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I didn’t see him coming. I could only hear the sound of his footsteps bouncing on the concrete, I thought nothing of it until I heard the deep breaths escaping his lungs, then I knew something was wrong. I turned and caught his hand as he was about to strike me. I could feel the folding of his flesh underneath my fingernails. His scream of pain and frustration echoed in my ear. I felt his hands grab ahold of my scalp yanking at my hair, filling my follicles with pain. I kicked him as hard as I possibly could, my foot vibrated at the impact of his bone. My heart racing as I screamed so loud that my throat began to become dry barren and scratchy. I fought back but I knew I stood no chance, as he hit the front of my face, the metallic taste of blood filled my mouth.  I knew he wasn’t don’t yet, he hit me again this time harder, I felt my limbs go limp, my voice stop and it went quite as my body hit the pavement there was only black. The sound of a loud engine woke me, not knowing where I was I moved my hand but only heard the clinking of chains, I looked around for some sort of key or way out but found nothing more than a raggedy gray blanket that reeked of vomit and urine. For what seemed like hours I only heard the sounds of my own sobs echoing around me, only saw the tips of my hair and the blood coming from my body, I tasted only my own metallic blood and the salt from my tears. Suddenly I heard the breaks squeak, the car jolted to a stop, I heard his door open and close, he whistled as he walked towards the back of the van. The sun's light blinded me and I could only see the faint outline of his figure. His voice boomed “get up, and if you scream I will kill you now, turn your head and put on the blindfold”. I did as I was told.  I heard him unlock the chains, releasing me, he grabbed my wrist so hard it made a slapping sound. As he yanked me out of the car I could hear no voices, nothing except the cracking of branches and the whistle of the wind, I felt the mud yanking my feet into the ground. We walked for what seemed like forever, I paid attention to the sound of the river rushing knowing that this river would guide me to my escape, I imagined the clear waters inside my head rushing the light hitting it perfectly, it was the only thing that would give me joy. Suddenly we stopped walking, I heard his keys jingling and the lock of the door open. He pushed me inside, the sound of my body thudded on the floor, he untied my blindfold and left without saying a word. I heard his footsteps walk the other direction, the door slammed, the sounds of the locks locking proceeded, as soon as I was sure he left I began to take in my surroundings, 4 locks, a window that let in barely enough light to see, I stood on my tippy toes and stared outside grass gleamed with brightness, but besides the grass I saw nothing but the dense leaves of the trees. I next went and checked the door it the handle and tried to shake it but it refused to budge, I tried slamming my body into the door to break it down but it only made a blunt banging noise. I knew then that getting the door open wasn't an option. The only other things in the room were a bed frame a bed and a little bucket for peeing. I tried to think about how to get out, trying to recall every movie show or video I have seen where somebody escaped. Suddenly it hit me I needed to break through the window, I sprinted to the banister and kicked it I kicked as hard as I could, the wood snapped and the banister thudded onto the ground, I immediately dropped to my knees fumbling my hands onto the ground I gripped the banister in my hands so tightly my knuckles turned white, I ran to the window my adrenaline so high that my senses heightened. I used the banister as a battering ram, pushing every ounce of strength into it, the intense sound of glass shattering and glass falling surrounding me.I knew he would hear that. I pulled myself up and started climbing through the window, I heard the unmistakable sound of my clothes tearing then my skin tearing, I let out a yelp so loud my ears began to ring. Suddenly I fell crashing onto the grass, except when I got up something was wrong, I couldn’t see, I didn’t feel anything I just couldn’t see, I brought my hands to my face and began to feel it, I began to scream so loud my voice cracked as I felt the large pieces of glass that had punctured both or my eyes and my, It was silent except for the sound of water rushing to my left, I began I dead sprint towards the river my hands out to protect me from running into something, running so fast I couldn’t even hear the sound of my feet hitting the ground. I knew I was reaching water when the trickling of the water on the rocks entered my ear. I was finally free. I took a deep breath and began to run following the river's edge keeping my hands out in front of me, but not even 30 seconds into my run I heard him shouting and a screen door shutting. I began to run faster and faster the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. I had never run this fast in my life, running this fast wouldn’t be enough though I could hear him catching up the twigs snapping under his heavy feet, I couldn’t thing straight my first instinct was to dive into the water and try to swim across the river, I heard the splashing of the water engulfing me. He yelled in anger it echoed throughout the forest, his hands grasped me and he pulled me out of the water, I immediately held my breath and went limp in hopes he would think I was dead. As he stuck his face close to mine to see if I was breathing all I could smell was his putrid breath. once he saw no signs of breathing He started to freak out weeping and yelling in frustration. All the sudden the weeping and yelling stopped he pushed my body into the river and fled. I took a gasp of breath. I swam against the current knowing it would guide me to the shore, I felt my hand hit a rock and I pulled myself up. As soon as I got back up and started running again, this time I wasn’t as quick as agile as before, this time my steps were loud and clunky. I was tired, I began to weep as I ran, I just wanted to give up. At one point I had to cover my mouth afraid that my loud sobbing would alert him I was still alive. After what seemed like hours of running my feet suddenly hit concrete causing me to trip and fall. I felt the road, I was on an actual road. I walked into the road waving my arms around, I could not see the car due to the glass shards in my eye but I could hear the sound of an engine nearing me. As the car got closer I I heard my body slam on the car and then onto the pavement. The last thing I ever heard was the sound of my own breathing.

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