The creepy thing from the cellar

October 12, 2017
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I used to live in an urban area. There was a really old farm. It was a small farm. There was a really nice old couple. At least they seemed. I have spent the night there when I was younger. But I was 10 then but now I am 15. The husband named Daniel Hillson was a sever alcoholic. The wife named Nancy Hillson was very rude. I would always here screaming or yelling in the middle of the night. The screaming started happening again. My parents worked late so I figured I would go over and look. I looked through the junk drawer for the keys to their house. I walked out and then I reached the door. I unlocked it and went in. As usual Mr.Hillson was drunk on the couch a half drunk beer bottle in hand. And Mrs.Hillson was most likely in bed. I heard a weird noise. Maybe scratching? That’s when I saw it. A door bolted and chained locked. " how come I never noticed it" I whispered to myself. I unhinged the lock. " and why isn't it locked?" I thought. And then I pulled the chain undone. And slowly opened the door. 
I opened the door "CHREEK!". Then I slowly opened the door all the way. A draft hit me. It made me shiver. I felt the wall for a light switch. When I found it I flipped it. But it did not turn on. I walked to the counter and opened up the drunk drawer. I felt around for a flashlight. When I found on I flipped it on. My eyes hurt. I walked over to the stairs. They were and endless hole of darkness.  I pointed my light to the stairs. That’s when I saw it. A huge shadow rushed past it. Then it came back. It charged up the stairs. The flashlight flickered. I was scared. I dropped the flashlight and ran into the corner. I covered in fear as a black-eyed woman walked towards me. The thing was huge. It had dark black eyes, long matted black hair, and bruises, burns and scars all over. Her dress was stained with blood, mud, and bloody handprints. Then she screamed. 
Iran into the living room. It was only illuminated by the tv. I looked at the couch. Mr. Hillson has disappeared. All the things left were the empty beer bottles. I ran to the stairs. I put my feet on the first step. Then it came. The creepy thing from the cellar. I charged up the stairs. Then I ran into a bedroom. I panicked. Thoughts started to swirl in my head. " am I going to die?" "I never got to say goodbye". I felt like I was about to throw up. I ran into the bathroom. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I crawled to the bathtub closed the curtain, and curled up and started to cry. I took a deep breath. "Dustin!" It screamed. It sounded like Mrs.Hillson. Then I heard it charge up the stairs. I heard the bedroom door open. I tried to hold in my tears. Then it started to scratch at the door. Faster and faster they went. Then they all ceased. It was quiet, to quiet. It became really cold. I shivered. The door slammed open. Then I heard walking. Then the curtains slammed open. Then it went black.      

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