By Its Cover

May 16, 2017
By , Unknown, United States

I heard a growl come from the darkness and saw glowing eyes. I backed away as much as I could before running into the wall behind me. Never had I been so terrified in my entire life. This is it, my thoughts were repeating. This is how it all ends. When I noticed it coming closer to me, I tried grabbing anything in my reach on the desk next to me. The only thing I could find that was of even little use was a pen. I knew it wouldn't do much, but at least it was something. It approached closer and closer and my heart was racing like never before. "Get back!" I screamed, as I held out the measly pen in front of me. I felt ridiculous. I knew it wasn't going to do any good, but what choice did I have? I felt the fear take over my body and I was so tense it was almost a numb feeling. Trying to still keep the unknown creature away, I continued yelling out for it to flee. It ignored me. I decided to just stay still and hope that it wouldn't do any harm. When I noticed it coming out of the dark, I discovered that it wasn't actually anything harmful at all. It was just a cat and my imagination had gotten the best of me. I guess it taught me to not be so quick to judge something based on its beginning impression. 

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