The Hidden

September 28, 2017
By MentalEscape SILVER, Tyler, Texas
MentalEscape SILVER, Tyler, Texas
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All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are ~ robin williams

I felt cold to the touch, but at the same time horrifyingly warm. I could have sworn I was floating. Maybe on a cloud or over the water. It was a tranquil feeling to be almost set adrift, but also off because I knew better then to think I was safe after what has happened during the last few days

~I was standing on the helm of a large trans Antarctic fishing vessel. Me along with 12 of my closest companions were chosen to head to the far south to study artic sea animals. Everything was fine until we hit an ice burg. The captain ordered us to stay put while he inspects the damage. He never reached the ground. Something had dragged him under the icy water. Then another was pulled under, and another, and another. Everyone was dragged under. Everyone except me~

I slowly open my eyes to survey my atmosphere, as I had suspected, I was submerged under water. I was being held captive under a large ice burg. I couldn’t see the vessel or any of my companions.

I didn’t understand for the life of me how I was still breathing without air. I wasn’t swimming, either. I bound down somewhere by a thick rope around my ankles. And it was at that moment that I realized that I was completely naked except for my socks which only made me feel colder.

I felt something move behind me. I swerved from where I was bound to look, but saw nothing. I felt something move again, something had trailed what felt like scales against my bare chest. I turned but saw nothing.

I was gripped with fear, but tried my best to not show it, knowing that whatever it was wanted me to be scared. Then I saw it. Though the thing was far from me, I could tell in detail what it looked like.

It had a grayed drawn-out humanoid body. It had webbed hands and feet like that of a frog. Spikes protruded through a large portion of its spine and down its arms. An eel tail extended its spine by at least three feet. Its face… its horrifying face… it was that of a large anglerfish. Dozens of jagged scars were etched into its scaly skin.


As soon as I saw it, it was rushed at me. It swam fast for something of that size. I attempted to untie myself, but to no avail. I was grabbed harshly and pushed against one of the various ice burgs in the area. It pinned me, I couldn’t move. It let out a screech that could even be heard over the pressure building in my ears.

I readied myself for the worst. But nothing ever happened. I slowly opened my eyes, which I hadn't noticed I had closed. It didn’t make any move to attack me. It just held me there with its  long clawed fingers. It only watched me. 

Then, in the blink of an eyes, I was untied and up on dry land. I was still naked, but at least I knew what taken them. I only hope my I would be found until I freeze to death.

~hours later~

I was collected by another fishing vessel only a few hours of being let free. I wanted to explain to the captain, or some of the crew members why I was naked in the artic tundra, but no one would've believed me if I did.

I sat close to the back of the boat, with a thick blue blanket wrapped around my shoulders. I sat there watching the wave that the boat made as we headed home. I watched lazily as the waves formed gentle rings of white, only to be met by that familiar shade of gray.

If you a reading this, I have accepted the fact that where ever I go I will always be followed by this creature, whom I have titled “hidden” for the fact that no one else sees him but me. Why he chose me to be his I will never understand, but I do know, one day he will have what he wants and then he will leave.

The author's comments:

I got the idea after having a nightmare when I had fallen asleep in front of my airconditioner on a hot day.

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