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Winter Is Coming

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In a gloomy night, in a dark forest, a forest that everyone is familiar with. People from near villages and far villages know the history of this forest.
A horse rushes through the forest with a rider, not just a rider you see everywhere, no one knows his name, no one ever saw his face, citizens call him the rider without face.
He has no fear, he goes on the most courageous adventures you could ever dream of.
While he rushes through the haunted forest without any fear he reaches his final destination, the kingdom of France, he rushes through the village, he enters the castle where he had an important message to deliver. I was standing there, speechless, so interested in who that mysterious person was.
“My king” the deep voice started, “I came at last to deliver a message”
“Yes, Knight, what is it?”
“They are coming”
“No that can’t be, we made a treaty!”, father sounded in a way I’ve never heard him before, it almost sounded...threatened.
“We have to discuss it immediately!”
Father and Mr.mysterious excited to the armory.
A week later, not seeing father ever since that day, finally a message was sent to the kingdom from the meeting.
A soldier exits the castle and delivers the message.
The kingdom seemed dead, no one walked outside. Plants looked like a cold winter day, dead.
The citizens called it “The Winter”.

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