A Night of Chaos

December 3, 2017
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As night proceeded, the luminous gleam of the moon illuminated the treetops as they danced to the howling of the wind. Lively branches swayed in the autumn breeze, expressing the vivid colors of their leaves as they rustled and whispered to the twinkling stars. The bright, glittery diamonds winked at me while I glanced up at the sky from my bedroom window. It was 9:15 PM, and the chirping of crickets could be heard from a distance with the occasional hoot of an owl. As the brisk air of October loomed throughout the house, my best friend, Lily and I grabbed our novels and began to read. It was the Monday before Halloween, and our costumes, consisting of Hogwarts robes and witch hats, created a heap on the carpet. As Lily and I silently immersed ourselves in our novels, the wind continued to tear through the night.

Downstairs, a warm fire crackled merrily in the living room. A box of Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters sat on the coffee table. The two cats, Minerva and Lenore, snuggled up on the couch while the dog, Buddy, nestled on the rug by the fireplace.

As time passed by, the moon shone like a bright crystal ball hanging in the sky. I marked my page in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after I considered myself to have reached a good place to stop. I reluctantly closed the book and placed it on my desktop. At around 10:30 PM, I organized my backpack, turned off the TV, and bade everyone "Good night". Then, I turned off the lights and climbed into the warmth of my bed like an owl huddling into its nest. After a while, I drifted off into the queer mistiness of sleep. All was silent but the continuous ticking of the clock. All was faint and hushed... until a peculiar disturbance awakened me. This is the story of a night that I will never forget, a night of chaos.

The night is like a winding trail into the forest, twisting and leading travelers to a shadowy path of adventure when least expected. It all started when I awakened to an odd crash coming from the kitchen. The sound had awakened me from an eerie dream. As I opened my eyes, the eeriness of the dream remained fresh in my mind. My stomach gave a jolt as I knocked over the picture frame on the nightstand while I peered over to look at the clock, which revealed the time to be about three o' clock in the morning. I was half-asleep while the after-effects of the dream lingered. I felt as if the creatures of the night were stalking me with their dark, watchful eyes. I gave an audible gasp as a second series of bangs and crashes sounded from the kitchen. Startled at the sudden cacophony, I shot up from my pillow and pondered the source of the noise. I was greatly mystified as I gazed around the darkness of the room. I considered the idea of investigating, but my drowsiness opposed me, and I thought, 'Perhaps the sound had been my imagination'.

Upon snuggling back into the warmth of my blanket, I noticed a faint tapping, like the clicking of heels or the sound of water dripping and echoing through a cave. Out of the darkness that surrounded me, I felt sudden feelings of bewilderment. How stunned I was when another series of crashes sounded from the living room! I shot up from my pillow once more and grasped my blanket with both fists. I quickly scanned the room until I finally lay paralyzed in shock. My senses and perception of my surroundings persisted in a haze as I stared ahead in bemusement. A few seconds later, I perceived a fierce bang which sounded from the piano downstairs. Suddenly, there was silence, as if nothing had happened.

The brisk air of October continued to loom through the ominous night. The chills brought me goosebumps, adding on to my drowsiness and bewilderment. Fierce winds roared through the sky, indicating a storm. The trees chattered and sang a melancholy tune. Wolves howled at the moon as the first drops of rain pelted from the night sky and hit the ground.

Meanwhile, I gazed up from my bed as the raindrops rapped against my bedroom window. As I listened to the beating of water against glass, I could distinguish the faint tapping and clicking coming from the kitchen. The spirits of the night hovered over me as I listened apprehensively for the source of the sound. I felt as if a supernatural presence was staring at me while I cringed in terror. Quite suddenly, I could hear a tick from one of the speakers downstairs. Subsequently, a faint buzz of soundtrack emitted from the speakers as I widened my eyes in astonishment... The TV was on!

I finally decided that it was time to investigate. I lifted myself up from my pillow to endure a moment of terror. I gave a loud shriek as a dark, ominous figure retreated from the shadows. As the shadowy figure approached, the foreboding gleam of her eyes deepened with every step she took. The bumps of the night intensified as I winced in fear. The spirits of the night captivated me once more as I sensed the eeriness within the room. My heart skipped a beat, as if I were falling from the edge of the clouds. My bones tingled with uneasiness as the figure drew closer, the chills of the night spreading to the very tips of my fingers. As I gaped in fascination, I clutched the edge of the blanket with a firm grip, as if I were holding onto the handle bar of a roller coaster.
As she approached, I frantically searched for the lamp on the nightstand. My fingers fumbled with the switch until the lamp finally flickered on. Its glow was like a bright angel providing light within the dark room. I examined the shadowy figure and uttered a sigh of relief. It was Lily. "Did you hear that odd crash from the kitchen?" she said.

"Yes!" I declared with much astonishment. I exuberantly jolted out of the bed and quickly focused myself.
"And the piano? And the TV?!"

"I have, and it was off when we went to bed!" I exclaimed dumbfoundedly. I was lost for words. "Let's investigate!" I finally suggested.

As we creeped through the hallway, we expected an uproar, but none came. At first, everything remained silent and undisturbed. "No disturbance? No sounds or crash- "

At that very moment, a huge disturbance thundered through the living room as a load of books cascaded off of a fallen bookcase. We hastily treaded down the steps to encounter a mesmerizing sight. Halloween candy and piano keys were strewn on the floor like the scattered feathers of a pillowcase. The rug lay folded in a bundle under the couch. The TV was on, and the remote had been flipped onto the floor. Upon examining the fallen books, several pages were torn or shredded. 

Lily and I gasped in unison. "What happened in here?!" we screeched in terror. I was overcome by the chaos of the situation. After a few moments of shock and silence, I finally exclaimed, "What was it, a Quidditch match?!"
"Or a duel?" said Lily as she went to pick up a picture frame that had fallen off of the coffee table.

"Perhaps a swarm of Cornish Pixies got loose and destroyed the place," I remarked.

Lily then picked up a book and whispered in awe, "This cover's wet!"

A few seconds later, I discovered a trail of shredded paper which led us behind the couch. We confronted the scene of the disaster and there was Buddy, chewing away at a book. He had somehow escaped from his crate overnight! Suddenly, everything made sense; the crashes, the tapping, the piano, and the TV.

I thought back to the previous night when I had hastily fastened the lock on Buddy's crate, and I realized that the latch must have been loose. Luckily, it only took a few minutes to clean up the mess, which included picking up pots and pans from the kitchen. Nothing had been damaged.

Afterwards, Lily and I trudged upstairs and climbed into our beds once more. We drifted off into a deep sleep, waking up on Tuesday morning to escape from a night of chaos.

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