after he left. She was pregnant. She had to dropout of school and I had to keep her safe because he couldn’t.

When the child was born, it was a little boy, he was too pure. He did not resemble his father. This was a good thing.

She didn’t want the child, though. She had already put him up for adoption. However, we did name him. His name is Alexander Sweetwelm.

He deserves our last name, even if he will never know us.

Everything felt fine for several months after he was adopted. My sister stopped crying. She began eating regularly again, which was something I previously had to force her to do. She had even asked me when she could start school. So, I thought nothing of it when I left to visit our aunt for a few hours.

I came home and called for her. She didn’t say anything, but I heard the shower running. I knocked on the bathroom door and asked through the door if she needed anything. I received no answer. I grew worried. It took me several tries but I finally managed to get the door open.

This is where my story begins and his story comes to a close.

What I saw when I got the door open was horrifying. She had slit her own throat and the water of the showerhead only helped to spread the blood pouring out of the open wound. The weapon she used on herself was a thin pocket blade still tightly clutched in her right hand.

I blamed him for this and only him.

After her funeral, I couldn’t stand to sit in that empty house all alone. It was unnecessary to go live with my aunt, though. I didn’t want to live knowing I outlived my sweet baby sibling, but I was beyond the choice of suicide.

All I wanted was revenge and I will have it, even if it means killing anyone who steps in my way.~~~


“Officer Roseplume, this just seems too cruel, this death is the same as the last two found in a 20 mile radius. Hands tied in front the body, eyes and several organs removed, lips sewn into a smile and a blood eagle out the back.”

“Well Walt, whoever is doing this, they are one sick monster.”

“Hey, what’s this?”

“It’s a poem, what’s it say, maybe it’s a clue.”


“When I don’t feel her with me,
I feel as though I’m drained,
So, I gladly sew a smile
In the bird that I have stained.

Fear not I don’t harm babies,
That’s a truly horrid task.
Next time you spy my crime.
You will watch me from a mask.

Sincerely, Broken sister”


“What does that even mean?”
“I don’t know.”


~~~I almost felt remorse for having to kill this boy.

I knew this boy once, his name was Alex Wonk. He was a close friend of me and my sister and the one we named the child after. Alex was 18 when my sister was 16. I wish my sister had listened to him when he said he didn’t like her being with the man of blame.

We hadn’t seen each other since her funeral. But he saw me last night. He screamed when he saw what I had done to my latest victims. I got up quick and stared at him through the black tragedy mask I wore to hide who I was.

He tried to back away from me while repeatedly saying that he won’t call the cops if I let him go. I couldn’t do that, not even for him. He saw too much of what had happened and I know from others that if you let anyone go, you will regret it.

I continued to slowly walk towards him and he eventually backed into a wall. I felt bad as I forced him to the ground and tied his arms together. His screams were blood curdling as I cut his back open. I sewed his smile next while he was still somewhat alive.

He looked so helpless laying on the ground, completely under my control, sniveling like a baby. I still felt a compelling sadness for him, so as a last second act of kindness, before I removed his eyes, I took off my mask.

His eyes went wide, as I gently stroked his tear streaked cheek. His body finally gave out from blood lose, that was all I needed as I took my scalpel in hand and carefully removed the still dilated eyes from their sockets and place them in my pocket for later.

They would make a sad monument to my ever expanding collection.~~~


“Officer Walt, what do you think the meaning is to these poems found by each cadaver?”

“Well, I really don’t know. What does that new one say?”


“Every eye I take for myself
A new collection I have started
Kept close to my broken soul
But I do this so half-hearted

She didn’t deserve this fate
Buried under plant and shrub
Her blood has stained our home
Now I’ll make his blood run.

Sincerely, Broken sister”


“Why do they get even more macabre than the last as they go on?”

“I don’t know, none of the victims have any sort of correlation with each other so far and I’m sure the answer isn’t going to be that obvious to us, all we know so far is who the victims are where, they were when they were found and the poems that are place in the blood pools next to them.”

“They don’t leave fingerprints so they must be wearing gloves.”

“There was also no known witnesses to any of these crimes.”

“So, then what do we do?”

“We have to figure out who’s doing this before it’s too late!”


