What's Happening?

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     It happened so suddenly. Police sirens sounded as cars rushed to my mom's aid. Two minutes before everything was normal.

     The moon's light projected into my eyes. I gazed into the darkness, listening to the soft music coming from the car radio. I looked up at my mom who was staring intently at the road. I saw sweat streaming down my mother's face. She stopped harshly, pulling me forward into the seat ahead. I saw her cover her face with her bony hands.

     I was confused. What was wrong with my mother? I knew I needed to comfort her.

     "It's okay," I whispered, "Everything is going to be okay." I started to hear the police sirens. A fleet of men came running to my mom's car. I opened the door for them. Mistake 1.

     The grabbed onto my mother, tearing her away from my grasp.

     "No!" I yelled. Another group of men started pulling me back. "You can't do this. You can't." Then men finally tore me away from the car. They tried to drag me, but I was still resisting. I finally was thrown into a shiny black car and taken away from my mother.

     The thought of this day still haunts me at night. I can still hear my mother's screams.

     "He's my boy," she yelled. "Give him back!" The screaming, the sirens, all of it kill my soul. The thought borned in the back of my mind into vengeance was served.

     I planned my murder for months, waiting for the perfect time. 

     May 5th, the day of my revenge. It was marked on my calendar. I took the knife off my shelf and stared at it. Should I do it? They killed my mother. 

     I excited my cell and walked down the long hall. There he was. The boss as they called him. He was right in the center of my vision.

     I stealthily walked to the edge of the wall in front of his large office. I could hear him tapping his foot on the wooden floor. I quietly shuffled over to the corner of his desk. I held my knife ready in my blistery hand.

     I closed my eyes. I couldn't bare to watch what I was about to do. I extended my arm into the man's heart. I watched him fall to the ground causing a loud thud. The guards noticed this. They started sprinting to the office. I had to do something quick.

     I jumped out of the window into the bright green bushes. I hid there for a while listening to the guards reaction. I then scurried away into the nearby woods. I have been living there for almost a decade barely surviving. I have no regrets. 

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