~~~She should have known better. She should have known about what was going to happen, but she was too nice for her own well being.

I knew who she was. She was Nicole Armistans, the mother of the man I hate. She is fairly old and has a hard time seeing. She had dementia and couldn’t remember her own name and yet she let me in her house because it was raining.

She thought I looked cold, but she had no idea who I was, thankfully.

Then, she brought up the murders that have been happening. She was scared that I’d get hurt if I stayed out there. This triggered in my mind a reaction and I struck soundlessly.

I grabbed her by the throat and threw her on the ground. She screamed and I couldn’t help but relish in it.
She was fast to perish, though. I hadn’t even begun to cut anything and she was already gone. I suppose it may have been sheer shock that killed her, rather than the fall itself.

I wondered how old she must have been to have died before I could put my full force on her. I stomped her face in before I did anything else. She looked too much like HIM.

When all was done, all that was left of her was a pile of bloody flesh and bones. Barely distinguishable as a person. I took quite a few additions to my collection. Her gentle heart will be my grand trophy until the day I can have HIS lustful eyes.~~~


“Sir, 11 murders and all in the same format, this is getting out of hand, have you found anything about any of them?”

“Yes, I’ve checked into it and I figured out that there is a large correlation between almost all of the victims.”
“What exactly would that be?”

“Almost all of them are related. They share the last name Armistans.”

“How does that help us?”

“We now know whoever has been doing this, has some problem with them.”

“This could possibly help us come up with a few matches as to who has had any contact with any of the Armistans’ over the last several months before the murders began.”

“We would have to question anyone, who is still alive, of the last name, are you willing to do some serious investigating?”


~~~Everyone is dead. Everyone, but HIM. Darius Armistans. I know where he is and what he does, but I have to keep hidden. During the day, I do not wear my mask. That would cast suspicion on me, since I left my last victim alive. At least, long enough for her to tell the police what happened.


He must have been rich and, as I had suspected, he didn’t show any signs of care for what he did. He flaunted at bars to women about how amazing he was. He would steal innocence, as he had done to my sister, and never talk to them again. Some of them had ended up pregnant, and each of them who did, begged him to help them. He would always turn them down saying they were nothing more than dirty street side hook ups and that they couldn’t prove that he was the father. I watched each of them leave with saddened hearts and children to feed, maybe some would end up in a grave. I would hope they didn’t.

I will get revenge for them, too. He does not deserve the life he has. Soon, I will take it from him and he won’t do this to another person ever again. They will have the support that they need, simply by knowing that he is gone from this world.

I watched him from afar, making sure he couldn’t see me. It wouldn’t be a problem for me if he had, he’ll die one way or another. I only hope that was of my doing.

He was in his house, as of right now, sitting on the couch watching some movie. I might have considered it a horror, if I hadn’t just killed 15 people over the last several weeks. He seemed content just sitting and eating popcorn. Then the doorbell rang. Even his bell infuriated me at this point. He sprang up fast and quickly combed his hair, probably thinking it was a womanly caller at the door, but it was two police officers.
I recognised them. They were officers Walt and Roseplume. I had not seen them since their investigation on my sister’s death.

I could hear them clearly, they were talking about my collecting sprees and if he had any contact with anyone from their criminal database. He said he couldn’t recall any. They asked him if he’d had any relationships within the last year. He said no, as if he didn’t care that my sister died because of him. They asked if they could do some investigating of his past actions. He said no and that it was a violation of his right to privacy, then they left.


~~~I may have taken quite a long time to kill him, but it was worth it. I have his eyes, his lungs and his teeth for my collection. The other girls now have redemption for what has come to them, but I don’t feel peace after all this.


Maybe I miss my sister a bit too much? Maybe I feel remorse for the innocent people that I have hurt? Maybe all the organs I’ve collected have finally found their missing piece? I can’t say for certain.

So, if anyone is reading this you now know what happened, amongst the jars full of carefully organized organs and the eyeballs that went with them, you’ll see a pair of blue eyes in a jar with a pair of green eyes and a heart. Please, do me a favor, finish my work and put my heart in the jar next to hers.

It’s what she would have wanted…


The author's comments:

Sorry I got so macabre with this one. with every painful thought I have, I turn it into a horrifying literature for some people to enjoy.

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